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Some Really Cool Album Covers InfernalOarsman01/26/15
Gears Of War! InfernalOarsman12/28/14
My Favorite Records/album Artwork Combos Couteau12/20/14
My Personal Top Metal Albums Pt.2 piotrekmax12/06/14
My Entire Album Collection MotoMusic11/23/14
Mastodon And Gojira Tonight peaks4010/29/14
Favorite Musical Journeys XxUpinsiderxX10/23/14
1 Year Of Sputnik Jasdevi08710/03/14
Newest Acquisitions (4) Flugmorph09/29/14
Aftershock Festival - Awards TheSupernatural09/15/14
Mastodon Ranked (for Me) Rastapunk08/25/14
Great Album Covers FuneralMarch08/15/14
Veldin's Metal List - Come Hither Veldin08/12/14
Favorite Concept Albums XxUpinsiderxX07/25/14
Amazing Drum Tracks sblevins9507/23/14
Top 10 Albums Of 2006 0GuyMan007/14/14
Favorite Drummers XxUpinsiderxX07/14/14
Attack On Titan Is Life TheMoreira07/10/14
Mel Brooks RoyalImperialGuard07/07/14
Jamming Some Mastodon Tunaboy4506/25/14
Why Mastodon Is So Damn Cool erizen82606/24/14
Mastodon Ranked charbyno06/24/14
Starting To Rate Albums On Sputnik Again Graveyard06/22/14
Psychosocial Animals Mythodea06/19/14
Stuff I Wanna Trip To Next. tubadude00706/19/14
Mastodon Ranked KingdomOfTyrant06/19/14
Mastodon Ranked TalonsOfFire06/18/14
Foxxxy Ranx Mast.d.n mryrtmrnfoxxxy06/16/14
Top 25 Mastodon Songs pedro7051206/07/14
New Mastodon Track PitchforkArms06/03/14
Stuff I Need To Trip To XxUpinsiderxX05/21/14
Hench's Top 25s: 2006 HenchmanOfSanta05/20/14
Spring Music AstralBlood05/15/14
Rec Me Some Psychadelic Metal Recreate05/13/14
100 Albums I Own On Cd nob97305/09/14
The Worst Efforts From All Of The Bands I've Rated Jasdevi08705/05/14
Mastodon Ranked Karpizzle04/27/14
Worst Albums I've Ever Heard LordePots04/24/14
30 Stellar Prog Albums RivalSkoomaDealer03/21/14
Metal Binge lyzakthellama03/12/14
Good Concepts killth3p00r03/10/14
My Favorite (metal) Albums thecatsmod03/03/14
Bands With Multiple Vocalists? Rexhasta02/21/14
Album Collection Hits 100 Happy2review02/20/14
Mastodon Albums Ranked joepiestar01/10/14
People Say I Take Music Too Seriously... limogausser73701/09/14
Recent Cd Purchases adace101/05/14
Fye 50% Sale!! mikedrumz12/27/13
I've Been Buying Too Much Shit JJKeys11/25/13
Rec Me Some Progressive Music TylerLamberg11/17/13
Like Mastodon Or Baroness? Progger600909/18/13
Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 2006 charbyno09/17/13
Mastodon Ranked DrGonzo193709/10/13
1k In Less Than 6 Months DegausserGuernica2408/16/13
Albums I've Been Digging Lately foreskininja08/14/13
Albums I've Recently Returned To jtswope08/12/13
My Top 10 Favorite Albums (Right Now) augustburnsshred07/26/13
Stuff I Will Be Listening To Vakarian1206/17/13
Ass Beatin' Music SabertoothMonocle06/14/13
Best Of The Millenium BackwardBee06/09/13
Mastodonology dannyboy8906/09/13
Who Wants A Playlist johnnydeking2905/05/13
Mastodon: My Personal Favorite To Least Favorite List TheTruEZHarry04/12/13
John Lennon Beat His Wife? SputsMacKenzie04/02/13
Not Another Easter List NeoSpaz03/31/13
