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2012 Expectations

Here's a list of albums I'm expecting to come out in 2012 and my rviews about them.
Slaves for life

Amaseffer - When The Lions Leave Their Den. Ever since I heard Mabool by Orphaned Land - which is one of the most complete records I've ever heard, I have always had a soft spot for middle-eastern styled rock/metal. I discovered Amaseffer's first album "Slaves For Life" and I enjoyed the album very much, but it was not without flaws. "When The Lions Leave Their Den" was supposed to be released last year, but then the band stop posting alls (probably). I picked up the news somewhere that this is going to be released later this year, so I hope this one is as good as or maybe even better than their previous record.
Weather Systems

Anathema - Weather Systems. "We're Here Because We're Here" was undoubtedly one of my favorite releases from 2010. Personally, I feel they should have taken another year writing music before they entered the studio to make another album, because the expectations are set really high.
3Barren Earth
Curse Of The Red River

Barren Earth - The Devil's Resolve. They're a "good" band. I liked their debut album, but it was clearly nothing sensational. Hopefully, their new album will be better.

Behemoth - TBA. Behemoth isn't my favorite death metal band out there, but Demigod is a magnificent album, in my opinion, and Evangelion is awesome to some extent as well. Let's see what they have in store this year.
5Between the Buried and Me

Between The Buried And Me - The Parallax 2 (?). Now, this will polarize the members of Sputnik. To be honest, "Hypersleep Dialogues" sounded painfully forced. It's hard to not admit that they have always been a little bit forced in their music, but this EP was too much forced. They seemed so obsessed with playing technically that they lost the natural flow of music they displayed in Alaska or Colors. In my opinion, if this follows the footsteps of the EP, this will probably suck for me.
6Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath - TBA. Honestly, I'm not sure anymore. Their early releases, like Paranoid and Master Of Reality and much more, were some of the greatest albums in the history of music. But over time, they grew staler and staler and their last few releases were? ugh. Nevertheless, it is true that this will be their first album in almost 18 years or so. Maybe they cultured tons of ideas in their heads by now, who knows. One thing is for sure: the expectation bar is set fucking high. And so are the chances of this being disappointing. Many people are like: "Part of me wants this record and part of me doesn't". Yeah. Because expectations are fucking high.
Blackfield II

Blackfield - TBA. I idolize Steven Wilson. Blackfield is probably the weakest project out of everything he has done so far, but still, it's Steven Wilson. "Welcome To My DNA" was very mediocre, though. I loved Blackfield's first two albums. Let's hope this one isn't as boring as their last album.
8Before The Dawn
Rise of the Pheonix

Before The Dawn - Rise Of The Phoenix. "Rise Of The Phoenix"? err? okay. I'm not very fond of the name of the album. Nevertheless, Before The Dawn is an awesome band. Tuomas knows how to make the guitar melodies very nice to hear, that's for sure. That being said, Deathstar Rising was their weakest effort. And for their 2012 release, the album name is already giving me second thoughts.
Axe To Fall

Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind. When I heard Converge for the first time, I was like: "What the fuck is this shit?!". The song lengths and structures did not appeal to me. The vocals did not appeal to me (the terrible autotune over the vocals in Jane Doe still doesn't appeal to me). But then Axe To Fall was released on 2009 and it was the first "complete" Converge record I heard and, probably because by then I started listening to Protest The Hero and The Dillinger Escape Plan (even though Converge are somewhat different from them) so I was slightly familiar with their style, I instantly fell in love with the record. The sheer amount of madness in the album is just unbelievable. At least for Sputnik's sake, I hope the new Converge album is awesome, because Sputnik elites would cry if they release a bad album.
Carbon-Based Anatomy

Cynic - The Portal Tapes EP. Seriously? An EP? Again? Fuck's sake, they should do an album. Cynic is one of my favorite bands. Now, "Carbon Based Anatomy" was superb and so they are releasing another EP later this year. In all honesty, I am disappoint as I expected a full-length album from them.
11Devin Townsend

Devin Townsend - Epicloud. "Big, heavy, romantic kind of melodic stuff. Pretty, ethereal and simple." What on Earth does he mean by that? Devin Townsend is definitely one of my favorite artists. The solo stuffs he has done over the years are simply astounding and the entirety of the Devin Townsend Project was awesome. But what does "Big, heavy, romantic kind of melodic stuff. Pretty, ethereal and simple" mean? If it goes something like "The Way Home" and "In Ah" of Addicted, that's cool, but I really wished for something heavier like Deconstruction.
12The Devin Townsend Project

