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New Years Challenge camtee15602/17/15
Got The Apartment To Myself For Awhile londoncalling45702/07/15
Depressive/sad Non-metal Music Recs Please Greem02/05/15
Untitled BMDrummer01/30/15
Lost Whole Music Library Gwyn.01/19/15
11000 Comments deathschool01/12/15
Just Finished One Piece Funeralopolis01/08/15
Wow These Openers Ryus12/23/14
Sad BMDrummer12/07/14
Post-rock 100 Greem12/06/14
56 Classic LP's Out Of 2821 Rated Dickens4411/30/14
Dank Jams demigod!11/25/14
Snowing Outside MotokoKusanagi11/14/14
Black Avagantamos11/13/14
Best Post Hardcore Albums Of All Time trackbytrackreviews11/07/14
Atmospheric Albums FacelessMan11/04/14
Favorite Users List danielcardoso11/02/14
Favourite Albums(11-20) FacelessMan10/20/14
Soothing Artuma10/20/14
Life Is Really Good: One Year Later JustinKing10/16/14
October >>> All Other Months This Year Artuma10/16/14
18 Albums From My Favorite Bands NorthernSkylark10/08/14
40 Records I Cannot Live Without AcidCaravan10/08/14
Users Who Should Be Contribs Jacquibim10/03/14
1 Year And Fav Users/albums BMDrummer10/01/14
Autumn carouse09/26/14
Bonjour! New To The Site Oceanographer09/23/14
Everyday Ecstasy Of Non-euphoric Proportions YakNips09/18/14
Sputnik, How Old Are You? AmericanFlagAsh09/12/14
10k + Beautiful Users YakNips09/08/14
Post Rock Vs. Post Punk Vs. Post Hardcore deathschool09/05/14
Most Listened: August SwallowShotguns09/01/14
Rainy Day Jams jefflebowski08/25/14
Fav 00's Songs Greem08/23/14
This Weeks Most Listened SwallowShotguns08/22/14
Danielito19's Top 25 danielito1908/21/14
There Are Places I Remember. zakalwe08/08/14
Top 100 SwallowShotguns08/02/14
"Keep your handouts, cupcake" : The Best of Post-Hardcore Snoopcow08/02/14
"There's nothing left to save" : Snoopcow's Favorite Albums Snoopcow07/30/14
Give Me Albums DrMaximus07/27/14
Artuma's Top 200: 150-101 Artuma07/26/14
1000 Ratings, 100 Favourite Albums Greem07/19/14
Unwound Rules TheNexus10007/08/14
Essential Listening Avagantamos07/01/14
Ultimate Post-hardcore Guide WilliamCloudwalker06/22/14
Great Double Albums BeneaththeDarkOcean06/17/14
And Just Like That The Year Is Gone StallionMang06/06/14
If You Like This... c0ffee05/15/14
Record Labels: A Brief History lou100005/04/14
Album Openers DrMaximus04/30/14
2 Yrs Gwyn.04/23/14
Mathrock/mathcore Recs Greem04/21/14
Modern Music Madness, Rd. 3 MysteriousAlt04/19/14
Modern Music Madness, Rd. 2 MysteriousAlt04/18/14
Sputnik Modern Music Madness MysteriousAlt04/17/14
Pls Give The Riffs ShrillYell04/12/14
Eighty Kay SeaAnemone04/11/14
Post Rock Recs? isabelisabell04/01/14
Albums With Immense Beauty YakNips03/31/14
High Jams ValarMorghulis03/19/14
The Insomnia List Blues zakalwe03/19/14
True Detective Finale avonbarksdale22103/10/14
This Past Month's Listening Ryus03/09/14
Awesome Songs Ryus02/27/14
Electronic, Post Rock, Indie, IDM, Vintage Prog, Experimental, Metal, Progressive Rock, Stoner Rock And Thrash Digs Ryus02/23/14
Best Sputnik Couples? SnakeDelilah02/14/14
2000-2013 My Top 75 Albums Greem01/28/14
My Album Collection Part 2 rosettaforlife01/26/14
Wadz 5's Ranked Wadlez01/23/14
Thank You Sputnik! RVAHC1301/21/14
Users' Favorite Albums Judio!01/14/14
