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Sniffbruary -17

The mush awaited! Bae'd on objectivity. You know the drill - scroll through this and find something you might dig maybe? Also hand me them sweet recs and thanks a lot in advance to those who choose to give recs. As the previous list, 2017 stuff that wasn't on my january list only. For those who are curious. This will indeed feature a buttload of 3.5's
Cimilada Qaxootiga

4.0 [ambient idm] AOTY so far for me. Or in the words of Archelirion “Opening with a simple hi-hat pattern and seemingly arbitrary drums (bearing resemblance to a simulated conga, or steel drum), Lonefront seems content to play around with few components (perhaps owing to its improvisational nature) - as time progresses, ominous swells, buzzing, and lower register taps trade secondary roles”
Floating Away from the World

4.0 [ambient, electronic blahblah] depressingly beautiful. Requires a certain mood and attention for a long time but it is insane how much I dig this.
Suna Kulto

4.0 [black metal, crust, post metal] with vocals, guitars, drums and bass occupying the same frequencies it’s hard to make an impact. These guys do it and they do it well with beautiful songwriting craft. Edit: Oops did apparently first come out in 2016!
4Kangding Ray
Hyper Opal Mantis

4.0 [minimal techno of sorts] highly recommended for people who dig electronic stuff
5God's Drugs

4.0 [tech-house] look at me digging house hard at the beginning of this year. This is a fun ride and I encourage every fan of house music to check this.
6Moon Hooch
The Joshua Tree

4.0 [improv jazz, free jazz] horns and drums. I can imagine either you love or hate this one. I love it cos it’s fun af + Hooch is a Melvins track so there’s always the +0.5 bump for making me think of Melvins.
7Centralstodet / The Myrrors

3.5 [psychedelic instrumental rock] If you're in to psychedelic music, especially that of the instrumental variety, Ljudkamrater is very much recommended. – What Alabaster Jones said
8Sunlight's Bane
The Blackest Volume: Like All The Earth Was Buried

3.5 [blackened hardcore] much like any other blackened hardcore. Angry, dense and enjoyable. The middle of the album has some filler tracks but it starts on a high note and ends on an even higher.

3.5 [math rock] traditional math rock. Download for free
10Anne Quillier 6tet
Dusty Shelters

3.5 close to a 4 [jazz] it’s clear they had a lot of fun recording this which makes for a lot of fun while listening to it.

3.5 [trip hop] dark trip hop. This is a beauty with production cool af
12The Arson Project

3.5 [grind, punk, hardcore] long awaited debut from Swedish grandmasters (well almost) of grind about 6 years delayed but the hype did not disappoint.
13The Ominous Circle
Appalling Ascension

3.5 [death metal, doom metal, osdm] reminds me a bit of chthe’ilist
14Amnesia Scanner

3.5 [grime, house, every electronic genre ever] doesn’t quite pack the same punch as last years EP which was among the best of 2016. Still it’s undoubtedly AS-sounding and it’s great.
Modern Rituals

3.5 [sludge, stoner, hardcore, post metal, noise rock] bouncing around in these stated territories.
16Throttle Elevator Music

3.5 [jazz and rock] a varied palette with Kamasi in the foreground throughout.
17Emma Ruth Rundle / Jaye Jayle
The Time Between Us

3.5 [dream pop, psychedelic rock country] both sides brings the good vibes.
18King Woman
Created In The Image Of Suffering

3.5 [doom, shoegaze] sounds like Windhand if they were British and had emerged 1991.
19M. Rav
Common Purpose

3.5 [house, dub, deep house?] after a slow start the album really picks up pace midway but never loses touch with its dark roots or from time to time unorthodox song structures. A house, dub offering of considerable length but if you’re a part of Sints crew – check it out.

3.5 [death metal, grindcore] mindless 1000% riffage to enjoy
21Lorn (Italy)
Arrayed Claws

3.5 [black metal with some ambient] dense and loveable at the same time. Check. Shout-out to the dubcrew for mad recs and reps.
22Chaos in the CBD
Accidental Meetings

3.5 [house, jazzy house] super sexy EP. Reminds me a lot of last years Midnight by Dan Lissvik
24Joy Orbison
Off Season / Fuerza

3.5 [house] house that does what’s expected from it.
25James Murray
Killing Ghosts

3.5 [ambient with a splash of techno] starts out more beat oriented and ends in static drone. Nice narrative touch.
26DR. MiNT
Voices in the Void

3.5 [jazz fusion] skilled people unleash their craft on their instruments like it was no tomorrow.
The Aquarius

3.5 [jungle dub] got sweet flow written all over it. This is an EP that’s not too long. Well worth a spin or two.
28Crystal Fairy
Crystal Fairy

3.5 [psychedelic stoner heavy rock jams] brings the Melvins anno 2006 vibes hard. Jam this.
29Black Merlin
Proto World