Top 20 Of 2006 Mookid03/11/13
Texas A&m Vs Ou slimdaddy02/27/13
Sex For My Ears CamJCollins02/25/13
Ultimate Showdown: Radiohead Vs. Mastodon hotdogwater02/14/13
Harleyzhc's 100 Favorite Metal Albums harleyZHC02/04/13
Ricky Gervais Appreciation List beefshoes02/03/13
Sputnik Music Festival RivalSkoomaDealer01/27/13
Mix Of My Tastes CamJCollins01/26/13
What I Found At Barnes And Noble Mookid01/14/13
Favorite Metal slimdaddy01/10/13
Growing My Hair Long Puzzles01/06/13
Hadouken's Headbangers Ball. CaptainHadouken12/18/12
Trying To Start A Band JimFear12/11/12
Mastodon - Worst To Best mrbloke12/01/12
Drummers peaks4011/23/12
Misc Recs Please RagingNoob11/22/12
150 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. undertakerpt10/29/12
Dark Souls Levels + Bosses Ranked johnnydeking2910/27/12
Mastodon Ranked SensoryAmusia10/22/12
Mastodon Ranked ViralOblivion10/09/12
100 Favorite Metal Albums BloodandRainbows09/25/12
M/m/ ChuckyTruant09/14/12
Favorite Drummers BloodandRainbows09/14/12
Tops Albums Of 2006 Cghost09/12/12
Stuff I'm On The Fence About Getting YoYoMancuso07/28/12
Contents Of My I-pod Turtlestlker07/22/12
My Top 20 Albums 04/07/12 JKoppe07/04/12
My 50 Favourite Albums MidnightinParis07/03/12
Shit I've Been Loving Lately CrownOfMagnets06/27/12
Top 10 Greatest Drops In Quality Beauville8806/16/12
Blood Mountain Concept Explained johnnydeking2905/25/12
Albums I've Listened To The Most undertakerpt05/16/12
Favorite Albums Of The 2000s vtown05/15/12
Fact: Metal Is The Best Genre Of Music. Colliiiin05/11/12
Bored, so why not make a list? Strider05/03/12
My Vinyl Collection DarkSideOfLucca04/26/12
Best Metal Intros & Interludes pedro7051204/21/12
Cd's I Have ThroneOfAgony04/20/12
Get Me Into Metal, Sputnik therayder04/05/12
25 Favorite Metal Drummers pedro7051204/01/12
Albums I Spun To Own On Mw3 Devastator03/12/12
So, Last.fm Is Neat raggedragamuffin03/09/12
Recs Yo dylanjones4203/08/12
Favorite Bands. Recs Welcome. pedro7051203/01/12
Mastodon Ranked pedro7051202/27/12
Helter Skelter domakesayuhh02/24/12
Best 4 Album Stretch? cb12302/20/12
Just Turned 20, Top Albums Sevhead02/20/12
Because Live Is 20% Cooler pedro7051202/16/12
Albums With A Vibe johnnydeking2902/02/12
My Favourite Metal Albums RoppVsBerrick01/26/12
Losing Your Review When You Finish And Edit It Sucks Horsehammer01/14/12
Top 50 Albums pedro7051201/05/12
Favourite Albums Of The Decade - 2000 - 2009 tysly12/01/11
New!!! mursu11/26/11
Candy Bars Ranked AlonsoHarris11/24/11
Grand Playlist A.m. P.m. 2 Cheesewireism11/22/11
Favorite Drummers pedro7051211/08/11
Mastodon Ranked dante199111/07/11
Yes A Mastodon Guitar Solo Emim11/03/11
Mortal Kombat Characters Ranked TheVoiceAndTheSnake10/31/11
Metalsucks' 21 Best Metal Cds Of The 21st Century NWOAHM66610/26/11
Mastodon(g) Ranked OrangeHologram10/09/11
Favorite Metal Albums Of All Time laughriot09/26/11
When The Fuck Is The Hunter Gonna Leak? sumyunguy09/14/11
How About That flalafell09/05/11
Riffage. NickBeijing08/28/11
