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Space Echo ZombicidalMan02/24/15
Pink Floyd Top 30 Rawmeeth3802/20/15
My Personal Favorite Albums 1964-2014 TheMagicalBlender02/14/15
My Top 20 Favorite Albums PinkZeppelinVan12302/13/15
Pink Floyd Best To Worst Albums Blakethemusicman12302/09/15
Pink Floyd Albums Ranked ShuteTheRunner02/02/15
My Top 10 Albums Gabrulium01/31/15
Pink Floyd Studio Albums, My Ranking hedunadan01/29/15
Best Gilmour Solos Rawmeeth3801/27/15
A Humble Hello: My First Day On Sputnik SomeSayShesNaive01/24/15
More Vinyl demigod!01/01/15
My Cd And Vinyl Collection Jasdevi08712/30/14
Christmas Roadtrip Jasdevi08712/20/14
My Favorite Albums benabel9812/14/14
Top 10 Pink Floyd Albums Rawmeeth3812/09/14
Some Of My Favourite Guitar Solos Jasdevi08711/15/14
My Top 40 Prog Rock Songs Greem11/09/14
Every Album I Have Given A 5/5 (so Far) TheShining198010/23/14
Floyd Artwork Ranked Torontonian10/21/14
Soothing Artuma10/20/14
10 Albums I Hate That Everyone Loves P0WERSHIFTER10/10/14
Best Albums (1964-2013 ***redux***) TheShining198010/06/14
Uk Prog Magazine's Top 100 Albums Torontonian10/05/14
Lastest Purchases Jasdevi08709/29/14
Pink Floyd Ranked Torontonian09/01/14
Ranking The Pink Floyd Albums TheShining198008/31/14
Top 30 Favorite Albums ElaborateDynamite08/22/14
Artuma's Top 200: 50-1 Artuma08/19/14
Vinyls [2] Claystation08/17/14
Went To My Dad's Betray08/09/14
Songs That Get You Every Time: Part 3 Jasdevi08708/01/14
Favourite 50 Albums Of All Time (july '14) eddie9507/26/14
Fav 70's Songs Greem07/21/14
1000 Ratings, 100 Favourite Albums Greem07/19/14
Top 20 Albums ElaborateDynamite07/09/14
Great Double Albums BeneaththeDarkOcean06/17/14
Top 20 Albums SpaceNinjaTurbo06/16/14
Top 10 Gilmour Solos unaMUSEd06/11/14
Vinyl Collection Part 2: The Prog SCREAM!06/08/14
Jury Duty TheSpaceMan06/06/14
Top 20 Greatest Albums DavidDocker12506/05/14
Ny Rangers GhostHead06/04/14
Floyd Ranked unaMUSEd05/21/14
Pink Floyd Ranked Jasdevi08705/19/14
Stories And Melodies Mythodea05/15/14
Song I Will Never Get Bored Of Sharpyyy05/02/14
Songs That Give Me Chills Artuma04/28/14
Hench's Top Whatever: 1979 HenchmanOfSanta04/23/14
Tips To Improve Songwriting Skills danielcardoso04/07/14
Adolescent Jams iSkane03/29/14
Albums - Work In Progress JesusCage03/29/14
My 100 Favourite Albums At Age 21 isabelisabell03/26/14
Cool Album Easter Eggs BMDrummer02/26/14
The Big Question: Pink Or Jimmy? JJH8802/22/14
Top 40 Albums Pre-2000. Faraudo02/07/14
Work Songs EpicMangoMan02/02/14
Favorite Concept Albums js201401/30/14
My Top 15 Albums JJH8801/30/14
Vinyler Sniff01/26/14
My Favourite Progressive Rock Albums TheJonneh12301/17/14
Favourite 50 Albums Of All Time (Jan '14) eddie9501/15/14
Users' Favorite Albums Judio!01/14/14
If A Tree Falls In The Forest.. cirq01/11/14
Pink Floyd Ranked Truth ButteryBiscuitBass01/08/14
My Cd Collection Pt. 2 BMDrummer01/02/14
My Top 5 Pink Floyd Albums Muisc4Life2601/01/14
Unpopular Music Opinions. MyNameIsPencil01/01/14
My Top Five Pink Floyd Albums erizen82601/01/14
Pink Floyd Ranked LPFTW12/31/13
Revised Pink Floyd Ranking YoYoMancuso12/28/13
Cassettes I Own Pestiferouss12/24/13
Pink Floyd Ranked CaptainDooRight12/24/13
Crimson's Vinyl Collection Part 1 CrimsonLies12/24/13
Most Of My Vinyl Collection BMDrummer12/08/13
