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2 Truths/1 Lie

If you somehow haven't played this game before, it's very simple. You say 3 interesting tib-bits about yourself but one of them is false. And people have to guess which one is the lie. I'll add on as it goes on (assuming it does) and will give credit to whoever got it. Also you can only guess once per "turn", meaning if you guess that statement 2 for Person A is the lie, but you're wrong, you can't guess for person A anymore but can still move on to Person B yadda yadda yadda.

1. I was born a month premature and had a boatload of health issues that make the fact that I'm still alive kind of a miracle in a way.
2. I have never left my home state of Illinois. *LIE*
3. I've had 7 dogs all-in-all and I'm only 19.

Guesser: rowan
2Kate Bush
Hounds of Love

1. I'm in my second year studying a theatre course at uni
2. I have never had sex
3. I'm allergic to cats *LIE*

guesser: no one :[
The Satellite Years

1. when i was 15, the set of the tv series the following filmed on my street and i passed by kevin bacon walking down the street
2. i once stuck my hand in a guy's take-out tray of chow mein because he cut in front of me in line at 7-11 *LIE*
3. i know the capitals of roughly all the countries and provinces in the world (I believe you, but prove it somehow? idk man... edit 2: okay okay I believe you)

guesser: no one :[ [2]
4Fleetwood Mac

1. I'm fluent in French. *LIE*
2. My one speeding ticket came while storm chasing.
3. I haven't seen any of the Harry Potter movies.
Songs from the Black Hole

1. I've written 3/4 of a novel before quitting
2. I've met MC Hammer and Robin Williams when I was very young
3. I've failed my driving test 3 times *LIE*

cheater: AngryLittleAlchemist
actual guesser: Snake

1. I wore a Tanner Glass jersey inside of the Sistine Chapel
2. I was never suspended from high school *LIE*
3. My friends and I tried to see how many chicken nuggets we could eat 1 hour before our 9 hour flight started
7Big Black
Songs About Fucking

1. In my last year of highschool I complained that there were no Asian country music artists. I then decided to be the first and recorded three songs. I'm not Asian, the music is barely country.
2. The first time I got drunk, I got reeaaalllly drunk. Blacked out and supposedly punched through a fly screen window, broke my friends car door by bending it too far the wrong way, ended up passed out in someone else's sleeping bag. The morning was not fun.
3. I pissed on a wet floor sign because previously the floor was not actually wet and I can't stand false advertising. *LIE* (was hoping it was true tbh)
Here in After

1. I hit my best friend in the face so hard with a hockey stick that it left a permanent scar. I also scarred the face of his brother by throwing a rock at him.
2. I once broke my arm running the 100m dash. I went into shock and starting screaming profanity at the top of my lungs in gym class.
3. I got into skating because my older friends were skaters. But then I fell and blew out a tooth and it hurt so fucking bad that I never skated again.
9Jimmy Eat World

1. i lived in italy as a kid
2. i went to high school with a 4 time all american college wrestler/olympic alternate and a professional basketball player
3. my friend was robbed at gunpoint in milwaukee *LIE*
Chocolate and Cheese

1.I haven't owned a hoodie sweatshirt since I was ten years old. *LIE*
2.The cops once visited the house I was renting up in college during a party, and I was the only one who didn't know because I was busy sleeping on the bathroom floor due to over drinking.
3.I once wandered Midtown Manhattan for 9 hours straight until 8am waiting for my bank to open.
11Animal Collective
Merriweather Post Pavilion

1. I found out I was allergic to shellfish after my sister dared me to eat shrimp for the first time on Christmas Eve.
2. There's a video of me out on Youtube that has 500,000 views. *LIE*
3. I have a hat signed by Ray Allen
12The Number Twelve Looks Like You

1. I drove a car off a dirt road and almost impaled myself with a tree branch.
2. I spent two months trying to get a girl to like me by beat boxing at her.
3. I pulled over and shat on the side of the road during snowfall due to bad
13The Dear Hunter
The Color Spectrum (Complete Collection)

1 - I've been to all 50 states and D.C. *LIE*
2 - I have 14 food allergies
3 - Something I made was featured in a Needle Drop video
Liquid Swords

1. The first (and only time) I ever got drunk my friend drove me home because I really wanted to literally fight my dad for some reason. Lets just say I lost that fight and move on. *LIE*
2. I played quads/tenor drums whatev they called in the marching band during my freshman and sophomore year of high school (the sole quads/tenor player in the band also) and then quit because I'm the fucking shit.
3. I made out with and almost fucked my one of my dad's best friend's daughter. My dad and his friend haven't talked in almost two years.
15Modest Mouse
This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About

1. i flipped a car going 70mph
2. i wear size 13 shoes *LIE*
3. i fingered a random girl at the aquarium during a guided tour (nice?)
16Stars of the Lid
The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid

1. Was at the wrong place/wrong time one late evening on foreign land and won a 2v5 street mugging attempt with only a stabwound to the arm. (this would be cool in an action movie t b h, where were you when this happened)
2. Saw a guy on alcohol do backyard weightlifting and lift something he shouldn't have above him, only to dust his right foot real bad. *LIE*
3. Wife and I go to a club only to see some bitches she knew, ended up with her causing 22 people to get kicked out due to old bad blood.
Soundtracks for the Blind

1. I can sing bass all the way through to countertenor
2. I can speak two languages *LIE*
3. I can undo a bra with one hand (prove it, later ;])
18Yndi Halda
Enjoy Eternal Bliss

1. Some friends and I illegally crossed the US-Mexican border and then crossed back over for no good reason
2. I have about 130 pounds of obsidian in the back of my car right now
3. I yard-sale'd down the library stairs on the first day of college
19Sweet Trip
Velocity : Design : Comfort

1. i was homeless for a short time
2. i play professional smash bros
3. i dated a girl in high school who was into me but i was only interested in her older brother
20Poets of the Fall
Jealous Gods

1. Got a gun pointed at my back at a party after 3 random people busted into the house and started snorting copious amounts of cocaine off the kitchen table whilst hiding from a police cruiser doing conspicuous rounds up and down the street. *LIE*
2. Got kicked out of a bar after taking a dart to the arm, proceeded to walk home in the rain and stripped naked and woke up all my roommates screaming about malevolent shadow figures I was hallucinating before smashing my face into the toilet bowl and eventually waking up in a pool of my own vomit on the bathroom floor and someone random sleeping naked alone in my bed that I do not know.
3. Sat on the outside of a car going 130mph down Lake Shore Drive whilst all of us in the car tripped on acid.
21The Promise Ring
Nothing Feels Good

1. got caught fingering the older girl next door when she was meant to be teaching me how to play guitar
2. tried to use the government as an excuse for my whiskey dick issues in an intimate situation
3. waited too long the first time i tried an irish car bomb, watched the mixture curdle, but due to peer pressure, drank the curdled mixture anyway before throwing up everywhere due to the taste *LIE*
22David Bowie

1. I was born with a failing heart and had to have open chest surgery at just 10 days old.
2. I was high all day, everyday for almost 2 years straight, from which I remember about 15% of whatever happened during that time period.
3. I stole a hamburger from a 10 year old child during a drunk night out, later to realize he was not only a child, but he was also a BLIND child.
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