Records That Hold A Special Place In My Heart BugZoid08/22/11
Most Played Albums On iTunes. ThePrisonGuard08/20/11
Do You See What I See? 76TVs08/19/11
Favorite To Least Favorite Mastodon Album Juradon08/18/11
Mastodon Ranked jamiecoughlan08/12/11
Another List Asking For 2011 Metal jayfatha08/11/11
Favourite Albums Of The Decade Angel4608/02/11
Best Soundoffs Megadeth07/30/11
My 100 Favourite Albums darkstepheneleven07/11/11
Albums I Have Shirts Of 2 sonictheplumber206/19/11
List Items The Type Of List You Are Creating Title Something Descriptive Number Of Items Max: 100 Reverse Order? Mewcopa006/14/11
Brent Hinds Commercial manicmonkey06/14/11
Mastodon Ranked sonorirish06/11/11
I Feel Weird About Being On Sputnik At 2:24 Am sonictheplumber06/10/11
Seriously, Where Are The Charts? iSkane06/05/11
Best Albums Of The 1800s CrownOfMagnets05/24/11
Sputnik Users Rated DrSput05/22/11
Turning Fifteen Today fr33convict05/01/11
My CD Collection Wheelah04/27/11
Does He Look Like A List??? pedro7051204/06/11
My Favorite ten albums. SahFriendly04/03/11
Prog Metal Is The Best Type Of Metal... flalafell04/01/11
Disney World Yo beefshoes03/30/11
100 Faces Of Sputnik TheEnigma03/29/11
Sputnik/rym Ratings & Positions Comparison xenocide.03/26/11
Favorite Albums (revised) DietzKill03/23/11
Some Of My Favourite Albums kuririn03/19/11
Favorite Genre Noodlearms03/10/11
Rec Me Wank GhettoIndieshit02/21/11
2006: Loud, Proud, And Weird ryanson20902/20/11
Best Albums Of 2006 Gbhill02/05/11
Bored fr33convict02/05/11
Best Guitar Albums demigod!01/26/11
Help! Need new music! pedro7051201/16/11
Prog-metal Anyone? flalafell01/09/11
The Decade In Metal sumyunguy12/30/10
Wtf Ipod Touch Puzzles12/29/10
Mastodon Ranked Astronauts12/29/10
Vinyl Collection hellridesnorth12/18/10
100 Favourite Albums fouxdufafa12/14/10
Alternative Metalz jurere12/07/10
Bands/albums I Got Into Because Of This Site. trailofdead9111/29/10
Metal And Stuff chaos1711/21/10
More Albums Like These? Mysteryskater201211/15/10
Intronaut: Album of the Year? pedro7051211/04/10
My Classic Albums UnderDaIce10/22/10
Three Years Of Awful Albums rasputin10/14/10
Why Do I Hate These? GorgonzolaCheese110/07/10
Everything On This List Is Better Than Demon Hunter jesusjuice117909/29/10
50 Greatest Drumming Albums Spec09/21/10
Best Nu-metal Albums. Evarrrr Jesuslaves09/20/10
Favorite Album Covers austin88809/16/10
If Vh1 Can Do It, So Can I! jesusjuice117909/11/10
My Descent Into Madness pedro7051209/08/10
Third Eye Blind fr33convict09/08/10
The Great Concept Albums Part 2 austin88808/30/10
Fav Sputniker's Finest Moments tinkrbel08/29/10
Mastodon Best To Worst austin88808/05/10
My Top 100 Of The Decade vmcoia9108/04/10
Rec Me Drugs! Mewcopa07/26/10
I Want You (to Rec Me Stuff) therayder07/14/10
40 Obvious Classics Barakiel07/08/10
A Decade List Approved By Jesus jesusjuice117906/22/10
Top 100 Of The Decade! Kronzo06/17/10
My Top 10 Albums 17/06/2010 JKoppe06/17/10
Ahh!! Too Much Pitchfork! therayder06/13/10
Tinkrbels Fav Reviews tinkrbel06/03/10
