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Hogan's Favorite Anime

Never really considered myself a huge fan of anime, but some shows that I recently watched have made me reconsider it. I really do want to get into anime even more at this point, so I've made a list of my favorite anime that I have watched. Any reccomend actions would be great! List is recent digs.
12An Endless Sporadic

Trigun- This is the first anime that I ever fully watched from start to beginning, and what a blast it
was. Vash the Stampede is a total badass when he feels like it, and even when he seems to utterly
lose it, I still can't help but love him. Even if the show is plagued with constant amounts of
reminders towards the ethics of "you should never take another person's life" I also can't help but to
agree with it which might be why I like vash so much as a character. The show may have aged in
both its comedy and animation, but it was paramount to my beginnings of watching anime. Plus, the
ending is just so satisfying.
11Bobby Barnett
Little Wounds

Fist of the North Star- Regarded as an anime classic, Fist of the North Star is a story about a man
who uses a fighting technique that specializes in pressing hidden pressure points in the body to
control his enemy/himself in some special way, but most of the time ends in his opponents head
blowing up why he says his infamous line "you are already dead". There is just something so
comedic about how absurd the show is, yet it retains the badass action that fans in the early 80's
and 90's loved so much. It's not incredibly long, but the pacing is slow at the beginning. The show is
everything a fan of absurd action anime would enjoy, and though it is quite heavily dated, still has a
major amount of affection from me.
10Broken Social Scene
You Forgot It In People

Fooly Cooly (FLCL) - Admitidly, explaining this show is probably correlative to trying to explain the
plot line behind James Joyce's Finnagans Wake. It is so crazy and weird that it is just so charming.
FLCL is a coming of age tale about a young middle school boy, an female looking alien who rides a
Vespa while performing various whacky antics, and a whole lotta monsters/robots that the boy
spawns from his forehead. It also switches animation styles, from traditional, to 3D, to South Park,
to even breaking the fourth wall in just the first episode. Also, it's got some of the coolest music in
any anime I have ever watched.
Visual Audio Sensory Theater

The Castle of Caligestro (Lupin the Third) - My first time watching a Lupin title wasn't really
authentic. Lupin isn't nearly as nice as he is in this as he is in any other Show movie, but this movie
had probably the biggest impact on me. Though the visuals are kinda dated, this is still my favorite
anime with lupin in it. It's just such a blast to watch how every character interacts with each other,
and all of the clever dialogue makes these interactions both funny and intense. Also, in the 2000
American dub, David Hayter voices Lupin, which is probably my favorite voice of lupin ever.
8The microphones
The Glow Pt. 2

Akira- Utterly groundbreaking and it still holds its ground today as one of the best anime movies of
all time, even if the American dub has some really cringe worthy moments, where the dialogue can
be perfectly summarized as just name calling, repeatedly with obnoxious insults after them. Yet
what Akira lacks vocally its animation and story are respectively rich and beautiful. Especially the
effects on Tetsuo towards the end.

Gurren Lagann- Just who the hell do you think you think I am? While the show is super polarizing to
many fans of anime as some consider it a masterpiece while others call it retardidly stupid, I fall into
a between category. Sure, towards the end it became utterly ridiculous and more focused on
explosions and fighting than logic. But in a way, that's the beauty of the show. It's so well animated
(besides episode 4..) and the characters are all extremely well developed. Especially the main
character, Simon, who started out as a whiny minority complex who thought little of himself and
grew into a strong and independent leader of Team Dai Gurren. Also, the fight scenes are just so
much fun to watch.
6Porter Robinson

Dragon Ball- Dragon Ball > Dragon Ball Z
5Monster Machismo
Aye Aye Porcupine

Great Teacher Onizuka - A show that specializes in character development, but also contains
probably one of the coolest main characters in any anime. Mr. Onizuka is just a joy to watch and is
almost impossible to dislike. He is an ex-gang leader who's attempts to become a high school
teacher in order to get laid have mostly ended in failures, but he manages to gain a job as a
homeroom teacher to one tough class. There he individually develops a bond with every kid in his
class episodically. Even though Onizuka isn't the brightest teacher, what he lacks in his intelligence
is made up in how good he is at making an ethical point. He changes these students in ways that no
other teacher could have done for the better, and the show is strong all the way through. Steve
Blum also does the voice for Onizuka, just a bonus point I'd like to put out there.
Black Messiah

Spirited Away - If you haven't seen this by now, I advise you to stop reading and go watch this
immediately. As in right now.
3Low Roar

Cowboy Bebop - This was probably the most cliche'd pick on the list, but how could I leave it out? I
could talk about how awesome all of the characters are, or how powerful every song on the
soundtrack is, or even how tragic the whole story is. Cowboy bebop has basically been talked about
by every fan of anime imaginable, and my opinion could barely make a difference. Plus, the last two
episodes of this are my favorite episodes of anime ever. Plus, it's got the one dub that even people
who hate dubs agree that the dub was better.
2The Wrens
The Meadowlands

Yu Yu Hakusho- By far my favorite Shonen by a mile, Yu Yu Hakusho presented me with some of my
favorite characters in anime. Starting with the main character himself, Yuske Yurameshi who is a
cocky yet extremely caring and strong boy who grows from an immature punk to a badass hero
throughout the run. Kuwabara who at first seemed annoying, but progressed into a passionate and
powerful character who possessed the power to cut through dimensions with a sword. But by far the
shining achievements were the villains and the fights with said villains. From Toguro's incredible
intimadation during the Dark Tournament saga, every moment he was on screen was completely
suspenseful, and the final fight with him at the end was some incredible stuff even for older anime.
Shinobu who didn't really possess the incredible suspense that Toguro did, but instead just
destroyed basically everything he fought until the end. Yu Yu Hakusho is an incredible show with
zero filler and I recommend anyone interested in anime to check it out.
The Ugly Organ

Monster- I have never watched a single anime that has affected me more than monster. It's hard to
say why as the anime follows a plot line that seems like an ordinary game of cat and mouse, but the
twist and turns down that road are some of the best I have ever seen. Detailing the journey of a
young yet brilliant neuro sergeant named Tenma, it follows his chase at redemption from the hands
of a boy he saved that almost costed his job. Which brings me to my reason for this being my
favorite. The boy Tenma saves, Johan Leibert, is truly the most frightening villain in anime PERIOD.
He is a man of unparalleled charm and manipulation, even from his early years, at the age of 10, he
convinced a whole entire orphanage to massacre each other. A journey of trials concerning themes
of what it means to be alive, I consider Monster to possess an extreme amount of development in
both the character and story parts. Monster truly is my favorite anime of all time, and for all the
right reasons. The incredible growth of like able characters even from the villain standpoint, the
beautiful animation, and an awesome dub make this show worth the watch to any fan of anime.
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