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Life Through Music

List Of Albums/Bands That I Can Remember Affecting My Life/Music Taste.
In Time: The Best Of REM (1988-2003)

When I was 8 or 9 I decided to go through my dads CD collection and I found this Gem, I remember Jamming "Man on the moon" And "Losing My Religion" While Playing Mario Cart Double Dash With my Closest Friend, Who Happens To Still Be My Best Friend. Mario Cart Still rules!

This Album influenced my taste for Alt Rock in a big way. I went through My older brothers CD Collection which was huge, And Randomly picked this one to jam to because of the strange album art. I remember playing tony hawks underground for ps2. Still The best Tony hawk but I used to jam this and Loved all the heavier tracks. I specifically remember jamming "Set it off" Due to the fact Chris Cornell Screamed "Set this fucker off" Dam I was so rebellious.
3Green Day
American Idiot

I found this CD laying around in the garage when I was in 4th Grade. It was my other Brothers CD. Btw I'm the youngest Yea...Anyways This album really influenced my taste for pop rock. This album was on constantly, I still enjoy some of this album, at least the tracks that aren't played out as fuck.
Ten Thousand Fists

My First taste of "Metal" Kinda hard to call it metal now but hey it jammed hard to a 5th grader. I played The shit out of this album, I remember I randomly bought it off this CD catalog my dad used to get. He let me get one CD a week and I picked this because it looked bad ass. And to me this CD was the Epitome of Bad ass, I still like some tracks off this one.
Lost and Found

My Oldest Bro Started seeing my interest for his music and Let me Jam this one. At first I laughed at it, I thought it was funny how they screamed and didn't take it seriously. Wow I was a fag...Anyways I came around to liking it and this had a HUGE impact on my Taste.
10,000 Days

I was 11 when this album came out and my oldest brother bought it on it's release date. I remember he was jamming it when we were going to an outlet mall, I was so confused of what to make of it. I liked it but then I also thought it was weird, Yeah I love Tool now, one of my favorite Bands.
7Queens of the Stone Age
Songs for the Deaf

Well my oldest brother finally moved out which sucked because he was like a best friend to me, even though he was 14 years older than me. He moved into this shitty trailer park. I still remember this like it was yesterday, Going over there on the weekend and My both my brothers getting trashed and screaming the lyrics to "No One Knows" I actually also liked the song, But I liked playing Jet set radio future more. I was probably in 6th grade, Still love that song.
8Senses Fail
Still Searching

This album is still one of my all time favorites, I remember listening to this in my room just doing nothing. The first album I just sat there and jammed to, no video games or tv. The lyrics on this album really sit with you, even none of it applies to you when you're 11.
9Rise Against
The Sufferer and the Witness

I remember listening to a lot of rise against in middle school but I have no Idea what album I was listening to. Either way I still enjoy a lot of rise against.
10The Offspring
Greatest Hits

My other brother who isn't moved out yet had this album, I remember him blaring it so loud and smoking so much weed it was coming through my air vents. I ended up getting this album from him and jamming it. It was so catchy and had some funny lyrics, Still like some on this one.
We've Come for You All

This is the farthest I ever got into Anthrax, My oldest bro Told me listen to this and let me borrow it. I remember jamming "safe home" over and over again. I know Anthrax had way better albums than this, but this one is so Nostalgic.
Awake: Best Of

My whole family is Christian and I remember my brother who still lived with me really got into "God" lol anyways I remember jamming this and Loved it, A lot of emotion in some of these tracks. I still don't believe but maybe some day.