Playlist #1 dmp313111/29/13
Pink Floyd Ranked jackdkelman11/18/13
Second Coming Fav Albums All Time from 11 to 20 Antistar11/11/13
October 2013 TPM73110/31/13
Pink Floyd Albums Ranked MAGNIFICENT10/25/13
Roger Waters Or David Gilmour? LambsBread10/15/13
Wanker Albums Karamazov10/07/13
Which Is The User You Hate Most On This Website ? ChemicalLove9809/08/13
The Scientifically Verified Pink Floyd Album Art Rankingz guitarded_chuck09/06/13
100 Records SCREAM!09/06/13
Top 5 Pink Floyd Albums MAGNIFICENT09/05/13
Pink Floyd Album Arts Ranked CK09/05/13
Stop Listening To Thrash/death!!!! MrSirLordGentleman09/01/13
My Progressive Rock 50 Greem08/28/13
My Vinyl Collection rajtako08/25/13
Pink Floyd Ranking [58425] StallionMang08/24/13
The Scientifically Verified Pink Floyd Rankingz guitarded_chuck08/23/13
Response To False Floyd Rankings NeroCorleone8008/23/13
Pink Floyd Ranked Minus.08/23/13
Music That Will Make You Feel And Think Greem08/21/13
Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 1979 charbyno08/21/13
Top 20 Pink Floyd Songs TronaldDump08/05/13
Dave Gilmour Solos menawati08/02/13
Pink Floyd Ranked Greem08/02/13
Pink Floyd Madness avonbarksdale22107/30/13
My Album Collection (part 4) MrSirLordGentleman07/28/13
Music Albums I've Bought In My First Year Of Collection. shauryapatel07/27/13
My 30 Favorite Albums Greem07/18/13
15 Awesome Singing Bassists SitarHero07/10/13
Leaving Sputnik Artuma07/07/13
My 10 Favorite Albums (aka Whining Free Zone) Rawben07/02/13
Best To Worst Pink Floyd Albums Pokermask07/01/13
Artuma's Top 100 Artuma06/30/13
Best Gapless Concept Albums? LightRedFloyd06/24/13
5's Ranked Artuma06/12/13
Breaking News! ChuckyTruant05/29/13
Can The Admins Do Something About All The Spam In The Community Threads Lately? dante199105/27/13
Top 5 Most Boring Album Covers Spoonman6705/24/13
My Current Top 10 Albums iamthewalrus69605/14/13
Pinkfloydology dannyboy8905/10/13
Someone Had To Have The Guts NightmareCinema1605/08/13
The Greatest Band Of All Time evilford05/05/13
NHL Playoffs acorncheese05/02/13
Pink Floyd Ranked! Muisc4Life2605/01/13
Melancholic Friday Artuma04/26/13
Favorite Lyrics HillaryClitTounge04/20/13
Pink Floyd Ranked BigPleb04/18/13
Mj To Return To The Nba After Kobe Injury! HillaryClitTounge04/18/13
My 15 Favorite Albums decemberassembly04/11/13
My Playlist For This Week (4/06 - 4/12) Hurricanslash04/06/13
I'm A Bigger Failure Than I Thought StallionMang04/03/13
10,000 Plays In Last.fm!!!1 Artuma04/02/13
I'm Not Desperate... I Always Wear This Much Make-up! darlingfemmefatal03/19/13
All The Albums On My Ipod hankdee2703/18/13
Return Of The White Blizzard NightProwler03/18/13
Things I Need To Listen To Basman03/16/13
Will They Stop Making Cds? CrownOfMagnets03/13/13
Sputnik's Losing Its Luster MiniatureHorse03/12/13
Pink Floyd Vs Led Zeppelin mikedrumz03/05/13
Modern Works Of Literature slimdaddy03/05/13
Top 20 Progressive Rock Albums JackHammer5003/02/13
Fav Prog Rock Albums (revisited) nicowyp02/28/13
Pink Floyd Ranked nicowyp02/21/13
I Want Modern Prog Rock Recs nicowyp02/16/13
My Record Collection Pt.4 DrGonzo193702/13/13
Albums That Shake My Mind nicowyp02/11/13
A List About Vinyls. Has That Ever Been Done?? ExcentrifugalForz02/10/13
Favourite Progressive Rock Albums nicowyp02/09/13
