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The 2010s: It Had Some Decent Music helpoemer42001/21/15
I Bought A Keyboard, + Peter Diggage YankeeDudel01/08/15
Vinyl Collection AndTheTree12/23/14
Top 100 Albums I Heard For The First Time In 2014 Funeralopolis12/13/14
2013 johnnydeking2912/12/14
Black Avagantamos11/13/14
Favorite Sigur Ros Album? Muisc4Life2611/03/14
Best Albums Of 2013 Feather10/29/14
Best Songs Ever BigPleb10/25/14
My Favorite Albums Of All Time trackbytrackreviews10/20/14
My 2013 (top 50) blackwaterpark10/02/14
Best Comeback Albums Of All Time trackbytrackreviews09/25/14
Your Favourite Cities Phobonnika09/08/14
Post Rock Recs Muisc4Life2609/04/14
Life Is Beautiful avonbarksdale22108/25/14
Going Through A Phase DarthMann08/18/14
Vinyls [2] Claystation08/17/14
Top 30 Of 2013 AdamMontanari08/15/14
You Could Dig A Ditch Trebor.08/04/14
If Pokemon Were Albums ZombicidalMan07/29/14
Fav Album First Impressions Jacquibim07/15/14
Night At The Movies Shuyin06/28/14
Searching For Emotions metalsavedmylife06/16/14
sigur ros mryrtmrnfoxxxy06/12/14
Vinyls So Far Claystation05/19/14
Personal 100 Fav Albums Since 2010 theTourist04/21/14
2013 In The Comatorium Comatorium.04/16/14
Jac's Favourite Countries Jacquibim04/16/14
Political Compass fish.04/15/14
Which Album Should I Buy? Hurricanslash04/04/14
My Favourite Albums Of 2013 TheAristocrat9604/01/14
Vinyl Collection Comatorium.03/26/14
My 100 Favourite Albums At Age 21 isabelisabell03/26/14
Reading Jammers cjohns091203/25/14
Vinyl Escapades Underflow03/23/14
Scandinavian Sex Appeal RoyalImperialGuard03/12/14
The Best Show You Saw Onirium03/12/14
Metal Hiatus Jacquibim03/11/14
Rec Me Some Foreign Language Artists Onirium03/08/14
2013 Madness Green Baron03/03/14
How Many Times Do You Listen To An Album Before You Rate It? SGGreenman02/23/14
A 2013 List About Movies PitchforkArms02/19/14
Albums I Overlooked 2013 AmericanFlagAsh02/08/14
My 2013 Top 10 laralan197701/31/14
Music of 2013 Lowder91bird01/31/14
Top 25 Of 2013 Veldin01/30/14
2000-2013 My Top 75 Albums Greem01/28/14
A Song For Sputnik Funeralopolis01/27/14
Thank You Sputnik EpicMangoMan01/27/14
Uniquedark Voices From 2013 NoiseForZeus01/26/14
Top 40 Of 2013 eloimayano01/20/14
Contributors' Top 50 Of 2013 GnarlyShillelagh01/20/14
2010-2013 Top 10 Greem01/18/14
A Lurker's Guide To 2013 - Top 50 Albums Thanntos01/17/14
Top 10 Of 2013 ViralOblivion01/14/14
Another 808 2013 808muzik01/11/14
Key To 2013 Keyblade01/11/14
Aids' 2013: Albums Of The Year Aids01/10/14
These Are Dumb Kerbstomp01/09/14
Cd Collection - Installment Three Multifarious01/09/14
Killrobotmusic///2013 killrobotmusic01/08/14
Top 25 of 2013 Abscurat01/07/14
Elbaliem's 2013 elbaliem01/07/14
Essential Post Rock Artuma01/04/14
Yazz_40 2013 Yazz_Flute01/03/14
Ashcrash's 2013 List ashcrash901/03/14
Anthracks Top 25 Of 2013 Anthracks01/02/14
My Favorite Albums Of 2013 stillill12401/01/14
3+ For 2013 VisionsFromTheDarkSide01/01/14
Top 30 Of 2013 SchebbARN01/01/14
