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5 Songs That Are Catchy, But Have Dark Lyrics.

Have you ever had a moment when you're listening to a song and your really enjoying it. Then you actually pay attention to the lyrics and realize how sick and demented the song really is? Suddenly you're not enjoying the song so much huh? Well this list is dedicated to songs that are catchy, but have the most disturbing lyrics you can think of. Prepare to be horrified.
1Earl Hayes

To kick off this list we have a song by the now deceased rapper Earl Hayes. The title says it all. The song is about killing yourself. In the lyrics he's even encouraging the listener to take his own life if he wants to, and take his family and friends with him. How sick! What makes this song even more eerie is that the rapper actually killed himself and his girlfriend in a publicized murder-suicide. The song has a catchy chorus and a bone chilling beat you can't help but to bob your head to, dispite knowing its message.
Last Carress

This song by the Misfits has the most sick and dusturbing lyrics you'll hear in an old punk song. With lyrics like: "I raped your mother today, and it doesn't matter to me as long as she's spread". Being released in the late 70's, a song like this was unheard of at the time. But its upbeat punk riff and catchy melody make it hard not to listen to. Just don't be caught singing this in public..
3Foster the People
Pumped Up Kicks

I'm sure you all are familiar with this one. This song was a major hit a few years back. Many people were singing along with this catchy tune completely oblivious to the fact that they are singing about a boy who takes his father's gun and shoots up his school. But if you don't pay any attention to the lyrics, you might not even notice since the song sounds so upbeat and happy.
4The Beatles
Run For Your Life

Didn't think the Beatles were capable of writing sick and demented songs? Guess again. This is the last track on the Rubber Soul album. John Lennon is pretty much singing about killing his girlfriend if he finds her cheating on him. Whether or not this song was meant to be taken seriously or not, doesn't change how fucked up it is. With lyrics like: "I'd rather see you dead little girl than to be with another man". The song illustrates a very controlling and abusive boyfriend. But this song doesn't even come close to how fucked up and demented the last song on our list is.

Anyone who knows Eminem knows that he is a master at controversy. He's expressed his hatred for his mother and Ex wife on numerous songs. But on this song, he takes it a little too far. The whole song is basically a dialogue between Eminem and Kim. As Kim is begging for him to spare his life before he finally strangles her to death at the end of the track. You can even hear chocking sounds after which you hear him dragging her dead corpse through the woods and into the trunk of his car. This song is as fucked up as it gets. But damn, its so freakin catchy!
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