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How I Found Love, How Did You Find Love?

This is how I found a few of my favorite albums of all time and I rencourage fellow sputsters to spin a yarn or two below as well rabout some of their most beloved albums.
1The Dave Brubeck Quartet
Time Out

When I was in my twenties I was a Utility worker and would spend all of my down time at a used CD store In Dublin (I'm in Ohio). If it gives any indication as to exactly how much time I spent there I was known to the staff by name. On a particular day I had gone through all the racks and not found anything to my liking so I asked if I could go through the many large stacks of intake stock i.e. shit they had purchased from people in the last 24 hours. The clerk indicated that it would be no problem. About half way through the fourth or fifth stack I ran into this gem (1997) -Original recording reissued. I recognized the name but couldn't place an exact track by title. The clerk winced and said "I don't know if I can let you have that, I kind of want it for myself". It wasn't until I promised to burn it and give him a copy that he would allow me to make the purchase. The extra effort ended up being totally worth it. I was completely entranced by this recording right down to the unexpected string snaps you can hear from the bass peppered throughout the sessions. I have listened to this album every bit as much as any Tool or Pearl Jam album and it saddens me to think that I might have ever possible have missed this beautiful piece of art. Even the cover art has the ability to entrance me at times.
2Aphex Twin
Richard D. James Album

I'm going to say right about 1998 a buddy of mine had a disk of remixed songs. To this day I have no idea what it was but I believe it had something to do with the Ventolin re-mixes but it isn?t that specific disk. It wasn't actually remixed songs but a remixed song. Many Many versions of the same fucking song. It seemed so attractively ludicrous to me and no one I knew could quite wrap their head around it as being an acceptable way to release a CD. I had even made a track similarly disjointed (or at least I like to remember it that way) a few months ago using Acid Pro. My buddy really didn?t like it at all but I was entranced so he said I could have it. I left it behind by accident and the next time I thought about it again he had given it away to someone else. This would turn out to be a trend with this particular friend of mine, if he gives you something take it or you?ll never see it again. Whatever it was exactly it made an impression on me and when I came across this album in a used CD store there was something familiar about the name (I didn?t put two and two together until a few years later) so I purchased it and instantly fell in love. From this point on I would purchase anything Aphex Twin I would stumble upon. I?m pretty sure on the time frame as I remember ?Drukqs? coming out a few years later.
3Nine Inch Nails
Pretty Hate Machine

In 1993 while I was in High School there was a pretty large punk revival movement where I grew up. It was not odd to find drifting punks from all over the united states showing up on the front porch of one of my best friend?s house. He was three years older, graduated and had his own place where all of us high school kids cool enough to pass would hang out. Side Note: I was never a punk myself but I was considered a cool enough cat or big enough outcast to be included as thought I were. This is where I would be reborn in all things Punk and Industrial. I would get a thorough education in the house of Skunny Puppy, Ministry, Front 242, KMFDM and anyone else that mattered. In trade for a place to crash these wondering punk nomads would bring gifts of musical gold that are all but forgotten. From Ministry?s ?In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up? video, NIN ?The Broken Movie? and a Marilyn Manson Bootleg video (where he pulls twiggy?s dick out on stage and hits it with his mic) all on VHS of course. All music perfectly framing a teenage angst I no longer feel but I still love to visit from time to time.
4 Lagwagon
Let?s Talk About Feelings

In 2000 I purchased my first computer. It was a Pentium II 350mhz complete piece of shit running windows 98 SE and it cost me an astounding $350 that I couldn?t afford. I taught myself everything there was to know about computers by replacing every piece of hardware in that bitch and reloading the OS more times than I could count. At this time I was using this new program called Napster and one night I went on a jag for Van Morrison music. The next day I had something like 165 new Van the Man tracks and as was common not all of them were actually Van Morrison. In fact one of them was a band called Lagwagon doing the best Brown Eyed Girl cover I had ever heard. I downloaded a couple of their albums and fell in love with what is now one of my favorite 90?s punk bands. Until I started using Sputnik I had never even met anyone outside of my group of friends who had ever even heard of them. I also always thought it was odd that I had not heard of them as the group of people I mentioned above had been punks? meaning I had heard of just about every other 90?s Cali punk band you can think of already.

I know I was introduced to this album and Around the Fur at the same time. I know it was right about 1997 or 1998. I know it was given to me because I was bitching about Korn and Nu-Metal. I know it was introduced to me by my friend Cary who was the dude from the NIN story. He was a bassist in a few hardcore bands and had enough influence on me that I would give something he recd me a chance. I cannot express how happy I am that he gave these to me (on cassette tape) because I fell in love instantly and still feel these are the best Deftones album although I like them all to some extent.
6Bad Religion

Okay just one more because this dude deserves a lot of credit. One of my best friends whom I?ve known since 1994ish has probably had more influence on my huge music collection than any other (save my dad) and that is my buddy Kev. Until he took the time to show me Bad Religion wasn?t a collection of songs that all sound exactly the same I really did not like BR all that much. This is hands down one of my favorite albums of all time as much for the way it was used to help me look at music a little differently as because it?s just a phenomenal punk album. This same dude has introduced me to at least a few albums a year that I probably never would have heard of without him (most recently Alabama Shakes). Every time I hear it I remember flying down back roads in his red (first gen) Ford Escort (lovingly nick named the Deathscort) always running from boredom and shouting ?Atomic Garden? lyrics at the top of our lungs. m/
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