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My Favorite Albums Of All Time BatmanSixx01/23/15
Top 10 Albums Of The 90s BatmanSixx01/17/15
Albums My Friends And I Listened To In High School Stereochrome101/16/15
Someguest Gets Steamed someguest01/13/15
List Of Digs NorthernSkylark12/30/14
Wow These Openers Ryus12/23/14
Northernskylark's Guide To An Introverted Playlist NorthernSkylark12/13/14
56 Classic LP's Out Of 2821 Rated Dickens4411/30/14
Best Indie Rock Of The 90s And Early 2000s IronGiant11/08/14
Got Any 90s Recs? TheSpaceMan10/22/14
Modest Mouse's Top Tag Is Emo Trebor.10/02/14
Heavy Rotation SwallowShotguns09/26/14
Favorite Guitar Albums Trebor.09/23/14
What Car Do You Drive? SnakeDelilah09/12/14
10k + Beautiful Users YakNips09/08/14
modest mouse reissues mryrtmrnfoxxxy09/03/14
Most Listened: August SwallowShotguns09/01/14
I Love My Mother Like Pizza Pie chupacabraisreal09/01/14
Major Itunes Problem Trebor.08/28/14
Jizzworthy Guitar Riffs mudloop08/27/14
What Would You Consider A True 5/5? MyNameIsPencil08/19/14
Best Depressing Albums I've Ever Heard MisanthropicTurtle08/18/14
The Relevance Of Cds Depends On Your Collection Pt 2 YetAnotherBrick08/18/14
Depressingly Good Music Vol. II ExplosiveOranges08/13/14
Itchy Goes To England itchybutthole08/12/14
A Nice List F0RBES08/11/14
A Concert Review: Brand New + Modest Mouse Green Baron08/10/14
New To Sputnik BilboTeaBaggins08/07/14
5 is the number of the day yall everybody bump something youve been thinkn bout bumpin mryrtmrnfoxxxy08/06/14
The Great Album Adventure Part 1 pannkakesangen08/06/14
Top 10 Modest Mouse Songs TalonsOfFire08/04/14
Artuma's Top 200: 100-51 Artuma08/04/14
Ultimate Road Trip FearTomorrow08/03/14
Sputnik Meeting: Brand New / Modest Mouse Green Baron08/01/14
"There's nothing left to save" : Snoopcow's Favorite Albums Snoopcow07/30/14
Good Vibes YakNips07/29/14
Fall Semester Is Approaching... F0RBES07/28/14
Two Years Of Pencil MyNameIsPencil07/28/14
Amazing Drum Tracks sblevins9507/23/14
Bored Af 10 Albums Per Decade Since 70s Why Not Trebor.06/27/14
20 Most Scrobbled Albums mryrtmrnfoxxxy06/27/14
Dear Issac Brock... MyNameIsPencil06/11/14
My Favorite Modest Mouse Albums zarling5306/04/14
Goat Jams demigod!05/30/14
My 50 Favourite Albums NorthernSkylark05/22/14
If Your Top 10 Looks Like This Then Please Kill Yourself jamesturney05/15/14
My 10 Favorite Albums!! mryrtmrnfoxxxy05/13/14
Great War Of The 90s First Battle (1) Fleshpound05/08/14
Summer 2014 Live, An Anticipatory List Aids05/07/14
5000 Comments YakNips05/05/14
First Concert Green Baron05/01/14
Snake Turns Seventeen SnakeDelilah04/08/14
a list of large a) unimportance and b) use of lowercase letters and c) list title changes for ArsMoriendi's sake Ryus03/21/14
The Insomnia List Blues zakalwe03/19/14
Favorite Sput Users, Part I Green Baron03/01/14
Treb's 50 Favorite Albums Trebor.02/04/14
Modest Mouse Rrrrrranked InAbsentia01/26/14
All Aboard The Seattle Bandwagon RadioSuicide01/19/14
1997 RadioSuicide01/15/14
¿buena Musica En Español? profoundword01/14/14