Devin Townsend - Ghost 2. Another Devin Townsend release which is "supposed" to be released this year, Ghost 2 will be the darker version of Ghost. 2011's Ghost is one of the most hypnotic records I have ever heard. The only drawback, to me, was that the album was "happy". I love darker tunes and hopefully, Ghost 2 will be better than Ghost for me.
13Fear Factory

Fear Factory - The Industralist. I hate the name of the album, that's for sure. But Mechanize was simply awesome - the best record they put out since their first albums, maybe. Dino and Gene are there, so I think it would be safe to say that the album will be cool. But then again?
The Way of All Flesh

Gojira - Of Blood And Salt [EP]. Gojira has been consistently improving ever since they released their debut album. "The Way of All Flesh" was an excellent release, and even though they had enough time to write an actual full-length, they are going to release an EP. Okay, cool. Not to mention they recently signed with Roadrunner, so it would be interesting to hear what direction they take this time.
15Ill Nino

Ill Nino - TBA. Ah, my much beloved guilty pleasure band. Ill Nino has been one of my favorite bands ever since they released Revolution Revolucion. And even though I have moved on to better music, I could never really wave goodbye to Ill Nino because they (and Mudvayne and SOAD) are the bands which made me addicted to metal in the first place. What really annoys me about them is their consistent habit of throwing filler tracks into their albums. They obviously have potential; it is evident when you listen to excellent songs like "The Alibi Of Tyrants", "Pieces Of The Sun", "Arrastra", "Killing You, Killing Me" and so on. My question is: why the fuck would a band who can write amazing songs like those write terrible songs like "Against The Wall" or "Hot Summer's Tragedy" and put them in the same record? That is simply absurd. Over time, they have garnered many different types of fans: some like the mainstream approach take in Confession, some like the nu metal approach in their debut, and some like the impulsive direction they chose in ONU - and now, Ill Nino wants to appeal to all those different types of crowds, and the result comes out as a total mess. Dave Chavarri said this will be their most "tribal / Latin" record yet. For God's sake, let's hope they do that and not make ugly tracks like "Against The Wall" here.
16In Mourning
Shrouded Divine

In Mourning - The Weight Of Oceans. In Mourning's debut album is one of my favorite albums from 2008, and even though their second album was somewhat disappointing compared to the first, I still loved it. A comparatively younger band and one of my favorite bands from the post-2000s. Personal expectations? I pray to God that it's good.
Night Is The New Day

Katatonia - TBA. One of my extreme favorite bands along with the likes of Opeth, Tool, Machine Head, The Mayan Factor and so on, I cannot be but extremely psyched about the new Katatonia release. Night Is The New Day is one of my favorite albums ever (like some other Katatonia releases); it was subtle, dark, hypnotic and the natural flow of music was best in any Katatonia release by far. That said, I would definitely not want a "Night Is The New Day" carbon copy. It could be cool to see them perform something heavier this time. I don't know. They're Katatonia. I know that I enjoyed each and every one of their albums - and I want to thoroughly enjoy the new record as well.

Meshuggah - Koloss. I love the album name for some reason (but the album cover is ugly). Meshuggah has consistently performed well throughout their musical career. I know I'd love to hear Tomas Haake behind the kit once again. That man is a beast.
Those Whom the Gods Detest

Nile - TBA. Nile is one of my favorite death metal bands. Middle-Eastern styled Death Metal with some of the beastliest drumming I have ever heard in my life. George Kollias is fuckin' insane. Their last album was tons better than Ithyphallic. Now, as a Muslim myself, I disliked the incorporation of Muslim Prayer (Azaan/Adhan) in the track "Kafir" in their latest album even though the lyrics was supportive of Muslims. But those are minor details, really. Hopefully, the new Nile record would tear some balls without, maybe, going too much religious, I guess XD.
From One

Ra - TBA. My Guilty Pleasure Level with this band is over 9,000. Band gets so much hate that its almost painful. Because they're nu metal? That, and because they go poppy now and then. Even I don't know why I love the band so much, but I do. From One was one of my favorite album for many years and I guiltily loved Black Sun as well (even Broken Hearted Soul XD). Expectations from the new album? I heard the single "Running Blind" and the samples used here and there were terrible. The song itself was very "only above average". I really can't make a comment on their upcoming album. I have moved on from that particular style of music, but I would try it nonetheless.