Stole This List From A Llama neurisis1702/09/13
Favourite Concept Albums nicowyp02/08/13
My Tangible Cd Collection- Rate And Rec mikedrumz02/07/13
100 Albums iSkane02/01/13
Top 100 Albums theTourist01/30/13
My Cd Collection, Part 2 ryan1901/15/13
100 CDs I own demigod!01/14/13
400 Greatest Songs of All Time (100-1) ludwigvan01/09/13
Flawlessness In Music ADM2001/04/13
Xmas Vinyl johnnyblaze01/03/13
Cassettes JoshTh12/28/12
Jackson Js30dk Vs Esp Ltd Mh100 johnnydeking2912/27/12
Watching 'the Wall' For The 5th Time MiniatureHorse12/20/12
Pink Floyd Ranked YoYoMancuso12/19/12
400 Greatest Songs Of All Time (200-101) ludwigvan12/18/12
20 Favorite Double Albums breakingthefragile12/15/12
Thanks, Life Vespiion12/13/12
Pink Floyd Ranked Gwyn.11/29/12
Gigs I've Seen That I'll Never Forget Starblind11/26/12
100 Killer Albums souleater11/16/12
Underrated Songs, Niqqazzzzzzzz MyCarandMyGuitar11/15/12
The Doors Are Open JimMorrison11/07/12
UK Albums Rock For All Time huguitoescorza11/07/12
Songs For Sally Struthers Chrisjon8911/01/12
Albums That Rule, Albums That Don't ThunderNeutral2110/27/12
3 Albums To Help You Reach Mental Insanity mikedrumz10/27/12
First Albums! Itishappeningagain10/23/12
Get Prog! Muisc4Life2610/03/12
Top 100 Progressive Rock Albums (source: Digitaldreamdoor) NightmareCinema1609/11/12
20 Albums I've Listened To Most intgra09/08/12
Top Albums Of 1979 Cghost09/07/12
Summer Listenings amp11209/01/12
A Quarter-Century Old Masochist08/26/12
10k O'clock RiffOClock08/14/12
Albums That I Like grish08/01/12
Charts Are Down Butkuiss07/14/12
Top 25 Favorite Albums ComeOnFillYourLungs07/02/12
Pink Floyd Vs I See Stars FlyntFlossy06/26/12
Album Recommendations? Musicface4206/21/12
My Favorite Albums On Vinyl lyzakthellama06/21/12
My Music Library, Pt. 1 Musicface4206/20/12
Moving To Canada By The End Of Summer pothead06/17/12
Best Concept Albums MaidenUFO06/08/12
Favorite Guitar Solos MaidenUFO05/26/12
My Vinyl Collection rockandmetaljunkie05/26/12
Sputnik User Most Likely To... Recspecs05/22/12
Music To Spank My Ostrich To FlyntFlossy05/21/12
Top 100 Albums... Revisited AutoRock05/09/12
Brad Mehldau (Jazz Pianist/Rock Covers) luschlotz04/29/12
Mimsy's Good Ish Emim04/24/12
My Super Duper, Greatest 100 Songs Ever List Buccaneer04/17/12
Current Favorite Albums Cyuss04/13/12
Concept Albums Hankpym04/04/12
Which One's Pink? Veldin03/26/12
Addictive Xbox360 Games The7thVermicide03/14/12
Floyd Void Itishappeningagain03/10/12
Anyone Use Spotify Unlimited? thumbcrusher03/04/12
The End Is Nigh EverythingEvil211303/01/12
Best Of My Vinyl Collection Sirob02/26/12
Best 4 Album Stretch? cb12302/20/12
Need essential prog albums CrownOfMagnets02/20/12
Greatest 71 Albums Of All Time. GreenRiver02/12/12
Current Vinyl Collection wacknizzle02/07/12
Friend Of The Night theartofdoom01/31/12
Favourite Song Moments BaturTogay01/24/12
Favorit Albums Lyrically AutoRock01/16/12
You! Tinychat! NOW! Masochist01/12/12
My 5's Asiatic66712/23/11
Classic Double Albums jefflebowski12/16/11
Worst Albums Of All Time Br0KencYDeRul3Z12/15/11
David Gilmour's Greatest Solos TheNotrap11/29/11
Found some awesome vinyls in my garage. BringerOfStorms11/24/11
Pink Floyd Albums Ranked FloydZepp4ever11/24/11
Current Vinyl Collection mccormack51411/21/11
List No. 1 OverTheUnder11/11/11
