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A List Of Favorite Albums (1959-2014) killrobotmusic02/13/15
Everything On My Phone brokendogleg02/04/15
Focus In Music wtferrothorn02/03/15
Albums I Got For The Holidays: Part lll/sputnik Contest wtferrothorn01/03/15
Personal Connection and the Love of Music GnFnRs8712/17/14
Skooma's 82 Favorite Albums: 2007-2012 RivalSkoomaDealer12/10/14
Bands That Overcame Their Best Work, And Then A Few Who Haven't (and May Never) glassg712/04/14
My taste is changing Arbrathe12/03/14
10 Albums That Formed The Person That's Me Sniff11/28/14
I Hate Chicago Weather (175 - 151) MyNameIsPencil11/22/14
Vinyl Is The Reason I Am Broke Ignimbrite11/21/14
Favorite Albums Of All Time Brobastian11/20/14
Albums To Be Sad In The Snow To iSkane11/12/14
Suggestions For Listening? wtferrothorn11/04/14
10,000 Plays On Last.fm ExplosiveOranges11/01/14
Favorite Trio? Ponton10/14/14
694 Ratings, 69 Albums Lakes.10/08/14
Twin Peaks Is Returning ZombicidalMan10/06/14
Backing Vocals Rowan521509/22/14
The Sputnik World KrazyKris09/20/14
Rowan's Favourite Male Singers Rowan521508/28/14
Artuma's Top 200: 50-1 Artuma08/19/14
The Great Album Adventure Part 1 pannkakesangen08/06/14
My Objective Top 10 Worst Albums (in-genre) wowyouresohxc08/06/14
My Top 15 Albums (not objectively, just based on my enjoyment) wowyouresohxc08/05/14
4 Years climactic08/01/14
Vinyl Wishlist SnakeDelilah07/12/14
Gateway Bands ComeToDaddy07/08/14
999 Ratings elbaliem07/03/14
Late Night Singer-Songwriter Playlist dimsim347806/30/14
Newbury Comics Dylan62006/23/14
Who Are All Of You Maniac!06/21/14
And Just Like That The Year Is Gone StallionMang06/06/14
~make Me Feel~ YakNips06/02/14
Gf Just Dumped Me wayfaringstranger05/27/14
First Tracks Of Debut Albums isabelisabell05/21/14
Tear-jerking Songs SticksmanTheBored05/18/14
If You Like This... c0ffee05/15/14
Music My Girlfriend Likes ChuckyTruant05/10/14
Potsy: Super Depressing Nostalgic Eternal Playlist Of Doom Aka Strep Throat And Reminiscing On Days Long Past LordePots05/10/14
Record Labels: A Brief History lou100005/04/14
100 Favorite Albums mttgry05/02/14
Songs That Give Me Chills Artuma04/28/14
Modern Music Madness, Rd. 2 MysteriousAlt04/18/14
Sputnik Modern Music Madness MysteriousAlt04/17/14
Aids' Top 100: Current Favourite Albums Aids04/16/14
Eighty Kay SeaAnemone04/11/14
7 Years Of Sputnik: Albums 200-101 Captain North04/10/14
Albums With Immense Beauty YakNips03/31/14
My 100 Favourite Albums At Age 21 isabelisabell03/26/14
Winter 2013 - 14' VinVal03/18/14
Energizing And Atmospheric Albums I Dig Muisc4Life2603/15/14
My Vinyl Collection (so Far) mortifierftw03/15/14
So Excited For New Coldplay Album fallenbird03/02/14
Blue's Favourite Things BlueW02/16/14
100k Scrobbles! cb12302/15/14
50 Classic Albums RivalSkoomaDealer02/04/14
Favorite Vocalists Artuma02/02/14
Music For A Snowday SeaAnemone01/29/14
My Last.fm turns 10 today. Skoj01/20/14
Winter Morning Jams Artuma01/20/14
Cd's I Just Bought For Threefiddy A Piece Sniff01/07/14
Overrated Albums zarling5301/05/14
Happy New Year Necrotica12/31/13
Twenty Thirteen tommygun12/23/13
Bluew's Life In 2013 BlueW12/13/13
100 Great Albums From 2000 - 2010 Basman11/25/13
