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By Sputnik, For Sputnik
1Agnes Obel

A Danish Folk/Classical singer-songwriter with the most beautiful voice. Check out Riverside:
2David Sylvian
Brilliant Trees

Ex-lead singer of Japan turned singer songwriter, his 1984 debut is one of his strongest works; his eclectic palette fuses superbly with the pop stylings that gained his original (semi-)fame. Check out Nostalgia:

The solo project of Spaniard Jordi Ruiz, Exxasens play euphoric space-themed post-rock. Check out various:

"Former vocalist of magic dirt, grungy and sexy. very good." theacademy. Check out various:
5Young Circles
Jungle Habits

"Electronic-tinged indie. Reminds me of albums like Kid A and Merriweather Post Pavilion." AliW1993. Check out Love Hitch:
6Buddy Peace
Wolf Diesel Mountain

"A hip-hop mixtape of epic proportions. There's no way to describe how awesome it is, just listen to this mix- up of Jose Gonzalez/MF Doom" foreverendeared. Check out Untitled (7):

"Led by Jose Gonzalez (who became famous for his solo work and his cover of the Knife song "Heartbeats"), Junip is his lesser known musical outlet, but equal in quality." foreverendeared. Check out In Every Direction:
Purple Switzerland

"A really overlooked Indie-pop affair that dabbles in lo-fi." foreverendeared. Check out Pony=Aluminium:
9Flash Bang Grenada
10 Haters

"Rap duo consisting of busdriver and nocando. they just released their first album and so far i'm the only one to rate it. " elephantREVOLUTION. Check out Beat My Bitch:
10A. Armada
Anam Cara

"Cool post rock stuff." Cheesesandwich2. Check out Fall Triumph: 1giZFYCvw
11Jacobi Wichita
Bonez Malone

"Or everything by them, very underlooked on this site imo" HaloDude442. Check out Violets Aren't Blue, They're Violet:
12The Ex and Tom Cora
Scrabbling at the Lock

"Dutch post-punk band collab with cellist Tom Cora" porch. Check out Hidegen Fujnak A Szelek:
13Thinking Fellers Local 282
Strangers From the Universe

"90's experimental/indie rock" porch. Check out Cup of Dreams: QmYp4XDUY
14Jackie-O Motherfucker
Fig. 5

"Really texturous and cinematic avante garde. It is very eclectic and strange" TheFonz123. Check out Beautiful September:
15Meanwhile, Back in Communist Russia
Indian Ink

"Is so emotional it makes you feel uncomfortable, ethereal, and jawdropping" TheFonz123. Check out Delay- Decay-Attack:
16Beth Orton
Central Reservation

"The old mouthpiece for the chemical brothers. Although her electronic influences are apparent, she fits the singer songwriter role effortlesly. Great voice, generic, but well executed lyrics. She didnt reinvent the wheel but well done" TheFonz123. Check out Pass in Time:
17The King Blues
Punk & Poetry

"Catchy, intelligent & grotesque protest music from London's finest Reggae/Folk/Punk/Ska band." Joshgasm. Check out The Future's Not What It Used To Be:

"Noise rock fused with post-rock and bloody excellent at that." HSThomas. Check out Meronia:
19Jeff Jacquay
La Cambria

"Rough, introspective acoustic folk. Breathy vocals, very intimate. For fans of early Bon Iver, later Nick Drake. " Eko. Check out World's Record Trophy:
20Josh Garrels
Love and War and the Sea In Between

"A sprawling opus varying between indie folk, country, hip-hop, gospel, folk, pop rock, pop, etc., mostly along the lines of indie folk." Eko. Check out White Owl: (FREE DOWNLOAD)
21 A Bunny's Caravan
Draining Puddles, Retrieving Treasures

"Post-rock emo alt rock" Trebor17. Check out Cartwheels Into The Abyss: v=muJ6sRI29qQ
22Young Guns
All Our Kings Are Dead

"Strong, catchy but fantastic sounding alt rock. Sounds like a mix of Lostprophets and Alter Bridge but they retain their own sound." AnarchistFish. Check out Elements:

"Spacey Dream Pop/New Wave/Synthrock/whatever" AnarchistFish. Check out M4, Pt II:
24Ludovico Einaudi