Tmobotron's 2013 TMobotron01/01/14
Fish's 28 Songs Of 2013 fish.12/31/13
Music Guide Of 2013 NationalRadio12/31/13
Klap 4 Shows 2013 klap12/31/13
Stepmaniac's Top 50 Of 2013 stepmaniac12/30/13
Everything 2013 EverythingEvil211312/30/13
The Tops of 2013 bobbysworld12/29/13
TOP 15 OF 2013 SadAndHolyGlow12/29/13
Artuma's Top 30 Of 2013 Artuma12/29/13
Breakingthefragile's 2013 Of Pretty Cool Albums And Some Overlooked Stuff As Well breakingthefragile12/29/13
2013 Toones Monsterpoptart12/28/13
2013 Top 25 Favorite Albums iRox12/28/13
A Joey Brown 2013 Lakes.12/26/13
Larry's 2013 larrytheslug12/26/13
'13 Top 10 SmersH12/26/13
Poohbearcore: This Time With More Honey Evreaia12/25/13
My Top Albums Of 2013 adr12/25/13
My 60 Favorite Albums Of 2013 Typhoonsurfer11712/24/13
Zantera's Top 100 Albums Of 2013 Zantera12/24/13
2013 List SgtPepper12/24/13
2013 mttgry12/23/13
2013 Or How My Shitty Taste Reared Its Ugly Head This Year. snowbbird12/23/13
Skoj's Top 30 of '13 Skoj12/22/13
Onemore 2013 Top 50 List OneMoreRoland12/22/13
Zxlkho's Top 50 Of 2013 zxlkho12/20/13
Sneaky's Fifty: 2013 BigSneakySnatch12/20/13
2013: Radicool To The Maxtreme OysterizerInsomniac12/20/13
Some Really Bad Albums From 2013 helpoemer42012/19/13
25 Music Songs From The Year 2013 That I Have Liked A Lot aircycle12/19/13
2013 Albums ParanoidTourist12/19/13
Another Top 50 Of 2013 List theTourist12/19/13
Music, Life And Everything In Between Butkuiss12/19/13
Top 50 Favorite Albums Of 2013 Multifarious12/17/13
Calc's Cool Cuts 2013 Calc12/17/13
My 10 Favorite Albums Of 2013 BreakerdeGodot12/16/13
Top 25 In 2013 CaptWaffles12/14/13
My Favorites Of 2013 jmh88612/13/13
A Cb123 2013 cb12312/12/13
My 50 Favorite Albums Of 2013 steadyriot12/07/13
Another Contrib 2013 List pizzamachine12/05/13
Jordanwagel's 2013 List PitchforkArms12/04/13
My Top 25 Albums Of The Year (plus More) N2B3J12/03/13
Best Album Art 2013 neurisis1712/03/13
My 2013 Albums List Polyethylene12/02/13
A Topaz 2013 Topaz12/02/13
Doug's 2013 Douglas12/02/13
How Treb Voted For The Contrib Top 2013 List Trebor.12/02/13
Dave's 2013 Honorable Mentions ibringyoufire12/02/13
Best Of 2013 Faraudo12/01/13
Ali's 2013: ALBUMS AliW199311/29/13
Adace's Top 50 Of 2013 adace111/28/13
Snake's Top 20 Of 2013 SnakeDelilah11/28/13
Jared's Top 50 Albums 2013 thejared11/28/13
Nate's 13 Of 2013 JokineAugustus11/28/13
Jac's Top 25 Of 2013 Jacquibim11/27/13
10of13 zakalwe11/27/13
Downer's Top 26 O' 2013 Electric City11/26/13
A Plebby 2013 BigPleb11/26/13
It's Been A Long Time UnnamedOcean11/19/13
I Want A 2013 Rec Mike0811/19/13
Dave's Top 50 Tracks Of 2013 ibringyoufire11/19/13
20-13 maddin11/19/13
Rec Me 1 Album From 2013 TheGardener11/18/13
Ambient EpicMangoMan11/17/13
Top 25 Songs Of 2013 Crawl11/17/13
Cold And Rainy Autumn Nights - Songs To Dig Artuma11/16/13
Twothousandthirteen mvood11/11/13
2013 Best Of By Genre Trebor.11/08/13
Albums I Have Yet To Listen To This Year. snowbbird11/07/13
Releasing A Game BenedictVII11/07/13
2013 To Listen List MassiveAttack11/04/13
