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15(ish) Things Worth Knowing About Coffee

hello my long lost friends
1 Night Verses
Lift Your Existance

It all started with dancing goats. Legend has it that ethiopian shepherds first noticed the effects of caffeine when they saw their goats appearing to become frisky and "dance" after eating coffee berries.
2Wil Wagner

Originally, Coffee was eaten. African tribes mixed coffee berries with fat which formed edible energy balls.
Liquid Swords

70% of the world consumes Arabica coffee, which is mild and aromatic. The remaining 30% drinks Robusta, which is more bitter-tasting but has 50% more caffeine than Arabica.
4Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here

All the coffee in the world grows in the Bean Belt. The "Bean Belt" is a fancy word for the equator.
Watch Out!

The rise of Islam contributed greatly to the popularity of coffee. The religion prohibited drinking alchohol, but coffee was considered an acceptable drink.

In 1675, the King of England banned coffee houses, claiming they were places where people met to conspire against him.
7Protest the Hero

A belgian man living in Guatemala by the name of George Washington invented it in 1906.
8The Mezingers
On the Impossible Past

Coffee grows on trees. They can grow to be up to 30 feet tall, but are cultivated to be around 10 feet tall for easy-picking.
9A Wilhelm Scream
A Wilhelm Scream

The bean is actually a seed inside of a bright red berry.
10Kanye West
The College Dropout

Coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth. Oil is the first... clearly humanity has a thing for black drippy liquids.
11KiD CuDi
A KiD Named CuDi

Coffee berries are picked, dried and stripped down until all thats left is a green bean.
12La Dispute

Once shipped, the beans are roasted at around 500 degrees Ferenheit. After a few minutes the bean will "pop" and double in size. A few minutes later the bean will "pop" once more. The second pop means the bean is done.
In Utero

The term "Americano" comes from american GIs during WWII. They would order espresso with water to dilute the strong flavour.
14Of Monsters and Men
My Head is an Animal

Espresso is not a particular type of bean, roast or blend. Espresso is just a way that coffee is prepared: shooting pressurized, hot water through finely ground coffee.
White Pony

How it works: In your brain theres something called Adenosine and it only wants to hang out with certain receptors. When these to get together, you get drowsy. When caffeine shows up, it attaches to the receptors so that Adenosine cannot. Your pituitary gland sees this and thinks there's an emergency so it tells the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline. In addition, caffeine bumps up your dopamine levels. The result, a caffeine high.
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