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12.19.13 Hard Drug's Revised Top 10 Albums Of Al10.19.12 Zelda, Anyone?
08.18.12 Hard Drug's Top 10 Albums Of All Time

Zelda, Anyone?

"but harddrug this is a music site" yeah i know shut up. console zelda only, handhelds don't count except for the original gameboy/color titles because let's face it who the fuck even cared about minish cap anyway and phantom hourglass's online sucked hardcore dick. discuss. list is digs.
Honor Found In Decay

Wind Waker.
no I don't care that you think the style is lame, this game is the bees tits and if you
dont think so you can go and fuck yourself. please proceed to do so.

Skyward Sword.
have you ever cried manly tears of sheer joy upon the completion of a video game?
or several times throughout? i rest my case.
3Brand New
The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

A Link to the Past.
my april of this year was spent rotting in orlando, sucking up DMT and molly like it
was my job and blasting though ALttP and Super Mario World on my roommate's old
SNES. gods i long for those days.

Ocarina of Time.
yes, this game is the very definition of a classic. and as such, i've beat this game
more times than i can count and spent an entire month of my last summer in a thc-
induced haze stomping through master quest over and over again. as a result, i've
tired myself out on this game. it's still great, but i can't see myself playing through it
again for a very long time.
Petitioning The Empty Sky

Link's Awakening.
this game kicked my ass as a kid and i didn't have a chance to play it again until they
put it up for download on the 3DS store and holy shit.
Unblessing the Purity

Oracle of Seasons.
i'm not including ages in the one because fuck ages. i got stuck on the second boss
as a kid and rage quit and never played it again. picked up seasons afterward and
had a much easier time. i was a stupid child. i have fond memories of this game,
cooped up at my grandpa's house while i was supposed to be helping him with yard
work. he's dead now.
Still Life

The Legend of Zelda.
didn't get around to playing this game until about a year or two ago and i instated a
strict no internet help policy. it was tough as balls and filled with wtf moments but all
in all a great game worthy of being the first installment in a timeless franchise.

Twilight Princess.
when this first came out I jizzed all over myself repeatedly and was up till 6 in the
morning stuck in the stupid twilight realm. at the time it came out it was the best thing
since sliced bread and legitimate rape, but once Skyward Sword came out it
absolutely slayed this game.
9Becoming the Archetype
I Am

Majora's Mask.
before you pitch a bitch fit, i have yet to beat this game and therefore would not feel
right giving it a higher ranking. i'm about halfway though right now (again with a no
internet help policy and it's really chapping my ass), but so far it has been the most
difficult yet rewarding zelda experience of my life. ranking will most likely change
once i've completed it. at least i didn't put it last, christ.
10 Baroness
Yellow & Green

Adventure of Link.
what? no.
11Panic! At the Disco
A Fever You Can't Sweat Out

Four Swords Adventures.
i forgot this was a game. judge me for the dig if that's your thing.
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