My Top 15 Albums YoYoMancuso01/10/14
Websites For Reading tarkus01/09/14
Official Sputnik Facebook Group StallionMang01/02/14
Favorite Stand-up Comedians drasticaction7412/19/13
Best Ways To Promote Music? Blind12/04/13
New Album I Did Spare11/29/13
Cold And Rainy Autumn Nights - Songs To Dig Artuma11/16/13
10 Favorite Songs Ever YoYoMancuso11/07/13
Legit Games List Lets Get It On ThenamesTrenton11/02/13
Depressing Music Recs Greem11/01/13
I Hate Boston Sports Wadlez10/30/13
Dump Digz demigod!10/22/13
October All Over c0ffee10/19/13
Top Ten Albums Simsalabim46210/18/13
Hidden Gem Bands Wadlez10/08/13
Best Guitar Work In Post-hardcore? chinesewhispers10/07/13
Fall SeaAnemone10/03/13
Leaves Turn Inside You Ranked YoYoMancuso10/03/13
Soundtrack to Autumn TheNexus10009/14/13
Paris InfamousGrouse08/22/13
Massive Xylophone NarkalepticNinja08/16/13
1k In Less Than 6 Months DegausserGuernica2408/16/13
Noise And Shoegaze And Such Blackbelt5408/04/13
Sports Documentaries larrytheslug07/31/13
My Favorite Albums CrimsonFloyd07/24/13
Rec Me Tv Shows Episode II Attack Of The Clones YoYoMancuso07/14/13
Sputnik, Thank You ComeToDaddy07/06/13
What Are Your Favorite Movies? Blackbelt5407/04/13
Four.fives+fives SeaAnemone06/25/13
Monsters University Gwyn.06/24/13
Sputnik's Punk Madness Green Baron06/24/13
Top 50 Albums + Fab Users Gwyn.05/18/13
Newest Doctor Who. DirEnRefused05/11/13
Rec Epic Experimental Rock CrimsonFloyd05/09/13
Unwound Ranked? TheNexus10005/08/13
Got An External Wooo Gwyn.04/30/13
1 Year Sputversary Gwyn.04/22/13
Updated Profile: Recs Please Mike0804/15/13
Pie Chart Punk.. Adabelle04/13/13
Alt/indie Recs ? nivniv104/12/13
Moosic For Lampoast99 mindleviticus04/12/13
Sputnik Madness Sweet Sixteen SeaAnemone03/25/13
Non Flaccid Post-hardcore/noise Rock YankeeDudel03/13/13
Kingsoby213 8=D*-: kingsoby103/06/13
Put My Dog Down Scoot02/26/13
Playstation 4 Just Announced Gwyn.02/20/13
My Ratings Are All Gone. Damus02/16/13
Scoot Drops New Track Scoot02/06/13
A Catchy Title CrimsonFloyd02/05/13
100 artificialbox01/27/13
Unwound A.k.a The Most Essential Band Ever Winesburgohio01/07/13
Off To Hawaii Scoot12/15/12
Ratings Erased danielito1912/02/12
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen wacknizzle12/01/12
Unwound And Harvey Milk Ranked SeaAnemone11/07/12
...fuk Ethics09/16/12
Top 30 Treachery08/25/12
Objects In My Living Room Ranked bungy08/25/12
10 Albums To Get Lost In Drpibb07/29/12
2001 mttgry07/05/12
Need Some More Indie fulgrim07/03/12
Surreal Movies? Piglet06/30/12
Perfect Albums trix4dix06/02/12
Stanley Cup Finals Scoot05/30/12
Bummer Summer SlightlyEpic05/21/12
Recent Digs cuki9205/01/12
90+ Hardcore, Phxc, Emo And Screamo Albums immortalizepain04/10/12
Beautifully Dissonant Recs Damus03/25/12
Indie/ Noise Rock Recs Please!!! : ) (thanks You = My Favourite) wabbit02/28/12
Lucid 100 Lucid02/21/12
Post-hardcore's Finest FrankRedHot02/15/12
Ghost Ship Ep Is Finally Out Electric City01/17/12
Annoying Christmas Songs Ranked Scoot12/17/11
Adult Prison From Now On MutnikSpusic12/08/11
A List Where You Can Actually Rec To Kitsch!!!! kitsch11/14/11
Was Buried; Dug Myself Up wheresgodot10/20/11
Album Spree mvood10/19/11
Random List Of Shit That Doesn't Suck OrangeHologram10/14/11
