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1000 Ratings imjustjoshinya01/23/15
Best Kanye Songs childishbrandino01/20/15
My Cd Collection 5NightsAtFreddys01/09/15
Personal Favorite Albums 5NightsAtFreddys01/07/15
Anticipated 2015 Releases 2CHAINAL01/05/15
2010-2014: Favourites Of The Half-decade stevendah01/05/15
Best Rap Stuff 5NightsAtFreddys01/04/15
2010 - 2014: A Mid-decade Review ibringyoufire01/02/15
Revised Best Albums 2013 kdobailey12/28/14
Klap 4 Shows 2014 klap12/23/14
Yeezus Ranked wtferrothorn12/20/14
Most Rated Albums Of 2014 Vs '13 RogueNine12/13/14
10 Hip-hop Favs Right Now charlesdivision11/29/14
11,111 Lastfm Plays ExplosiveOranges11/08/14
Yeezus Ranked ExplosiveOranges10/16/14
Bert's Recs BertMacklinFBI10/16/14
Big Nig Ranked ExplosiveOranges10/02/14
New Kanye? 2CHAINAL09/21/14
Overhated Albums that I enjoy JSJC09/07/14
How I Spent My Q3 Athom09/03/14
Soundtrack To Your Summer TylerLamberg09/01/14
10 Best Albums Ever CWBrown08/30/14
Most Reviewed Album Ever? ExplosiveOranges08/30/14
Hip Hop Recs Please. Italianjesusfootball08/22/14
Best 100 Tracks Of 2010-2014 SeaAnemone08/18/14
Hip Hop Digs ExplosiveOranges08/15/14
Fantasy Football scottpilgrim1008/12/14
Australia Kman41808/07/14
My Ten Favorite Albums of 2013 Monstar179008/04/14
Need Rap Recs loveisamixtape07/31/14
Updated Top 50 Of 2013 NightProwler07/16/14
Would Love If You Read My New Review IronGiant06/26/14
Digging "rap" Lately 2CHAINAL06/03/14
Underrated Albums BigPleb05/30/14
Albums I Don't Need Your Approval To Like Big Baby Jesus05/20/14
Terrible Taste Awards 2014 Preliminaries LordePots05/17/14
Albums I Didn't Like At First Because They Followed Up Classics Lettuce04/24/14
? Lucid Labyrinth ? FranzSchubert04/23/14
Best Of 2013 lou100004/19/14
Does An Artist's Demeanor or Actions Affect Your Opinion Of Their Material? PartinsShot04/04/14
Best Albums Of 2013 AdamKPeter04/02/14
Belated Best Of 2013 RivalSkoomaDealer03/30/14
Top 50 Albums Of 2013 MiguelVega03/30/14
XXL Magazine ImTellingTimmy03/21/14
Darkocean's Best And Worst Of 2013 BeneaththeDarkOcean02/25/14
2k13 In 50 Records syntheticdeath02/20/14
My First Ep StJimmyRocks9202/05/14
Gyro's 2013 Gyromania02/01/14
The Official 2013 Hip Hop List Recspecs01/28/14
Clim 2013 climactic01/23/14
Contributors' Top 50 Of 2013 GnarlyShillelagh01/20/14
Rankye West jamesturney01/12/14
2013 Bottom 5 jamesturney01/12/14
Another 808 2013 808muzik01/11/14
~mezz Crew Top 25 Of 2013~ SeaAnemone01/07/14
2013 Stuff RANKED Hard lovelybloodflow01/07/14
Worst Songs Of '13 MrCoffee01/06/14
Top 10 Hip-hop Albums // 2013 Narshh01/03/14
Aids' 2013 In Last.fm Scrobbles Aids01/02/14
Maybe My Last Top Of 2013 List Funeralopolis01/02/14
Anthracks Top 25 Of 2013 Anthracks01/02/14
Top 30 Of 2013 SchebbARN01/01/14
Someguest's 2013 someguest01/01/14
Tmobotron's 2013 TMobotron01/01/14
Fish's 28 Songs Of 2013 fish.12/31/13
2013 Favorites In No Order ReAnimator12/31/13
Music Guide Of 2013 NationalRadio12/31/13
Rev's 2013: Albums Rev12/31/13