Top 100 Albums Since 2000 ryan1911/03/13
Favourite Shitty Games ZombicidalMan11/02/13
More Lists Than Days In A Year Trebor.10/26/13
Whaddup With The Breakups People?? pbass010/22/13
October All Over c0ffee10/19/13
15 Definitive Albums gAlexander710/17/13
Artuma's Top 50 Of The 2000s Artuma10/12/13
University GnFnRs8710/10/13
Winter Albums bkeating10/09/13
Thegardener's Decade TheGardener10/04/13
My Modest Cd Collection Artuma09/27/13
Need Depressing Recs Immediately Millstone09/15/13
Ozymandias (BB SPOILERS) Ignimbrite09/15/13
Divisive Opinions On Recreational Drug Use GnFnRs8709/13/13
Bach Drew A Picture Of Me YakNips08/25/13
Indie Playlist Artuma08/25/13
Favourite Albums caitlynraine08/13/13
My Favourite Albums CaptainSpacker08/13/13
Need Som Recs BlueW08/08/13
Dreary Day ShipyardPumpkinhead08/08/13
30 Favorite Albums Ever 808muzik07/28/13
Album & Drug Comparisons TheSpaceMan07/23/13
Jash's Record Label Jash07/20/13
My Thoughts After 5 Years On Sputnik SowingSeason07/15/13
Leaving Sputnik Artuma07/07/13
Dumped Needsmoarbreakdowns07/01/13
Artuma's Top 100 Artuma06/30/13
Four.fives+fives SeaAnemone06/25/13
5's Ranked Artuma06/12/13
Favorite Albums Of The 2000s! sncold06/08/13
Requim For A Vinyl Collection Sevhead06/07/13
Tropical Storm Andrea Guzzo1006/06/13
Cross Country DegausserGuernica2405/14/13
I Buy Way Too Many Cds brokendogleg05/10/13
Nature Music CK05/07/13
Sputnik Favorites That Suck rapedbyelephants05/07/13
Playlist For Reading Artuma05/06/13
Teen Titans Go! How About No Trebor.05/03/13
So I Bought A Turntable Earlier This Year... DannyChrisnanto05/03/13
NHL Playoffs acorncheese05/02/13
20 Most Played Albums TheJackal04/24/13
Aids' Vinyl Pt. 1 Of 2 Aids04/22/13
Top 25 diogoserafim04/19/13
Tell Me Your Favourite Albums From The 2000s IHeardThat04/14/13
10,000 Plays In Last.fm!!!1 Artuma04/02/13
Vinyl #1 PrewDelisek03/31/13
My 40 Favorite Albums jmh88603/27/13
The Saddest Albums SupercolliderMusic03/23/13
Songs That Never Get Old TheNexus10003/19/13
500 Ratings // Top 50 Lps Eko03/12/13
Top 20 Of 2007 Mookid03/08/13
My Shuffle At Work Today GhostHead02/25/13
Feels - Most Depressing Albums? TwoMonthsInTheCold02/18/13
Sad Music Is The Best Kind Of Music rien33302/18/13
Thesemodernthings' Essential Albums TheseModernThings02/11/13
Most List-mentioned Albums Gwyn.02/10/13
New England Blizzard Playlist HotDogSt02/08/13
100 Albums iSkane02/01/13
Top 100 Albums theTourist01/30/13
Vinyl I Got Since I Got A Record Player ConorIsNotHere01/29/13
List Is Digs wabbit01/27/13
Tearjearkerz Winesburgohio01/23/13
I Need More Dark Albums MyNameIsBobay01/18/13
Sowing The White SowingSeason01/16/13
Games I Love talesfromthevagina01/06/13
Gas J0ckstrapsFTW01/05/13
Megatroooon NickelbackFTL12/23/12
Music When You Miss Someone wanderlust12/20/12
My Favorite Albums Of All Time Wirertragen712/10/12
Finals Time / Ckret's Alt-Indie-Folk Mix CK12/08/12
Personal Top 10 Lakes.11/30/12
Downtempo SeaAnemone11/19/12
The World Simply Just Can't End... CK11/18/12
Aids' Top 50 Lyricists Aids11/14/12
Music Like This Sorta Thing sehguh11/12/12
Chilly (flannel Season) Rev11/05/12
Cool Stuff The Girl At Work Says MadKungFu10/26/12
