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Goodbye 2014 Tunaboy4512/31/14
Most Rated Albums Of 2014 Vs '13 RogueNine12/13/14
2013 johnnydeking2912/12/14
My Presonal Top 50 Metal Albums piotrekmax12/06/14
Ben C's 30 Favorite Albums Of 2013 Benc11/19/14
Albums I Own CalculatingInfinity11/16/14
Best Albums Of 2013 Feather10/29/14
My 2013 (top 50) blackwaterpark10/02/14
2013 Metal Redux pedro7051209/29/14
Songs Of The Day Part II JCGold1409/20/14
plug -- https://plug.dj/onions -- tdep ranked tbh -- shoutout to futures rip --- sup jak & jestapo u the real winnahs Static09/15/14
Some Of My Favorite Album Covers Pt. 2 Xenorazr09/07/14
Some Favorite Songs apokolypz09/02/14
Progressive Metalcore LeviofDoom08/31/14
Formidable Illustrations Of A Pristine Mind Angelboros08/31/14
The Relevance Of Cds Depends On Your Collection Pt 2 YetAnotherBrick08/18/14
My Ten Favorite Albums of 2013 Monstar179008/04/14
Rec Me Good Music SubtleDoubt07/25/14
Updated Top 50 Of 2013 NightProwler07/16/14
Vinyl Wishlist SnakeDelilah07/12/14
My Favorite Albums from 2013 jfirak06/17/14
Mimsy Shuffle? Emim05/27/14
Hench's Top 25s: 2013 HenchmanOfSanta05/27/14
Metal Is Stagnant PattBraderson05/23/14
My Girlfriend Is Sick Of Me Talking About These Bands wakeupdead05/12/14
50 Favorite Albums 2CHAINAL05/02/14
Some Of My Personal Favorite Albums Of 2013 ExplosiveOranges04/25/14
Dillinger Album Artworks Ranked slagun04/23/14
Recent Jams sapient04/15/14
Did I Buy The Right Albums Today?! brokendogleg04/12/14
Beer Box Full Of Vinyl samsquanch04/06/14
Best Albums Of 2013 AdamKPeter04/02/14
Himym Ending xXHughJanusXx04/02/14
Belated Best Of 2013 RivalSkoomaDealer03/30/14
2013 Coast03/27/14
Hardcore/post-hardcore/metalcore/whatever Bands That Are Neat furpa03/23/14
Rating System Pls PitchforkArms03/18/14
Spazzing HARD BigPleb03/10/14
2013 Madness Green Baron03/03/14
My Favorite (metal) Albums thecatsmod03/03/14
Writers' Block Butkuiss02/28/14
One Full Year JMNewcomer1902/26/14
Darkocean's Best And Worst Of 2013 BeneaththeDarkOcean02/25/14
Soundwave Timetable ellagos02/24/14
2013 Shows funtags02/19/14
Bb's DyerTF02/14/14
nevertoolate's most awesome albums of 2013 nevertoolate02/14/14
Epic Beard Men (POST BEARDS) Butkuiss02/12/14
My 2013 Top 10 laralan197701/31/14
Music of 2013 Lowder91bird01/31/14
Top 25 Of 2013 Veldin01/30/14
Cdeisar Sniff01/27/14
My Top 20 Dillinger Escape Plan Songs CalculatingInfinity01/26/14
Clim 2013 climactic01/23/14
Majestic Noises Of 2013 NoiseForZeus01/18/14
A Lurker's Guide To 2013 - Top 50 Albums Thanntos01/17/14
Nightprowler's Day Off NightProwler01/16/14
Phazoen's 1st List - A Retrospective Of 2013 Phazoen01/11/14
Album Battle - The Dillinger Escape Plan musicalmedicine01/09/14
2013 EpicMangoMan01/08/14
Cd Collection - Installment One Multifarious01/07/14
In(somniac) 2013 Winsomniac01/07/14
Top 25 of 2013 Abscurat01/07/14
Opie's long awaited Top 20 Of 2013 opie01/07/14
Elbaliem's 2013 elbaliem01/07/14
Needing Recs Devastator01/06/14
Cool Stuff From 2013 joshuahuntkc01/05/14
Pistol's 2013 PistolPete01/05/14
