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Weeping's Concerts: 2011

It was a pretty great year for shows. I know a few of you guys from rthe north east went to some of these
Coloring Book

(Best Buy Theater in NYC) Second time seeing these guys. It was fairly intense. The band did pretty much what I expected which was non- chalantly busting out jams that clearly lent themselves to more intense stage presence, but I guess that's just how Glassjaw roll. If I remember correctly, the set was very long which was nice because I got to hear pretty much every song I wanted to. Plus they played some Coloring Book songs for the first time as their encore which was great.
2Streetlight Manifesto
Everything Goes Numb

(Pearl Street Night Club in Northampton, MA) Third time seeing this band. I went to this more for nostalgia and hanging out with friends than anything else. I'd seen the same song and dance a few times before this, but they still put on an impressive show. It's pretty much impossible not to have fun at a Streetlight show. All in all, I'm happy I went but my desire to see them again is pretty low now. Still, great for old time's sake.
3Bomb The Music Industry!

(Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT) This would mark the first of many times I would see Jeff and his crew this year (though my second time in general). Show rocked pretty hard, got to scream words into their faces and I sweat roughly three and a half tons. Basically, a hugely successful BTMI! show.
Tales of the Inexpressible

(Pearl Street Night Club in Northampton, MA) I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this and it ended up being pretty mind blowing. Me and some friends *ate some sandwiches* prior to it because it only seemed proper before a Shpongle show and I gotta say, Simon Posford really knows how to get a room going. He had a way of melding his songs into each other and packaging them into a nice and cohesive package. There was a lot of energy in the place and everybody, including myself, seemed to be really into it. It was an awesome way to end the school year.
5My Heart To Joy
Reasons To Be

(Some community center in Madison, CT) I actually didn't know My Heart To Joy at the time which is why I left before their set. I now have to live with the pain and regret of never seeing them for the rest of forever now because this was their last show. The rest of my waking life is now and forever will be haunted by this retarded decision. Everyday, I must decide whether or not life is worth living anymore because of this oversight. Living with this is now my cross the bear... Anyways, I mostly went for Snowing and Algernon Cadwallader who rocked the house. Seriously I didn't even know these guys well enough to sing along or anything and it still felt pretty cathartic. Definitely one of the better shows this year if you just forget the fact that I didn't stay for My Heart To Joy. Ah well, at least I saw Snowing before the broke up a few months later.
6La Dispute

(Webster Theater in Hartford, CT) I've never been huge on La Dispute. I've never disliked them by any means but I guess they just never clicked with me like they seemed to with everyone else. That being said, I mostly went to this concert for Defeater and Native. Luckily, despite not loving La Dispute bands on record, I have to give them credit where credit is due as they put on a really cool live show. I mawshed pretty damn hard, got rocked by a few stage divers and managed to shout the few lyrics I knew which was pretty fun. Still though, Defeater probably put on my favorite show because they played almost everything from Lost Ground and a lot of good songs from their other two records. Native were pretty awesome to just stand there and watch perform. I got there about halfway through The World Is A Beautiful Place And I'm No Longer Afraid To Die's set, but they seemed pretty alright (they're the My Heart To Joy's singer's new band so that kind of made up for not seeing them a few weeks prior). And even Former Thieves, while pretty fucking bro-y, looked like they were having a good time up there so that was cool. This show was just a bunch of good- ol' new wave hardcore kids having some fun and embracing what they love. I approve.
7 B.O.M.B. Fest

(Comcast Theater in Hartford, CT) I don't really know why this festival wasn't more popular. Some pretty big bands went, namely Weezer, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Coheed & Cambria, Wiz Khalifa (had to cancel), George Clinton (also had to cancel), Shpongle, The New Pornographers, etc. People usually flock to that kind of line up but it was strangely empty. Still though, I had a pretty great time. I got to see Titus Andronicus, Against Me!, Holy Fuck, Dan Deacon, Weezer, Portugal. The Man, Health, State Radio, Real Estate, a few RJD2 songs, and a bunch more than I'm probably forgetting to include. Other than the $4.50 water bottles, this was a really good time. I'm not sure if it happens again next year, but if it does I recommend people going even if they're slightly interested in the line up.
8Okkervil River
The Stage Names