Life Is Hopeless Puzzles10/23/12
Albums I Just Can't Stop Playing Hankpym10/19/12
Shows I Have Been To. BenX0210/10/12
Watermelon GlassApplesause10/10/12
Shitstorm Of Gore And Hate HitlerIsTheBest10/10/12
Stuff I'm Loving Recently Musicface4210/07/12
Vinyl Collection Pt.1 Bloodhail10/03/12
South Park & Digs Atari09/28/12
Top 5 Folk cravensmash09/25/12
Good Music MeatSalad09/13/12
Lost All My Music JWT15509/12/12
Top Albums Of 2008 Cghost09/12/12
Top 50 Artists Tokamak09/09/12
Best Songs Ever Part 78 DarthMann09/04/12
Indie Rock Friday chesse1308/29/12
Culpa At Way Out West 2012 FelixCulpa08/23/12
Tuna's Vinyl BigTuna08/21/12
Top 30 Of 2008 MattDennis08/14/12
Aubergine's Vinyl (so Far) auberginedreams08/13/12
B Is For Boss Trebor.08/10/12
Albums With Great Titles NightProwler08/07/12
Hi Guys, Rec Me Some Indie/folk? Kbusch12307/28/12
Looking To Get Into Btbam, What Should I Start With? Puzzles07/24/12
New Turntable 11hoagjo07/15/12
Hey Everyoneee :) HipsterGoddess07/14/12
2008 mttgry07/12/12
My 50 Favourite Albums MidnightinParis07/03/12
Wasting Words On Lower Cases And Capitals raggedragamuffin06/29/12
Top 10 Albums According To A Stupid Dude hyllengren06/26/12
Album Recommendations? Musicface4206/21/12
My Music Library, Pt. 1 Musicface4206/20/12
00s albums raketooy06/19/12
My Favorite Albums 2000-2010 MouseMan06/19/12
Have You Guys Watched This Yet? pothead06/12/12
Classics JustinVernonBeard06/01/12
Seeing Bon Iver Tonight newjunkaesthetic9305/31/12
Beautiful Albums gosk8n05/25/12
Drinking Games Chrisjon8905/25/12
I Cheated On My Boyfriend BaselineOOO05/24/12
Looking For Alt/indie Recs Woodhouse05/23/12
Best Songs '00-'09 drasticaction7405/22/12
Indie: Required Listening SowingSeason05/15/12
I Like Gay Albums ThunderNeutral2105/14/12
Top 100 Albums... Revisited AutoRock05/09/12
Bucketlist Samshine05/08/12
Singer Songwriter Stuff TheJackal05/07/12
Need Recs Alxander1905/05/12
Top 50 Favorite Albums zxlkho05/01/12
2008: Celebration At The Fall Of Civilization ryanson20904/30/12
New To Sputnik JimFear04/25/12
My Super Duper, Greatest 100 Songs Ever List Buccaneer04/17/12
Haven't Been Around For Awhile puma3504/17/12
Tom79's Top 100 tom7904/10/12
Awesome Giant List BlueW03/30/12
100 Favorite Albums Of All Time SomethinFishy03/30/12
Best Sleep Album? macadoolahicky03/19/12
Folk Favorites vivapo03/19/12
Finishing Up A 16 Hour Shift jg77703/16/12
Most Played Artists Of The Last 12 Months geng03/15/12
Rec Me Folk Rock / Indie Folk macadoolahicky03/13/12
How Do You Deal With The All The Horrible Shit That Goes On In This World? NateT03/10/12
The Artist Is My New Favorite Movie raggedragamuffin03/06/12
Finally Get To See Bon Iver Iamthe Nightstars03/05/12
Folk Yeah Sirob03/05/12
I Request Recommendations. MyNameIsBobay03/03/12
The End Is Nigh EverythingEvil211303/01/12
Most Recent Digs Leatherneck02/29/12
Modern Indie Recs Plz NeutralThunder1202/26/12
Senior Skip Day Tomorrw!!!! Needsmoarbreakdowns02/26/12
Best Sports Films? FrankRedHot02/26/12
Listening To Cormac Mccarthy And Reading A Book By Clipse SeaAnemone02/23/12
My 5's Ranked Drawkcab02/22/12
Favorite Bands/albums jg77702/21/12
Need Indie Recs Misanthropist02/20/12
Just Turned 20, Top Albums Sevhead02/20/12