"Gorgeous piano based modern classical." Stokes. Check out Divenire: v=9qvglWAHDak
Long Cold Winter

"Because fuck you, that's why. RULES!" redskyformiles. Check out Gypsy Road:
26 Les Discrets
Septembre Et Ses Dernieres Pensees

"A beautiful mixture of shoegaze, post rock, and folk. Walls of sound accompanied by breathtaking melodies." InAbsentia. Check out Chanson D'automne:
27 S
I'm Not As Good At It As You

"Just simple music recorded in the bedroom of a girl with a wonderful voice." InAbsentia. Check out various:
28Subterranean Masquerade
Suspended Animation Dreams

"Crazy, weird jazz rock with some metal. Very original." InAbsentia. Check out No Place Like home:
29 L.W.H.
The Tape Hiss Hooligan

"This thing is fucking nuts, unlike any hip-hop I've heard. Designed for blunt rides." ElectricCity. Check out Bitin and Shakin: shady-blaze
New Brigade

"Art/post punk that brings the fucking trip" puma35. Check out You're blessed:
31Ghost Ship

"Made by Adam Downer...bitches" wonarabbit. Check out But Nothing: (FREE DOWNLOAD)
32Nara Leao
Dez Anos Depois

"Let Nara Leao sing you to sleep" robertsona. Check out Samba De Uma Nota So:
33The Caretaker
An Empty Bliss Beyond This World

"A bunch of recently found, never really played, 78 records from the 10-40's. They were neglected for the better half of a century so they are warped scratched and grimy adding a layer of eerie to the otherwise homey records...really cool also adam downer approves" wonarabbit. Check out various: empty-bliss-beyond-this-world
34The Sign of the Southern Cross
Of Mountains and Moonshine

"It's really southern influenced sludge/groove metal and it rules face" jayfatha. Check out Appointed Reaper:
Is You Is

"Nu-jazz band with a great female vocalist. Originally were very electronic-based, but have taken an increasingly more organic approach with each release to the point where the latest was recorded entirely with live instrumentation." AsoTamaki. Check out Sweet Child:

"Dark and heavy post-rock" InAbsentia. Check out Upon The Boughs Which Shake Against The Cold:
Dying Away In The Deep Fall

"Shoegaze with blast beats!" InAbsentia. Check out Melting (??): v=xqiFL_zagSM
38The Cancel

"Really good instrumental hip-hop" elephantREVOLUTION. Check out various: (FREE DOWNLOAD)
39Twelve Foot Ninja
Smoke Bomb

"To quote Misha Mansoor: "Twelve Foot Ninja are without a doubt the best live band I have ever seen" Unique alternative rock." Vooligan. Check out Apocolypstik:
40The Jezabels
Dark Storm

"Indie pop with really strong vocals." Joshgasm. Check out Mace Spray: v=6x0XRR3rH3c
41Wild Beasts

"Reminds me of Arcade Fire." Joshgasm. Check out End Come Too Soon: v=qr36aGCd4Kk
42Ling Tosite Sigure
Inspiration is DEAD

"Japanese post-hardcore/indie, completely unique sound. Lead singer and guitarist is one of those few musicians who is channeling himself through his instrument." Captain North. Check out Memories of Sunset:

"Post-metal with a very strong math tinge. It's neither as virtuosic as Animals As Leaders or as cohesively brilliant as Cloudkicker, but there are strong similarities to both, plus a gratifyingly spacey atmosphere." NOTINTHEFACE. Check out various:
44A Sunny Day In Glasgow
Ashes Grammar

"Dream pop/Indie shoegaze sort of like a very electronic My Bloody Valentine. The music is warm, rich, and engrossing without being overbearing or overlong." NOTINTHEFACE. Check out Passionate Introverts:
45Mark Heard
Victims of the Age

"Incredibly catchy 80s rock from a voice very similar to lyndsey buckingham of fleetwood mac." Lakes. Check out heart of hearts:
46Starflyer 59
Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice

"One of the oldest bands on the Tooth & Nail label. Started out as a My Bloody Valentine-esque shoegaze band, and is now an indie-rock band with shoegaze elements. This album is somewhere in the middle of that transition, and is probably their most balanced overall (with the possible exception of 'Dial M')." Masochist. Check out Easy Street:
Modern Bodies

"But I can't write a description that would even be half decent.. :(" Adabelle. Check out Son of CERN:
House of Stone

"Self-made instruments and a voice to send the shivers down your spine." BroodjeWorst. Check out FIRST BORN:
49Dead in the Dirt

"Blackened crust with lots of hardcore and grind influences." foreverendeared. Check out Few and Far Between:
50Pale Saints
The Comforts of Madness

Alongside Ride, Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine at the zenith of the shoegaze genre. Check out You Tear The World In Two:
51Nurse With Wound
Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table...