When I think of my childhood I think of the song "you" I was born in 1994 So this was probably on the radio a lot. I love this song.
14Collective Soul
Collective Soul

Same as above, The Song "December" is so Nostalgic
15Red Hot Chili Peppers

Okay So back with the story line, Lets see I was probably in 7th grade here. I jammed this with my best bud and played Atv vs Mx for ps2. Good memories...
16Iron Maiden
A Matter of Life and Death

So 8th grade sucked along with 7th and 6th. I hated middle school, I was Considered "Cool" in elementary school but Middle school I Felt Like I knew hardly anyone. Everyone changed, got to new friends. I just stopped trying to make new friends and stuck to the same handful of friends. This album Was on a lot during middle school. My oldest brothers favorite band to this day, I will probably always like Iron Maiden.
The Fury of Our Maker's Hand

My oldest brother went to Jail for his 3rd DUI I know what a dumbass. I was in 8th grade and My dad still had that music Catalog. I remember buying this one because I knew My brother would like it, I mean It said DevilDriver on the front case haha..Anyways he ended up liking it, I jammed it too. Probably influenced my Metal Taste in a big way.
Tempo of the Damned

I went to the Record store with my oldest bro one day. I was in 8th or 9th grade and he couldn't find anything. I picked this album up and I was like, "You gotta get this I mean look at it, it looks evil". Neither of us Had heard of exodus, Well we jammed it on the way home in the rain I specifically remember this. We both instantly loved it, The vocals and lyrics sold it for me. Love this album!
19All That Remains
The Fall of Ideals

I started to really get into metal in 9th grade and I was in High school now which was much better than middle school. This is still one of my favorite metal core albums.
20Brand New
The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

My oldest brother bought this due to the Rave reviews on sputnik, He still uses sputnik but never makes an account. I remember putting this on my ipod and Jamming it Freshman Year. This album Is perfect for winter, just a master piece.
21Bullet For My Valentine
Scream, Aim, Fire

Freshman Algebra was the worst, I started talking to druggies in the class and they told me about this band. I got it the next day and Jammed it on my ipod during class. Didn't help me at all and I ended up failing the class...Dam I hate math
22Coheed and Cambria
The Second Stage Turbine Blade

That same druggie who told me about BFMV told me about Coheed and TSSTB to be exact. Dam I thank him so much for this, although he is locked up for selling a drug that killed another kid in my school. I never really collected Cd's But I remember Loving this, I gave it to my bro and I'm guessing he still has it. Coheed is still one of my favorite bands.
The Slim Shady LP

Never got into rap but Freshman year was a big year in music for me, I remember Jamming this album while playing Trials HD Which is a fucking amazing game. Can't wait for Fusion to come out. Anyways This CD is amazing, Loved every song on it.
24Immortal Technique
Revolutionary Volume 2

Jammed this while playing Black Ops one Zombies. I remember I had this album on repeat while 3 of my friends played Ascension. Took like 8 hours I think and we got to level 46. Dam I had no life, anyways Love this CD.

My First taste of Death metal, Sophomore year of high school. I started running a few miles a day and would jam this album all the time. I don't even think I liked it but I was gonna make my self like it. Lets just say it worked and Death is the shit!
26Haste The Day

I finally had my licence so I took a trip with all my friends to Cedar point in Ohio, I Jammed this there and back. I like anything by haste the day.
Discovering the Waterfront

My oldest brother had this album and he didn't like it, He said it was gay. Well I loved it and Still like it A lot. I remember taking it to weight lifting class Junior year. Jamming it in the schools Jam box. Everyone was like wtf is this shit take that emo gay shit out. They liked Garbage music like Three days grace and Breaking Benjamin So fuck them lol
The Emptiness

Yes I like Alesana still and I'm not ashamed, I used to Jam this shit non stop Junior year. This album went hard and It still does. They do sound like shit live though.
29Dance Gavin Dance
Downtown Battle Mountain

I started using Sputnik to check out reviews around this time. Senior year or so and Man oh man I'm glad I found This band. They are so Different in a good way, I saw them live about 6 months ago and They sound Good With Tilian. One of my favorite bands as of now.
30The Fall of Troy

Well after High School i moved to Florida and Have been here for about 6 months or so. I've gotten into music hard due to the lack of people I know, which is fine I'm more of a loner anyways. I've been getting into a lot of new music these 6 months. This is a pretty accurate list of what I've listened to through my 19 years on earth.
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