Post Hardcore SeaAnemone10/13/11
Being Sick Sucks vmcoia9110/09/11
Post-hardcore Recommendations? LordLawnmower10/06/11
Boy Meets World Scoot09/03/11
Things Are Different Now chambered8909/01/11
Top 100 ohyesbyallmeans08/18/11
Bob Dylan The Builder MutnikSpusic07/12/11
I Need New Music!! DayMan06/21/11
Look What I Got!!!! mclovin9905/26/11
Favrit Albums By Spare Spare05/17/11
1000 Ratings Lucid05/13/11
I Wish This List Was More Controversial kanker04/15/11
Surreal Music chambered8904/12/11
Goin Crazy liledman03/28/11
In Desperate Need Of Life-altering Music disposablehero9403/25/11
2011 Albums? DoubtGin03/12/11
In Desperate Need Of Compelling Music MoistMike03/09/11
Unwnd blurb02/26/11
Northwest Hardcore cvlts02/20/11
Bands I'm Just Getting Into KinkyFresh02/17/11
Users Albums Of The Decade sin6902/01/11
I'm Sorry. SlightlyEpic01/21/11
Users' Best Of The Decade Willie01/21/11
Users -> Albums Lucid01/18/11
In Need Of Recs Lucid01/08/11
Winter Albums MrConnection12/19/10
Please Check This Out TheStefan12/15/10
Epic Post-hardcore Powerban11/12/10
Unwound Is The Greatest Band Of All Time kitsch10/20/10
Honorable Mention Bitchfork10/19/10
Sometimes I Surprise Myself kitsch10/13/10
Listen To Unwound joplinpicasso10/12/10
Enough With The Post-hardcore Lists Already! accompliceofmydeath10/12/10
Weed Is Overrated jurere10/10/10
Sexy Albums Heysatan10/05/10
Qwe qwe310/05/10
Snake I'm Scared I'm Scared chambered8909/08/10
Leaves Turn Inside You chambered8909/05/10
Musical Synesthesia Enotron08/27/10
100 Special Albums TyrannosaurusPeanut08/24/10
You Should Listen To These Albums Shrapnel9408/23/10
Samurai Champloo ThirtySixChambers08/18/10
Subliminal Message! JayVex08/12/10
Bethany Cosentino Is A Skanky Pot Head Who Is Obsessed With Her Cat And She Wants You To Know It Shrapnel9407/31/10
Chambered's Digs chambered8907/16/10
George Steinbrenner Died? chambered8907/13/10
Who Has The Best Taste On Sputnik chambered8906/29/10
20 Of My Favorite Albums acorncheese06/27/10
Seymour The Dog chambered8906/18/10
Chamberedecade chambered8906/16/10
Decade, Mother F*ckers Inveigh06/12/10
John Hanson Pretends He Is Relevant Iluvatar06/11/10
Andrew Hartwig's Decade List br3ad_man06/11/10
Sputnik Essential. Part I AnotherBrick06/01/10
Be Back Next Thursday Enotron05/25/10
Lost Finale Was Horrible Zion05/24/10
Holy Fjsdfsfjuc&!!1hs SrightryEpic04/27/10
Recent Digs. DoubtGin02/27/10
Got Stabbed In The Spine EliteChiefModerator02/25/10
Alphabet City Is Haunted SlightlyEpic02/12/10
Albums I've Listened To This Week DoubtGin02/02/10
Recommend Me Music - VIOLENTLY. SlightlyEpic01/29/10
Baconstarships Decade List BaconStarship01/05/10
"help Me Sputna" ECRbubs12/16/09
Kane Cooper's Top 50 Records Of The Decade Roach12/08/09
Adam Downer's Decade Of Awesome Electric City12/07/09
Modern Post-hardcore Is Shit Boognish09/29/09
My Favourite Albums Of The 00's Zorg09/26/09
Dear Santa... MaskAtTheMasquerade08/19/09
Jesus Fucking Christ Spare08/16/09
My Top 50 Albums detulven06/08/09
Junjunjun Mufkr StreetlightRock01/13/09
Sputnikmusic's Most Hostile Users 72haha7209/29/08
Top 50 2000's Albums BringHomeTheBacon06/29/07


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