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Mynameispencil's Top 50 Albums! *completed*

So this is in about rough order, but my number 1 is for sure my all time favourite. Got rslightly inspired by Artuma's list a few months back, but going all the way to 200 would rhave probably given me a headache lol. Some honourable mentions include Sublime - rSublime, Coheed and Cambria - In Keeping Secrets of a Silent Earth: 3, and Converge - rYou Fail Me
Dude Ranch

One off my earliest favourite albums, Dude Ranch still holds a place in my cold, shriveled heart.
49Dance Gavin Dance
Acceptance Speech

I've defended this album before, and I'll do it again until the cows come home. I find Tillian to be a good fit for the band and everyone brings their A Game on this LP. Jon's lyrics are a bit hit or miss though.
Sci-Fi Crimes

This album always takes me back to 8th grade, as I had just moved and I spent most of my days listening to Chicago's Q101 station, where "Shameful Metaphors" was played at lest 3 times a day. Still love that song to this day and the rest of this album is very consistent.
The Satellite Years

Hey Snake lol. Seriously though, the combo of post hardcore and space rock works very well on this sadly criminally under appreciated album. Magnetic North also kicks ass

311 were another early favourite of mine, and this album (and their self titled effort) still holds up for me these days. SA Martinez goes hard on this LP and it's wonderful.
45The Blood Brothers
...Burn, Piano Island, Burn

The Blood Brothers are/were one of the most unique bands of the last decade, and Burn, Piano Island, Burn in my eyes... or ears is the groups brightest moment. Here's to hoping their comeback for the FYE Fest in August turns into a full fledged return.
44 Alkaline Trio
Maybe I'll Catch Fire

I'm shocked that this album isn't more popular among most Alkaline Trio fans, as this is easily one of the groups greatest efforts, but I digress.
43Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters

I'm still impressed with the fact that Dave Grohl recorded this album practically all by himself. The Foo Fighters have been one of my favourite bands for as long as I can remember, and their (or, his in this case) debut record showed the world that Grohl is one of modern rocks best musicians.
Fantastic Planet

Failure is one of the 90's best kept secrets. Their third, and sadly last album is easily one of Alt. Rock's finer moments if I say so myself. Also A Perfect Circle's cover of "The Nurse That Loved Me" sucks.

Although Isis are a solid band overall, "Panopticon" is really their only album I can consider being close to "perfect". So Did We is to me one of the greatest metal opening track period. /m/
40At the Drive-In

I've noticed I have a somewhat naturally objective opinion when it comes to certain groups, and to me, In/Casino/Out will always be At the Drive-In's best album. The energy from this LP is nearly contagious and nearly every song is executed well (except maybe Hourglass, but again that's just me). Also I own this on CD, and I love it.
We Are the Romans

This is just a textbook example of how to do Metalcore right, plain and simple. also the opening riff for "Transitions From Persona To Object" is just so umf.
The Bends

This is myyyyyyyy favourite Radiohead album, mostly due to it being my most personal effort by them. This it Alt. Rock done right folks.
37Queens of the Stone Age
Songs for the Deaf

oh ho ho, the mighty "Songs for the Deaf". While this deserves all the praise it earned and then some, my only problem with it is that it's a tad overly long. I should also mention this album holds one of Dave Grohl's finest drumming (A Song for the Dead).
36American Football
American Football

Definitely one of the greatest Emo efforts released... ever. A shame they only recorded this album and their one EP before breaking up as quickly as most bands in the genre end up doing.
35The Dillinger Escape Plan
Calculating Infinity

It pains me that this is the only TDEP album that made it on the list, but I digress. Calculating Infinity is one of the most innovative and creative metal albums created and to this day still sounds as fresh as the day it was released.
The Illusion of Safety

I've always enjoyed that although Thrice can be considered a "christian" band, they don't let that get in the way in crafting wonderful music, and for avoiding the main issue that plagues many bands within that moniker and that they are not annoyingly preachy. (an argument could be said against "A Subtle Dagger" but the guitar is so tight in that track it is forgiven).
33Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)
What It Takes to Move Forward

Hey Trebor lol. Yes this album is another of Emo's greatest. Yes this is also probably one of the last decades best too. If you haven't listened to it, please do.

I THINK THAT SOMEONE IS TRYING TO KILL ME. This album, and band for that matter, is so /m/.
Diamond Eyes

It's probably no secret that Deftones are my favourite band, but you may be pleased to hear that only THREE albums made it on this list... and the first one is the 30's... I may be a little biased. On Diamond Eyes, Deftones proved they can march on after the tragic loss of Chi Cheng (R.I.P.) by releasing an album that's both one of their heaviest and most beautiful.
30 Hum
You'd Prefer an Astronaut

Another band I discovered thanks to Q101, Hum is a band that's actually from around my area (sort of), and their first majour LP goes down as another album hidden within the influx of 90's alternative bands, which is damn shame as You'd Prefer an Astronaut is one hell of an album.
29Jimmy Eat World
Bleed American

I actually used to listen to this album a lot when I was like, 11 but I never really appreciated it and Jimmy Eat World in general until about a year ago.
28System of a Down
System of a Down

Serj Tankian is one strange musician. Both actively political and rather silly, it's sometimes hard to figure out his tone sometimes. However with System of a Down's self titled debut, the exact tone issue doesn't really matter as this LP just kicks ass, plain and simple. Mind is easily one of SOAD's best songs.

