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Top 10 List Of Unappreciated Albums

We all have albums that we like yet everyone else hates. Does that mean that those who rrrrrhate the album have no right to comment on your opinion or vice versa? No, it's just rpoints rrrrout more to the fact that people have their own opinions about music. Don't get me rwrong, rrrrthere are albums that I really enjoy yet understand the hate for it. Sometimes it's rthe rrrrnostalgia, other times I have legit reasons as to why I like particular albums. But for rthe rrrrpurposes of this list, there are albums that seem to get too much hate, mostly from rfans. rrrrThis is a list of albums that I find to be underrated, more or less albums that I rpersonally rrrrenjoy yet everyone else seems to hate.
1010 Years
Feeding the Wolves

I've already established my opinion on the Autumn Effect on a former list, but as weird as it is I never really got to 10 Years' other albums. In a way, I kind of avoided them since they seemed to be one of those "one hit wonder" bands since their song "Wasteland" was a huge hit. I just never felt that they would end up making an album quite as phenomenal as The Autumn Effect. Not saying that Feeding the Wolves is better than the latter, but the first time I listened to "Shoot it Out" I knew I was going to love it. It was aggressive, catchy and memorable, and that pretty much summed up the album. The irony is that the album was produced by the infamous Howard Benson. Weird I know since he's been known to practically "kill every band" he touches. To be fair, he has made a few good albums, and this is one of them. Sure it diverges more away from their original sound from Division and the Autumn Effect, but it still works in its own right. Seriously, it's a great album and it will grow on you.
In Waves

Alright, we all know Trivium has been in the shit storm since this was released. Sure it's more radio friendly than Shogun, but keep in mind, Trivium is a mainstream band. I made this argument before in my last list, but I'll say it again, not all mainstream music is bad. Hell, even Nickelback has a couple of songs that I jam to once in a while, and I'm not ashamed of that. However, their second album, Ascendancy isn't as hated as you might think. Granted there are still a lot of people that claim that it sucks simply because of the vocals, but this album in particular seems to have started the trend that Trivium really does suck, which they don't with the exception of their first and latest album (and yes I like The Crusade, deal with it). Sure not every song in here is a keeper, but about 90% of them are actually really decent songs. "Drowning in Slow Motion" from the deluxe edition still remains to be one of my favorite songs by Trivium, as well as the title track. It's moments like those where Trivium really hits the nail on the head and shows to the world that they are a band that should be appreciated, at least for the albums that are actually good.
8In Flames
Reroute to Remain

It's really hard to defend an album that seems to be getting so much hate from their fanbase, especially when that band in particular tries to do something different to their music. Reroute to Remain is a perfect example of this. Seriously, did anyone at all read the staff review for this, it's practically spot on and the points are made so clearly that it's hard to argue against. You can't just simply call an album such as this "uninspired." Even bands like Theory of Deadman have their influences (unfortunately for them at least) and whether or not people seem to understand that I have no clue. It's not really hated as much as unappreciated. It's a damn fine record to my tastes. I've already made my case about this album on my previous list and I just did again. I might as well just shut up and let you haters make your pointless rambling remarks.
7System of a Down

I've made my case before that I never really got the chance to listen to any of SOAD's other albums, aside from Toxicity and Mesmerize. But now that I have, I can practically conclude that Hypnotize is my third favorite album by SOAD, behind their self-titled and Toxicity that is. It really is the most underrated album that they've come out with. John weathered old reviewer Hanson, or Iluvatar as his original username is, pretty much hits the nail on the head when it comes to this album. Sure it may not be their best for obvious reasons, but the guitar and vocal work throughout are, if anything, are at their best, even by Toxicity's and the self-titled standards. Don't get me wrong it's not AS good as those albums in particular, but it's rather odd that probably their most qualified album is the least liked. Considering the song Attack is probably one of the best songs that SOAD has come out with, I would expect a lot more love of this album.
6My Chemical Romance
The Black Parade

You know, when I first heard about My Chemical Romance, I was sure that I was going to hate them. They were everywhere when this album came out. I saw T-shirts, posters, the songs on the radio, it was just nuts. This was practically considered their milestone in their music. But then curiosity struck me and decided to give this a go since I never really had the will to listen to this. Before I go on, keep in mind that MCR has its share of haters. I've met a lot of those people, and there are even some people in this website in particular who has an absolute hatred for them. This album is more mixed to audiences than one would think, probably because of the band name. Yes, I'll admit it really sucks. Yet, this album really surprised me. It had something that relatively few albums that I listened to actually had: fun. Insane amount of fun, from the song "Dead" all the way through, I practically enjoyed this album from front to back. Granted it's not something I haven't heard before, but it was still one hell of an album. It was catchy, melodically powerful, well-performed, and even a little emotional. I really do suggest those who are curious to give this a try. And if you don't like this, it's kind of a shame, but I can understand. It's more poppy than most punk-rock bands I'll give it that, but I still had a joy listening to this.