Dst: Fall Back! Masochist11/02/13
Favorites Of The Year, So Far SadAndHolyGlow10/31/13
Awesome Digs wacknizzle10/30/13
Albums That Look Similar From A Distance SadAndHolyGlow10/27/13
Something Something 2013 sailSAway10/26/13
20 Albums From 2013 Basman10/26/13
Song Titles JokineAugustus10/25/13
Eagles Becomes Cultured: 2013 EaglesBecomeVultures10/24/13
New Amp Butkuiss10/21/13
Any Aspiring Screenwriters On Sputnik? YourDarkAffected10/18/13
Can't Change Avatar Or Post In Forums YourDarkAffected10/11/13
2013 - What Have I Missed? AgainAnd09/28/13
College Listening neurisis1709/18/13
2013 Is Kicking My Ass adace109/17/13
Another 2013 List PitchforkArms09/15/13
Albums I Love From This Year stillill12409/11/13
Concert Coming Up lyzakthellama09/05/13
When You Look At The Popular Albums Section Trebor.08/31/13
My 2013 Ranked Artuma08/24/13
2013 Albums - Underrated RollieQuibbs08/24/13
Copying Trebor [2] Anthracks08/13/13
Takin' A Trip SmersH08/11/13
Misleading Album Covers micpattern08/09/13
Sam Rockwell Can Boogie Right On Down SadAndHolyGlow08/06/13
Top 2013 Albums Thus Far mindhelix08/02/13
Things I Do That Probably Annoy People Calc08/01/13
Who Are You Going To See Next?? Closk07/31/13
Diggy Digs 808muzik07/31/13
Last 10 Albums I Have Bought. Closk07/30/13
Recent Vinyl Purchases Polyethylene07/28/13
Album of the Year Nominations SadAndHolyGlow07/27/13
My Best Sigur Ros Albums Closk07/26/13
Summer Wine 2013 NoiseForZeus07/20/13
Vinyl I Own beefshoes07/15/13
2013.5 conradtao07/09/13
Top 50 Albums Of '13 So Far BackwardBee07/03/13
Halfway geasoftime07/03/13
Sigur Ros Live 360 Degree Camera Video Is Back Up For Streaming YourDarkAffected07/02/13
A Pamyu 2013.5 treeqt.07/02/13
You, Me, And A Lie Azazzel07/02/13
Skins fish.07/01/13
Psn ViralOblivion07/01/13
Treb's 1/2 2013 Trebor.07/01/13
The Worst Albums Of 2013 So Far zxlkho06/29/13
Digging This New Format SadAndHolyGlow06/27/13
Top 10 June thejared06/26/13
Paying For Youtube Subscriptions? DegausserGuernica2406/26/13
Someone Slashed One Of My Tires SadAndHolyGlow06/24/13
Anyone Here Play State Of Decay? YourDarkAffected06/24/13
Rec Some Post Rock itchybutthole06/21/13
Music I've Listened To While Having A Seizure YourDarkAffected06/21/13
2013: First Half (albums) Zantera06/21/13
Video Game Soundtracks Drummerboy12306/20/13
Albums I Own rosettaforlife06/20/13
The Definitive 2013 Halfway List omik111606/20/13
Xbox One Drm Policy Changed LightRedFloyd06/19/13
This Sigur Ros Live 360 Camera Is The Coolest Thing Ever YourDarkAffected06/19/13
If We Give Weed To Zombies talesfromthevagina06/19/13
Free Internet Aids06/16/13
Artuma's First Half Of 2013 Artuma06/13/13
Sigur Ros Top 5 lou100006/10/13
2013 So Far EverythingEvil211306/09/13
Sigur Ros - Kveikur Polyethylene06/02/13
Roskilde Festival 2013: Why Aren't You... NightProwler05/30/13
Epic Roadtrip Soundtrack tvol05/12/13
Upcoming Albums That I'm Excited For Basman04/27/13
Sigur R?s Ranked Artuma03/28/13


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