Scoot's Top 100 Albums Scoot02/19/12
100 Great Indie Albums wacknizzle02/17/12
50 States, 50 Bands eternium02/17/12
Turning 19 Tomorrow! Favourite Albums GunzAndAlcohol02/15/12
Fuck Bitches And Such. auberginedreams02/14/12
Bonnaroo 2012 Lineup iambandersnatch02/14/12
Who The Hell Is Bonny Bear? Ignimbrite02/13/12
Some Of My Favorites Drawkcab02/12/12
Xanax Prescription Veldin02/07/12
High School Coffee House outline02/03/12
Most Generic Sputnik Albums Timmons01/27/12
Two Years With Sputnik derekkp01/23/12
Ohio Weather. gotsthedewsdood01/21/12
My 10/10 Albums Darb01/19/12
My Vinyl Collection d4rock01/15/12
Gimme Any 5's You Have That Are Similar To These. NeutralThunder1201/14/12
My Top 50 Albums: 2000-2011 Fortheloveofmusic01/14/12
Recent Ratings.. Adabelle01/08/12
Rev Hits 5000! Rev01/07/12
Mac & Jessie's Essential Albums koazey01/06/12
Top 50 Generic Sputnik Albums (kind Of) iSkane01/05/12
Top 50 Albums Since 2000 AutoRock01/05/12
Rec Me Folk Ignimbrite01/03/12
Favorite Album Closers TheseModernThings01/02/12
Sputnik Has Chosen! Masochist12/29/11
Disregard This List Hopeland12/27/11
Here's A Somethin' For Changing My Musical Taste... For Better Or Worse rawpower9212/21/11
5 Favorite Indie/alternative Rock Albums Gimme More NeutralThunder1212/20/11
Recs Please BigShark12/18/11
An Atomic 2011 (part 2) AtomicWaste12/17/11
Ryan Braun On 'roids!? JumpTheShark12/14/11
Friends With Benefits Hawks12/14/11
Favorite Albums (Then And Now) ahousedivided12/13/11
Need Moar Folk And Indie Vespiion12/10/11
Albums That Took Me By Storm puma3512/10/11
Folk Music Recs dfumagalli23612/10/11
Trevor Trebor.12/06/11
Most Overly Detailed Top 50 Albums List Ever MarvellousG12/05/11
Sputnik 2011 User Awards Scoot12/04/11
Need Indie/folk/alternative Recs puma3512/04/11
How Bout Some Indie Recs? ryan1912/04/11
Recommend Me Acoustic Albums TheseModernThings12/03/11
6 years on sputnik ohfoxxxycole12/03/11
Folk/ Alt Recs Please Mike0812/01/11
Guys, Guys, Guys!!!!!!! JumpTheShark11/29/11
Tv Shows I Watch, Or Have Started Watching Strider11/28/11
Jash Hits 2000 Jash11/25/11
Paxil Withdrawal Slum11/23/11
Thanksgiving Break Vespiion11/22/11
Current Vinyl Collection mccormack51411/21/11
Sad Time Musics Rev11/18/11
Edit: Favourite Albums Pt. II GunzAndAlcohol11/12/11
100 Ratings 100 Albums dammets11/09/11
Band Cocktails AngelofDeath11/09/11
Recs Please! SharkEthic11/09/11
New Here, Recs Plz... Canaima11/07/11
Winter Music sehguh11/03/11
New Speakers! (Old Speakers) c0ffee11/02/11
My Favorite Artists Drawkcab11/01/11
About To Submit My Stanford App toxin.10/30/11
Starting Vinyl Collection? 808muzik10/27/11
Indie Folk Recs SnazSpaz10/23/11
The Definitive Bon Iver List LumpSum10/23/11
Twlichty's Current Classics twlichty10/22/11
Favorite Albums From 2000 To 2011 InAbsentia10/21/11
Just Seen Wu Lyf AliW199310/17/11
Miranda Cosgrove Is Hot Trebor.10/16/11
Favorite Actresses vmcoia9110/14/11
Looking For Expiremental Folk Recs Mchailas10/12/11
Top 20 Of The Last 20 Years Trinny09/30/11
Currently In Amazing Altmer Rotation Altmer09/29/11
Why Not... Top 100. NeutralMilkMotel09/29/11
Seasons In Music EverythingEvil211309/23/11
Vinyl Collection Thus Far!!! thelonelycanvass09/22/11