(Webster Theater in Hartford, CT) This marked my fourth time seeing Titus Andronicus, who was opening along side Future Islands. They both released my 2 favorite albums of last year and The Monitor is probably my favorite thing of all time, so needless to say I was jizzing-in-pants excited. Unfortunately, I showed up a few songs into Future Islands' set. But golly, Sam Herring is one psycho motherfucker which made it all the better. His gestures and motions and gravelly voice really drew attention from the crowd. I could tell that most people who didn't know them previously, but everyone seemed to be fixated on the charismatic frontman. Titus Andronicus was a voice-killing good time as always. I got to rock out with Amy Klein before she left the band, which I'm happy for. Okkervil River was icing on the cake. I don't listen to them too much anymore but it was some pretty good for nostalgia's sake. Fun times all around.
9Andrew Bird
Armchair Apocrypha

(Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY) Third time I saw this man. Unfortunately, I spent about 45 minutes of the concert waiting in the bathroom line and it was crowded as fuck (seriously, thousands of people there probably and 8 porto-potties). Still though, from what I didn't get to see, I still heard and from what I did get to see, he was a great preformer as always. Not sure if it was totally worth the trip, but it was free and I got to spend some time in New York City which is always fun. A few days before the show I realized that RVIVR was also playing in Brooklyn that night and I kind of wish I went to that instead. Oh well.

(Heirloom Arts Theater in Danbury, CT) Literally knew nothing about this band but my friend's band was opening so I went in support of them. It was a cool little place with a stage yet still maintained the intimacy of a tiny room. Despite some pretty average opening bands this was a good show. Mansions also opened which made me check out their 2011 album which went unnoticed but was still pretty cool. Aficianado are really awesome performers too-- very good stage presence and managed to draw me in despite not knowing any of their music. They're actually playing with Make Do and Mend, Screaming Females and mewithoutYou to open for Thursday on 12/28, so I'm excited for that. Cool, cheap concert that introduced me to a few cool groups.
11The Antlers
Burst Apart

(The Space in Hamden, CT) Wow. Easily top 5 concerts this year, possibly top 5 concerts of all time. Silberman's vocals were just as, if not more, breathtaking live as on record. For band that is somewhat known as a bunch of recluses, their stage presence was awesome and they seemed to have this inate ability to just groove together so well. They mixed up a lot of Hospice songs in with Burst Apart songs which was cool. There's really no other way to describe this other than just completely, 100% solid. Really, I don't know how else to describe it so I'm done with this summary.
12Bomb The Music Industry!

(Lily's Pad in New Haven, CT) 3rd time seeing them, 2nd time this year. As always, really high energy, voice completely shot, sweat soaked right through my clothes-- everything I've come to expect from a BTMI! concert. My only complaint was that there was way too many people for such a small room. I usually like small crowded shows, but this was just too much. People kept being pushed on stage and ended up knocking shit over which got Jeff mad which is pretty much like disappointing a parent. They ended with Syke! Life Is Awesome though so all was well.
13Rx Bandits

(Port City Music Hall in Portland, ME) I was determined to see these folks on their last tour and the Boston show was sold out, so yeah damn- straight I was going to drive 4 hours to Maine. On the way there I was pulled over going 101 mph and so I got into some deep shit for that, but still it was worth it. Zechs Marquise and Fang Island opened and it would be my second time seeing all three bands there. Zechs Marquise grooved pretty hard and Fang Island were, as expected, really high energy. Rx Bandits were phenominal. They played a really long set but I just did not want it to end. Their set list was just a few choice songs from their last 3 albums in chronological order. Everyone was totally in synch the whole time and busted out the coolest of jams. Seriously, every member is so good at their respective instrument and they play with such ease yet still make everything so intense. It's really a shame that they're done touring but if they ever do any reunion stuff, expect me to be there in a heartbeat. I'm going to go ahead and say that this was the best concert of the year.
14 Jeff Mangum
Live at Jittery Joe's

