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I'm A Sucker For Lyrics.

Mehh, just some lyrics I really like.
25Before Today
Pierce the Veil

Yeaaah I just like this one. Iunno why.

There's more to living than being alive.
What and What Not

Sweetness, did you believe in this? They got you good, they got you. No matter what transpires your will can take you higher now, so don't take out frustration on your body that junk will make it sorry, I'm taking my last stand. And to think, they almost got me too.
22Balance and Composure

This is the first time that I've seen exactly where I want to be, and how the fuck I make it there. And I'm sick of looking back, at all the chances I once had to see for the first time.
21Title Fight

You broke me like a mirror. Seven years keep adding up. Walk barefoot through the glass, and not a single cut.
Stay Awake

So stay awake and I'll stay. I try and go but your game, it waits for me and you, love. So cover up for the rain.
19He Is Legend
The Seduction

Lol Romeo and Juliet. Hung from a wrecking ball. To see a fashion show. I think you know me well.
18Haste the Day

Red leaves blow in the wind. Leaving home and everything it's known behind. Barren branches wave goodbye. As the red leaves slowly die.
17For Today

The speech is pretty fuckin' cool. I'm not a follower of any religion, but it's pretty inspiring to me nonetheless.
16For The Fallen Dreams
The Pain Loss

Son, hold your head up high. And show yourself, (show yourself) what it means to be alive. Show yourself what it truly means not to be alone. Show yourself what it truly means...
The World Is Out To Wreck Your Mascara

If everything's bigger in Texas then I guess I'm just small. If everything's bigger in Texas, we'll leave all these country roads, and keep control of your blushed skin from leaking all your horrible secrets.
14The Dear Hunter
Red Hands

Because you can't be caught red-handed if you're not red-handed. My darling, I would never say those words to you. I was pulling out my heart so I could pin it to my sleeve on display for you to see, I'm on display.
13Circa Survive
Frozen Creek

On top (of the) frozen creek, I would love to take you there.
So Strange I Remember You

Yeah just listen to the song, fgt.
11As Cities Burn
Our World Is Grey

I'm sure if you wanted to stop, love, you could just untie your end and let it go, but my god, you don't. You don't, yeah, I think I love you for it.

What have I gained by giving the world my everything? It's never been such a struggle to regress to what I was yesterday. But today, I seem so far away. I'm waiting on the world to sing the song I've been singing. I'm waiting on the world to sink the way I've been sinking. I've given too much away over these past few years, and this is ending today. There's pain in my eyes like I've never known. I have fallen short. Do you still see me as beautiful? Carry me home, lighten my stagger. My conscience is weak. I'm begging for reparation. I am deficient of hope. Refine me with fire, refine me with fire, oh God. Refine me, with fire. This pain in my eyes, like I've never known. I've fallen short. Do you still see me as beautiful? I'll never find my place on Earth. But I refuse to fade away.
Sturdy Wings

Everything we are today stems from the middle of our backbone. This is dedication at it's finest. And I owe everything that I am to you, our driving force. Causing us to constantly better ourselves. We are redefining the meaning of contentment. And though the odds are against us. We all know we will prevail. We will prevail. Accepting all the negativity and turning it into fuel for the flames that we carry. Burning. Burning from the inside-out. Consider this a thank-you for helping us to mold our future selves. And your words alone are not enough to destroy our commitment. This is where I belong; this is where we belong.
8The Felix Culpa
Escape to the Mountain, Lest Thou Be Consumed

Somewhere out there's your safer bet, in a world without disappointment or regret. I know you can't tell your heart what not to do. It just keeps on working even if you don't ask it to. The clockwork ticks to keep the frame alive. It tells us who to love, when to leave and when to lie. There's a dollar to be made here. A payment to be exchanged here. A service that goes unnamed here, and we're still stealing from our saviors. We are so much more than we touch. We are arms without fingers. We are natural selection. And we're reaching for each other as we pass in opposite directions. Are we saving ourselves? Or just waiting on someone else to make an excuse in our name? We're twice fit to be sons of hell. And we scream at our God so well about our misfortune and fame. It's such a shame, when we're all the same.
The Red, White and Blues

Not going to put these lyrics here. Because if you don't know them already, then you need to listen to all of Lost Ground. Right the fuck now.
6Shai Hulud
Willing Oneself To Forget About What Cannot Otherwise Be Forgiven

Alas, this won't be the death of me. I'd rather bleed than feel; I'd rather bleed. No man can learn the value of his life without pain. Yet no man deserves a life's worth in pain. And I have a lifetime left to learn. May the sun shine on the forsaken. May the sun shine brightly. And illuminate the scars.
5Stick To Your Guns
Some Kind of Hope

In a world that can't, we can. In a world that hates, we understand. We are some kind of love, we're at the end of our rope. We are some kind of hate, we are some kind of hope. In a world that can't, we can. In a world that hates, we understand. In a world that won't, well, we've got the world by the throat, we are some kind of hope. I'll see through every inch of doubt. I am the moon when the sun goes down, and I'll reflect it's shine, it's my life. I woke up today and felt my age for the first time. And my thoughts are less of fitting in, and more of being a better man, I just want to be a better man.
4La Dispute
Fall Down, Never Get Back Up Again

Too lazy to type this out. Oh my god this song is SO lyrically beautiful. Just listen to it and read along with the words if you haven't already.
3It Prevails
Change Today

Today is the day that I face the fact that the world is what I make of it and if I change today, then I'll have a chance to show real true love for one thing in my life without failing. From here on out, I vow to push myself another step above. From here on out, I vow to do my best for the ones I love. Yeah, for the ones I love.
2The Ghost Inside
Between the Lines

Stand strong behind your beliefs, if you can even manage to stand at all. What happened to the blood pumping through your veins? You scattered the ashes of an iron faith. The sun fades below the horizon and you say goodbye to what used to be. They try to hang pictures of perfection on every wall and every corner but the negatives fail to transfer to the final print. Defy the leader. Step away from the line. No one will ever get the best of me. WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR? TELL ME NOW, WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR?!
1Have Heart
Watch Me Rise

Goddamn. He said "I promised myself I'd never feel this fucking way again." This world has got me on my knees for one peaceful thought. And my mind, my stride, my life, my time, consumed with a thousand thoughts flying free, like a flock of birds with no direction or intention of finding home. It's so hard to think, it's so hard to change when this world doesn't see you any other way. And this world, it chose to see me, it chose to see me like a setting sun. So it's up to me, I have to see me, I have to see me like the rising one. In my day somebody told me that the rain would always come, always come to wash away the pain. But nothing changes and this world still wants me down. Wants me on my knees praying in that rain. Born this way. Die this way. I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees. I'd rather die on my feet so you can watch me, so you can watch me, so you can watch me.... Watch Me Rise. With the things we carry, loss and scars, weight of heavy hearts. So I say to the slaves of depression: Carry on. And sing this sweet, redeeming song, about living this life. Free. And. Long. It goes like this: Watch me, watch me. Watch. Me. Rise. For miles and miles.
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