Social Commentary. gotsthedewsdood09/20/11
1000 Days Yotimi09/19/11
Apollo Recommends: Fall And Winter Albums Apollo09/16/11
Sputnik Appreciation clercqie09/16/11
My Top 50 Albums thelonelycanvass09/16/11
Lakes Top 15 Artists V2.0 Lakes.09/15/11
Growers Eko09/01/11
Things Are Different Now chambered8909/01/11
My Vinyl Sejine08/28/11
5/5 ohfoxxxycole08/27/11
[insert Sniffing Here] kangaroopoo08/25/11
Our First Demo!!!! Deder54508/22/11
Forget You Water. 808muzik08/21/11
Finally Got A Job iSkane08/18/11
Dear Summer, It's Been Great thecwo08/18/11
Aids' Vinyl Collection - August 2011 Aids08/10/11
Paradigm Shift Electric City08/10/11
So Get This Killahit08/05/11
A Pure Explosion Of Ownage Killahit08/04/11
Part I: 25 Awesome Albums Killahit08/02/11
Dumb's Vinyl Collection Pt. 1 ComfortablyDumb08/01/11
It's The Caffeine, The Nicotine The Milligrams Of Tar Counterfeit07/29/11
Lakes' Top 20 Of The Decade Past Lakes.07/28/11
My Recent Digs HelplessnessBlues07/26/11
Current Vinyl Collection (with Descriptions!) LiquidVelvet07/26/11
Vinyl Purchases In The Us MarvellousG07/25/11
All Time Favorite 100 fireinourthroats07/22/11
Best Record Collection Ever AngelofDeath07/22/11
1000 Comments/favorite Users Eko07/22/11
Disillusioned Fugue07/21/11
Today And Tomorrow ThePrisonGuard07/21/11
Follow Me On My Musical Journey TheseModernThings07/19/11
The Fruits Of My Sputnik Labors A-N Blind07/17/11
My Fifteen 5's BlueW07/17/11
Mimsy Turns 3 (two Days Ago) Emim07/16/11
Which Bon Iver Album? NateT07/14/11
Bon Iver = The Antlers Point107/12/11
My 100 Favourite Albums darkstepheneleven07/11/11
Albums For Failed Relationships. SuicideByStar07/09/11
Musicians/wordsmiths flapjak07/06/11
Aids - 1000 Ratings, 50 Classics Aids07/05/11
Mah Top 50 abaiardi707/05/11
Favorite Artists- Albums- Songs TheMadnessLetters07/04/11
A Day Without Metal. TheArkitecht07/03/11
Samshine's Guide To Summer Samshine06/29/11
Long Time Reader, First Time Poster Jones06/29/11
Leveler>>>Messengers wyankeif133706/28/11
Scrubs Is The Best Tv Series Ever dammets06/26/11
Gba Is The Best System Ever DinoX06/25/11
Onedahood FromDaHood06/23/11
Vinyl Collection. SpritzSpritz06/22/11
These Users Are The Best Users Curse.06/21/11
Why Not Pick Favorites? Banion06/21/11
Finished Tenth Grade Today... outline06/09/11
What Do You Do When You're Bored? Gundlach06/05/11
Played My First Show Yesterday Emim06/05/11
Worst Albums Ever Decapod06/03/11
Glassjaw or Godspeed? Snowball06/02/11
The 00's EverythingEvil211305/27/11
Which Is Better? PaddyPooHead05/26/11
Phillies, Reds In 18th Inning Eko05/26/11
Well, That Was Hard iSkane05/24/11
Recent Diggs, Need Recs. SuicideByStar05/23/11
Folk Deprived :( NarkalepticNinja05/20/11
Who Else Is Stoked For The Apocalypse This Weekend? Spec05/19/11
Whoooo!!! dnor05/19/11
10 Best Games Of All Time Alxander1805/19/11
Favrit Albums By Spare Spare05/17/11
New Bon Iver Song Titan5005/16/11
My 50 Favorite Albums TheWhitePicketFence05/13/11
1000 Ratings Lucid05/13/11
Sputnikcore demigod!05/12/11
Favorite 100 Lps/eps Of All Time AutoRock05/12/11
Curse Presents His Top 50 (with Descriptions!) Curse.05/09/11
Just Found Out Some Bad News. RaiseHail05/09/11