3.5 [house, ambient] bookend tracks are quite the extra sauce. Middle tracks are house done right.
30Black Merlin
Phase One

3.5 surprisingly enough [house] first track is amazing. Second track is good.
31Francesco Berta

3.5 [classical, ambient, chamber?] neat little EP that brings the mellow feels. Quite beautiful!
32Francesco Berta

3.5 [see above] this time with a splash of house in the mix
33Carsten Jost
Perishable Tactics

3.5 [house, microhouse] actually really good but a bit too long and to be honest. Most of the latter part of the album blends together and it’s hard to make out anything.
Our Brief Encounters

3.5 [post rock] sparsely used vocals highlight parts of this traditional post rock EP.
35Stinking Lizaveta
Journey to the Underworld

3.5 [instrumental rock] brings the tasteful jams aplenty. “Traditional” rock setting jamming heavily.

3.5 [idm] can feel a bit lifeless from time to time but still a fun listen.
37Robin Foster

3.5 [post rock, electronic, instrumental rock] this is definitely worth a spin
38Ancient Methods
The First Siren

3.5 [industrial techno] the soundtrack to your own personal need for speed game. Rel recs so if you trust him and me… this is worth a try.
39Into Orbit

3.5 [post rock, post metal] post rock record you’ve heard before x1000. Decent enough songwriting with songs that progress just the right way but production is a bit stale
40Volcanic Queen
Innocence of Those Who Perished

3.5 [noise, drone, pretty sounds] userbased. Worth checking for the final track alone.
41boring bathtimes

3.5 [essential slowcore natural snow buildings drone post rock] the part around 30 minute mark hits home hard.
42Throwing Snow

3.5 [IDM, House, splash of drone and ambient] when this hits the spot it hits the spot hard for me. But some of the slower parts overstay their welcome.

3.5 [electronic, experimental, noise] the sound of drilling through concrete has never sounded so appealing.
Tomorrows Explorers

3.5 [ambient] this thing is a beauty
Zone Of Avoidance

3.5 [ambient dub stuff] ASC finds home!

3.5 [post metal] two post metal tracks with a (two) drony interlude. Post metal for the ones who are already into the genre.
The Mutual Promise

3.5 [chiptune, dubstep] actually not bad at all.
48Craig Taborn
Daylight Ghosts

3.5 [jazz] enjoyable and somewhat cinematic jazz
49Hiroto Kudo

3.5 [vaporwave, some kind of wave, downtempo, beats] listening as easy as a summer breeze and smells like newly pollinated Aconitum. For free

3.5 [house] easy going house.
51Sinmara / Misthyrming

3.5 [black metal] my man Scuro recs cool bm for yall
52Career Suicide
Machine Response

3.5 [80’s hardcore] fury of the 80’s revitalized 2017. Decent enough punk rock/hardcore

3.5 [stoner rock] a lot like their previous effort. This might be a tad bit slower but if you dug the previous one you’ll dig this.

3.5 [post metal, black metal] Alex CF with his trademark drawn out songwriting fetish.
Chalice Hymnal

3.5 [post rock, instrumental rock] looming around being a 3.0 but the last track is just too good for such a “low” rating.
57Aversions Crown

3.5 [deathcore] enjoying this way too much tbh.

3.5 [death metal] sometimes fun, sometimes it drags.
De Doden Hebben het Goed II

3.5 [black metal] too bad the rest of the tracks aren’t as good as the first track. Also written Dutch looks an awful lot like something transcribed from a toddlers attempt to speak
Nothing Left to Abandon

3.5 or 3.0 depending on mood [downtempo, minimal electro] Boards of Canada sound familiar?
61Sun Kil Moon
Common As Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood

3.0 [folk, diary] Sun Kil Moon has the most wonderful midlife crisis. Parts of this is actually quite relatable but songs drag a lot as you’ll notice. Reminds me more of Benji than Universal Themes but also the vocal delivery is quite similar to the record with Jesu.
It Never Ends

3.0 almost 3.5 [minimal house] drags a lot in places and album is overlong overall but has really nice parts in between.
63Fog Lake

3.0 [mega shoegaze dream pop, lo-fi indie] melancholia much? Sounds like Fog Lake

3.0 [Jazz] trio of bass, piano and drums mostly. Standard jazz record where the darker sounding tracks stand out.
65Ibibio Sound Machine

3.0 [funk melting pot of genres] much in the same vein as their previous record. This is a bit too drawn out for its own good. Trance Dance goes hard.