My Top 20 Albums Of 2013 jtswope01/04/14
Yazz_40 2013 Yazz_Flute01/03/14
Fearthyevil's: Best Of 2013 FearThyEvil01/03/14
Aids' 2013 In Last.fm Scrobbles Aids01/02/14
Vinyl #2 PrewDelisek01/01/14
3+ For 2013 VisionsFromTheDarkSide01/01/14
Tmobotron's 2013 TMobotron01/01/14
Chuck's Top 15 Of 2013 ChuckyTruant12/31/13
Fish's 28 Songs Of 2013 fish.12/31/13
2013 Favorites In No Order ReAnimator12/31/13
13 Albums For 2013 ultradevilgod12/31/13
The xSeanx Stamp Of Approval: Top Albums And Eps Of 2013. PanicProne12/31/13
50 Favorites Of The Year - 2013 Through The Eyes Of A Dane NightProwler12/31/13
Top 10 Albums Of 2013 RadioSuicide12/31/13
2013 Let Shitting Commence nalapoke12/30/13
Sumyun2013 sumyunguy12/30/13
Everything 2013 EverythingEvil211312/30/13
Wizards Top 20 In Metal For 2013 Wizard12/30/13
Alex's 2013 In Music Kronzo12/30/13
The Tops of 2013 bobbysworld12/29/13
Best Software Ipod To Pc egothelivingplanet12/29/13
Artuma's Top 30 Of 2013 Artuma12/29/13
Crowing51's 2013 List crowing5112/29/13
Ilj's 2013: The Definitive List ILJ12/29/13
Breakingthefragile's 2013 Of Pretty Cool Albums And Some Overlooked Stuff As Well breakingthefragile12/29/13
This Is Me YetAnotherBrick12/28/13
Hench's Top 50 Of 2013 HenchmanOfSanta12/27/13
The Best Of 2013 melodicdrama12/27/13
Top 50 Albums 2013 AlexTM51012/26/13
Larry's 2013 larrytheslug12/26/13
Album Of The Year List 2013 DatsNotDaMetulz12/26/13
The Hound's Top 10 Of 2013 SandorClegane12/25/13
Top 10 Of 2013 VolcanoDay12/24/13
Zantera's Top 100 Albums Of 2013 Zantera12/24/13
Ericu03's 2013 Favorites ericu0312/24/13
Lambda's 2013 Lambda12/23/13
2013 mttgry12/23/13
Omaha's 2013 Omaha12/23/13
2013 Or How My Shitty Taste Reared Its Ugly Head This Year. snowbbird12/23/13
Deluxe Editions Barelybreathing12/23/13
Skoj's Top 30 of '13 Skoj12/22/13
Top 20 Of 2013 decoyoctopus12/21/13
Discovolante's Best Of 2013 discovolante12/21/13
Favorites From 2013 skoopy4812/21/13
Top 25 2013 h0rsehunter12/21/13
2013 Favorites WolfCocoon12/20/13
Zxlkho's Top 50 Of 2013 zxlkho12/20/13
Sneaky's Fifty: 2013 BigSneakySnatch12/20/13
Omni's Top 100 Of 2013 omnipanzer12/20/13
Top 25 Albums - 2013 PrinceoftheDogs12/20/13
2013: Radicool To The Maxtreme OysterizerInsomniac12/20/13
My Best Of 2013 apokolypz12/19/13
Dave's Top 50 Albums Of 2013 ibringyoufire12/19/13
Best Of 2013 AngloSaxophone12/19/13
2013 Albums ParanoidTourist12/19/13
Albums Of The Year (2013) R3fl3cti0ns12/19/13
'13 Favorites/needs More Listens/disappointments engleprunt12/18/13
My top of '13 betweentheburiedandi12/18/13
Top 50 Of 2013 Jacob818Hollows12/18/13
My 13 Favourite Albums of '13 jayz0ned12/18/13
Worst Albums Of 2013 camtee15512/18/13
Guitar World's Top 30 Of 2013 Judio!12/17/13
Obligatory 10 Of 2013 zombi66612/17/13
Calc's Cool Cuts 2013 Calc12/17/13
50 Favorites Of 2013 devintheduude12/16/13
iTokoloshe's 25 Of 2013 Tokoloshe12/16/13
Top 25 Metal Albums Of 2013 Thor12/15/13
Personal Favorites Of 2013 d00derz12/13/13
Most annoying albums of 2013 LocustGrove12/13/13
Top 40 Of 2013 pedro7051212/12/13
Best Albums Of 2013 kentishh12/12/13
