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10 Comedies That I Thought I'd Hate...

But obviously didn't. These are films that were pretty much pulverized by rcritics.
1Adam Sandler
They're All Gonna Laugh At You

THAT'S MY BOY: As stupid as I thought it would be, because of the harsh reviews it received, That's My Boy turned out to be a pretty freakin' stupid movie that ends up being a pretty funny one (due to it's absurd brand of stupidity). Adam Sandler is the funniest he's been in years in this movie as Donny Burger, a "20's my limit" kind of drinker who knocks up his hot teacher... in public school when he's in his teens. Judging from that bit of "plot" alone, you should be able to decide whether or not this movie's right for you. It's as raunchy as HBO's Shameless, with the hilarity of Sandler's better comedies from the 90s. The scenes between Sandler and Andy Samberg (who play's his Donny's son) are great, their back-and-forth chit-chats together are often times hilarious and sometimes even charming when they start to bond like any similar aged father-and-son would (by partying... and drinking of course).
2Django Django
Django Django

THE CHANGE-UP: How critics liked Freaky Friday over this, I'll never know. This movie's quite possibly the funniest body-swap comedy that I've ever seen. Bateman and Reynolds do great impressions of each other, and their performances make the film an easy watch. Plus, Olivia Wilde and Leslie Mann get naked in the film... no harm there.
3The Black Keys

TOWER HEIST: Ben Stiller's best comedy since Tropic Thunder, and surprisingly strong direction from one of the genre's weakest directors Brett Ratner. I was pleasantly surprised by this movie because it features great performances, a solid, witty script, and it has one of the best final acts that I've seen from any comedy (with the whole heist getting under way). This is a film that I think will take a lot of people by surprise, it's a great movie.
4Adam Sandler
What The Hell Happened To Me!

LITTLE NICKY: Featuring my favourite cameo ever in a film, Little Nicky skirts by on some hilarious quotes and performances from it's well-rounded cast.
5Our Lady Peace

ACE VENTURA: WHEN NATURE CALLS: Definitely the stupidest movie on this list, but it gets points for it too. I enjoyed this sequel (surprisingly) way more than I did the first one. The first instalment suffered because of jokes that went nowhere fast, in the sequel, however, they keep the jokes coming by having Ace interact with likeable supporting characters (which he didn't really have in the first one). The supporting characters in the first one felt confused by Ace's antics, which made the majority of the jokes fall completely flat, whereas the sequel's supporting characters treat it like it is: absurd. This is a huge step-up from it's terribly unfunny predecessor.
The Red Light District

BAD BOY 2: While I did enjoy the first one quite a bit, the sequel fully reeled me in and it made me laugh at a near constant ratio. From the hilarious villain Johnny Tapia, to the insane car chases, to my favourite actor Michael Shannon playing a role in the shenanigans, this film delivers by throwing stuff your way at every second to the point where you can't help but keep watching. It's a gigantic mess of epic proportions, and definitely the funniest crime film that I've ever seen. Probably the funniest film on this list too. My favourite scene is when Tapia starts shooting rats off his money, made me laugh my ass off again-and-again.
7The Offspring
Ixnay on the Hombre

SCARY MOVIE 3: The only Scary Movie that I can tolerate watching, because I love Signs and I love how they make a mockery of it. Leslie Nielsen is hilarious as the President of the United States as well, one of my favourite comedic actors of all-time making this unnecessary third instalment a lot brighter than it deserved to be. Plus, Charlie Sheen's top-notch in it as well.
8Eve 6

NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CHRISTMAS VACATION: The other Vacation movies didn't do much for me, but this is the one I can relate to the most. Chevy Chase's rant about his boss later on in the film is absolutely hilarious, one of my favourite rants of all-time (but nothing can compete with Al Pacino as Ricky Roma from Glengarry Glen Ross).
9Unwritten Law
Unwritten Law

WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S: The ultimate guilty pleasure movie, probably the most obscure and odd plot that I've ever seen and one of the darkest comedies I know. When you're making a comedy about a pair of nitwits pretending that a dead guy's not actually dead, there's of course a lot of room for controversy and the critics ate it up (and spit it back out too). It's bizarre, but it's so bizarre that it's somehow funny (especially when Bernie's killer thinks that he's still actually alive). At the end of the day, this is a terrible movie... but it's one that is made to be made fun of, and I like it for that reason.
10Skid Row
Slave to the Grind

THE GOODS: LIVE HARD, SELL HARD: Unfortunately, there haven't been a lot of sales movies made. There's Boiler Room and then there's Glengarry Glen Ross (definitely the best of the best), but then there's The Goods, a very funny movie thanks to an amazingly talented cast and a very witty script. Check it out.
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