Sputnik Support Group Spec01/09/14
Name Your All Time And Current Favorite Albums! mikedrumz01/06/14
Aids' 2013 In Last.fm Scrobbles Aids01/02/14
Nothing Is Ever Good Enough SkaCali199112/31/13
Treb's Last 12 Months Last.fm Trebor.12/26/13
Brace Yourselves StallionMang12/25/13
The Ice Cream Truck Waits For No Man OysterizerInsomniac12/22/13
Sum Closers Trebor.12/15/13
Favourite Drum Albums demigod!12/15/13
Colorado Bound (sorta) Any Recs? SkaCali199112/13/13
Can't Walk BigPleb12/09/13
Some Favourites From The 90s Grooveologist12/06/13
The First Modest Mouse Ranking List Ever Created Parsnips12/05/13
Artists I'm Thankful For YoYoMancuso11/28/13
10 Favorite Modest Mouse Songs Swoon42011/28/13
That 90s List Blackbelt5411/22/13
25 Perfect Songs demigod!11/16/13
Bye Sputnik :) JamesAnthingElse11/03/13
Digs After A Party Alaska11/03/13
new car jams mryrtmrnfoxxxy10/29/13
25 Awesome Openers demigod!10/25/13
New Purchases (pre 2000) dberti1310/22/13
Where Should I Start With The Fall? turtleflu09/29/13
Favorite Vocalists tlhk09/28/13
Stuff I Listened To In High School LowRidinCow09/23/13
11th Grade Jams sideburndude09/08/13
40 Indie-tastic Albums Veldin08/21/13
Songs That Take You Places YoYoMancuso08/18/13
1k In Less Than 6 Months DegausserGuernica2408/16/13
25 Awesome Closers demigod!08/15/13
Hello Freddey08/14/13
playstation vita mryrtmrnfoxxxy07/29/13
Harry Potter Characters Ranked widowslaugh12307/26/13
Favorite Albums JeremyVee07/21/13
Gravity Falls Episodes Ranked iglu07/21/13
The Ashes - Second Test tommygun07/18/13
Artuma's Top 100 Artuma06/30/13
Got Fired demigod!06/20/13
Trebhammer 40k Trebor.06/04/13
Most Played Artists From The Last 12 Months PeterKlaven06/02/13
Cool People YoYoMancuso05/27/13
Current Top 100 SupercolliderMusic05/20/13
Cds In My Car Trebor.05/12/13
To Listen reef205/09/13
Playlist For Reading Artuma05/06/13
Guess That Movie Quote! Trebor.04/23/13
Missing Foxxxy Storm In A Teacup04/15/13
100 Of Capt's 90's Albums CaptainHadouken04/13/13
Awesome Drummers YoYoMancuso04/07/13
Cruisin' For A Weekend Gravity04/05/13
Poignancy Gravity04/01/13
Ranking Modest Mouse brokendogleg03/27/13
Rec Me Anything Good Mookid03/26/13
Modest Mouse Top 5 lou100003/25/13
Recent Digs YoYoMancuso03/20/13
6 Hour Flight During Spring Break, Rec Me Stuff Mookid03/20/13
Music I Own Veldin03/19/13
Things I Need To Listen To Basman03/16/13
500 Ratings // Top 50 Lps Eko03/12/13
1997 Best Year In Music? Basman03/07/13
Raising Site Presence ohfoxxxycole03/07/13
Smashing Pumpkins Vs Modest Mouse mikedrumz03/05/13
What Is Your Favorite Band, And What Do They Mean To You? mikedrumz03/05/13
My Top 5 Albums mikedrumz03/05/13
50 Best Albums Of 1990s aidanwm03/03/13
Movie By Myself Trebor.02/21/13
Artists That Grew On Me Like Fungus YoYoMancuso02/14/13
Recommend Any Albums? DarthJames02/13/13
Thesemodernthings' Essential Albums TheseModernThings02/11/13
100 Indie Albums Basman02/11/13
My Tangible Cd Collection- Rate And Rec mikedrumz02/07/13
My Top 10 Of All Time humblerodent02/06/13