A Cb123 2013 cb12312/12/13
2013 Favourites TBliss212/11/13
Top 25 Of 2013 Beauville8812/11/13
Academy Of 2013: I Told My Lawyer Get My Back For All The Crazy Shit I Done theacademy12/10/13
LSD Devolve12/10/13
2013 Not Ranked Shimana12/09/13
All My Ratings Got Wiped... MadMikeLove12/08/13
Backwardbee's Top 50 Of 2013 BackwardBee12/06/13
Top Albums of 2013 grimsleeper12/04/13
Jordanwagel's 2013 List PitchforkArms12/04/13
My Top 25 Albums Of The Year (plus More) N2B3J12/03/13
Greg's Top Releases Of 2013 greg8412/03/13
Favorite Vocalists apokolypz12/02/13
Best Of 2013 Faraudo12/01/13
Snake's Top 20 Of 2013 SnakeDelilah11/28/13
Jared's Top 50 Albums 2013 thejared11/28/13
Nate's 13 Of 2013 JokineAugustus11/28/13
Top 20 Albums Of 2013 joshieboy1234511/28/13
A Plebby 2013 BigPleb11/26/13
Willie's Top 50 Of 2013 Willie11/26/13
Dave's Top 50 Tracks Of 2013 ibringyoufire11/19/13
20-13 maddin11/19/13
Best Albums Of 2013 Gbhill11/14/13
2013 Quarterly Report #3 Lambda11/12/13
Weekend Nachos Epilogue11/11/13
Dillinger Escape Plan Last Night Motiv311/09/13
Three Years On Sputnik (2013) Owantjaaaa10/25/13
Metal: Mmxiii wacknizzle10/23/13
Horror Movie Recs? dathvada32110/22/13
Need Recs (New User) Devolve10/07/13
Top 20 Of 2013 JeremyVee10/02/13
The Chariot Tour Epilogue09/30/13
Fall Begins Vinyl Binge, Tinged By Excessive Consumption Of Gin And Tonics. Jruined09/30/13
100th List. Drop Everything. SadAndHolyGlow09/29/13
Best Of 2013 (so Far) h0rsehunter09/28/13
My Modest Cd Collection Artuma09/27/13
2013 Favs So Far americanart09/25/13
Never Too Many Metalcore Lists ReAnimator09/24/13
2013: Best Year In A While tlhk09/19/13
Albums I Really Like sum0th3rguY09/17/13
Another 2013 List PitchforkArms09/15/13
My Favorite Albums Of 2013 (not Ranked) joshuahuntkc09/14/13
New Vinyl And Tix NightProwler09/14/13
My Top 25 Albums FirstLucidDream09/08/13
Dillinger Escape Plan Rated. Faraudo09/07/13
45 Albums: Make You Write Music Glokta09/05/13
My 2013 Ranked Artuma08/24/13
Intimate Venues Vs. Large Shows Vs. Festivals GaugeOT08/16/13
Gta V Online Reveal LightRedFloyd08/15/13
Recommend: 2013 UrsaMajor08/12/13
Summer Whisky and Tequila 2013 NoiseForZeus08/10/13
Okcupid Is Not Very Metal DarkSideOfLucca08/08/13
Dillinger In November! BigPleb08/07/13
Downloading Vs. Buying kingjulian08/04/13
Sopranos Or Deadwood?? apert08/03/13
Top 2013 Albums Thus Far mindhelix08/02/13
Things I Do That Probably Annoy People Calc08/01/13
College Orientation Jamz Atrophy07/31/13
Latest Buys kingjulian07/29/13
2013 And 2/3rds ChuckyTruant07/28/13
Favorite Albums Of 2013 So Far Sunn17707/28/13
Recording Up A Storm Omaha07/25/13
If You Could Only Listen To Artists....... LightRedFloyd07/25/13
Why Is This Placed Called Sputnikmusic? LightRedFloyd07/24/13
Is It Bad That I Like Metalcore So Much? theM3rcenary07/20/13
2013 Quarterly Report #2 Lambda07/16/13
Awesome Songs Of The Moment Vol.14 engleprunt07/16/13
Cd Collection YakNips07/16/13
Favorite Vocalists Tobmast07/16/13
Recent Digs tlhk07/15/13
Rec Albums Similar To This ericu0307/14/13
Sputnikcore JaySpiral07/13/13