"One of the only albums that genuinely scares me. Industrial/ambient/ torture chamber music" TheFonz123. Check out Six Buttons of Sex Appeal:
52Discordance Axis
The Inalienable Dreamless

"The single heaviest album of all time. Shrieks, sharp guitars, and fast drumming that makes converge look like pussys. It's not emotional, instead it's cold, smart and immaculate in songwriting. It already gets a lot of respect but needs more" TheFonz123. Check out The Necropolis: Kmc
53The Psychic Paramount

"Psychedelic spacey trip. get fucked" RiffOClock. Check out N6:
Grey Crow

"Very personnal and intense underground rap album, excellent beats and rapping." Tupik. Check out Suffocate:
55 Tightrope
The Infinite Being

"for anybody who's into melodic death metal that kind of resembles the black dahlia murder" HeadbangMastermind93.. Check out Astral Imprisonment:
56 The Mountaineering Club Orchestra
A Start On Such A Night Is Full Of Promise

(post rock) flalafell. Check out various: (NAME YOUR PRICE DOWNLOAD)
57Danny Brown

"Schizophrenic druggy flow with extremely odd beats. Rap that accompishes being dope as fuck and funny at the same time." OnlyAnchors. Check out Detroit 187:
58Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)
What It Takes To Move Forward

"90's midwestern emo with the perfect balance of melody and emotion." JJWins. Check out How To Make Love Stay:
59A Winged Victory For The Sullen
A Winged Victory For The Sullen

"Super dreamy ambient drone project that shares one member with Stars of the Lid. If you like SotL, Eluvium, The Dead Texan, or similar artists you will love this." Aids. Check out We Played Some Open Chords and Rejoiced:
60Mother Mother
O My Heart

"Really really REALLY cheesy but catchy and awesome. Indie-pop with one male and two female vocalists. Really fun stuff. I know some people here have heard it but only a handful of us actually like it. O My Heart is an awesome, under-appreciated gem of the Vancouver indie-pop scene." Aids. Check out Burning Pile:

"The most emotion evoking album of 2011 for me. It pulls you in and doesn't let go. Soothing, haunting, relaxing and eerie all at the same time." clercqie. Check out Soldier: v=kGmKzdxAUkU
62Maximillian Colby

"Very influential but under-exposed emo from the early-to-mid 90's. It only has a few ratings but is amazing. I have no idea why sputnik hasn't jumped all over this."Aids. Check out Sifelaver:
63King Creosote and Jon Hopkins
Diamond Mine

"A pretty little folk album featuring a Scotsmen with a fantastic voice." Stokes. Check out Bats In The Attic:

"A French Converge-esque metalcore band that manages to be darker, if not sometimes more palatable. It's also got some kickass artwork." Emim. Check out various:
65Strawberry Girls
Italian Ghosts

"Funky/mathy rock featuring guitarist Zach Garren (formerly of Dance Gavin Dance)." elephantREVOLUTION. Check out various:
66 O'Brother
The Death of Day

"Progressive Alt Rock with tinges of Post Rock. It's a free download when you join their mailing list." BenedictVII. Check out Ascension:
67Deas Vail
Birds & Cages

"Catchy alternative/indie rock with soaring vocals, and beautiful lyrics. RIYL: Anberlin, Mae, Ivoryline." InnocentShadow. Check out Birds:
68Caravan Palace
Caravan Palace

French "Electroswing". The most classic-old-timey electronic music you will ever find. Check out Star Scat:
Union Black

"This British band fuses metal, reggae, elements of dub and distinct vocals to produce a unique brand of what they themselves call 'Ragga metal'" Sandders. Check out Warning: v=VeT9Q7Fqtwo&feature=related
Ah, As If...

