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10.30.11 Ten Most Effective Artists That Rap10.30.11 Ten Most Effective Artists That Rap

Ten Most Effective Artists That Rap

A short list for rap fans, devotees, groupies whatever. These are judged in order from top to bottom being top best bottom lowest ranked, I'm going by impact style, talent and creativity. I suggest you look into these rappers

Maddox and Monoxide the demented duo, one a adventure seeking fat boy who can out rap most, quick lyric improvisation, amazing groove and meaningful lyrics in sinister and blunt ways. Then monoxide child, chain-smoke and blunt toke, delivers the back up in meanings and really speaks to the listener. This duo is chosen first because of talent and creativity, they took their style and the love of juggalo group ICP and made it their own, they have entertain,ent, meaning, and talent all in one, and they don't care, they have blended all best genres and spit them out accordingly from wig splitting to heart broken from love to hate from blunt to axe

Is there anyway they could be more open minded? The song express yourself is just complete motivation towards the youth, not to be dead beat rednecks. Amazing rap, slam rough type sound, with fresh funky gangsta beats. They made music that nobody can take from them, they put all gangsta rap to shame. Not to mention they were real musicians

The unholy, love Psychopathic or not got a give it up. Esham is the most honest rapper, great metaphors, and extremely poetic, this music will hypnotize you, the beats and music is enjoyable for anybody who loves trippy music. Also being one of the first rappers to start horror core, not just drive by type violence but assassinations,suicide, acid, phoniness in humanity, serial killing, and horror themed violence is all included. Although that's not all it is the best album is Homie the clown

Very deep, very relatable and very truthful. Boondox really speaks to you and represents that you don't need to be from an inner city to spit rap. Also a very talented rapper. Even though it's country based this is not a album for rednecks exclusively it's more about the horror themes in the country, such as pumpkin head, red dirt roads, and corn stalk. The scarecrow boondox can really scare some sensitive listeners. Also a very creative image is included.
5Muck Sticky

Very original, yet also a very fast paced lyrical daze is included, marked down for all of the above, muck sticky is good for any marijuana lovers, if you can appreciate the small things and love being happy inward hear this also very humorous and inappropriate.
6Bushwick Bill

Bush wick bill is a very honest rapper, once in the ghetto boys went solo and lost an eye due to a self provoked angst related accident involving him and a girl. This rapper rapped about violence and horror core related topics, then through realization he ended up making a Christ related album in which explains miracles in being a god person, for his mistakes were ever so clear, great family music and very talented rapper.
7Axe Murder Boyz

First juggalo rap group that's not in psychopathic records.. These two puppies aren't quiet what they seem, very street and heart filled related tracks, Amb raps a lot about corruption and how they handle is, music is trippy, yet also backed up with a gangster type beat, I appreciate them for their vocabulary, views, and great lyrics. They are definently there because of lyrics. If your are a juggalo then you may appreciate this album more than a beyonce or 50 cent fan. Very hardcore and heart filled.
8Insane Clown Posse

The reason I chose ICP is because they created their own enterprise, label, spiritual following, fan base, and overall family. They developed their own sound no body thought of, inspired by NWA icp turned the hip hop stereotype twisted. Hilarious lyrics and very deep puzzle type tracks that all go together they are by far the most honorable band. Never supported by a major label, and worked the hardest to get where they are, other than trying to be accepted they've embraced hate and turned it into a stronger bond between them and juggalos. Whoop whoop
9Tech N9ne

On here because of mostly talent and music sound. Alright concepts but sort of typical
10Immortal Technique

Amazing rapper, and very analytical with politics, immortal technique can definently earn respect no matter who is listening.
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