Mastodon Breaking Up? Tw1ster05/30/10
Favorite Albums - Suggest Me Some Music! pedro7051205/22/10
Jizz Worthy Moments Part 1 combustion0705/17/10
Top 50 Albums thesystemisdown05/16/10
Near Perfect Albums Lakes.05/08/10
Best Drummers In Metal Thanntos04/09/10
Metal Top Ten(from A Metal Noob) MetalFaceDoom04/02/10
Lost Music EverythingEvil211303/28/10
Baronessish/mastodonish gonzab03/26/10
Que Hermoso, Un Solo De Guitarra De El Mastodonte Nikkolae03/11/10
You Should Never Throw A Bong, Kid. ABR15703/11/10
Is It That Bad? Nikkolae03/11/10
Saw Mastodon Last Night Nikkolae03/06/10
Best Metal Of The Decade thesystemisdown03/03/10
Midterms Are A Bitch EverythingEvil211303/01/10
Videogame Movie Music Digs MetalFaceDoom02/25/10
How Do You Listen To Music? thesystemisdown02/21/10
Albums Bought Yesterday Greenman02/21/10
So I'd Like To Make An Apology Carnifex02/19/10
1000 Comments JWT15502/11/10
My Personal Top 25 Records Of The Decade Progmaster8501/30/10
Best Mastodon Albums Spec01/25/10
What's The Best Tourettes Guy Line? rodigo101/21/10
Top 100 Decade Albums According To Decibel salival1301/18/10
Favourite 50 Albums SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc01/13/10
Albums I Have On Cd SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc01/10/10
Year In Reviews Prophet17912/26/09
Top 100 Of The Decade. halloway12/18/09
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2000's, This List Constantly Changes Progmaster8512/10/09
My Favorite Metal Albums Of 2000s alsid12/10/09
Favorite Albums Of The Decade ninjacat1112/06/09
Albums I Got Recently ninjacat1111/29/09
Thanksgiving Listenings Carnifex11/27/09
Mastodon: Ranked TRMshadow11/26/09
Essential Metal Albums KieranVandRakim11/14/09
100 Albums magichorze10/25/09
20 Albums I'm Digging At The Moment ninjacat1110/24/09
Albums I Always Keep In My Car HugCrewLoveRoll10/21/09
Top 100 Albums Of The 2000's JoRos10/05/09
Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip Niceinvader09/30/09
Albums That Defined My High School Years chaos1709/17/09
I Dig A Pony endlessartix09/15/09
Car Broke Down ferprints08/28/09
My Favourite Albums laterenima08/24/09
The 50 Best Albums (in Order) thesystemisdown08/24/09
Current Digs Hecksplosion08/09/09
Converting My Friend shindip08/01/09
Strawberry Season Is Over! HugCrewLoveRoll07/27/09
Gratuitous Amounts Of Sex shindip07/10/09
Most Played Albums Gore07/01/09
19 Years Prophet17806/22/09
10 Albums Of The Millennium nitroyouth06/18/09
Sunday Plans Chewie06/14/09
Personal Top 25 Albums zeppelinUSA06/11/09
$5 Used Albums Lunarfall06/09/09
Awesome Drumming triplet7606/04/09
I'm Back combustion0706/04/09
Moar Like This! ShineOn7504/20/09
What I'm Currently Feeding My Ears shade04/17/09
Like A Tick-tock Clock In That Heart Of Hearts Golgoroth04/06/09
Album Purchased/preorder Photon03/31/09
Great Album Openers Cerbyrus03/28/09
The Ultimate Robot Turtle Making Hot Soup And Growing Grass Under The Chickens Armpit Of Fiery Lust jingledeath03/11/09