Recs Please ryan1910/29/11
Musical Dna TheNotrap10/01/11
35 Great and Random Albums pedro7051209/27/11
Got The Floyd Remasters Today jefflebowski09/26/11
Comfortably Numb - Floyd Ranked TheNotrap09/18/11
Back To School Samshine09/12/11
My Top 100 Albums As Of Now Lolages08/30/11
Progressive Rock Albums. TheArkitecht08/27/11
Ultimate Album Smackdown!!!! partyboy2408/11/11
Top 100 Albums Soflex08/07/11
Dumb's Vinyl Collection Pt. 2 ComfortablyDumb08/02/11
Hey I'm New To Sputnik WashboardSuds07/23/11
Are These Albums Any Good? spudd161207/21/11
King Crimson Tour Phaze07/16/11
I Actually Like Aenima Puzzles07/14/11
Do You Guys Still Buy/enjoy Cd's? Colliiiin07/09/11
Aids - 1000 Ratings, 50 Classics Aids07/05/11
Djent Djent Djent Djent Djent Djent Puzzles07/01/11
Tmf Is Reborn Apollo06/20/11
Good Fetus Music? NoSignal05/28/11
Well, That Was Hard iSkane05/24/11
The Nineteen Seventies EverythingEvil211305/23/11
Pink Floyd Top 5 lou100005/19/11
digs tarkus05/16/11
40 Favorite Albums EverythingEvil211305/13/11
26??? iSkane05/12/11
Taroo's Top 100 Albums taroo05/10/11
Albums I Own Accent04/25/11
Just Saw The Wall sithofheaven04/22/11
Concept Albums x0m3gax04/19/11
Pink Floyd Albums Ranked StevenHyde04/11/11
Oh Boy, Troll Bait! (top 25) iSkane04/04/11
Some B-day Vinyl iSkane04/03/11
My Favorite Albums Pt 2 Leviathan893704/03/11
Albums From My Childhood bornthetravestyofman03/27/11
Firefox 4 Piglet03/24/11
Victoria's Favorite Video Games vmcoia9103/22/11
Black And White And Grey dreamobile03/19/11
5's Ranked iSkane02/27/11
Roadtrip To Asheville Nc BallsToTheWall02/23/11
Transition Albums sithofheaven02/21/11
Favorite Songs Off My Classics iSkane02/20/11
Angel's Compendium Of Classic Prog, Krautrock, And Jazz-fusion AngelofDeath02/20/11
Great Rock/Metal Albums (No Order) backtothe80s02/17/11
Bored? Lakes202/11/11
Does Anything Really Matter? duckpride8202/10/11
Favorite Albums sithofheaven01/11/11
Current Digs. I Need Recs sonorirish01/02/11
100 Records AngelofDeath12/18/10
My All Time Favourite Albums! conorm1112/16/10
Just Bought My Rush Ticket For 2011 theBlackWidow12/11/10
Fr33's Favorites fr33convict11/17/10
The Greatest Song Ranked. AnotherBrick11/10/10
The Wall... AnotherBrick10/27/10
My Favorite Albums twizted198410/07/10
Hans' Epic Circle Jerk BigHans10/05/10
75 Favourite Albums Benjomatico10/04/10
Taroo's Top 100 Albums taroo10/02/10
Angel's Essential '70s Prog AngelofDeath09/29/10
Saw Roger Water's The Wall Last Night! theBlackWidow09/29/10
Chambered's Favorite Users :d chambered8909/26/10
Angel's 2-year AngelofDeath09/16/10
Taroo's Album Of The Year From 1970-2009 taroo09/10/10
My Super Ultra Small Album Collection Cruzer1909/05/10
Finally Got A Record Player vmcoia9109/03/10
Film music... vanderb0b09/02/10
The 10 Great Concept Albums austin88808/30/10
Top 5 Favorite Lyrics taroo08/27/10
Rec Me Albums Before I Leave For College Blumper08/26/10
Sad Guitar Moments kangaroopoo08/15/10
Best Guitar Solos AngelofDeath08/14/10
Listen...do you smell something? kangaroopoo08/12/10
50 Favourite Albums Ever PaddyPooHead08/10/10
Taroo's Top 100 Albums taroo08/01/10
Jury Summons taroo07/20/10
If You Could Join Any Band As Lead Guitarist, What Band Would It Be?? NEVERfade07/16/10
Emeriti Ranked bailar1106/29/10
