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12.18.14 Jacob Hollows' Top 50 Of 201412.18.14 Jacob Hollows' Top 50 Of 2014
09.19.14 Favorite Albums Thus Far09.19.14 Favorite Albums Thus Far
12.18.13 Top 50 Of 201312.30.12 Top 10 Of 2012

Top 50 Of 2013

It's that time of year again! As we close out 2013, it's time to look back on rall the releases, and rrpoint out the best efforts. Here are my personal rfavorites.
50Bring Me The Horizon

Exhibiting much progress and maturity, this British five piece discovers subtlety and balance, even if they are held back by old habits.
49The Dillinger Escape Plan
One Of Us Is The Killer

I've never been much of a fan of these guys, but this album shows an accessibility within the chaos that I hadn't noticed before, and I actually enjoyed it.
The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land

Although too long at 14 tracks, these Israelis bring on the Pantera-like aggression and grooves, with infectious results.

Although the Behemoth influence is unmistakable, these Poles deliver some solid and enjoyable blackened death tunes. (RIP Mortifer)
46Sacred Mother Tongue
Out of the Darkness

Bringing some solid thrash-influenced metalcore with all-around great performances, this album is fun and listenable.
Letters Home

Though not as powerful or effective as "Travels" or "Empty Days And Sleepless Nights", Defeater still proves to rise above he mob of mediocre hardcore with this one.

Lacking the atmosphere of "Outre" or the sting of "Swarth", Portal still manages to create a dense and challenging album to great and disturbing results.
43Hands Like Houses

Far more reflective and sugary than "Ground Dweller", this little gem is tasty and fun to listen to, and shows great songwriting.
42October Falls
The Plague Of A Coming Age

Not as focused as "A Collapse Of Faith", but reflects the same effectively ethereal and transcendental black metal principles that October Falls stands for.
41 Paysage d'Hiver
Das Tor

Wintherr is still in the business of creating cold and ambient black metal, to chilling results.
Internal Eyes

Former Light This City members have had a good catalogue of energetic metallic- tinged pop/punk tunes, and "Internal Eyes" is simply another great release in their discography.
39The Black Heart Rebellion
Har Nevo

Their ambience is not unlike fellow Belgian countrymen Amenra, but these guys break the rules of so many genres (folk, post-hardcore, dark ambience), while still maintaining a mystical and engaging listen.
38A Day To Remember
Common Courtesy

Exhibiting a maturity and energy that trump the attempts of "What Separates Me From You" (an album that took itself far too seriously), ADTR provides a worthwhile and accessible release after tons of hype and delays.
37Russian Circles

Far more reflective and brooding than most of their other releases, this post-metal juggernaut creates a surprisingly secretive and taunting album.
36The Ongoing Concept

This Solid State summer release reflects its season: energetic, fun, and crazy.

Creating a complex and dark sound, these New Zealanders create a dense and atmospheric but crushing and monolithic balance between death metal fury and ambient post-rock dynamics.
Blood Becomes Fire

Bleak, dissonant, gritty, and engaging sludge metal at its finest. Beastwars portrays a land void of life with their muddy and bloody sound.
33Hiss From The Moat

Blackened death metal at heart, while experimenting in -core aspects, this group puts forward a dense and impenetrable, yet monolithic and mysterious, soundscape.
Heart Of Oak

Full of infectious grooves and Opeth-esque duality, this album is surprisingly engaging and refreshingly progressive.
31The Ocean

The Ocean creates the atmosphere they aim for, liquid and dynamic, to great results, but it does not top "Precambrian" (of course, how can you top that?).
30Misery Signals
Absent Light

"Controller"s more melodic successor is complex and punishing, and ultimately shows what Misery Signals does best: make great metalcore.
29Dark Sermon
In Tongues

Striking a great balance between blackened death metal and deathcore, newcomers Dark Sermon surprised me with the subtlety and sinister atmosphere of their sound.
28Mors Principium Est
...And Death Said Live

Finally able to strike a good balance between melodic death and experimental tendencies, this is easily MPE best effort since "The Unborn".
27So Hideous
Last Poem/First Light

Far more focused and honed than "To Clasp A Fallen Wish With Broken Fingers", the classical/black metal/post-hardcore/shoegaze/post-rock (and other subgenres that may apply) band has made a dynamic but furious record.
26The Fall Of Every Season

This one-man doom project continues where "From Below" left off, combining melancholy atmosphere with dense brutal riffing to refreshing results.
25The World Is A Beautiful Place...
Whenever, If Ever

Nostalgic, warm, and summery, The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die shows their best emo/indie rock/post-rock colors here.

Combining fuzzy noise rock tendencies with a classic post-punk vibe, Beastmilk paints a bleak yet accessible picture of the apocalypse.
23Bleed From Within

Perhaps it's because this was the only CD I was able to listen to this summer when my music player died, but these Scots have a special place in my heart. Sporting a riff-oriented deathcore sound, BFW have an energy and technicality that the majority of their peers lack. This album is no exception.
22Black Boned Angel
The End

A fitting farewell to this New Zealand drone duo, painting dark drones with somehow the hope for something more.