Albums I Was Once Obsessed With (in Chronological Order) DarthJames02/04/13
Is It Wrong To Hate A Certain Race? akimbo02/04/13
100 Albums iSkane02/01/13
Treb's Top 100 Albums Trebor.01/28/13
Summer demigod!01/25/13
help me find these kb3601/23/13
Fingerpicking OysterizerInsomniac01/15/13
100 CDs I own demigod!01/14/13
My New Ep CalumJohnston01/14/13
I'm Becoming A Hipster lilium2301/04/13
Cowboys Vs Redskins Smithsonian12/30/12
7 years mryrtmrnfoxxxy12/25/12
90 Reasons Why The 90's Ruled demigod!12/10/12
The Lonesome Crowded West Ranked YoYoMancuso12/09/12
"stupid Hipster" Aids12/08/12
Albums I Was Really Into In High School brokendogleg12/08/12
wii u mryrtmrnfoxxxy11/19/12
Top 50 Albums Of The 90's (in Order) ZombieDenial11/15/12
Treb's Favorite Modest Mouse Songs Trebor.11/14/12
Mouth Cancer Brontosaurus10/22/12
Heart Cooks Brain Brontosaurus10/20/12
Modest Mouse Albums Ranked mikedrumz10/18/12
Top 5 Modest Mouse Songs mikedrumz10/18/12
Rate My Top 5 Albums That Have Changed My Life mikedrumz10/07/12
Rate And Recommend mikedrumz10/05/12
New User Smithsonian10/04/12
I'm New Here MercyFalls1909/25/12
top 15 mryrtmrnfoxxxy09/24/12
...fuk Ethics09/16/12
Enter Fall Rev09/11/12
Top Albums Of 1997 Cghost09/10/12
50 Indie Albums I Like Blackbelt5409/09/12
okay users lets do this foxxxy09/04/12
Some Favorites Of The 90s vmcoia9108/31/12
50k Last.fm Plays Eko08/30/12
Bleak CalumJohnston08/12/12
Indie Recs Veldin08/03/12
Mountain Music Time07/16/12
Working On My Guitar Tone/digs DallyLama07/08/12
Favorite Albums kg199207/07/12
Heading To Corfu (greece) Tonight rapideyemovement07/06/12
My Top 50 Favorite Albums OysterizerInsomniac07/05/12
Moonrise Kingdom Was... macadoolahicky07/04/12
R.i.p. Sputnik sehguh07/04/12
1997 mttgry07/02/12
I Steal Your List Trebor.06/24/12
I Have A Challenge For You disposablehero9406/23/12
Drunk Recs Rev06/23/12
Crazy Sigur Ros Video Trebor.06/20/12
Agreed KILL706/19/12
Summer Jams ReturnOfTheDnor06/14/12
Best Of The Best, Albums Full Of Feels (current 5's) CalumJohnston06/03/12
Top 100 Albums skippingboy12306/02/12
750 Ratings Blackbelt5405/06/12
Rec Me Indie OysterizerInsomniac05/02/12
My 10. All Time. MADEinNATIVEamerica04/20/12
Blackbelt's Top 20 Live Blackbelt5404/13/12
My Required Favorite Albums List LittleSampson04/10/12
100 Favorite Albums Of All Time SomethinFishy03/30/12
Talk To Trebor PLZ Trebor.03/29/12
The Internet Is Boring ohfoxxxycole03/25/12
Top Played Albums Of Last 12 Months skippingboy12303/17/12
How Do You Deal With The All The Horrible Shit That Goes On In This World? NateT03/10/12
Treb's 90's Trebor.03/03/12
David Fincher Ranked FrankRedHot02/06/12
The Fucking 90's FruityCatOfDoom02/03/12
My Top Ten Albums Of All Time Veldin01/30/12
Top 50 Generic Sputnik Albums (kind Of) iSkane01/05/12
Sputnik Has Chosen! Masochist12/29/11
It's A Festivus Miracle! Trebor.12/23/11
Bitch, Bring Me A Beer! FrankRedHot12/21/11
Music My Gf Listens To Zorak12/06/11
6 years on sputnik ohfoxxxycole12/03/11
My Favorite Album Openers TheseModernThings11/14/11