The Best Pokemon Ever Are... RevengeSoldier02/16/09
Which Ones To Buy? zeppelinUSA01/28/09
Having A Proggish Day bastard01/25/09
My Top 20 Albums randomguitarist01/14/09
Favorite Albums Dreamerdude2601/11/09
Albums I Have Discovered...and Loved Like Babies Altmer01/07/09
Discoveries Of '08 SwallowARazor01/01/09
Favorite 15 Albums Of 2006 killrobotmusic12/30/08
Fucking Rasputin Yazz_Flute12/22/08
Mindblowingly Good Albums Bleak12312/16/08
Look At That! benhxc12/04/08
Top 50 metallicaman8811/28/08
Album Endings That Really Dissapointed. SwallowARazor11/23/08
Albums I Gave Away Recently Boognish11/23/08
Christmas Wish List Kronzo11/22/08
The Best Concert Moments Thor11/19/08
Warm Apple Buy(s)... willfellmarsy11/10/08
I Like Metal MrKite11/08/08
Some Recent Diginshat Altmer11/05/08
Powerful Closers IdiotTech10/25/08
Down In A Hole Altmer09/18/08
My Top Forty Albums 72haha7209/01/08
My Top 100 Albums Of All Time Yazz_Flute08/27/08
Awesome Art sonic208/25/08
Albums Currently On My Ipod Windows08/23/08
Favorites Of 2006 chaoticmelody08/13/08
Happy Birthday Shootme! SHOOTME07/26/08
Prog Metal And Mathcore Digz! Arcaeus07/18/08
Need Help Finding Songs!! foreverendeared05/22/08
20 Favorite Albums lionslicer999905/21/08
Albums I Want. Kronzo05/18/08
Spontaneous Purchases McP300004/23/08
To Get List: Ver 5.0 McP300004/02/08
20 Brutal Albums I Like Altmer02/13/08
Albums I'm Digging Atm Final Origin01/20/08
Albums That I Need To Play More But Don't Get Around To Altmer11/29/07
I Dig Holes... Altmer10/12/07
Best 5 Albums Of 2006 Altmer10/01/07
Some Digs Of Late Altmer09/25/07
Favorite Metal Albums tribestros08/22/07
2006 In Review (top 15) maneva07/29/07
Albums I Want And Will Eventually Get. Riziger07/16/07
Top Ten Concept Albums Fixed Version Toltec7Arrival07/10/07
My Cd Case metalhead1706/26/07
Favorite Albums Of 2006 Volta05/01/07
If I Was A Millionaire.... teamsleep69804/30/07
Itunes Albums 2 Full Collapse29904/26/07
Why Do People Like.... thrash4life04/11/07
That's It?..... thrash4life04/09/07
"amazing" Albums That Are Meh... jameskukucka03/17/07
Top 15 Albums Of 2006 thegreatgriffin03/07/07
Last 10 Albums I Bought/downloaded ktstein02/19/07
Desert Island Top 20 freudianslipknot02/16/07
The Best Of 2006 spoon_of_grimbo02/04/07
This Is Why I Need To Be A Member Of The Staff Acidicity01/06/07
Hard-on Albums rockfan12/30/06
Souths 2006 Albums south_of_heaven 1112/28/06
Top 5 Metal Ablums Of '06 Crysis12/27/06
Top 100 Albums Of 2006 Dave de Sylvia12/24/06
My Personal Top 10 Albums Of The Year. radianteclipse12/20/06
Argh, Another Phil12/20/06
Top Ten Albums Of The Year Gmaj12/20/06
Best of 2006 HumanCannonball12/14/06
Top 10 albums of '06 YourTeammate12/10/06
My Top Metal Albums of 2006! Vanwarp12/10/06
My Fav Albums of '06. shevanel0911/12/06
Stuff I Almost Bought Today ohcleverhansyou10/25/06
9? Phil10/09/06
Road Trip! f_u_c_t09/26/06
Yet Another 'Albums To Get' List Concubine09/19/06
favourite recent releases spoon_of_grimbo09/09/06


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