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Childhood Outdoors Games

I was doing some jumping drills at the gym today and it got me thinking about some of the games I used to play outdoors with the kids in my neighborhood.
1Alkaline Trio
Good Mourning

Red Light, Green Light: One person is the "conductor" and a group of kids line up however many feet away. At the shout of "green light", everyone races to the conductor. At the shout of "red light" everyone has to immediately stop. Those who move get sent back to the beginning of the line. First to the conductor wins.

Freeze Tag: One (or more than one depending on the amount of people and how many fat kids were playing) person is "it" and they commence chasing and tagging everyone else who has to freeze once they are tagged. The catch is, people who are not tagged can "unfreeze" tagged people. Once everyone is frozen the people who were "it" are awesome and they win.
3Billy Talent
Billy Talent

Asphalt Football: Exactly what it sounds like and it was absolutely retarded but if you didn't play you were a pussy soo....
4The Almost
Southern Weather

Jackpot: Played with a football, the object of the game was to accumulate a set number of points. One person was the thrower who would set the points to 3000 or whatever. They would then throw the ball into a pit of 10-12 kids and shout out a number. The kid who caught the ball would get the points and so on. The thrower (at least in Texas where I played maybe there were East Coast rules and whatnot) could add wrinkles like shouting "jackpot!" which meant whoever caught it would automatically win, they could preface the number amount with "pick-up" meaning you didn't have to catch it just get control of the ball, or they could be dicks and wait a split second before someone caught the ball and shout "bankrupt!". Game ruled.
5Linkin Park

Red Rover: I played this game only once, hated it because no one person can win. A bunch of kids would make two parallel lines by linking shoulders or holding hands. Someone would call "Red rover Red rover bring Cesar Chavez over" (again this was in Texas). The kid would run over and try to break the line of defense where they thought was weakest, if they couldn't they fucked off. And so forth.
6A Lot Like Birds
Plan B

Wallball: Probably my favorite and always drew a huge crowd. Using a tennis or racquetball someone would throw it against a broad wall in an attempt to get it to bounce of someone without them securing it. If the ball bounced off you and hit the ground again you had to race your ass over and touch the wall before someone could throw the ball against the wall again to be safe. If you didn't make it you suffered the punishment of standing face first against the wall while someone (usually me, I could throw pretty hard) stood about ten feet back and drilled the ball at their back as hard as they could. If that happened twice you were out. If the thrower hit the loser in the head, the loser got to have payback. If you let the ball bounce away without making an effort you got drilled. Mainly a team game because of the huge amount of people.
7Crime In Stereo
Crime In Stereo Is Dead

Muff: This was a hackeysack game with a similar punishment to wallball only it hurt about 10x as bad. A circle of kids would kick a hackeysack to each other and whoever dropped it would get a letter, whoever spelled MUFF would get drilled by whoever last touched the hackeysack and would be out. Very painful game
8The Used
The Used

Duck Duck Goose: No one ever played this game outside of a summer camp setting but everyone knows how its played. One person would walk around in a circle and tap peoples heads saying "duck" until the walker said goose. The goose would then run around and try to tag the walker. Again since this game was never played outside a camp setting, no one wins so I didn't like this game. All it did was allow the camp counselors to try and make even teams for other games based on who did well.
Jaktens Tid

Dodgeball: The famously banned survival of the fittest game. We played this shit in school with those hard fucking rubber balls that no one makes anymore. Anyway, two teams start off on either side of a room with a number of balls in the middle, when our GYM TEACHER said "go" the brave kids would race to the front and try to get the balls while the pansy (or smart depending) kids would hang around the back and wait. The object was to hit the other team with a ball whereby they would be out. If your throw was caught you were out. If your throw was deflected by another ball it didn't count. Whichever team had the last person standing won.
10Foo Fighters
One by One

Four Square: Pretty simple game. Four people would stand in four adjacent equal sized squares and bat a ball to each other. The object was to hit it into someones square and have them not be able to return it to someone else's square within one bounce. You couldn't grab it or palm it (like volleyball) and whoever was last won.
11Green Day

Tether-ball: Didn't play this game too much so I'm not certain on the rules. Two kids would take turns batting ball made of cement attached by a string to a metal pole around the pole and the object was to have the ball wrap all the way around the pole. There was no such thing as ADD or ADHD back then but those kids who couldn't pay attention got knocked out on more than one occasion.
12Hot Hot Heat

Pogs: Very, very popular collectable cardboard discs with neat pictures on them. You could play for keeps (like how marbles used to be played,not a popular method) or for fun but how we played was you and the other player anted up a small number of pogs and stacked them on the ground (or a mat if you were badass) all face up or face down and using a slammer (which were metallic versions of pogs) on player would slam the stack of pogs and which ever turned over would either be kept or stacked to the side. Rinse and repeat until all pogs were gone. Whoever had the most pogs whenever you quit won. And if the kid was bigger than you and a bully, you just lost your pogs. Very unfair game as whoever went first usually won that round.
Morning View

Around-the World: Basketball played game, not as popular as HORSE though. Basically two people would take turn shooting threes (or around the paint if someone sucked) in different spots around the arc and the object was to make them going forwards and backwards before the other person. If you missed you could gamble and shoot again or stay where you were and trade turns. If you missed the gamble you had to go back to the beginning. Once two shoots were made barely anyone gambled.
Follow the Leader

21: Another basketball game everyone knows. I learned last week there were East and West coast rules but the gist of it was it was everyone for themselves and the object was to reach 21 points. It was played as twos and ones rather than threes and twos. Whenever someone made a shot they got free shots at the three point line (up to three in a row made) and that continued until someone reached 21 points. Two wrinkles; some people (though not adults I've learned) played tips, meaning if they bricked a shot and someone tipped it in, the misser would go back to zero. Also say someone's shot brought them to 20 points and they needed to make the free throw to win. If they missed that free throw they would go back to 13. I still play this when there's people willing to.
15The Offspring

Killer Instinct: I ran out of outdoors games I played a lot but I remember having multiple tournaments at my old apartment's clubhouse with this game and Super Mario Kart. Money was always put up (like a dollar or fiddy cents) and I never won.
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