A Lurker's 2013.5 MosesMalone07/12/13
Elephant's 2013.5 List elephantREVOLUTION07/07/13
Got Some New Axe's ChuckyTruant07/07/13
Q2 2013 halloway07/06/13
Summer Slaughter Tour Atrophy07/04/13
Top 50 Albums Of '13 So Far BackwardBee07/03/13
Another Halfway List ILJ07/02/13
A Pamyu 2013.5 treeqt.07/02/13
Whale... Sheet, Mane. ImmortalPaper06/30/13
Top Moments (Vol II) PistolPete06/29/13
The Worst Albums Of 2013 So Far zxlkho06/29/13
My 2013 So Far... Betacra06/24/13
Wheres Metal 2013??? robertsona06/24/13
Greg's Q2 Of 2013 greg8406/23/13
Jamming! N2B3J06/23/13
Tatoos grizz06/22/13
2013: First Half (albums) Zantera06/21/13
Video Game Soundtracks Drummerboy12306/20/13
The Definitive 2013 Halfway List omik111606/20/13
Xbox One Drm Policy Changed LightRedFloyd06/19/13
Top 10 Q2 2013 RivalSkoomaDealer06/18/13
74 2013 Albums I Listened To In Q2: Semi - Ranked omnipanzer06/14/13
Ass Beatin' Music SabertoothMonocle06/14/13
Artuma's First Half Of 2013 Artuma06/13/13
2013 Thus Far FictionalFlames06/12/13
Tpg's Top 15 Of '13 (so Far) ThePrisonGuard06/11/13
2013 So Far EverythingEvil211306/09/13
I Love This Year. jimmykidd06/09/13
Staff Perks? Green Baron06/07/13
My Girlfriend Just Dumped Me LightRedFloyd06/04/13
My Recent Favorites AndyDigital06/02/13
Roskilde Festival 2013: Why Aren't You... NightProwler05/30/13
Breaking News! ChuckyTruant05/29/13
Glass Half Full? Glass Half Empty? DeadBay25605/28/13
Top 10 May thejared05/28/13
Top 50 Albums Of 2013...so Far ibringyoufire05/27/13
Can The Admins Do Something About All The Spam In The Community Threads Lately? dante199105/27/13
Recent Digs xVision05/26/13
I've Just Graduated High School eXxist05/26/13
Obligatory 10k List climactic05/24/13
Full-lengths Ranked : The Dillinger Escape Plan SadAndHolyGlow05/24/13
Favorites From 2013 So Far dylanjones4205/24/13
2013 Top 5 So Far sleepyhead05/23/13
Got Unbaned Time To Catch Up On What I Missed joshieboy1234505/22/13
10 Bands I Want To See Live Gavininseawater1305/22/13
Dep Ranked BackwardBee05/21/13
Best Buy, I Love You. SadAndHolyGlow05/16/13
Favorite Albums Of 2013 (so Far) snowbbird05/16/13
Top 20 Dillinger Escape Plan Songs Gwyn.05/15/13
Who's Going To Watch Street League?! DotEight05/15/13
Someone Make A Sputnik App AndManyMore05/15/13
Rec Me Shit Like This. JimFear05/15/13
This Is A Selection Of Albums I'd Like For Our YetAnotherBrick05/14/13
Finally Backing Up My Music Library ILJ05/14/13
Fun Drinking Games? BigPleb05/14/13
Seeing Danny Brown Tonight!!! elephantREVOLUTION05/13/13
Place Beyond The Pines DotEight05/12/13
System Shock 2 Yes Or No? apert05/12/13
Recent Purchases spanndrew5805/12/13
Newest Doctor Who. DirEnRefused05/11/13
My Favorites From 2013 Omaha05/10/13
Top 5 Voice Actors ViralOblivion05/08/13
2013 1st Trimester (Metal Edition) Thor05/08/13
New Dillinger Is Here! Dolving99905/08/13
Fuck You Calculus ILJ05/02/13
New Dillinger Escape Plan BigPleb04/30/13
Ins' 2013 So Far Insurrection04/29/13
Angel theacademy04/28/13
Upcoming Game Changers theacademy04/09/13


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