"Screamo" IAmHollywood. Check out This Life My Cage:
71William Parker
The Peach Orchard

"One of the finest avant/free jazz albums ever, and as a good a statement as any to prove that jazz over the last couple of decades is still producing gems." liledman. Check out In Order To Survive:
72Everyone Asked About You
Everyone Asked About You

"Gorgeous, tragically obscure emo EP. Male/Female intertwining vocals that deliver even the tritest lyrics in such a way that the effect is less 'simpering' than 'wondrous'. Twinkly guitars with raw, lackadaisical production. Avoid at your peril." Winesburgohio. Check out Paper Airplane, Paper Hearts:
73Kaoru Abe
Solo 1972, 1.21

"Fantastic free jazz album that doubles as industrial strength paint stripper. The first time you hear this your reaction will be 'I want to press charges for assualt'; repeated listens will garner the appreciation it is due. I'd still play my Grandmother 'Jane Doe' before I'd play her this, though." Winesburghio. No link found.
Constant Love Forever

"Sarky punk par excellence from good ol' NZ. Liberi Fatali approved." Winesburghio. Check out various: (NAME YOUR PRICE DOWNLOAD)
75Cosmic Rough Riders
Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine

"Perfect 60s tinged pop from Glasgow's resident hippies. Songwriting is absolutely stunning." jefflebowski. Check out Glastonbury Revisited:
76Chelsea Wolfe
The Grime and the Glow

Relinquished. Check out Demons:
77(The) Slowest Runner (In All The World)
We, Burning Giraffes

"Post-Rock for Godspeed fans. It's really good, believe it." CasinoColumbus. Check out We, Burning Giraffes:
78Grown Ass Men
Too Old To Die Young

"party powerviolence." OnlyAnchors. Check out various: (FREE DOWNLOAD)
79Creeper Lagoon
Take Back The Universe And Give Me Yesterday

"One of the best alt-rock albums you've never heard." omnipanzer. Check out Under The Tracks:
80Procol Harum
Grand Hotel

"Fantastic classic prog album, there's so much more to PH than just A Whater Shade of Pale." JamieTwort. Check out Grand Hotel:
81Port Blue
The Albatross

"It's dreamy, organic ambient music made by Adam Young (Owl City) and it doesn't suck" ITsHxCTOASTER. Check out In The Dolphin Tank:
82 Darshan Ambient
The Zen Master's Diary

"ambient" flalafel. Check out Evidence Of Light (Prelude):
83Radical Face

"indie/folk" Douglas. Check out Welcome Home:

"Triumvirat was a German symphonic prog centered around Jurgen Fritz, a virtuoso classically trained keyboardist. While ELP-influenced , Triumvirat are sweeter and lighter, but equally challenging." Jethro42. Check out The School Of Instant Pain:
85 Glass Vaults
Glass EP

"Ambient/Big Beat/Pop from New Zealand duo. Signed to American label Jukboxr!" nnnope. Check out Set Sail:
Some Things You Just Have To Let Go Of

"crazy good melodic hardcore. if you 3.5d love let me go then youll 4 this." OnlyAnchors. Check out various: (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar

"8-Bit goodness." CasinoColumbus. Check out Jump Error:
88Dead Horse
Peaceful Death And Pretty Flowers

"Eccentric crossover thrash. Nice fast riffs, pretty awesome drum fills, and creative songwriting. Perfect for anyone who has some interest thrash." americanohno. Check out Medulla Oblongata:
89White Ring
Black Earth That Made Me

Wylie-approved Witch House. Check out Roses:
90Sights and Sounds

"'It's as if Thrice made love to (Anthony Green) Saosin while listening to Pink Floyd, and Salival was playing on the TV in the background.' - Quoted from fromtheinside's review." CasinoColumbus. Check out Sorrows:

"really chill riff filled stoner desert rock album with great vocals." Ovrot. Check out Cactus:
92The Ergs!

"catchy, fun, heartbroken pop-punk that doesn't suck" UhhKris. Check out Pray for Rain:
93 Ben Marwood
Outside There's A Curse

"Frank Turner but not Frank Turner" Stokes. Check out They Will Float Your Body Out To Sea:
94 Band
95 Band
96 Band
97 Band
98 Band
99 Band
100 Band
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