Seriously Misspent The First Nineteen Years Of My Life Winesburgohio05/07/11
Day Off PinkElephants05/04/11
Personal/emotional Albums CounterClockwise04/30/11
One Year On The Site Eko04/24/11
Aids' Top 100 Artists (according To Last.fm) Aids04/22/11
50 Albums I 5'd Scoot04/21/11
Studying... ChadJones04/21/11
Death Is Not A Curse, It's The Only Thing Thats Keeping Us Alive. mclovin9904/20/11
More Recs Please TheWhitePicketFence04/16/11
Best Strings Of Songs. JesusChris04/12/11
So I've Decided Curse.04/08/11
Cathartic Music Counterfeit04/07/11
Listimus Maximus psykonaut04/06/11
Sad Panda wabbit04/05/11
30 Incredible Albums Scoot04/04/11
Dnor's Sputbuds dnor03/30/11
New Guy Needs Helps. wabbit03/27/11
Stuff I Gathered Here KillTheKaiser03/25/11
Late to the Party Playlist derekkp03/21/11
Vinyl, Vinyl, Vinyl SharkEthic03/19/11
Favorite Album Covers Iamthe Nightstars03/18/11
Indie Recs Please couldwinarabbit03/14/11
Single Again.... Music Is My Friend And Comfort. jamiecoughlan03/11/11
Favorite Albums Of All Time CounterClockwise03/08/11
Want To Cry Like Lebron? shrapnel03/07/11
The Bees Knees Samshine03/05/11
Make My Taste Better rawrmonster03/04/11
List Of Digs. Misanthropist03/03/11
My Fifty Favorite Albums igloodude02/27/11
Albums Of The Now.. Samshine02/27/11
Best Albums Under 40 Minutes lilium2302/27/11
$155.62 Aids02/18/11
Too Much Good Music Eko02/16/11
Knott's Top 20 Of Forever Knott-02/14/11
My Ultimate Winter Mixtape outline02/13/11
Valentines Day Darb02/12/11
Taylor Swift Tickets Scoot02/10/11
My Top Ten conm1702/03/11
January... omnipanzer02/03/11
Holy Shit, This Is Good! Iamthe Nightstars02/02/11
V-day: Music To Shag To AngelofDeath02/02/11
Users Albums Of The Decade sin6902/01/11
Vinyl iSkane01/31/11
Users' Best Of The Decade Willie01/21/11
I Wish I Had A Pencil Thin Mustache KotoFtw01/21/11
Sleepytime Music NickelbackFTL01/17/11
Blue Monday MrCalum01/17/11
Jash's Top Ten/1000 Comments Jash01/11/11
10 People On The Bus Scoot01/06/11
Albums I've Just Got seifer01/06/11
Rate My Entire Music Collection (pt 1) IdiotTech01/01/11
Depression TheyTookErrJobs12/30/10
Albums That Immerse You Scoot12/30/10
I Was Aiming For Diversity IdiotTech12/26/10
Favorite Albums Of All Time YoungHeretic12/23/10
Winter Albums outline12/22/10
My Winter Playlist TheseModernThings12/21/10
Winter Albums MrConnection12/19/10
Finals Week = Studying Music PerditionTheElder12/19/10
Fuck Snow Gee12/19/10
December Jash12/19/10
My All Time Favourite Albums! conorm1112/16/10
Not Quite There Counterfeit12/13/10
50 Things About Me TheStefan12/12/10
Which Songs Do You Wish You Could Play CrisStyles12/11/10
Folktastic c0ffee12/08/10
Every Superhero Needs His Theme Music couldwinarabbit12/07/10
Want Some Folk lilium2312/05/10
I Always Listen To Metal... Counterfeit12/05/10
Yo Sputnuckas tapitforever12/05/10
Scott Pilgrim Strider12/04/10
Anniversary iswimfast12/03/10
Albums I've Even Thought About 5ing Phideaux12/01/10
Eno's Top 5 Records(as of right now, subject to change in the future!) Enotron12/01/10
1000 Ratings! And Some Thank You's. Deathcar12/01/10
Are Kindles Worth It? beefshoes11/27/10
This Is A List Jash11/25/10
Heaven Vs. Hell Counterfeit11/23/10
