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Legend Of Zelda - Best 20 Dungeons

I beat Skyward Sword a month or so ago now and loved it. The dialogue was horribly cheesy at times, but it was cheesy enough where I just laughed at a lot of it. Of course, some of that probably had to do with me naming my character "Fuck." But I digress, it was a fantastic game and probably my second or third favorite in the Zelda Canon. This is going to be difficult as fuck to do, but I'm about to compile a list of my 20 favorite dungeons in the Zelda games. I've played and beaten each nintendo game with the exception of Four Swords and Spirit Tracks. This will be pretty roughly ranked, here goes.
20Pain of Salvation
Remedy Lane

Ice Palace (A Link to the Past): This dungeon was a bitch. It's mostly linear in design until some evil backtracking is involved with a hidden bombable floor. Thankfully the boss is a cakewalk, but when I beat this dungeon for the first time the sense of accomplishment I had was pretty high considering all I was doing was sitting in my room tapping a few buttons.

Eagle's Tower (Link's Awakening): The first floor is essentially a maze of those rising blue/red colored blocks. Once the four support pillars are crushed with a giant metal ball, the top of the tower falls into place in the middle of the top floor. Pretty sweet ya.
18Dark Tranquility
Damage Done

Earth Temple (Wind Waker): Medli's harp is used similarly to the Mirror shield by reflecting light onto mirrors. Also she can be used to fucking fly which is neat. It's harder to write descriptions for these than I thought, especially since I haven't played Wind Waker in a few years.
A Warm Glimpse

Arbiter's Grounds (Twilight Princess): The opening with the poe souls in a direct ripoff of the forest temple, but it still manages to be interesting and is one of the more rewarding experiences using wolf Link. However, the spinner is completely badass and that terrain park-ish area towards the end of the dungeon leading out side is ridiculously fun. The boss battle is also one of my favorites in any Zelda game.
16 Fantomas
The Director's Cut

Misery Mire (A Link to the Past): I remember thinking this dungeon was long as hell, but it was a good difficulty throughout. A lot of backtracking was necessary, especially with the inclusion of several warp portals.

Ancient Ruins (Oracle of Seasons): Badass music first of all. This dungeon could have been higher if there weren't so many seemingly empty rooms with enemies used to add to its immense length. However, there were a number of highlights, including the long room with the closing walls/spikes where the boss key was held. The magic boomerang was one of my favorite Zelda items.
14Bolt Thrower
Those Once Loyal

Temple of Droplets (Minish Cap): Easily the best looking dungeon in any of Zelda's GBA games. The giant waterfall and water-traversing were definite highlights, as well as the ice-block puzzles.
Be Human

Explorer's Crypt (Oracle of Seasons): When I was younger the poe sisters killing the lights used to freak me out. If all the torches in a room went out, Link would be transported back to the beginning of the dungeon, and the poe sisters (who acted as the mini boss) were hidden very deep towards the end of the dungeon. Once they're beaten though, warping to the beginning stops becoming a problem. There are some seriously evil puzzles in this one as well.

Great Bay Temple (Majora's Mask): Zora Link was fucking badass first of all. Traversing the dungeon proved to be very difficult with certain rooms only being accessible with the reversing of the current. The boss is also notoriously difficult until the right technique to beat it is found out.
11Johnny Truant
In the Library of Horrific Events

Tower of the Gods (Wind Waker): Using the King of Red Lions for transportation at the beginning was a little tedious but the gorgeousness of the virtual architecture made up for it.

Forest Temple (Ocarina of Time): The fucking terrifying music. Hunting the poe sisters was a hell of a lot of fun and traveling between the haunted mansion interior and the gorgeous greenery areas outside was an interesting effect. Also fuck wallmasters.
9The Speed of Sound in Seawater
Underwater Tell Each Other Secrets

Ancient Cistern (Skyward Sword): These dungeons will be easier to write about because they are more freshly ingrained into my mind. Ancient Cistern is breathtaking in design. One of the most gorgeously designed water-themed dungeons in the game. That is, until the basement is reached under the focal statue where hoards of zombies lurk. An obvious highlight is escaping the basement up a string while the zombies slowly crawl up behind him. Overall though, I found this dungeon a little disappointingly simple. Was still a blast to play, but would have been higher with more difficulty.
8Time of Orchids
Sarcast While

Sword and Shield Maze (Oracle of Seasons): The contrast of a fire and an ice floor was really cool to me as a youngin. Definitely one of my top GBA dungeons. Towards the end of the dungeon, special ice crystals need to be carried and thrown down certain pits to freeze the lava on the floor below.
Outer Isolation

Ancient Tomb (Oracle of Ages): While the dungeons in Oracle of Seasons were mostly more fun than on Ages (a lot in part due to the horribly tedious and difficult Jabu Jabu's belly) Ancient Tomb would have to be my favorite handheld Zelda dungeon. It's ridiculously long and non-linear. I remember being stuck in the first few rooms looking for a hidden wall (given by cryptic clues) for the longest time before finding out that it was hidden behind a moveable block (evil). Once the first floor is passed, four tablets are needed to be found to descend to the bottom of the tomb. There's also a brief underwater portion with several sinkholes and rapid currents which I always found particularly evil and gratifying. The boss is stupid fun.
Screams and Whispers

Fire Sanctuary (Skyward Sword): As the last actual dungeon in Skyward Sword, this wasn't particularly challenging, but it was a hell of a lot of fun to run through despite its linearity. Lava could be hardened to form platforms for a short amount of time with certain water fruits, and the underground sections with the aerial view were a lot more fun than they could have been. Diving into the dragon's mouth towards the end was exhilarating, as was the rematch with Ghirahim.
5Arch / Matheos
Sympathetic Resonance

Shadow Temple (Ocarina of Time): The hidden walls and deadhands and wallmasters made this a spooy as fuck dungeon. The hover boots were rad and made exploring the wide-open rooms tricky. The phantom boat at the end was fucking badass but once you traversed alllll the way there just to find out you couldn't get any farther without the well-hidden fire arrows at Lake Hylia was positively crushing. The boss is one of my all time favorites, possibly even my absolute favorite in any Zelda game.
Children of God

Snowpeak Ruins (Twilight Princess): One of the most interesting dungeons in any Zelda game. Yeto and Yeta are fucking adorable.

City in the Sky (Twilight Princess) Another one of Zelda's most interesting dungeons. It's less of a dungeon on the exterior and more of a city where the Oocca live. It's complete with a shop and everything. It's one of the longest and most difficult Zelda dungeons I've played, but also one of the most satisfying to beat. The switch to turn on the outside fans towards the end was evil.
2Mr. Bungle
Disco Volante

Lanayru Mining Facility (Skyward Sword): I found this to be the most difficult dungeon in Skyward Sword by far, and it was only the third dungeon in the game. It took me playing time over the course of a few days to finally beat it. The design is very well-done with the timeshift stones morphing the run-down dusty facility into something much more regal and glorious. If only the boss weren't so easy.
1Secret Chiefs 3
Book of Horizons

Stone Tower Temple (Majora's Mask): Indisputably my favorite Zelda dungeon. There's so much to the design, especially at the midway point when the golden arrows are obtained and the ability to traverse the dungeon upside-down becomes a necessity. The giant's mask is the shit but unfortunately is only useable during the epic boss fight.
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