Soen - Cognitive. Martin Lopez and Steve DiGiorgio together? You bet. I have heard three or four tracks from the album and I can already say that this album will rule, even though it sounds VERY much like Tool. Debut album and an already possible contender for the album of the year for sure. Very VERY hyped about this release.
Natural Born Chaos

Soilwork - The Living Infinite. Their recent releases have been disappointing and Speed sounds so different from what he used to back in Natural Born Chaos. "The Panic Broadcast" was monotonous apart from only a few tracks like "The Thrill" and "Two Lives Worth Of Reckoning". The most sensible thing to do now would be to set my expectations to zero so that I could at least enjoy the new album for a day or two.
Dark Ages

Soulfly - Enslaved. Curious. Just curious. I have never really been a huge Soulfly fan. They're "okay" for me, to be honest. Never been much into them. So I'm only curious to find out how their new album sounds like.
24 Storm Corrosion
Storm Corrosion

Storm Corrosion - Storm Corrosion. Steven Wilson and Mikael Akerfeldt. My masters. THIS is something that I have been waiting for years now. I always had this hunch that Wilson and Akerfeldt would write music together someday and I have been waiting ever since. With the news of Storm Corrosion, I felt very alive. By now, we all know that this will NOT be an "Opeth meets Porcupine Tree" progressive record, but rather a very? well? orchestral? err? atmospheric? umm? bluesy record? I guess. And you know what, I'm damn happy that it is like that. A progressive supergroup would have been so predictable. Honestly, why form another progressive supergroup when both groups are making progressive music? But then they said that it would be heavily orchestral and I was like: "Fuck yeah". So yes, with two of the greatest masterminds in today's music industry writing music together and when they say this will NOT be a prog record, you can start wondering what kind of music they might make but you won't really figure it out until you hear the album itself.
25System of a Down

System Of A Down - TBA. No. There hasn't been any official news about SOAD planning to release a new record in 2012. But one can hope. SOAD are one of my most favorite bands. John said that they would take their time. Cool, but we haven't heard any new SOAD music since 2005, and Hypnotize/Mesmerize was nowhere near Toxicity or the self-titled. They have had enough time. And they are taking more time. Let's see if we get Toxicity II.

Tesseract - TBA [EP]. I loved One. "Eden" is one of the most fabulous tracks I have heard in a couple of years now. The Concealing Fate series was very good as well. Hopefully, they're release another concept EP this year like Concealing Fate.
The Gathering

Testament - The Dark Roots Of The Earth. This is one of the older bands which still has it. Many pre-90s bands, like Metallica, have simply worn off and now they sound like they should stop creating music already. Testament also wore off in their middle of their career as well, and Demonic was horrid. But their last two albums were awesome and brilliant return to form. Let's see what they have to offer this time.
28The Ocean

The Ocean - TBA. So their Anthropocentric/Heliocentric series is over. Hopefully, they'll now return to being as awesome as they used to be during Precambrian, I guess. I hope so, at least. They're one of my favorite bands in the type of music they make, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Tool - TBA. Katatonia, Soen. Storm Corrosion. And now there is Tool. It has been six freakin' years since the last Tool record and it is almost impossible now to hold on to my pants any longer. These guys are impossible, to be honest. Over 20 years into the business and still released only 4 full-length albums. Lateralus and Aenima are two of the most fantastic records I have ever heard. 10,000 Days seemed excellent to me because by then I was already a fanboy, but it was Lateralus which changed my perspective about music forever. They took a fuckin' six year break! THIS BETTER BE WORTH THE WAIT!

Wintersun - Time. Speaking of "worth the wait", look what I brought over here. Is Jari intentionally trolling us? This has been on "Recording" status ever since 2006! I've never heard of any album which takes 6 fuckin' years to record. I think I read it somewhere that Jari plans to release it by the end of this year, but I STILL doubt it. Their debut album is still one of my favorite albums and I listen to it occasionally, hoping that Jari would release "Time" already so that I could stop clinging to this old record. The news better be legit and Time better be released in 2012 and IT BETTER BE GOOD!
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