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10 Biggest Discoveries In 2014

Basically a list over the 10 biggest music discoveries I made during 2014. Old & new bands, mainly the ones where I got into more than just 1 album. So 2-3 albums or more (like the whole catalog)
10Miles Davis
Bitches Brew

I'm by no means a Jazz guy, but I've been starting to feel the Jazz waters a bit, and Miles Davis has been nr1 on that list, with John Coltrane being nr2. Kind of Blue is also very good, but Bitches Brew was my first album, so I have some nostalgic feelings towards it. Probably my favorite.
9At the Drive-In
Relationship of Command

Late to the game, but At the Drive-In are great. Casino is a great album as well, but Relationship of Command is just perfect. Love their energy.

Isis helped me get into Post-Metal, and Panopticon was the first Post-Metal album that I fully loved. Overall I feel their discography is pretty darn great. Oceanic is almost as good, Wavering Radiant and Celestial are both sweet in their own ways, and In the Absence of Truth is perhaps the one that feels the least unique, but quality-wise it really holds up as well. Panopticon is where it's at though. I love the sparse use of vocals, because when they are used, they add so much more to the music. This album has so many memorable guitar riffs and melodies, it's crazy.
Boris At Last -Feedbacker-

Got into this band when I heard Noise earlier this year. That album was really great, and worked as my introduction. I moved on with Feedbacker, Flood, Pink, and quickly realized I had stumbled upon another gem. While Flood and Feedbacker are pretty close in quality, I'm giving a slight edge to Feedbacker. What a perfect album.
6Sun Kil Moon
Ghosts of the Great Highway

Mark Kozelek has been the guy everybody is talking about this year, partly because of how great Benji was, but also the dispute with War on Drugs. I got into him through Benji, but found the most rewarding albums earlier in his catalog. Ghosts of the Great Highway is the best SKM album IMO, followed by April, which is almost as good. Still, "Duk Koo Kim" alone gives this album a slight edge.
5Red House Painters
Red House Painters I

Mark Kozelek has been the guy everybody is talking about this year, partly because of how great Benji was, but also the dispute with War on Drugs. I got into him through Benji, but found the most rewarding albums earlier in his catalog. Out of the RHP albums, Rollercoaster is the big highlight IMO. He really captures the sad and melancholic feelings perfectly.
4Stars of the Lid
And Their Refinement Of The Decline

I listen to a lot of ambient and drone music, and I find it to be very relaxing and perfect for those late hours at night, when you are too tired to listen to something heavy or layered, but not tired enough that you wanna sleep. Stars of the Lid has quickly become one of my favorite bands in this field, and their music is perfect for background sounds. I really hope they put out new music, because their last two albums are flawless. "And Their Refinement Of The Decline" is my favorite.
3The Mars Volta
Frances The Mute

For several years I dismissed this band for a few dumb reasons, and in retrospect I feel bad about it. Back when Amputechture came out, my dad bought it, played it in the car, and I kinda dismissed it, because I did not listen to any progressive music at the time. I also had this idea that all their music was in Spanish, and I remember hearing mixed things. But I finally checked them out, and De-Loused/Frances got me hooked. They are by far the best albums, and I'm giving a slight nod to Frances because Cassandra Gemini is IMO their best song. But overall I think their discography is stronger than just the merits of those two albums. Bedlam is a step below, but still incredible, Amputechture is their most difficult, but I have grown to like it quite a bit. Octahedron has some nice mellow songs as well.
Times of Grace

Neurosis! Probably my all time favorite metal band together with Converge. I'll admit it, I was late to the Post-Metal party. Been a huge Post-Rock fan for years, but for some reason I had trouble getting into the little Post-Metal I heard. Neurosis and Isis managed to get me into it though. Apart from two pretty mediocre albums at the start, once Neurosis started the path towards Post-metal with Souls at Zero, it was pretty much smooth sailing from there on out. They have been constantly hitting it out of the park over the years, and I picked Times of Grace for this list because it was my first Neurosis album that I loved, but Through Silver or Eye of Every Storm are just as good really. They have like 6-7 god-tier albums.
Sing to God

What an amazing band. Quite possibly already up there in my top5. They have a really nice blend of various genres, and if you like your music quirky, experimental and very much all over the place, this band will probably be of interest to you. I can see how they influenced Mr. Bungle, and probably some newer bands like Dog Fashion Disco and Polkadot Cadaver. I've been a fan of Oceansize for years, and Cardiacs is a name I have seen around, but I was late to the party. Sing to God is probably my favorite (maybe because it was my first one), but you honestly can't go wrong with either of their albums from "A Little Man.." and forward. So much awesomeness.
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