(Academy of Music in Northampton, MA) Back at school, what else to do but see JEFF MOTHERFUCKING MANGUM? It was just him and his guitar and he played a bunch of Neutral Milk Hotel songs. He interacted with the crowd quite a bit too and he was generally really cool. The whole thing was just one big blast of nostalgia to the face as I got to relive and sing along to songs from my obsession album from a few years back (In The Aeroplane, of course). I never really thought I'd be able to sing along to Holland, 1945 in my life so this was a treat. He's touring again in 2012 and hey, if it's convenient, I'd definitely go again. If NMH where as huge of a part of your life as they were mine, then definitely catch Jeff Mangum if he comes near you.
15Bomb The Music Industry!

(Fitchburg State University in Fitchburg, MA) Amazing as usual, blah blah blah. You all pretty much know how I feel about this band. They played all four parts of King of Minneapolis which I'm pretty sure they never do, so that was a bonus.
16 Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Ochestra
13 Blues For Thirteen Moons

(Pearl Street Night Club in Northampton, MA) I expected a pretentious show with Efrim sitting in a corner bleating like a sheep the whole time, which he definitely did, but he also managed to interact with the crowd a lot as well. I'm pretty sure he even smiled a few times which is basically the last thing I would ever expect Efrim Menuck to do. Musically, they were breathtaking. I'm pretty sure they played at least 1 song from every album, and they grooved hard on every one. Really cool stuff. Also, Giraffes? Giraffes! opened so that brought some of the mathiest math rock I've ever seen. Definitely one of the better concerts of the year.
17Andrew Bird
The Mysterious Production of Eggs

(Calvin Theater in Northampton, MA) I pretty much never miss this guy whenever he comes around because he's just so cool to watch perform. He covered Bein' Green at this show which was the fantastic. Seriously, The Muppets + Andrew Bird = one of the greatest things ever.
18 Gramatik
Beatz & Pieces Vol. 1

(Pearl Street Night Club in Northampton, MA) Pretty much the only concert here I didn't love. He split the show with his guy Michal Menert, who I thought sucked pretty hard (seriously, what kind of clown spells Michael that way?). Gramatik was okay though. His live show has less of a funky vibe like on his albums and more of a bro-y one, but he didn't hold a candle to Michal Menert as far as shitty bro-ness goes. If my friends and I didn't *eat a fuckload of sandwiches* before the show it would have been so fucking lame.
19Laura Stevenson and the Cans
Sit Resist

(The Space in Hamden, CT) So good. So fucking good. I basically stared at her with puppy-dog eyes the whole time. She's really awesome with crowd interaction and the music was flawless as expected. They covered Web In Front by Archers of Loaf which was a huge plus. They only played for like 40 mintues thougheason
20Bomb The Music Industry!
Goodbye Cool World

(Irving Plaza in NYC) I don't really know much about The Slackers, but I went for BTMI! who were opening. Again, I don't think this needs any further explaination. Met daily quota of sweat.
Full Collapse

(Toad's Place in New Haven, CT) Going to this tomorrow. I've actually never listened to a Thursday album all the way through (nothing against them, I just haven't had any desire to. What I have heard seems not bad though), but mewithoutYou, Make Do and Mend, Screaming Females and Aficionado are opening so that should be cool. I'm pumped to hear new mwY stuff. ason
22 The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Let's Face It

(House of Blues in Boston, MA) Basically the same deal as The Slackers show. I know that one Bosstones song (The Impression That I Get) and maybe a few others which I like just fine, but I'm mostly going for BTMI! who are opening. Seeing the Might Mighty Bosstones in Boston (where they're from, obviously) the day before NYE should be fun.
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