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God Awful Bands

Here's a list of god-awful bands that have had zero (or a negative) impact or influence in music history/ culture, I tried not to offend anyone with this list and chose bands that (I hope) everyone realize are truly non-talented douche bags. Thank you and enjoy
1Jonas Brothers

The infamous Jonas Brothers; with their purity rings and Disney sponsoring, people have asked themselves what has come to music? With lyrics like "I went to the Year 3000, It's the same but it's all underwater" it doesn't get anymore cheesy/awful. However, it did bring an idea to the media: aim music towards mindless little girls with "cute" teenage boys who will make their vaginas tingle. Good job Disney, you have poisoned the mind of millions of little girls

Do I really need to explain this one? Their music is mindless guitar shredding, repetitive riffs, and cheesy lyrics about mythical creatures and quests. Imagine a hair metal band made up of a bunch of World of Warcraft players. It's also quite sad that the reason for their success was through a video game where you play guitar using a plastic controller. The ironic part is that the band members cannot play their instruments for sh*t. Watch them play live. That super-awesome solo in Through the Fire and the Flames won't sound as "uber-l33t" as it was when you played in on Guitar Hero. And I mean seriously, you can't take someone seriously if their favorite band has a name like "Dragonforce."
3Cute Is What We Aim For

Imagine taking a rubber band around your testicles, you might experience the pain that I did listening to this. Pop-punk is already awful, but when you add sissy vocals and pathetic attempts at guitar riffs, it becomes atrocious. I challenge you to listen to a playlist of CIWWAF and tell the difference between songs.

Basically, it's a bunch of pretty-boys playing distorted distorted glam-rock guitar hooks, a very feminine lead singer, and lyrics pertaining to sex. Sound appealing? Maybe, if your a gay cowboy like Bret Michaels. Listen to "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" and if you can find anything more disgraceful/ cliche, I will give you a cookie. Basically, Hair Metal sucks, but this band especially stand out as the weakest link. (ALSO: look at the cover of "What the Cat Dragged In" 0_0)

Name one song by them besides that piece of trash, "Don't Trust Me." Case settled. I understand that they're a joke band, but their music is taken seriously so I can't help but describe them as a disgrace to pop, or music in general. It's two "lovers" making techno/ pop-punk dance tunes. Don't get much worse
6All Time Low

Watch the music video for "Weightless", and watch these teenage pretty-boys with scene haircuts attempt humor. It's pretty sad, considering how much they glamor their lives/ music, and how the frontman, Alex Gaskarth, thinks every girl wants him (which, unfortunately, they do). But, the fact they try to pull it off as if they're talented musicians, who are "misunderstood", is pretty pathetic. Hell, they even bash themselves in the video. Their name describes this perfectly.
7Breaking Benjamin

I used to be a fan of this band, but with their newest release Dear Agony, I have decided their will be no maturation of this band. Basically the Pretentious nu-metal songs all have the same structure: Super hard-core metal guitar lead + slow down verse + harder, louder chorus = Breaking Benjamin's mediocre song.

And the question remains, "WHO THE HELL LIKES NICKELBACK?!?!"
9Avril Lavigne

Spoiled, bratty, hormonal teenage girl attempts to sound punk/ hardcore. Awesome.
10John Mellencamp

If you grow up in Indiana, you'll know what I mean
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