Best Pokemon Moves Trebor.11/09/11
MmBtsGbvP Ranked ohfoxxxycole11/04/11
10000 Plus Favorite Users Plus 60 Favorite Albums Trebor.10/19/11
work playlist ohfoxxxycole10/13/11
100 Bands I Do Not Care About Basman10/11/11
Phone breesuschrist10/03/11
Albums That Have Changed Me Restrikted09/30/11
Chill Out, Man. Y' Know? StrangerofSorts09/29/11
Why Not Pick 100 Favorites vmcoia9109/28/11
My Top Sleeping Albums Restrikted09/28/11
Favorite Songs... vmcoia9109/19/11
My Top 50 Albums thelonelycanvass09/16/11
Bucky Larson Scoot09/11/11
Tracking The 90s Yotimi09/03/11
5/5 ohfoxxxycole08/27/11
Reproductive Organs... TheOrigamiKiller08/26/11
Top 100 ohyesbyallmeans08/18/11
Brand New Break Up outline08/10/11
Burritos Restrikted08/06/11
Top Favorite Bands skippingboy12308/05/11
What Not To Do On Sputnik. gotsthedewsdood08/03/11
Splendour In The Grass iisblackstar07/25/11
foxxxy ohfoxxxycole07/22/11
Indie Is Awesome. gotsthedewsdood07/21/11
Qual E's Wants Qualie07/19/11
Mah Top 50 abaiardi707/05/11
Desired Vinyl ECRbubs07/05/11
Favorite Albums Cardboardbox07/01/11
Which Is Better? iSkane06/26/11
Summer Digggs disposablehero9406/24/11
Indie Recs For A Punk Fan? Blackbelt5406/17/11
Dew Nigs Rev06/15/11
My Top 15 Albums Of All Time. AstroZombieDoyle06/15/11
Post Some Funny, Amusing, Cool Stuff Polymath06/05/11
Listening To Modest Mouse And Thunder sonorirish06/01/11
Top Albums of All Time Polymath06/01/11
My Top Ten Last.fm Artists Veldin05/17/11
Indie Recs? iSkane05/16/11
Oh Dear... PinkElephants05/14/11
Sputnik, I Love You Alxander1805/08/11
Modest Mouse Albums Ranked (including EP's) NateT05/06/11
Yotimi's 90s Yotimi05/03/11
Buried Treasure Blindsided05/03/11
New Albums (for Me At Least) I've Been Digging AtTheG8s04/27/11
George Carlin gotsthedewsdood04/15/11
38 Albums And 2 Extended Plays Trebor.04/07/11
Great Lyrics/Delivery Schizophrenik04/03/11
Victoria's Favorite Video Games vmcoia9103/22/11
Fighting For Fives iSkane03/22/11
Ranked Modest Mouse LPs NateT03/20/11
How The Hell Do You Give An Album A 0? Trebor.03/08/11
Strange Associations bab80802/15/11
Utah Vs Boise State Phideaux12/22/10
Lispin ohfoxxxycole12/19/10
Modest Mouse Ranked Jash12/14/10
What's The One Metalcore Band trailofdead9112/08/10
My Journey Through Indie Music skippingboy12311/27/10
Top 5 Indie Albums skippingboy12311/26/10
Hey Sputnik, I'm Back juiceviaorange11/24/10
Am I Scene? awhiteguy11/17/10
My Top 100 Of All Time steadyriot11/15/10
Best Indie Rock Albums steadyriot11/11/10
Tracks For My First Radio Show blaisetheslayer11/11/10
Albums To Listen To When You're Feeling Down dfumagalli23611/04/10
Top 51 Albums Of The 1990's tokillme10/17/10
Love Is A Dog From Hell widowslaugh12310/11/10
Top 50 Albums o97109/27/10
15000 Last.fm Plays. Artist/album DrunkBishyBoshy09/21/10
Top 15 Favorite Alt. Rock Albums CombatBarnie08/19/10
Thanks Again Sputnik Phideaux08/18/10
Favorite Albums Of 1997 Caveman08/14/10
Albums That Keep My Attention Well lostatsea8808/11/10
Vic's Awesome 90's vmcoia9108/11/10