3.0 [psychedelic rock] friends release an EP for fans of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath type of rock.
The Lesser God

3.0 [traditional black metal] my man Aaron recs. This has more in common with Scandinavian bm than with the French scene even though the name would suggest otherwise.
68Lawrence English
Cruel Optimism

3.0 [ambient] nothing stands out. A blur of sound mostly albeit an enjoyable blur.
69The Drowned God

3.0 [post screamo metal hardcore stuff] feels like the songs should be 20 % faster than they are.
70Grave Plague
The Infected Crypts

3.0 [osdm, hardcore] Entombed worship
Children of the Haze

3.0 [stoner, doom] Electric Wizard worship
72Chinese Man

3.0 [hip-hop, trip-hop] varied enough with cool features. Drags a lot in places tho. Last sample on the last track brings the memories and feels hard.
73Ekpyrosis (ITA)
Asphyxiating Devotion

3.0 [death metal, old school leaning] your average underground dm not bad, but nothing that stands out. Get out with that 5 JoshThompson
74Sadness (USA)

3.0 [shimmering black metal] one for the likes of Vattnet Viskar and So Hideous. First track is a 2.5 but the second tracks is a 3.5 which merits the 3.0 overall rating.
75Visible Cloaks

3.0 [jazzy ambient electronics freeform synth sounds] it’s pretty
76John Garcia
The Coyote Who Spoke in Tongues

3.0 [acustic stoner rock and covers] being this stuck in nostalgia is kinda sad.
77Super Snake
Leap of Love

3.0 [blues stoner rock and such] you guys need to chill with the high ratings, this isn’t that good. Only song that doesn’t overstay its welcome is Big Sieze and Take my Breath.
The Wisdom of Venom

3.0 [drone and fuzz] lengthy track one us mostly static noise. Followed by two more post punk-ish droning fuzzing songs.
79Pissed Jeans
Why Love Now

3.0 [noise punk] it’s fun. Nothing too special.
80Mega Bog
Happy Together

3.0 [experimental, artsy] there’s pop roots to be found underneath this mess. Parts of this are jazzy and they’re kind of cool but other parts are just plain uncoherent sounds.
81Steve Roach
The Passing

3.0 [ambient] meanders through well-known ambient soundscapes.
82Mind over Mirrors
Undying Color

3.0 [ambient, spacious synths] vocals and synths take the foreground over almost electro acoustic like drones. Ranges from beautiful to boring
83Lord of the Isles
Parabolas Of Neon

3.0 [space synth, techno, ambient stuff] neat little ep but it doesn’t offer much replay value for me at least. First track is kind of cool.
84Ignis Gehenna
Baleful Scarlet Star

3.0 [black metal] traditional black metal is done better by others
85Matteo Vallicelli

3.0 [spacious synths] layer upon layer of space sounds played on synth with massive reverb. Most of this roam in beatless territory which makes for an interesting listen. Check the track Futuro for good measurement.
86Unknown Me

3.0 [wonder sounder and ambient playtime] also including spacious sounds and a hidden house track
Pure, Beyond Reproach

3.0 [grime, dubstep and all that] a collection of cool sounds without structure. Some songs bang nonetheless
88Vermont (Ger)

3.0 [ambient, synth] mostly synth based ambient. Songs get an almost post rock-esque feel.
89Mary Lattimore
Returned to Earth

3.0 [ambient, classical] short EP featuring harp ofc and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma (second (and the better track of the two) only)
90Dead Witches

3.0 [stoner doom] thick as a brick. Nails the sounds of the genre but not the songwriting
91First Blood

3.0 [hardcore] mindless and exactly like every other hardcore record of this type but actually quite fun and a surprisingly energetic comeback.
92Children Of Alice
Children Of Alice

3.0 [trippy happy fun times sound collage] works well enough for being mostly uncohesive sounds of varying sorts.
93Kassel Jaeger and Jim O'Rourke
Wakes on Cerulean

3.0 [electroacoustic, drone, improvised I presume] neat offering. Not in any way a must hear tho.
No Future

3.0 [house, industrial] this doesn’t really do much for me and it overstays its welcome but y’all house fans might dig.
95Trevor de Brauw

3.0 [post rock, guitar based drone] guitarist from Pelican trying to sound like Aiden Baker. Decent job, nothing too exciting.
96Thievery Corporation
The Temple of I & I

3.0 [dub, trip hop] production is enjoyable most of the times but songs aren’t super interesting especially the dubtracks seem to drag.
97Kairon IRSE!

3.0 [prog rock] prog that is somewhat enjoyable. Songs kind of drag tho, no surprise after all this is a prog record.
About U

3.0 [80’s smelling indie pop] draws influences from everything from Fever Ray to Abba to Beach House to club music and what not
99Clap! Clap!
A Thousand Skies

3.0 [house, samples, rhythms] all over the place. From time to time enjoyable. Ode to Pleiades is a great tune.
Sleeping With Her

3.0 [house] decent production and all but I can’t stand the traditional vocals utilized in house. I’m sorry.
Knivad fran Krogen

Check my EP if you care for it.
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