When I was really big into these guys, I used to think of this as their worst album. At the time I didn't like how different sounding this album sounded compared to the rest of blink's rather lighthearted material. Flash forward about 3 years and I consider this as the bands best effort hands down. I guess you can say that once I matured, I appreciated how this self-titled album signaled that the band had done the same.

Probably one of the last great Funk Metal albums made, S.C.I.E.N.C.E. shows Incubus in a more experimental phase in their careers, and the pay off is more than worth it.
25Saves the Day
Through Being Cool

I never understood why Chris Conley went from his rather typical pop-punk yet effective voice to the wayyy higher pitched voice featured on "Stay What You Are" and onwards. Oh well.
24 Arctic Monkeys
Whatever People Say I Am, That's What...

Arctic Monkeys created a lot of hype leading up to their debut effort 8 years ago, and they more than delivered. Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not is still one the best indie rock albums of the last decade.
Around the Fur

Around the Fur is a great transition record. It shows some of the Nu-Metal sounds off Adrenaline and their earlier material, while also showing some sounds that will prove to be staples to Deftones sound later down the road, like Frank Delgado's subtle atmospheric noise going on in the background for example. Also boobies.
22Jimmy Eat World

The title track is one of my all time favourite songs. the rest of the album is also amazing. go listen to it.
Worship and Tribute

I wish Glassjaw made more albums. Because between this monster and the also stellar "Everything You Wanted to Know About Silence", Glassjaw showcased their just pure talent and raw energy that's hard to find these days.
Jane Doe

Hi Artuma lol I wanted to put this higher, trust me I really did, but it was really hard to get albums on a solid place on this list, so number 20 will have to do. There's really not much I can say about this album that hasn't been said before on this site, so I'm just going to say this. Kurt Ballou to me is what makes Converge soooooo good.

18Faith No More
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime

This is the most vaired album I have ever heard, and Patton and Co. handle each sound amazingly. This album is just proof about how talented each member of this band is.
17Dance Gavin Dance

This album is just such a unique album, especially within the genre. Dance Gavin Dance proved several things on Happiness, including they don't need Jon Mess to make a good album (though he still helps lol), that Kurt Travis can hold his own, and that adding more funk influences was a good idea.
16The Smashing Pumpkins
Siamese Dream

Billy Corgan, you talented, strange, asshole. While Siamese Dream was really mostly just Corgan and the insanely talented Jimmy Chamberlin on drums, they still created one of the 90's most iconic and greatest albums. and Mayonnaise is a phenomenal song.
15Queens of the Stone Age
Rated R

I can't even count the amount of times I've listened to this album beggining to end, from the neat bassline of "Feel Good Hit of the Summer" from the closing horns of "I Think I Lost My Headache", this album is such a rewarding listen.
Saturday Night Wrist

As I mentioned before, I love me some Deftones, but at the same time it was hard to put Saturday Night Wrist in the top 10. Not because I don't like it that much, but because I like whatever is on it for varying reasons. I am happy that the overall opinion on this underrated has been slowly yet surely improving since it's release in 2006. The band was almost going to break up, yet they managed to create their most creative album from that. Songs like "Cherry Waves" and "Kimdracula" are high on the bands "best" list.
13Foo Fighters
The Colour and the Shape

I will always correlate my love for the Foo Fighters with my dad, as they are also his favourite band, hell he got me into them at a young age, as I grew up listening to their material. The Colour and the Shape is easily the Foo's finest hour, bringing songs like the faint "February Stars" and the legendary "Everlong". However, I always identified with "My Hero" the most, as low and behold it was my dad's favourite song by them... also because he's a paramedic and he's always been my hero lol. BOY THAT GOT PERSONAL.
The Moon is a Dead World

Another band that was gone wayyyy too soon. Gospel were a strange combo of Screamo and Prog Rock, but hot damn did they make it work.
The Artist in the Ambulance

Mmmmmmmmmm. Not much to say about this one really, I just love this album A LOT.
Ocean Avenue

Hi Sowing lol This album brings back a lot of memories, it also helps that it's a very well made record too lol.
9Say Anything
...Is a Real Boy

Gosh darn is this LP is just... good. No bad songs on this 13 track magnum opus (imo). As awful as I feel for saying this, but Max Bemis was better when his life was in turmoil.
8Alkaline Trio

This is a great album to listen to when you're pissed and sad. and I was both when I first heard this one. Although I'm less of those, I can still go back to this album and enjoy the shite out of it.
7Protest the Hero

Protest the Hero made a risky choice in the subject of their debut concept album, but the end result was beyond amazing. tracks like "Heretics & Killers" and "Turn Soonest to the Sea" show cased what this young band was made of.
6Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here

This > Dark Side of the Moon easily. Although Dark Side is still amazing. can't say much that hasn't been said before.
5Brand New
Deja Entendu

Another super personal album to me, Deja Entendu is always one of my go to albums for a rainy day.
Fake History

The just pure emotion coming out of vocalist Jason Butler through this album never ceases to amaze me. one of the quickest 10/10's I've had the pleasure of listening to.
3Modest Mouse
The Lonesome Crowded West

This > The Moon and Antarctica without a doubt. Cowboy Dan.
Make Yourself

Another album I grew up with, I pretty much have the entirety of this LP memorized and it still blows me away after every listen. Also closure "Out From Under" is one of the greatest album closers ever.

This is it. This is with zero doubts, my all time favourite album. The Blue Album just flows almost perfectly and I know almost every lyric by heart. I could write a whole paragraph just gushing over this album but I will spare you all the read. just know that whenever I think of the perfect album, Weezer's Blue Album is the first that comes to mind for me.
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