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Top 20 Explained

This is my Top 20 most played artists according to last.fm -- The album pictured is their number 1 (IMO)
1Bad Religion
Against the Grain

3,208 Plays -- I'm not trying to take anything away from BR, but it make sense that they'd be near the top just because of how many songs are on their albums and how short they usually are. On the other hand, BR are an awesome band and there's a reason they're my number 1 listen. They're always innovative enough to make things interesting, but generally consistent enough to never piss off their fans. Against the Grain is easily their best in terms of sound, songs, consistency and pure punk attitude.
Top 3:
1) Against the Grain
2) Suffer
3) Generator
Rage for Order

2,708 Plays -- Say what you will about their newer material, there was a time when Queensryche were at the top of their genre. They played metal that was just progressive enough to satisfy that crowd, but catchy enough to be on the radio and sell out venues. Rage for Order is a moody, proggy album that is actually better than Mindcrime but harder to get into initially.
Top 3:
1) Rage For Order
2) Operation: Mindcrime
3) Empire
3Thought Industry
Mods Carve The Pig

2,411 Plays -- Progressive without being prog. Their first album was like Ministry meets Metallica meets Queensryche. Their second album took things even further and doesn't sound like anything else. Primus meets Converge with a bit of old school Cynic? It's impossible to describe. Their future albums were alt. rock prog... think Fugazi meets Voivod.
Top 3:
1) Mods Carve the Pig
2) Songs for Insects
3) Short Wave On A Cold Day
4The Gathering
How to Measure a Planet?

2,018 Plays -- They may have started out as a strange doom band, but they've become so much more. Progressive gothic rock - check. Quirky alt. rock - check. How to Measure... is easily their most ambitious album is also their best. Anneke's vocals were at their best and the music was varied and diverse.
Top 3:
1) How to Measure a Planet?
2) The West Pole
3) If_Then_Else
5Fear Factory
Soul Of A New Machine

1,898 Plays -- A majority of those plays are from their industrial/death debut, Soul of a New Machine; an album that still stands at the top today. Subsequent albums are more well known and mainstream, but they don't touch the debut.
Top 3:
1) Soul of a New Machine
2) Demanufacture
3) Mechanize
6Fates Warning
Perfect Symmetry

1,845 Plays -- Easily one of the best progressive metal bands ever. It's a toss-up between Perfect Symmetry and Awaken the Guardian, but the progressive arrangements, technical drumming, and nihilistic atmosphere of Perfect Symmetry wins out.
Top 3:
1) Perfect Symmetry
2) Awaken the Guardian
3) Parallels
Enema of the State

1,840 Plays -- Say what you will, but these guys are great pop punk and "Enema of the State" is still fun to listen to regardless of how old you were then and how old you might be now. Where's my asian friend?
Top 3:
1) Enema of the State
2) blink-182
3) Dude Ranch
8New Found Glory
New Found Glory

1,764 Plays -- You can't have blink without New Found Glory too. They may have eventually went in different directions, but New Found Glory is still a fun pop punk band too (especially their Tip of the Iceberg EP). Their self-titled is still their defining album. No pretention, no seriousness.
Top 3:
1) New Found Glory
2) Sticks and Stones
3) Home
White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean

1,755 Plays -- Snotty punk rock, the yin to Bad Religion's yang. It's hard to pick a best album, but this could be it simply because it has "bob" and "please play this song on the radio".
Top 3:
1) White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean
2) Punk In Drublic
3) The War on Errorism
10Paradise Lost

1,725 Plays -- Whether they're playing doom or some sort of Depeche Mode/doom hybrid, they've never been a bad band. If there is an underappreciated doom band it's these guys. Icon is the reason why. Just listen to "True Belief" and understand.
Top 3:
1) Icon
2) In Requiem
3) Draconian Times
Practice What You Preach

1,716 Plays -- How these guys aren't mentioned in the same breath as Metallica, Megadeth or Slayer is beyond me. They have one of the best lead guitar players, and Chuck is easily the best vocalist of the lot. They're often called Metallica immitators, but fuck that. Practice might be a questionable top pick, but it's a great, easy to get into thrash/metal album.
Top 3:
1) Practice What You Preach
2) The Ritual
3) The Formation of Damnation
About Time

1,670 Plays -- No Frills punk. They'll never surprise you, but they shouldn't ever disappoint either. About Time is great because it's got a great vocal delivery and probably the strongest collection of songs.
Top 3:
1) About Time
2) Pennywise
3) Reason to Believe
Manic Impressions

1,658 Plays -- Excellent technical thrash with one of the coolest vocalists I've heard. Manic Impressions is the pinnacle of the band's sound. Cold, calculated, thrash. All of their albums are free, these days, on their official web site.
Top 3:
1) Manic Impressions
2) Screams & Whispers
3) Reason
14Skinny Puppy
Too Dark Park

1,636 Plays -- Only the best industrial band ever. Some may disagree, but some are wrong. Too Dark Park is dark, dense and easily the best industrial album ever released -- there, I said it.
Top 3:
1) Too Dark Park
2) The Process
3) Last Rights

1,629 Plays -- Whether they're playing trip hop or poppy alt. rock (or some hybrid of those two sounds), they're almost always consistent due to the great vocals of Jael. Weather is the perfect combination of the band's trip hop past and their poppy alt. rock future.
Top 3:
1) Weather
2) Small Lights in the Dark
3) Ahead
16White Lion
Fight to Survive

1,589 Plays -- WTF? Yeah, it's cheesy 80s cock rock but they're not nearly as cheese as Poison and they had a great guitar player. Fight to Survive is their little-known debut album. It was much more musical (and kind of darker) then their radio rock future albums.
Top 3:
1) Fight to Survive
2) Pride
3) The Best Of
17Sick of It All
Just Look Around

1,588 Plays -- New York Hardcore! Almost all of their albums have something to offer, but this is easily their best.
Top 3:
1) Just Look Around
2) Death to Tyrants
3) Based on a True Story

1,570 Plays -- I don't know why this is so far down because they're definitely my favorite punk band. They're fun but they also offer a bit more musicianship than other punk bands (especially on their earlier albums).
Top 3:
1) Trashed
2) Duh
3) Blaze
...And Justice for All

1,566 Plays -- I'm sure this doesn't require any description. They may not always be good, and they've said and done a few questionable things, but they're still the godfathers of metal.
Top 3:
1) ...And Justice for All
2) Ride the Lightning
3) Death Magnetic
20Lacuna Coil
Unleashed Memories

1,498 Plays -- Some of their newer stuff might be questionable and their male vocalist often sucks, but there was a time when they were really good and one of gothic rock's biggest hopes. Unleashed Memories isn't as heavy as "Comalies" but it has better songs.
Top 3:
1) Unleashed Memories
2) In A Reverie
3) Comalies
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