My Top 30 According To Last.fm Curse.11/23/10
It's Snowing Jash11/19/10
I Hate Hipsters couldwinarabbit11/14/10
Interesting List! TheStefan11/09/10
Recent Digs vmcoia9111/05/10
Albums To Listen To When You're Feeling Down dfumagalli23611/04/10
Aids's Top 30 Of All-time Aids10/28/10
Lucidity's Top 100 Lucid10/28/10
Bands I've Gotten My Friends Into Phideaux10/28/10
Man Crush. layersmeng10/28/10
Everyday Listens. layersmeng10/26/10
So High. layersmeng10/26/10
Music For Walks In The Rain Jash10/23/10
Music Making qwer7yfreak10/20/10
Rec Me Depressive/gloomy Albums ThirtySixChambers10/20/10
Since When..... Vooligan10/17/10
Favourite Album Covers PlayCrackSky10/14/10
The Mellow And The Melancholy AngelofDeath10/12/10
Favourite Poems outline10/10/10
Stuff I Didn't Like At First Phideaux10/08/10
Getting Your Family Into Your Music qwe310/05/10
Break-up Albums Aids10/04/10
75 Favourite Albums Benjomatico10/04/10
Liberi's Top 20 From 2000-09 Liberi Fatali10/04/10
Need Some Folk vanderb0b10/03/10
Eno's Favorite Staff Members Enotron09/29/10
Fall Is Upon Us Blindsided09/27/10
Top 50 Favorite Songs Of All Time bab80809/26/10
21 StreetlightRock09/26/10
Top 25 Favorite Albums bab80809/25/10
Ny Should Have A Death Penalty MFer09/21/10
New Macbook Pro = New Music Vooligan09/20/10
Rule 17 noteventherain09/14/10
The Soundtrack For Chuck Is Freaking Awesome rawrmonster09/13/10
University Ralphims09/13/10
Potentially The Greatest Albums Ever BrodieGron09/07/10
Melancholy sin6909/06/10
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Justin Vernon Anyone? Iamthe Nightstars06/22/10
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Decade, Mother F*ckers Inveigh06/12/10
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Going Skiing Hecksplosion06/07/10
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Albums That Have Changed Jash's Life Jash06/02/10
Folk Me Bluue05/29/10
2008 Top 10 (revised) sleepyhead05/27/10
Rec Me Some Depressing Stuff vanderb0b05/27/10
Finally Listened To Blackwater Park JesusChris05/24/10
When It's Raining. SpaceisGolden05/18/10
Scrambles The Death Dealer EverythingEvil211305/13/10
Top Album Listens Of The May (so Far) zer0limit05/11/10
Procrastination March_Of_Sand05/05/10
My Top 10 Albums Of All Time chaseguitar04/27/10
Djing For Kate's Party! JesusChris04/25/10
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Folky Digs JesusChris04/10/10
Tell Him His Eyes See Too Clear LetoAtreides04/06/10
Good Break-up Albums PirateSquid04/05/10
Eggs, Rabbits, Peeps... Oh My. JWT15504/04/10
My 2000's pneumoniahawk9303/31/10
I Need Recs MrsNovember03/30/10
Lubricants SpritzSpritz03/28/10
My Fix Inveigh03/25/10
My Year In Lists [08] Dielikehussayn03/24/10
Passive Ninja paxman03/21/10
I Love Getting Rec's JesusChris03/17/10
Metulzzzz qwer7yfreak03/11/10
Help Me Out....for Once Zoo03/05/10
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Great Albums To Listen To In The Winter. Downes02/08/10
Bon Fucking Iver chaseguitar02/06/10
My Ever Growing Vinyl Collection catsinflats01/30/10
Another Pointless List; Jon Foreman This Time... Masochist01/29/10
Albums That Aren't Good BrandNewBoognish01/28/10
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