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My Required Favorite Albums List

I am aware that this list is probably really derivative and many will write me off as just another rrrindie kid. That's ok though, because it's probably true. Alphabetical order.
1Alec Ounsworth
Mo Beauty

I've always like Ounsworth's vocals and songwriting a whole lot, but the instrumentation here works much better for me than most of his Clap Your Hands output. I hope he revisits this sometime.
2Animal Collective
Merriweather Post Pavilion

I know that many Animal Collective fans prefer the wild, noisy earlier albums to this one, and I like those fine, but these songs are just too perfect to deny. Beautiful and catchy while still maintaining that AnCo "feel".
3Arcade Fire

The intense hype around this album should probably kill it for me, but every time I play it, I can't help but fall in love with it all over again. The songs are all amazingly well-realized and the lyrics get across the perfect "sad, but willing to take action to make things better" mood.
4The Beatles
Abbey Road

What can I really say about this one? All the tracks are classic, and the ending medley is one of the most perfect pieces of music that has been recorded. The ultimate career retrospective.

The blend of strings and electronics makes me swoon anytime a song from this album comes on. Also features some of my favorite Bjork vocals. Joga and Bachelorette are two of my favorite songs of all time.
6The Blood Brothers
Burn Piano Island, Burn

Never dove too deep into hardcore, but this album's manic energy and fast pace make it easy to go back to and listen to over and over. It doesn't help that all the songs are killer as well. And that ending just gives me chills every time (I don't know why).

An absolute beast of an album. It seems to just constantly lurch forward, but you're transfixed on it, no matter how slow it moves sometimes.
8The Dismemberment Plan
Emergency & I

There's a reason this one's remembered fondly by so many people. The lyrics seem to really speak to people of a certain age, and they are delivered in a unique (at the time) way with excellent songs backing them.
9DJ Shadow

Every single second that this album is playing, I find it hard to think of anything else. It switches moods so often and Shadow uses his samples so well, that it just grabs me and never lets me go.
10The Flaming Lips
The Soft Bulletin

Simply a great collection of songs. Obviously very personal and heartfelt, but it's still the Flaming Lips, so there's a layer of off-ness that keeps that heartfelt- ness from becoming overly sentimental.
11Flying Lotus

Apparently this gets described as a difficult album? I'm not trying to brag or something, but I never understood that. From the first time I listened to this album I was so fascinated by what Ellison does that I couldn't imagine putting it down. It still sounds so mysterious while still being accessible, that it seems to remain almost new.
12 Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Man, this album might kind of terrify me a little. The picture it paints is incredibly bleak, but it paints it so well that it is impossible not to admire the artistry on display.
The Blueprint

The Blueprint is the album that taught this white, suburb-residing kid that it was okay to like this whole "rap" thing. Is that probably overly- stereotypical of me or something? Sure, but that doesn't change the fact that the production on this album was the greatest thing I'd ever heard at the time, and Jay-Z used to be a pretty damn good rapper.
14Joanna Newsom
Have One on Me

I know lots of people think this album (these albums?) is (are?) too long, but I find it hard to complain about having too much awesome. Really love Newsom's improved voice and the songs on this thing are universally gorgeous. Checkmate, haters.
15Modest Mouse
The Lonesome Crowded West
16LCD Soundsystem
Sound of Silver

I'm totally a sucker for analog-sounding electronics, and James Murphy did it better than anyone. Great tunes that are fun, but have more going on under the surface for those that want to look.
17Los Campesinos!
We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed

Brevity is the soul of wit, or whatever. This album is both of those things, and great for it. Doesn't overstay its welcome, and Gareth's sharp lyrics are in the spotlight, as it should be.

If the Blueprint was the album that taught me that it was ok to like hip-hop, Madvillainy was the album that made me fall head-over-heels for the genre. Madlib's beats are rough in all the right ways and the lay the perfect groundwork for DOOM to spit the best rhymes of his career.
19Sunset Rubdown

Perfectly crafted. Amazing songwriting.

My favorite metal album, probably because it borrows so much from non-metal genres. It blends so many styles together to form this massive beast (haha) of an album that is epic (in the traditional sense) and hits hard with a great sound.
21Miles Davis
Kind of Blue

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's the best jazz album of all time, whatever, we've heard it before. But no seriously you guys, Kind of Blue is an incredible listen, and if you deprive yourself of it, you deserve whatever horrible things happen to you. Everything just builds and shifts so perfectly and it's just so tight and great and go listen right now.
22The Mountain Goats
All Hail West Texas

One man and a guitar, recording himself on a not-great boombox. Regardless, this thing is full of stories that we can all relate to or know someone who could relate to them. You can't help but listening to something like "Fall of the Star Running Back" and think of that one popular jock in high school that you couldn't stand. This whole conceit could easily fall apart, but it helps that John Darnielle is one of the best storytellers of this generation.
23Neutral Milk Hotel
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Yeah, this one's here too. I know it's talked about too much and on too many lists, but I love it regardless. In the Aeroplane is memorable from start to finish and is one of the few albums to genuinely move me emotionally.
24 Nosferatu D2
We're Gonna Walk Around This City...

Yet another album about ennui and dissatisfaction, imagine that. This one features some really great lyrics and a cathartic, loud drum-n-guitar combo. It's a shame this was the band's only album.

At least three songs on this album are absolute classics. The rest of them are pretty good too though, and the chemistry between Andre and Big Boi is never better than this. The only downsides are the skits, but even those can generally be overlooked in favor of the great tracks.
26Panda Bear
Person Pitch

Person Pitch didn't leave my car for two months straight after I bought it. This is a big deal for someone who's usually extremely music ADD like me. But it's so chilled out and smooth that it's perfect to just let it play over and over and marinate in the sound.
Wowee Zowee

I love this reason for most of the reasons everyone seems to dislike it. It's long, it's scattershot and all over the place, and it doesn't flow well. Those are all true, but with a band like Pavement, I think expecting too much of them from an organizational perspective will just let you down, and the songs here are some of their best. A little variety never hurt nobody.

Another album that scared me when I was younger. Less because of a sense of well-planned foreboding dread than the fact that Frank Black is kind of just a creepy vocalist. I stuck with it though and eventually discovered the incredible melodies and great sound the band had put together here.

Though the sounds are warmer and more intimate than its brother Kid A, Amnesiac still manages to turn them into something more cold and alienating. This is an off-putting album, and I love it for that. Not something I want to listen to all the time, but when I do, it still has a great deal of power in it.
30Xiu Xiu
The Air Force

I see this one get unfavorably compared to Fabulous Muscles a lot, but I've always preferred this one. Has the right balance of the sweet Xiu Xiu with the completely abrasive Xiu Xiu for my tastes.
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