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Sputnik User Auralmutative Power Levels

Want to know your sputnik music taste power levels? I have utilized a collaborative filtering algorithm (wiki it if you want more in depth info) that takes inputs of user rating information and can be used to predict what a user would like (specifically how they would rate something) given the behavior of other users. I modified my dataset (all user ratings for all staff reviewed albums, 7821 albums total, scraped circa March 20th) and used code from this page http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1022649/weighted-slope-one-algorithm-porting-from-python-to-r to calculate slope one (I believe it is the weighted slope one) recommended album ratings. I narrowed it down to users with 40 or more ratings (12,516 users) and calculated the (1) correlation of the users ratings to the average rating of the albums they rated, (2) the average number of rating per album rated by user, (3) the number of ratings by the user, (4) the number of ratings per day by the user, and (5) the standard deviation of their ratings. All values were transformed into rank values and a weighted average of the ranks determined you troll rating. For Contrarian Troll, a weight of 20 was given to the correlation, .5 for the average number of ratings per album, 2 for number of ratings, and 1 for ratings per day (weights were determined by a process that can best be described by the shrug emoji and Rachel Ray’s philosophy to measuring ingredients). Presented, also, is the average rating of the album, adjusted mean, percent of users that had positive adjustments (meaning that their average rating was higher than the average rating of the albums they rated), and the median number of albums that users of that album had rated within this dataset of 7821 albums. After that, the top 10 and bottom 10 albums based on adjusted rating are presented in the forms of Beyond Omega, Omega, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Feltchsilon.
Sons of Koop

List users who you would like to be Auralmutatively classed.
2The Knife
Shaking the Habitual

>100% - Beyond Omega (Beyond perfection): Potsy, Parallels (sitting in a tree), ZippaThaRippa (third wheelin' it hard up there in the tree but still loved),
3Boards of Canada

100% - Omega (Perfection): Jom, Acad, Hep Kat, Deviant, Havey, KILL, DrMaximus, BallsDeep, Sillycaringrabbitpal, Rasputin, Xenophanes (wow so handsome)
4Gold Panda
Lucky Shiner

90-99% Alpha (Elite): Ryus, JohnnyOntheSpot, Relinquished, Cygnatti, hal1ax, Ovrot, JamieTwort, Sonictheplumber, Graveyard, user, Ziguvan, Wizard
A Mineral Love

70-89% - Beta (Formidable): CL0VER, Sinternet, adr, wtferrothorn, RadicalEd, Mystletainn, adolfchrist, brainmelter, pre-2015 Keyblade, emester, Jacquibim, p4p, Voivod
Analogue Demo Music

50-69% - Gamma (Average): ArsMoriendi, LPFTW, Klap, Hellscythe, TheMrAlexK, MoosechriS, ExplosiveOranges, SitruK6, Insurrection, CalculatingInfinity, Angelboros, Archelirion, PlatonicMushroom, Onionbub, Kman418, TheCrocodile, (hed)cheese aka Tyler., Gyromania, Toad, MyNameIsPencil, Mort., StallionMang, Avagantamos, PortraitsOfDecay, yaknips, Nrap, Supercoolguy64, someguest, MistaCrave, Prognoz, ChoccyPhilly, tempest--, ShartTooth, apert, royl123, FearThyEvil, Ocean of Noise, Flugmorph, dbizzles, accompliceofmydeath, Muppelope, SharkTooth, Evilford
The Apocalyptic Triumphator

10-49% - Delta (Sucks at life): Willie, Sowingseason, AmericanFlagAsh, Trebor, theBoneyKing, pbateman, torts, macman76, 2InchDethWish, ovdeath, pangea, Titan, crysis, conmaniac, sixdegrees, 2015/2016 Keyblade, Calc, PansexualSheepDragon, asdfp234123f2423, Storm In A Teacup, SaveYourBreath,
8Kanye West
The Life of Pablo

0.2-10% - Feltchsilon (Absolute bottom of the barrel): Toondude, Rufinthefury, Snide, anarchistfish, oisincoleman64, poofistwainwright, Ire, aftertheascension, talonsoffire, funeralopolis, Sevengill, Progmaster
Blood Mountain

0-0.199% - Double Reverse Feltchsilon (I didn't think it was possible to score so low): SachikoM (0.127% WTF!?), Treeqt (0.376% srsly tho WTF!?), BrusedRed (0.114% WOW WE HAVE A WINNER)
10Arcade Fire
The Suburbs

5000% Over your fucking bullshit - The Letter Q (SO over these boners he doesn't even register on the Greek auralmutative alphabet scale): Arcade

FAR too fucking consequential for this bullshit. He demands I take him off this list and give him the respect he deserves. He is a fucking special muffin-sausage and don't you ever forget it. His outrage doesn't even BEGIN to register on my petty little scale. There is no algorithm complex enough to crunch out his truly transcendental dataset. I broke the algorithm running the numbers for Arcade the results just came out as "¯\_(ツ)_/¯". But what does it all mean??? Is that you God?
God Is Good

I've looked to other master statisticians to give me feedback on my results. macman76, one of the fields leading minds, reviewed my algorithm and re-ran the data. His results were the same: "¯\_(ツ)_/¯".

"the statgod, Students Ttest, prophesied that an anomaly would appear to a divinely gifted statistician and it would signal the end times... stat's don't lie, so you know it's true" -macman76

All hail The One True Prophet, Dark Lord Arcade
12The Residents
Duck Stab

Insufficient Data: Frippertronics (unfortunately user Frippertronics only listens to 2 prog bands nobody cares about so the data set is incomplete and will provide no results).
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