The Loneliest Albums Ever Alameda07/14/10
Seeing Modest Mouse Tonight ZoidbergQuestion07/13/10
100 Essentials From The 90's buckfutter06/04/10
It's The Begining Of Summer, And I Have To So Much To Listen To. BurningApollo05/31/10
My Favorite Albums mmfarva05/16/10
It's My Birthday! Jash05/11/10
Modest Mouse Ranked focksy05/05/10
Tom Servo's Top 90 Of The 90's TomServo05/03/10
20 Favorite Cds sethdavid04/23/10
Modest Mouse mmfarva04/15/10
Let The Flood Swell AggravatedYeti03/29/10
Essentials sneasy03/21/10
I Need To Listen To This Because It Snowed Again. Damus03/20/10
Looking For New Music mmfarva03/18/10
Sputnified! intothepit8302/25/10
More Weed Music. imnotthere42002/05/10
I've Been Giving Out A Lot Of Fives Jash01/14/10
One Year On Sputnik Klekticist01/02/10
Talent Borrows, Genius Steals. cjstunna01/02/10
Albums I Plan On Buying rkane12/09/09
Recommend Some Indie/alt Stuff ohhhcomely11/28/09
Worst List Of The Day amerikraut11/04/09
My Top 20 Albums celticsfan88811/01/09
Shameless Promotion + Influences brainsheldis10/28/09
20 Favorite Albums At The Moment breesuschrist10/14/09
Holden Caufield Is Pretty Indie Shrapnel9410/14/09
Help Me Choose silverleaves10/06/09
What Would Jesus Not Do? shade09/24/09
Calling All Trolls And Everyone Shrapnel9409/24/09
Modest Mouse stinkerton09/23/09
I Start Uni Tomorrow.. chrisonsputnik09/20/09
Two Year Anniversary thebhoy09/09/09
Classical Recs? brainsheldis08/29/09
Jesus Fucking Christ Spare08/16/09
Reasons I Love Sputnik I: It's Impossible To Get All The Music You Get Recommended; Making A List Just Makes You Feel Worse. Fugue07/29/09
The Storm Of The Year YouAreMySilence07/06/09
"it's Quite Easy Mein Fuhrer, You See... Oh I'm Sorry Mr. President..." thebhoy06/24/09
My Top 50 Albums detulven06/08/09
50 Spectacular Albums Avirov05/31/09
These Are Albums armfarm05/09/09
Top 25 Most Influential Albums, At Age 27 elgaberino05/08/09
50 Favorite Albums And Songs. Thesunwentout04/27/09
5 Albums I Am Currently Emotionally Connected To slaythesocialists04/14/09
Albums I'm Going To Listen To. MattRTS03/19/09
The Weather Outside Is Killing Me! ZoidbergQuestion03/10/09
Where's Snackrybinx?!?! handoman01/01/09
Xmas londoncalling45711/28/08
Recommend Me Some More Indie Rock Golgoroth11/06/08
Pre-sputnik Granfalloon11/02/08
Most Awesomest Kick Ass Albums Ever NotMrBlonde09/28/08
New msufan2307/15/08
Doo Bee Daa Daa AggravatedYeti05/13/08
Classics mryrtmrnfoxxxy04/05/08
Stuff I've Stumbled Across MoonlightBleeding03/26/08
No Excuse For This, But Im Procrastinating Doing A Latin Essay Ohh03/23/08
2 Years mryrtmrnfoxxxy02/13/08
Genres mryrtmrnfoxxxy02/10/08
Recent Purchases craigy201/27/08
Christmas Albums McP300012/27/07
Project Playlist mryrtmrnfoxxxy12/06/07
Another List With Sputnik In The Title mryrtmrnfoxxxy11/25/07
Modest Mouse (revised) mryrtmrnfoxxxy10/28/07
10 Favorite Albums Oat mryrtmrnfoxxxy07/15/07
Modest Mouse mryrtmrnfoxxxy02/23/07
Cds I Got For Christmas mryrtmrnfoxxxy01/01/07
100!!!! Hatshepsut10/09/06


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