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My Top Ten Albums Of All-time.

I'm new here, recs are encouraged.
10Fall City Fall

I've never had so much fun listening to a record that it remained on repeat
for 10 or more listens, this release achieved that. These guys may be
green, but they bring something interesting to metalcore. These guys show
that two vocalists used correctly can really pay off. The deep gurgled churns
coupled with the manic-depressive quasi-rapping make for this albums
definite highlights. Plus these guys understand how to make a suitable
atmosphere and it makes this album even more of a spitfire.
Canopy Glow

Oh, the vocal melodies! I found this one to throw me off, a lot. But in the
best possible way, every song I expected a progression and every time it
surpassed my expectation. Every song has a similar feeling, but that's not a
bad thing, because every song is good, there's just no risk here.
8Dax Riggs
Say Goodnight to the World

There's something charming about the bleakness this album has to offer. It
still features the soulful Dax Riggs belting to the best of his ability, but what
makes this one head and shoulders better than 2007's We Sing Only of
Blood or Love is the composition. The band really stepped up for this
release, the music is finally given room to breathe. Sure, Dax still uses his
voice as an instrument, but he does it more tastefully than in past
7 Leftover Crack
Fuck World Trade

This album is angry. Hearing Stza Crack's razorblade voice list off bands he thinks are insincere
(or just plain bad) within the first 2 minutes of the record really sets the tone. This is an album
that has to be taken with a grain of salt. The use of hyperbole is as apparent as a rap record,
but a lot of people take it very literally. Musically the band only improved on previous formulas
and even throws in some curve-balls, that sometimes work, and sometimes fall short of
excellence, but overall this is a genre bending release that is sincere, and in the end that's all
you can ask of your music.
6Between the Buried and Me

Good albums have good songs on them. Great albums create a journey through the
good songs they have on them. This is a case of the latter. Colors has the precision
of metal acts of the present and past, but what makes it so much better is the
songwriting. It's so intricate that upon repeat listens you are constantly bombarded
with nuances infused into the album. It isn't the most accessible record, but if you
are able to discern how intelligent it is, you're half-way there.
5Murder by Death
Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left of Them?

Concept records are risky, because they have to keep your attention about
one general topic for the entirety of the album. However, this one pays off
due to an interesting scenario full of lyrical imagery painted by Adam Turla.
Oh yeah, and the musics great too.
MTV Unplugged in New York

While this may not be a legitimate studio release, that is irrelevant
because; #1 Nirvana is a much better live band than studio band, and #2 it
cemented the fact that Kurt Cobain is a great songwriter.
3Streetlight Manifesto
Everything Goes Numb

Good bands don't pigeonhole themselves into genres, and while this may
be a "ska" album, at the same time it is so much more. It doesn't fall into
any of the banalities or pretensions that plague bands of this era, it is what
it is. Solid composition, great lyrics (and lyrical content), and superb
musicianship make this a universally likeable record.

Everything about this album just works together flawlessly. From the acoustic intro of "Gin" to
the 1990's chain gang field recording hidden track, everything just fits. One band member is
driven by emotion, while the other is driven by music. In my opinion, Phil McSorely lending
himself solely to vocals and lyrics was the best thing that ever happened to this band.
The Ugly Organ

Rarely has an album hit me with enough emotion to make it difficult to listen to, but Tim Kasher
has managed to do this on a couple occasions (SEE: The Good Life's Album of the Year). From
the opening lines in "Some Red Handed of Sleight of Hand" you realize the name is not deceiving or ironic,
Tim Kasher is on The Ugly Organ and you're invited along for the ride.
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