My 21 Year Old Bro's Top 10 Albums Of All Time Lakes.06/12/10
Seriously? Counterfeit06/02/10
The Essential Pink Floyd onereallysillygoose06/01/10
My Favourite Albums From The Uk And Ireland jamest3305/29/10
My 5s Ranked taroo05/27/10
Presentation londoncalling45705/26/10
Music For Tonight eternium05/24/10
Songs To Remember When We're Gone Schizophrenik05/22/10
Scrambles The Death Dealer EverythingEvil211305/13/10
Pink Floyd Albums Ranked JesusV405/04/10
I Need More Room On My Ipod BurningApollo04/28/10
What My Friends Like. JackFr04/25/10
Pink Floyd Ranked Brylawski04/21/10
My Vinyl Collection Is The Tits AngelofDeath04/19/10
Some Of My Recommended Progressive Albums To Listen To. JungleNed04/07/10
Pink Floyd's The Wall Edwin04/07/10
Sputnikers. Dig My Cd Collection? MetalFaceDoom04/04/10
Albums That Push The Boundaries part 1 Urinetrouble04/01/10
Looking For Pre-90s Albums FoGownz03/25/10
Current Digs + Current Fav Songs robertsona03/21/10
Bands Last Good Albums trailofdead9103/21/10
Albums That Are Just As Good As Drugs bornthetravestyofman03/14/10
New Here vanderb0b03/12/10
5 Albums Im Dying To Get disposablehero9403/12/10
Top 20 Artists BrentVegas03/08/10
The Great Eight: Concept Albums thecheatisnotdead02/27/10
Favorite Albums Right Now MissCaitlin02/14/10
1000 Comments JWT15502/11/10
Recent Digs Urinetrouble01/31/10
Prog?? Recs Please SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc01/29/10
If Sputnik Had An Election... JWT15501/21/10
Doing The Unthinkable AnotherBrick01/04/10
My Cd Collection Ryan1712/17/09
Hail Satan ihategoodmusic12/17/09
Current Vinyl Collection samr456312/09/09
My Friends Threw Me A Surprise Birthday Party :) MrHotMoms12/05/09
My First List HanSOLO12/02/09
Vinyls Fucking Rule AnotherBrick11/21/09
Desert Island!! AnotherBrick11/10/09
New And In Need Of Some New Music RadioFloyd10/18/09
Ive Gone On A Downloading Rampage MrHotMoms10/09/09
The Flaming Lips CelestialDust09/19/09
Pre 1983 Albums To Listen To Before Death JKennedy8709/09/09
My Favorite Albums Of All Time mizzinineman08/27/09
My Favorite Albums Of All Time iSkane08/26/09
Londonvinyl457 londoncalling45708/26/09
Double Albums: Too Much Of A Good Thing? WatchItExplode08/19/09
Happy Birthday To GYRO! Gyromania08/13/09
My Desert Island Album Picks Madrox08/09/09
Preferred Pink Floyd Albums Madrox08/07/09
Top 10 Albums tarjatunaface07/25/09
Eleventy One nodnerB07/24/09
Top 70s Albums Titan5007/03/09
Classics v.0.0.9 slapzstick06/29/09
My Favorite Albums At The Moment AILD72406/08/09
Current Digs. DjMopular05/30/09
50 Favourite Albums (at The Moment) Aids05/19/09
Best Concept Albums ibhank05/09/09
Shizz I Have And Need To Listen To, Which I Have Yet To Do Titan5004/12/09
Most Listened To Albums shindip04/10/09
Pink Floyd: Ranked Aids03/26/09
Some Non-Metal Albums a Metal fan may enjoy ConorMichaelJoseph03/07/09
These Have Been Dug Altmer03/02/09
My Favourite Albums (ever) Underachiever02/21/09
Top 15 Classic Rock Albums Akko102/20/09
Top 10 Favorite Albums ironzeppelin78902/06/09
10 Albums That Influenced My Music Life zer0limit01/21/09
Merry Fackin Christmas Chewie12/25/08
Me Need Sleepy Abdar11211/25/08
Current Favorite Albums Ever heylelshalem11/14/08
Favorite Albums ohhhcomely11/11/08
My Favorite Albums Soflex11/02/08
Vinyl Collection londoncalling45710/24/08
