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It's Almost The End Of The Year

Yes, it's about time for me to make my 2014 album list. These are just all the albums I listened to this year. Ranked from least favorite to favorite. 2014 was a really good year, and I still need to listen to a lot. But here's what I've experienced thus far.
Issues, 3 or 4 good songs. The rest is pretty abysmal.
2Rise Against
The Black Market

I've tried so hard to like this, but. It just doesn't do it for me. It just doesn't quite have the passion as their previous work.
Peace At All Costs

Their debut was incredible. I loved every minute of it. This was just disappointing. Seems like they were trying to recreate what they had, but it just fell short.
4Real Friends
Maybe This Place Is the Same...

I really like this band. They are unique (at least vocal wise), and have strong (yet repetitive) lyrics. Just fun, and put on a great show. This album just didn't live up to the expectations I set from their EPs. Still a pretty good album, just too much of the same for my taste.

First time listening to Emarosa. Since I like Hands Like Houses, I figured I'd give them a shot. This is a good album, my only issue is it gets quite repetitive, and the singer almost gets on my nerves. He almost sounds pretentious, which gets under my skin. Still some great songs here, with good instrumentals.
Lift A Sail

I'm just gonna say it. Southern Air was one of the best albums of far. I hoped that Lift A Sail would capture some of that same magic, considering the band was seemingly headed in a different direction. I was a little disappointed, but I can't say I didn't have the highest of expectations. The album for sure had it's highlights. MSK, Lift A Sail, and The Deepest Well to name a few. It was good, but it just didn't live up to the hype I gave it.
Hollow Ponds

After reading Sowing's review of this album. I had to check it out. It was quite...depressing. Which is what I needed at the time. Something to match my mood. It came out in the middle of the summer, and it was perfect. I had this album on repeat for days on end. It is a very good album, no denying that. It's major flaw to me, ended up being it's replay value, or lack thereof. Not to mistake the album with being disappointing, it just hasn't stayed with me, like some albums from this year.
8Panic! At The Disco

The first EP on this list. I thoroughly enjoyed their last full length album. This EP features the song "Nicotine", hence the title. An instrumental version of that track, which provides new life for it. It also contains the 2 bonus tracks from their last album. Which, I am glad they were bonus tracks. They are catchy, but by no means fit the album. They work well here on this EP.

This list has actually grown quite tough to continue on. Albums I enjoy a lot seem low on my list, due to the lack of albums I have listened to this year. Though this one, while very different from any other Anberlin album I have heard, was just great. The 2 songs that stand out for me here are "Atonement" and "Stranger Ways". They are slower, more atmospheric, while maintaining Anberlin's catchy and poetic devices they have used on their previous works. Sad they had to go out so soon, but at least they ended on a high note.
10Hiss Tracts
Shortwave Nights

This is another one that I got into around that time in the summer where I wasn't having the best time. It fit so well in my life. Just, desolation and loneliness ooze through this album. And I love it. Post-rock has become one of my favorite genres, and this is a very strong release. By the book though, no doubt about that.
11Magic Man
Before The Waves

I saw this band live late this summer. They put on a really good show. The crowd was pumped up and having a good time even though no one really knew them. I bought this album the following week and was very impressed. This album is loaded with perfect summer songs, that just make you want to lay on the beach and watch the stars, or take a drive with the windows down. It just brightens your mood when it's on.
12Breathe Carolina

This album really pumps up...everyone I know. It's excellent for a party, or a loud drive, screaming along with it. Now this is all personal experience, objectively speaking. It's generic electronic/pop punk. Lyrics are a bit childish on some of the songs. But if you're just here to enjoy it, then it'll do just fine.
13Hands Like Houses

Here's another EP from me. This from one of my favorite bands. They took five songs off their latest LP, Unimagine, and recreated them in a much more acoustic, ambient, and "reimagined". Each track was slowed down, with a range of instrumentals changed around to switch up from the progressive and hardcore roots. They were all done remarkably well. Trenton Woodley's voice is still the shining moment here, but the band each did their part to make this EP beautiful.
14Bad Suns
Language and Perspective

I bought this album about a month ago. Cardiac Arrest was on the radio all the time, and I enjoyed it enough to go out and try this. Well I was far from disappointed here. Upbeat, and strong vocals make for a near masterpiece. A little repetition is holding this band back from creating that. That being said, not many complaints about this album from me. Check out the songs "Transpose", "Salt", and "Dancing On Quicksand".

