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Recapping The Greatest Night In Kakariko's History

oh what a night man, all my bro's out two nights in a row... LEGENDARY! And to top it all off, I got up this morning feelin fresh and got everything I needed to do, all done bro! Even got the girl's birthday presents bought a month early! Top 20 Party Guests From Last Night, including the jams that were played, okay here we go!
1Os Mutantes
Os Mutantes

Neymar my dawg what the fack are you doing anywhere near Hyrule? Anyway man you were the best last night, what a class guy!
2Fabrizio De Andre
Storia di un Impiegato

Dampe - man two nights on the bounce you killed it! Gotta get you on the dancefloor next time tho mah dude! You certainly the best undertaker round here, spitting up lyrics that make the moon come crashin down!
3Bubblegum Octopus
Bad Happy

Happy Mask Salesman - you finally got me my Keaton Mask bro! You seemed happy and smiling all night which is good to see, but some of the Kokiri girls aint too fond off you looking over at them brah! Keep yourself under control, I know how they can get! Hit me up bro!
4Dark Time Sunshine

Mick Foley - WTF?? You kept coming in and out of town dressed up in a different garb each time, I liked it tho man. Keepin it fresh and always hardocre, you legend!
5Godspeed You! Black Emperor
'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!

Bongo Bongo - Keeping it fresh and up to date with the newest shit! No solo set this time round but you still oozed cool and had all the gals excited with your big throbbing 'hands'. Practice safe drumming mah man! You sir, are a boss!
6Joni Mitchell

Saria - you were more reserved than last time girl, whaddup with that?!?! I know your boy was watching but still, come up and say hello yeah? Thanks for bringing your crew though bbe!

Link the Goron - reppin fresh tunes and even fresher threads, selling that shit you bringing though man, can't say I approve bro, gonna have to talk to Darunia cos you one bad ass Goron niggah! Keep your head up though man, thanks for keepin tha Gerudo out again tho pal, you still a bro!
Slanted and Enchanted

Arshavin - yes man you fit right in with the pixies and otherworldies of the Hyrule universe, you so small and quiet, chill out with gettin involved with Neymar though borsef, he a bad news bear ya hear?
9Pink Floyd

Ruto - the night felt flat til you got here with your Zora guards, you add a sparkle to the room that improves all kinds of shit, nice little set at the end too girl. Playing some classic stuff!
10Dillinger Escape Plan
Ire Works

Skull Kid - man you off tha wall! Like just totally crazayyy!!! Love you bro, fuckin duuuude made my night!
11James Carr
You Got My Mind Messed Up

Malon - you acted funny with me all night, what was all that about, bet it's that fuckin fiary kid been givin you the smooth talk! Unlikely, cos he never says a thing, but me and Midna been talking and we think he's bad news girl, or maybe its just me being jealous but I miss you!
12Ariel Pink
The Doldrums

Darunia - you are an icon and my main niggah! That hot spring idea you brought down was just class and madd everyone's night, take my triforce shards and do that funky dance my brother!
13 Lambchop

Rauru - nobody said it was fancy dress brah, why you come lookin like Lee Marvin in Paint Your Wagon>?? Never mind boss, you killed it tonight and you will forever, bring your warm clothes for the domain bash tho bro!! gonna be a chilly one and we need your breakdancin skills to livin up the party when people get too frozen to do shit... love you man, even if i know nothin of your work...!
14Animal Collective

Midna - we gotta keep catchin up and discussing shit girl! Next party, Zora's domain, we'll smash it yeah?? Fuckin bring your niggahs from the other realm and we can boss it!!! Take my rupees and set it up!
15Titus Andronicus
The Monitor

Tetra - i wanna be the king of your castle ma'am... is that going to be possible, my girl is acting funny even tho i bought her stuff so please take me in, i wont try nothin fan, cos you may go into high and mighty mode and stop my parties :(
16Black Flag
My War

CM Punk - you really are the best ain't you? Putting those bitches to sleep like its goin outta fashion! You legend! Playing that ocarina like a boss and bringing two fucking Hylian Loaches, how da fuck you get that. shiiit, and you brought beer for everyone else, what a sport, ladies and gentleman, the true champ was here!
Suspended Animation

Itchy and Scratchy - you brought the lemonade, you are our best friends! You aint ever going back to your home planet brothers, you can stay in the castle!
18Lil B
Green Flame

Lil B - holy shit you came and exploded on the scene! What a surprise, climbing out the well like a boss and winning the night, who tha fuck booked you, who cares you were immense! Thank you Based Lord, love you long time, like totally homo! Bitch slapping Tingle will live with us all forever bro!
19Daft Punk

Buzz Lightyear - bro you fallin with style all over these chicks, and they better for it I believe! Copper wiring, light beer, helmet wearing space ranger, you iconci motherfuckaaa! Based Buzz! We are all your toys! To Infinity and Beyond Beyond my friend!
20William Basinski
The River

Guru Guru - bro, you make it rain so whats not to love about you, adding all that meloncholy atomsphere at the start with all your tetchyness, to then being 'The Man' by the end? You dastardly, damn sweet bro, top 5 motherfucker of all time!
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