50 Favorites Of The Year - 2013 Through The Eyes Of A Dane NightProwler12/31/13
Everything 2013 EverythingEvil211312/30/13
2013 List wabbit12/30/13
Alex's 2013 In Music Kronzo12/30/13
2013 Albums That Just, No Hurricanslash12/29/13
Ilj's 2013: The Definitive List ILJ12/29/13
Breakingthefragile's 2013 Of Pretty Cool Albums And Some Overlooked Stuff As Well breakingthefragile12/29/13
Toaster's 2013 ITsHxCTOASTER12/28/13
Thuckabe's Top 36 of 2013 Thuckabe12/28/13
Se2aa0ne1mo4ne SeaAnemone12/27/13
Treb's Last 12 Months Last.fm Trebor.12/26/13
Noggy Digs demigod!12/25/13
Nickelbackftl's 2013 In Hip Hop NickelbackFTL12/24/13
My 60 Favorite Albums Of 2013 Typhoonsurfer11712/24/13
25 Favorite Albums 2013 trane4miles12/23/13
Omaha's 2013 Omaha12/23/13
2013 Or How My Shitty Taste Reared Its Ugly Head This Year. snowbbird12/23/13
Skoj's Top 30 of '13 Skoj12/22/13
2013: Favorite Albums brierstucky12/21/13
A Very Brostep 2013 Brostep12/21/13
My 15 Favourite Rap/hip Hop Albums And Mixtapes Of 2013 bernardofibrosi12/20/13
2013: Radicool To The Maxtreme OysterizerInsomniac12/20/13
Some Really Bad Albums From 2013 helpoemer42012/19/13
My Favourite Albums 2013 NorwichScene12/19/13
Dave's Top 50 Albums Of 2013 ibringyoufire12/19/13
2013 Albums ParanoidTourist12/19/13
My 25 Favourite Albums Of 2013 bernardofibrosi12/19/13
My 13 Favourite Albums of '13 jayz0ned12/18/13
50 Albums From 2013 aaronrkc12/17/13
My 10 Favorite Albums Of 2013 BreakerdeGodot12/16/13
50 Favorites Of 2013 devintheduude12/16/13
Top 25 Albums Of 2013 timbo812/16/13
2013 Hip Hop: Top 25 PaddyPooHead12/13/13
2013: Top 30. stevendah12/13/13
Never Stop Jamming Trebor.12/11/13
W(rap)p(in)g Up (2013) aaronrkc12/11/13
Academy Of 2013: I Told My Lawyer Get My Back For All The Crazy Shit I Done theacademy12/10/13
My Favorites Of 2013 illfirejersey12/10/13
2013 Not Ranked Shimana12/09/13
Top 10 Of 2013 Suckerfish12/07/13
Best Songs of 2013 thejon93rd12/07/13
My 50 Favorite Albums Of 2013 steadyriot12/07/13
Kingsoby2013 B===d --- 2012 kingsoby112/06/13
My Favourite Albums Of 2013 dan230912/06/13
Two Thousand &&& Thirteen Yeaaaaaaa keyokeyo12/04/13
Top 50 Albums I Heard This Year For The First Time Funeralopolis12/02/13
Plane's 2013 plane12/02/13
My Top 50 Kanye West Songs (updated) brierstucky12/02/13
How Treb Voted For The Contrib Top 2013 List Trebor.12/02/13
Gs3k's Top 100 Albums Of 2013 GrandpaSeth300012/02/13
The Best 50 Albums Of The Year (2013) UpTheBracket9812/02/13
2013 Top 25 FromDaHood12/02/13
Top 50 Of 2013 McMegaMountain12/01/13
Top Ten Of 2013 Because Why Not thedrunkestlandscape11/30/13
Just Got Back From The Yeezus Tour Yesterday RivalSkoomaDealer11/29/13
Original Best Albums 2013 kdobailey11/28/13
Happy Thanksgiving Bros MosesMalone11/28/13
Wow Doge11/28/13
Worst Albums Of All Time. PsychFreak11/28/13
Bound 3 (vague) TheGreatQ11/26/13
Favorite Albums Of 2013 xxxMARKRICKYxxx11/23/13
Dave's Top 50 Tracks Of 2013 ibringyoufire11/19/13
20-13 maddin11/19/13
Real Trap Shit? TMobotron11/13/13
