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Books Anyone?

Alright so here is my super dumb idea that just might spark some rinteresting discussion. If ryou were to attempt the impossible (and rincredibly stupid) task of summarizing western rliterature in ten books, rwhich would they be? This is my list as it is: heavily influenced both rby rpersonal taste and by my profound ignorance. Hopefully this will not only rspark some rinteresting discussion but also result in me finding out about ra ton of books I need to read. rFeel free to point out any of my numerous rglaring omissions in the comments.
1 Rotting Christ
Triarchy Of Lost Lovers

Book One: The Iliad. Because you simply cannot understand western literature, or the west in general, without understanding the Greek conception of the virtuous, the tragic and the heroic. Plus it's fucking WAY cool. I would suggest accompanying this with a tragedy, my choice being Oedipus Rex.
2 Peste Noire
Ballada Cuntre Lo Anemi Francor

Book Two: La Chanson de Rolande. So yeah, I straight up skipped the Bible because who the fuck wants to read that and I jumped straight to medieval times. As my representative for the era I have chosen the French national epic rather than that of any other European country because of the intense magical aura it conveys while lacking any actual mythological or magical content, as well as for its shameless display of classic European values and the fact that it kicks ass. I omitted the Divine Comedy as my choice because the Paradiso and Purgatorio parts are mad fucking boring.
3Van Morrison
Astral Weeks

Book Three: Shakespeare's Tempest. His darkest, most intense and emotional play (at least out of the few I've read). There should be no question as to why I chose him.
El Sello De Los Tiempos

Book Four: Don Quixote. The first proper novel and the death of the Enlightenment's idealism. Poignant, tragic, occasionally hilarious and terribly human, this is truly all its worked up to be and its importance cannot be overstated.
5Paradise Lost

Book Five: Milton's Paradise Lost. Continuing in the vein of Quixote's painfully truthful analysis of human folly, this is the birth of the Romantic spirit.
6 Kraftwerk
Die Mensch-Maschine

Book Six: Frankenstein. This is the point where my personal taste becomes overbearing to my original mission. This was at once a very tough and a very easy choice. To pick just one book to summarize the Romantic movement seemed to me a terrible crime, and yet I don't think I could have picked a better one. A beautiful, absolutely heart-wrenching novel. I would however accompany this with some poems by Coleridge, Wordsworth and Byron.

Book Seven: Goethe's Faust. Fucking VITAL. Accompany this with some Poe and go nuts.

Book Eight: Moby Dick. My personal favorite novel of all time. Destructive and beautiful, a tale of all that man can be.

Book Nine: The Sun Also Rises. So yeah, personal taste presiding over historical importance big time. This should be more important however. This is the kind of book that shakes your very foundations, and it could shake our collective foundations too if anyone actually paid attention to it instead of focusing on Hemingway's personal habits. Accompany with some Jack London stories for ultimate manliness.
White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity

Book Ten: The Stranger. I could have chosen something a bit newer for my last book but I think this still is the perfect synthesis of modern man's essential conflict. This should be accompanied by Camus' "The Myth of Sysyphus" essay and by Sartre's "Existentialism is a Humanism."
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