70's Classics Prince of Darkness10/17/08
Top 5 Albums As Of Right Now Prince of Darkness10/14/08
Personal Favorites MIRAI8710/08/08
The Best Albums Evar! dahmerszombies10/07/08
Digs ThePriceofBeauty09/05/08
Current Listens Foodforthegods07/24/08
The Most Intelligent Albums Ever Written Altmer06/20/08
Summer combustion0706/05/08
Wolfy's Essentials Wolfy04/21/08
4/21!!!!!!!! Abdar11204/21/08
70's Awesome Rocksta7104/15/08
Shuffle To The Max cometuesday03/25/08
Depressing Albums Wolfy02/26/08
Top 5 Albums Wolfy02/25/08
The Top 150 Albums Ever: Part 1 Iai02/19/08
Make A List TheStarclassicTreatment02/11/08
What, No Metal? (what I Am Digging Lately But Also Metal) Altmer02/07/08
Music Ftw cometuesday01/30/08
I'm Bout To Call Bovice Big Baby Jesus01/26/08
50 Albums That Fire On An Emotional Level For Me Altmer01/13/08
I Owe Sputnik Big Time SynGates01/09/08
Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth MrKite12/08/07
Cd I've Owned In 2007 Foodforthegods12/06/07
The 100 Albums That I've Liked Most Altmer12/04/07
Classic Rock Rules! Altmer11/05/07
1996 epizoan10/30/07
Purchases This Year:round 1 WidespreadMuleBand10/29/07
Top 10 Prog Albums Prisoner665532110/22/07
My Favorite Albums As Of Now. guitarplaya9110/16/07
Omg Top Albums Boddah09/10/07
My Top 10 Prog Albums At The Moment Altmer09/08/07
The Fifty I Enjoy Most Yield08/21/07
My Non-metal Favourites Altmer08/20/07
Favorite Progressive Rock Albums tribestros08/19/07
Albums Of Excellence Yield08/14/07
Albums I Must Get Into Sooner Or Later Hatshepsut08/09/07
My Dad's Cd Book tribestros07/25/07
Statistics Of My Itunes Part 2 Yield06/18/07
My Favourite Non-metal Albums Altmer06/11/07
My Top Albums Of May Altmer05/26/07
Albums That Deserve Their Status As Classics Altmer05/19/07
Albums With Cool Covers yellowmomma05/14/07
D Best Albums Imo lanethetrain05/14/07
Albums I Own WhosEmo05/09/07
A Current List Of Digs Altmer05/02/07
Albums To Play When You're Depressed Altmer04/30/07
Albums I've Bought This Year So Far Foodforthegods04/20/07
Albums I Bought In The Last Six Months That Blew Me Away Altmer04/20/07
My Favorite Prog Records Foodforthegods04/01/07
A List Of Records I'm Going To Buy All At Once If I Can Find Them Altmer03/30/07
Top 50 Albums Yield03/11/07
Fav. Concept Albums YourTeammate02/21/07
Music For A Tough Week londoncalling45702/20/07
The Last 20 Albums I've Listened To Jimmy02/13/07
Favourite Albums Ever. TheStarclassicTreatment02/13/07
The 10 Worst "best albums of all time" ValiumMan01/22/07
Cds I Got This Weekend mryrtmrnfoxxxy01/15/07
Cd's I Bought In London (new) The Flabbit Rides High01/08/07
Fav Prog Albums (That I Have) The Door Mouse12/03/06
Top 50 The Flabbit Rides High11/25/06
Pink Floyds best albums Rocksta7111/21/06
Iluvs 20 progressive albums Iluvatar11/19/06
The last 20 albums I've listened to Jimmy11/12/06
I am a man Hatshepsut11/04/06
Real Men Do Top 100s Iluvatar11/02/06
Albums I have 6stringed10/21/06
Top 100 Albums 1974-1984 morrissey08/27/06
Iluvs top 100 albums ever in his polluted way of thinking Iluvatar08/20/06
Top 5 Pink Floyd Albums Angmar08/14/06
Top ten albums by my top ten bands. Angmar08/07/06
Albums I must Buy... soon Rocksta7107/21/06
This is not generic. francesfarmer07/16/06


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