Rec Me New Hip Hop That Doesn't Suck LambsBread11/13/13
Twothousandthirteen mvood11/11/13
A Few Albums That Disappointed Me This Year BigSneakySnatch11/07/13
Treb's Favorite Video Games Trebor.11/01/13
Eagles Becomes Cultured: 2013 EaglesBecomeVultures10/24/13
2013 Disappointments RadicalEd10/24/13
Crashed Hard Drive Blues MosesMalone10/23/13
Artsy Fartsy Movies iSkane10/17/13
Kanye West Ranked h0rsehunter09/28/13
2013 - What Have I Missed? AgainAnd09/28/13
Back To School Jams SupercolliderMusic09/21/13
2013anemone SeaAnemone09/12/13
Black Skinhead/Kanye West/Drum Remix Noteros09/07/13
Summer 2013 TheManMachine09/06/13
2013 Albums That Don't Live Up To The Hype geasoftime08/26/13
Sehguh's Albums Of The Year sehguh08/25/13
Give Me One Movie keyokeyo08/15/13
My Favourite Albums CaptainSpacker08/13/13
2013: A Discussion (Part 1) Kronzo08/06/13
Help Me Find Something On Amazon Trebor.08/01/13
Things I Do That Probably Annoy People Calc08/01/13
Disappointments & Surprises Of 2013 wanderlust07/31/13
Kanye West's Tv Pilot GringoSuave8907/29/13
Motivational 2013 robin07/20/13
So, I Have A Guitar. DirEnRefused07/18/13
Some New Awesome Shit MosesMalone07/17/13
Letdowns of 2013 (Thus Far) SadAndHolyGlow07/16/13
Albums So Far 2013 OnlyBants07/15/13
A Lurker's 2013.5 MosesMalone07/12/13
Top 15 Of 2013 (so Far) Roseandberg07/11/13
A Very Guzzo Hip-Hop 2013 Guzzo1007/10/13
Are There Any Albums That You Dislike Solely Because Of The Lyrics? BreakerdeGodot07/10/13
Mid Year Performance Review Irving07/10/13
2013.5 conradtao07/09/13
Top 15 Tracks: 2013 SeaAnemone07/08/13
Elephant's 2013.5 List elephantREVOLUTION07/07/13
Leaving Sputnik Artuma07/07/13
Life Is Boring NationalRadio07/06/13
#lakedgod Lakes.07/06/13
Kanye West Rated CinnamonBun07/05/13
Jay Z Vs. Kanye spanndrew5807/05/13
What Are Your Favorite Movies? Blackbelt5407/04/13
Not Another Half A Year List iwasnvrurbf07/03/13
Another Halfway List ILJ07/02/13
Hip Hop 2013.5 NickelbackFTL07/02/13
A Pamyu 2013.5 treeqt.07/02/13
40/13 robertsona07/02/13
Master Albums For Bukkake Kingsoby13 kingsoby107/01/13
Treb's 1/2 2013 Trebor.07/01/13
Midyear 2013 stevendah07/01/13
Journey InFiction06/28/13
Made A Last.fm Account Cygnatti06/25/13
Hip Hop Records I Am Listening To - Ranked Austintatious06/25/13
Rec Me Music Where They Lose Their Shit Funeralopolis06/23/13
Kanye Ranked Ire06/22/13
The Kings Of Summer OysterizerInsomniac06/22/13
Modern Emo And Skramz Blackbelt5406/21/13
Rev Drops Debut Lp Rev06/21/13
Got Fired demigod!06/20/13
The Definitive 2013 Halfway List omik111606/20/13
Which Is Worse? Trebor.06/20/13
~ Where I'm At ~ SeaAnemone06/19/13
New Song + Bangin New Bandcamp Design Lakes.06/19/13
Young Guns theacademy06/18/13
Top 10 Q2 2013 RivalSkoomaDealer06/18/13
Bitches Love Swans dimsim347806/18/13
Kanye West Top 5 lou100006/18/13
Sputniks Best Hip-Hop Reviewers Guzzo1006/17/13
Free Internet Aids06/16/13
Yeezus? gotsthedewsdood06/15/13
Mac & Eddie's Essential Albums koazey08/27/12


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