Where "Heliogabalus" was dense, slow, churning, sludgy goodness, "Vilagvege" takes a furious, fiery, and brutal approach, while still maintaining the sludgy core that defines Rorcal, creating a violent and hopeless soundscape. I think reviewer Ryan Kroner said it best in reviewing this beast: "[Vilagvege is] the soundtrack to a world razed and set aflame."
Surgical Steel

This is my first experience with Carcass, and oh man, was it a sweet experience. Their melodic approach combined with straight forward death metal attitude, with just hints of death 'n roll, is effective, powerful, and chill-inducing.
19Entropia (PL)

Ambient, sludgy, and well-written are fitting descriptors of "Vesper". Contrasting refreshing and crisp melodic ambience with crushing sludge instrumentals, all done through the black metal filter, is a fine combination.
18Heaven Shall Burn

More experimental than their past albums, these well-known vegan Germans succeed in creating a striking balance between melody and death metal filtered metalcore brutality.
Perigea Antahkarana

Wolvserpent is drone at heart, but this album encompasses so much more: post- rock, symphonic elements, funeral doom, and black metal all have a part to play in the immense and swirling sound that this group exhibits.

Great harsh vocal performance bolstered by flawless instrumentation makes this album a standout in the current metalcore scene. The only downside is the excessive presence of Jesse Cash in both (alright) clean vocals and technical leads.
15Altar Of Plagues
Teethed Glory And Injury

I'm sorry I doubted you, you glorious Irish bastards.
The Mountain

As one whose only experience in progressive rock is Porcupine Tree, Haken put forward an immensely transcendental and impressively technical release, robbing and putting my heart into their melodies, harmonies, and complexity.
13The Generals (SWE)
Blood For Blood

Death 'n roll done right, with much more instilled breathtaking energy and cohesion, built upon from "Stand Up Straight." Great fun and incredibly infectious.

Combining the (relative) elegance and experimentation of "Morte(s) Nee(s)" and the glorious filth of "Misanthrope(s)", Celeste creates an incredible concept album and arguably the pinnacle of their discography.
11August Burns Red
Rescue and Restore

A far more successful experimental venture than "Leveler", ABR successfully combines practical experimentation, the melodic approach of "Constellations", and hearkens back to their roots in "Thrill Seeker", to incredible results.
L Etre et La Nausee

I was not really a fan of this French group's release "Slow Transcending Agony", but this one got me hooked. The density, the atmosphere, the vulnerability of this release is striking, and somehow a funeral doom group manages to create an engaging listen for a whole hour and twenty minutes.

Industrial death metal is usually a hit or miss, but combine it with symphonic elements, rich instrumentation, several vocal spotlights, and a spacey atmosphere, and you got Mechina. Where I believe it wasn't as complete or as cohesive on "Conqueror", the massive melting pot of "Empyrean" all comes together in a rich and powerful performance, exacting the ambience it sets out to accomplish. Space journey, anyone?
8Terra Tenebrosa
The Purging

They succeeded in "The Tunnels" to whet the appetites of their anxious listeners, and these mysterious Swedes' full length serves to satisfy. Taking a more black metal approach while still maintaining the dense sludge and dark ambience tendencies, "The Purging" is satisfyingly disturbing and powerfully engaging.

Striking a more noticeable dichotomy between hardcore fury and atmospheric meanderings, these Belgians have immersed themselves in the darkness, tearing apart eardrums one moment then taunting listeners with the calm before the storm.
6Steak Number Eight
The Hutch

Successfully combining artistic post-metal with accessible hard rock with elements of groove metal and post-rock, "The Hutch" breaks the mold that many of their peers steer clear of. I hadn't heard of these guys until recently, and this release is an incredible find.
5My Heart To Fear

I've kept my eye on this group for a while, and it gives me great joy to see their continual progress as a group, evident on "Algorithm". Although it is metalcore, their technicality is amazing, the passion is immense, and the songwriting skill is great. The chemistry of the members is fresh and exciting, and the result is greater than the sum of its parts
4There Will Be Fireworks
The Dark, Dark Bright

Applying a crisp indie rock, even post-hardcore, vibe to dynamic post-rock, these Scots created a honed effort. Gone is the rough production of their 2009 release, and all instruments, vocal and otherwise, work cohesively to create amazing climaxes and their greatest buildups. The Scottish accent doesn't hurt, either.
3Vattnet Viskar
Sky Swallower

Mysterious, dense, furious. These American black metal newcomers create atmosphere while crushing skulls and burning stereotypes. Verging on post-metal oftentimes, this release reflects interest in the esoteric while being firmly rooted in the genre that spawned it. A great first release.
2Omnium Gatherum

Emphasizing atmosphere over flashiness, this melodic death metal group has released the album of their careers. The use of melody contrasted with brutality, primacy with ethereality, and beauty with harshness sews a tapestry of transcendence, one that is powerful as well as delicate.

Perhaps I'm just jumping on the bandwagon, but Californian black metal duo Deafheaven can't be ignored this year. The priority of their sophomore effort is balance, which is achieved spectacularly. Each melody, each blastbeat, each atmosphere, has purpose, and in that purpose is a journey of discovery and abandonment, love and hate. This release is immensely beautiful but also sharp and edged with blackened sound. The result is shouted and whispered, and impossible to ignore.
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