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06.22.16 Bloodborne Bosses: Ranked03.09.16 Taking on Seven Years

Bloodborne Bosses: Ranked

Stole this list idea from OvDeath because I just bought a Playstation and bear Bloodborne (which instantly became a top 5 GOAT for me). No DLC or chalice bosses included.
1Okkervil River
The Stage Names

Cleric Beast: Difficulty 2/10, Lore 2/10, Design 3/10
Boss will probably be the firs you face. It's a big beast that jumps and stomps around. Dodge, hit, repeat. Not the easiest boss but he's close.
2Snow Patrol
Eyes Open

Celestial Emmisary: Difficulty 3/10, Lore 3/10, Design 1/10
Boss fight is sort of gimmicky but not in a cool way. You fight a horde of enemies (which you've encountered before) until you hit the right one enough for it to become really big. Lore-wise, not much is known at all unless you're really stretching with the implications that he's some sort of midway between humans and the Great Ones. Could be true but who cares?
Dimensions Of Horror

Blood Starved Beast: Difficulty 8/10, Lore 2/10, Design 7/10
I had unusual difficulty with this boss. I spent hours facing him, dying, then having to stockpile items again. The whole process was grueling. The saving grace was the breathtaking arena and very savage looking beast design. All in all the boss was a boring annoyance.
4Gang Gang Dance
Revival of the Shittest

The One Reborn: Difficulty 5/10, Lore 5/10, Design 2/10
The arena and casters were a nice touch to an otherwise shit boss. The One Reborn was "kinda" tough with "sorta" cool lore. Castlevania perfected (to death) the "monster made up of limbs and bodies" and sent it off to be overused. The One Reborn is pretty underwhelming. Added to that the fight is just running and hitting until you kill it. Being in the worst area doesn't help its case either.
5Witch Charmer
The Great Depression

Witch of Hemwick: Difficulty 1/10, Lore 2/10, Design 5/10
Honestly the Witch of Hemwick was terrible. There's no lore, she can be killed without taking any hits, and her arena is pretty forgettable. However, the area leading up to her was perfect. Charnel Lane was majestic in its dark, brooding atmosphere. It felt like a throwback to the decrepit European town seen in RE4. Furthermore, her fight was gimmicky but it was interesting.
6Shadows Fall
Fire From the Sky

Shadow of Yahrnam: Difficulty 10/10, Lore 3/10, Design 2/10
I hated the forest and I hated this boss. The design was uninspired the snakes at the end were cheap and frustrating. Props to this boss for being the one that made me break my "solo only" rule.
A Blaze in the Northern Sky

Darkbeast Paarl: Difficulty 6/10, Lore 3/10, Design 8/10
Fast, unpredictable electrical skeleton beast. Pretty much sums it up.
8Electric Wizard

Martyr Logarius: Difficulty 7/10, Lore 6/10, Design 3/10
This weird wizard looking skeleton guy was pretty remarkable in some respects. Cainhurst Castlewas pretty cool too. However, it didn't feel like Bloodborne. The whole affair had a Dark Souls vibe to it, standing in stark contrast to the hellish Lovecraftian feel of everything leading up to him. A great boss but definitely caused some cognitive dissonance.
9Wolf Alice
Wolf Alice

Amygdala: Difficulty 2/10, Lore 8/10, Design 6/10
Big stompy boss that goes down easy. Nothing terribly great but the boss reeks of the nightmarish Lovecraftian influence that permeates the game.
This Is Acting

Ebrietas: Difficulty 3/10, Lore, 9/10, Design 10/10
I love the look of this boss. I love the almost tragic lore of her as well. I beat her by pure luck judging from her status as one of the harder bosses, but it was still a fun ride.
11Judas Priest
British Steel

Vicar Amelia: Difficulty 6/10, Lore 5/10, Design 8/10
Really cool fight that stands as the best "big stomping boss" of the game--and maybe the series. She's a tortured wolf like creature who was transformed from a petite girl. The cathedral is beautiful and the bosses mechanics (healing) were very cool.
12The Pink Spiders
The Pink Spiders Are Taking Over!

Rom, the Vacuous Spide: Difficulty 5/10, Lore 7/10, Design 8/10
There's a lot to hate about Rom. She sort of looks like a turd with a child's head. The spiders are annoying too. Oh and she's cheap as hell because getting one-shotted is incredibly easy. However, the level is unsettling and unique which goes a long way in making the fight unique. She has a tragic story too, which ties into the rest of the game. Furthermore, the spiders are a wonderful distraction until you realize that you don't need to fight them. All around a weird but amazing fight.
13My Chemical Romance
Conventional Weapons

Micolash: Difficulty 3/10, Lore 7/10, Design 10/10
God this level was annoying...but rewarding. There's nothing in the game, or series, quite like it. The real clincher in Micolash was how comforting it was to encounter another person. Yes he was deranged and had a gruesome past, but it was refreshing to come in contact with another lucid person after dozens of hours of horrors. I found this to be exceptional, as I felt a loneliness after killing him.
Under the Moonspell

Moon Presence: Difficulty 4/10, Lore 8/10, Design 10/10
Beautiful level, creepy design, and inspired lore make this a winner...despite being a pretty lame fight in general.
15Margot & the Nuclear So and So's

Mergo's Wet Nurse: Difficulty 2/10, Lore 5/10, Design 10/10
Very cool fight and incredible boss design. She's incredibly simple to take down but mixed with the lore and aesthetics she's a good boss. Not fit for a potentially "finale" boss, however, so if you chose the "good" ending she may disappoint. I did forget about her which is why she's so high, but I don't mind calling her one of the better ones.

Gehrman: Difficulty 9/10, Lore 8/10, Design 5/10
Basiclally a hunter fight but cranked up to 10. He's fiendishly difficult and unrelenting. The battlefield is marvelous and his fighting movements are glorious.
17Father Befouled
Profano Ad Regnum

Father Gascoigne: Difficulty 7/10, Lore 10/10, Design 9/10
Father Gascoigne is everything Bloodborne is: frenetic, gruesome, tragic, and dark. He's the first boss and he's a perfect enemy to cut your teeth on. The close quarters make for a tense and riveting fight as he weaves in and out of tombstone clusters just as you. What's so wonderful about him is his story, which offers an emotionally affecting look at the humans behind the hunt. No one comes close to Father Gascoigne in terms of personality and intensity of the battle.
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