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User Report Cards Volume 1

Yeah here we go. I'm giving these people a grade as well as pros/cons. It says Volume 1 because there's only so many users here, so in the comments you can let me know if you want to see yourself graded. I had this idea awhile ago so i'm not ripping off Aryan Flatley!

PROS - good at networking? CONS - super srs, is actually a homophobe, is actually a racist, shaves his chest, is bemused, is going to give the new Mastodon album a 1 GRADE - C+

PROS - standup guy who talks to me on AIM out of pity CONS - taller than me, won't change his screenname to "aryan flats" no matter how many times I ask him to, doesn't answer his phone when I call GRADE - A

PROS - comments all my facebook pics CONS - would rather go to Maryland Death Fest with Mappy than hang out with me, needs to lose weight, plays WoW, accidentally texts me instead of his girlfriend with things like "wish i was with u." GRADE - B+

PROS - is a cutie, has a hot sister (kendra muecke - facebook search her), is named after a pretty cool drum machine CONS - smokes weed and talks about it on the internet, likes Jesu and Dark Tranquillity way too much, supports Ron Paul, doesn't download GRADE - B-

PROS - somehow found a link to new Dustin Kensrue when I somehow couldn't, lives in Virginia (represent) CONS - turned into a huge douchebag when people started trolling him for the lols, is pretty cool now but falls back into old habits sometimes, namedrops aggro bands to seem cool, uglier than a cave troll GRADE - C+

PROS - that one picture where he looks really attractive, is pretty funny when he isn't being a douchebag CONS - is always being a douchebag GRADE - B

PROS - one of the most standup guys on the site, can relate to my life CONS - way prettier than me (and you), hates on Jeff Buckley and won't admit to liking Converge as much as we all know he does GRADE - feels good man

PROS - i guess you could say he used to be amusing? CONS - brings up his supposed hate for Thrice every chance he gets to try to get a rise out of people, posts paragraphs of the most unintelligible, nonsensical, pseudo stream of conscious bullshit in the community thread followed by "sup thread just jizzed on my art teacher's face," secretly has a crush on me GRADE - F

PROS - is banned CONS - apparently a 'lover of logic,' tries to post coherent arguments but fails pretty much every time, threatens to review Young Machetes as punishment for Iluvatar not rewriting his poopy reviews, is like 26 years old or something despite acting 12, real name is Brandy, has a huge crush on planewreq GRADE - D


PROS - none CONS - is apparently a moderator but never does anything (the other mods say he does more 'under the radar' stuff, which is code for editing all the tracklists to have hyphens instead of numbers), once banned me for a month because i started a new community thread and then added another two weeks when i posted a journal with a picture of a dead zebra GRADE - F
12Britney Diva/SOP/SOSM

PROS - is Irish CONS - is Irish GRADE - B

PROS - is my bro, gives me big avatars, thinks i'm funny (i think) CONS - likes Alien Ant Farm GRADE - A+

PROS - makes me feel loved by texting me stuff like "Yo" while I'm sleeping CONS - lewfork GRADE - A

PROS - is awesomely bitter, hates everybody, is a hell of a drug CONS - works too much so i don't get to internet stalk him as much as i'd like to GRADE - A-

PROS - is probably the funniest person on the site if you imagine that he's completely serious 100% of the time (which he is), dressed up as a Spartan for Halloween and then passed out on the stairs, likes Paramore CONS - thinks that his love for S Club 7 makes him cool, lives in Florida GRADE - B-

PROS - the most randomly funny kid ever, not many people know about him so i get indie cred for being his friend CONS - needs to be getting more out of life GRADE - B

PROS - talks to me about my problems, has a cool real name CONS - is brown, has a horrible username GRADE - A

PROS - likes "Archangel" almost as much as me CONS - hates on Circle Takes the Square, is secretly in a homosexual relationship with DaveyBoy GRADE - C-

PROS - doesn't make fun of me as much as he used to (still makes fun of me a lot), is one of the only reasons the staff forum is fun to read CONS - doesn't give me credit for editing his grammar, addicted to crystal meth GRADE - C

PROS - is a pretty cool guy CONS - thinks his tastes are more obscure than they really are, got all butthurt when Lewis' Bon Iver review replaced his GRADE - B-
22Electric City

PROS - looks like Rivers Cuomo when he wears glasses CONS - takes it way too seriously when people make fun of him, has retarded reasons for liking/disliking music, last name rhymes with Clowner GRADE - D+

PROS - his girlfriend is hotter than yours, wants to bike across the country with me CONS - his girlfriend is hotter than yours, wants to bike across the country with me GRADE - B
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