God. Jillian Banks has one of the best voices I have every heard recorded. I don't even know how I was turned on to this album, but whatever it was. I fell in love with it. The beats are nearly as well done as the vocals. I can't wait to hear this album for a long time to come.
16Walk The Moon
Talking Is Hard

I bought this album the day after it came out. That only being 3 days ago. Though I have had it on repeat for that time. Their self-titled LP was magnificent. I thought coming close to that would be incredibly difficult. This group of immensely talented musicians proved me wrong. Big time. The vocals are brilliant. The lyrics have something to be desired, but they fit everything so well. Mature or not. The instrumentals are also something that need to be noted. The use of bass in this band is perfect, along with the synthesizers and fun, catchy drum beats.
White Noise

This is where the list takes a turn, it gets much more difficult for me. These are my favorite albums from the past year. This one, is hard to put at the "bottom" of the top tier. But, alas. Here it is. The Boston quartet's debut is immense. It is...eerie and powerful. Lynn's voice is perfect for the band that backs her. She sounds just like she needs to, angry and with something to prove.
Strange Desire

For some reason. Jack Antonoff's latest escapade, "Strange Desire" seems so...short for me. Clocking in at 40 minutes, it is about average for an album these days. What the actual explanation is, that each song flows through each other beautifully. The whole album is big doodle by the oddball Antonoff. But it's so creative, and so well crafted. You'd think there was more to this album than there is. Each song is memorable. Not one sounding like the next. The lyrics are deep, once examined. Choruses like in "Like A River Runs" tears right through your heart. Especially if you have experienced what it seems like Jack Antonoff has. In the end, one of the best indie/alternative albums of the year, and a strong contender for album of the year, in any category.
As We Travel

This album came out at a perfect time. Coming into the dead, desolate, white tundra which is the winter. Primarily instrumental, this album is essential to chill out to. No pun intended. Seriously, this album is so calming and empty, it eases your mind. Highly recommended, especially for these coming months.
20Nothing More
Nothing More

I never heard of this band before this site. I saw it was a "radio rock" album with a 4 rating. I read the reviews, checked out a couple songs, and went out and got the album. After listening to it, over and over. I decided that this was probably going to be the best rock album of the year. With lead single, "This Is The Time" dominating the modern rock airwaves. You weren't going to avoid this band. That song, being only the beginning, is nothing compared to what followed on this 17 song escapade. This album is packed full of emotion. All types of emotions, pain, heartache, anger, and even hope. The highlight of this album for me has to be "I'll Be OK". Johnny Hawkins' voice soars through this track, but because he is containing himself for the greater half of the song. He shows his dynamic range best in this song, hitting the high notes sending chills down your spine.
21Knuckle Puck
Oak Street

Last EP of this list. Two songs, clocking in at just under six minutes. Knuckle Puck, the up and coming pop-punk group from Chicago shows some of their greatest strengths in these two short songs. The lyricism, strong vocals, and booming instrumentals make this EP top the list for 2014.
22We Are The In Crowd
Weird Kids

This band is fun. That's all there is to it. A stellar vocal performance from both Tay Jardine and Jordan Eckes, along with some of the best drumming in the genre. The two singers go at is, in multiple songs. While Tay has the stronger, higher vocals, Jordan provides a bit of a cushion, keeping this band from being too much, you could say. They put on one heck of a show, as well. Getting the crowd pumped up is one of this band's best aspects. But they perform like there is no tomorrow.
23Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties
We Don't Have Each Other

Oh dear. The pure and raw emotion in this album is draining. Listening to this story of Dan Campbell's fictitious character, Aaron West, tugs on your heartstrings. You have empathy, just like reading a novel. The loss in this album, the turmoil and tragedy, is incredible. It is sung in such a way, that you wouldn't know that it was all created in Soupy's head. Never have I experienced emotion like this in an album. The reason I got in to this album was my best friend. Who listens to it every time we are in the car. I go back and forth between my feelings upon it. Whether it be to sing along, or to just sit, listen, and let the lyrics sink in. To think that all of the events that occur are possible, is heartbreaking. The loss of your father, or wife, or child. Real life events that are brought in to this album and exhaled in such an impeccable way, make this hard to not put number one.
24Circa Survive

Circa Survive's latest album is a powerhouse. Although it doesn't quite have the strength as their previous work, in particular Blue Sky Noise, Descensus is a true grower album. At first I thought it was good. Upon more listens I thought it was great, then excellent. It is getting to the point that is near perfect. Anthony Green has never sung with such emotion in some of these songs. "Schema", the opener, for example. It starts out with a shrill yell from Green, followed immediately by pounding drums and loud guitars. The whole album keeps you on your toes, eagerly awaiting that next shining moment. Luckily you never have to wait very long. Each song has it's high point, even though the high point might also be counted as a low point. Take "Phantom" for example. The slow, progressive guitar partnered with Green's low voice just make you feel things you may not have before. Give this album time, and it will grow on you. It is a masterpiece, that fits very well in Circa's growing discography.
25Young The Giant
Mind Over Matter

I don't know what to say about this album, other than it is perfection. It came out in January, and has stuck with me. Heavily. It is fun, quirky, whilst being mature and unique. This shows true progression of a band. They have proven they are willing to experiment, with the funky melodies and instrumentals on this album. Then go to another side of the spectrum, going with a straight up rock tune, along with a slow paced piece. "Firelight" is one of the highlights of this album. Being one of the slowest tracks on the album, but also being produced perfectly. Gadhia's voice shines bright through this entire release, and is fitted amazingly well with the rest of the group. The 53 minute long album may seem intimidating, but each track is so unique, it won't seem nearly that long. The first five songs (not counting the instrumental introduction) are perfectly interrupted by two slow, peaceful, chill songs. Afterwards, they pick right back up, providing more upbeat listens. There isn't a dull moment in this album, and if you let it, it will prove that to you.
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