Well, I know this has been getting a lot of hate recently. However, unlike many of the other albums from this list, I can totally understand why people seem to hate this album. And don't get me wrong, "Still Into You" is pretty much the bane of this album's existence. Let's face it, that song just isn't going away anytime soon, it's going to be stuck on the airwaves for a while. But you're not going to let one song ruin the whole experience for you is it? With that said, but like The Black Parade, I had fun with this one as well, and it's pretty clear that Paramore themselves had a lot of fun writing this album. And that's what makes this album so fun is. There are still some decent songs from this album like "Now," "Part II," and "Proof," as they are probably the ones that are most like Paramore's preceding albums, but the real problem is that there is so much filler in it that I'd much rather listen to certain songs rather than the whole album in just one sitting. I would write my argument down in a review, but it has so many that it's rather pointless. Needless to say, while it's fun, let's just hope that Paramore won't stay with this route for much longer.
4Black Veil Brides
Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones

I know I'm going to get a ton, and I mean a TON of hate for this, but fuck it. Much like MCR, Black Veil Brides was something that struck my curiosity. However, they were more of a mystery to me. I've seen T-shirts and posters of them, but I never really listened to any of their songs before. That's when this album came out and I decided to avoid them, considering the fact that everyone seems to hate them. However, I couldn't just hate a band by just being a part of the majority; I had to listen to at least one song at that point. So I listened to "In The End" (not the Linkin Park song, mind you) and ironically enough, I found it to be okay. Sure the vocals act like they're ripping off Chad Kroeger, but it wasn't that bad. It was about a month later when I decided to listen to the whole album and well, it was okay. By all means it's not that good at all, but even so I did find a few songs to be rather enjoyable. Ironically, Wretched and Divine has been pretty much been known as their best album so far, so I'm not really planning on listening to their other albums (especially not Set the World on Fire, good god that artwork is fucking awful) but as weird as it is for me to say, I kinda liked it, at least some of it. Honestly, if you are just one of those people who just hates BVB just for the sake of hating them, could you at least listen to one song before you ramble on. I get why people don?t like them. They are essentially what I call "The KISS version of A7X." I'm not going to argue any further since well, it's pretty much been told over and over again as to why people hate these guys. I'll just stop there.
Poetry for the Poisoned

Kamelot isn't as corny as your typical power metal band. They don't go on about fantasy creatures, magic, or any of that stuff like Dragonforce seems to sing about. That being said, after the huge success that was The Black Halo, garnering huge amount of praise from both critics and fans, the two albums following it just had Kamelot hitting a brick wall. They just couldn't match up to what they had set up in the first place. Granted though, Poetry for the Poisoned is actually a rather very solid album, if a little inconsistent. It's nine-minute, four-part epic title track is probably one of the best songs that they've come out with. And even songs like "The Great Pandemonium" and "Hunter's Season" are some really wonderful pieces. It's not the best they could have come out with, as with what the flagged review states, it was an inevitable step down from Kamelot's previous efforts. If anything, it?s their most overlooked and people don?t seem to pay as much attention to it as they should be. Sure some songs on here aren't the greatest, but it?s still solid for the most part.
Stabbing the Drama

Yet another overlooked album that seems to be getting more hate than it should. Granted, I haven't been listening to Soilwork all that long, but what in the hell is so bad about this album? "It's lazy, uninspired, it's bland, blah blah blah!" Bullshit! If anything, this is one of the best melodic death metal albums I've listened to in a long time. That first track is easily one of the best songs that I've heard from them so far (granted I still have their earlier albums to go but still) and it's a very consistent, well-performed album. I may not have been listening to Soilwork for all that long, but this is NOT a terrible album. Far from being terrible in fact. Believe me, go listen to Avenged Sevenfold's Hail to the King album, and talk to me about terrible metalcore albums.
Release the Panic

Of course there's this one. Much like Soilwork, I haven't been listening to Red for all that long, but hey, at least I listened to all of their albums. In fact, I have all of their albums, and I've listened to them all plenty of times. This album in particular just seems to be the one that everyone seems to hate. If anything, I find it to be the most underrated album of 2013. Everyone kept complaining "Oh no the strings are gone! The world is coming to an end!" I swear if someone literally complained about missing strings in this right in front of my face, I would punch them. Its getting old, and I"m getting tired of it. Seriously, everyone whined and we got its "Recalibration" as a result, which was absolutely unnecessary and just an absolute disgrace. This album I find to be enjoyable because it showed that Red was more capable of stepping out of their comfort zone. It was more aggressive; more guitar based, and contained possibly Michael Barnes best vocal performance in his entire career. And yet, no one cared about any of that except for the strings, and you know what, to hell with that. Release the Panic was probably, if anything, one of the most ambitious albums that I've ever heard. Sure some of the songs, like "Damage", and "Same Disease" were absolute garbage, but it still didn't prevent the whole album from being enjoyable. I still consider the title track to be the best song in the album simply because it freshly stated that Red was trying to move on from their other sound. This entire album was taken for granted and people just said, "Well this is shit" and moved on. I can't say I blame them entirely though, especially for those people who have been fans of them from the very beginning. It was a rather drastic change of pace for them, and many fans were rather surprised at what direction Red took for it. The fact that they kept whining like infants about it is the reason why I find this to be the most unappreciated album I've listened to. At least so far, since there are so many years in the future to look forward to.
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