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Fear Factory Ranked

The objective ranking. Give me your hate.
9Fear Factory
The Industrialist

It’s a decent album on it’s own but as a follow-up to the massive comeback that was Mechanize, this album is just unacceptable. Recharger and God Eater certainly have their moments but overall this is just treading water. Even the much maligned Transgression and the awkward Digimortal took more chances than this.
8Fear Factory

Although Fear Factory didn’t get sucked as hard into the cesspit of nu-metal as many of their contemporaries (Machine Head, yikes) this album is still an unfocused mess with some moments of cringe. Songs like What Will Become, Invisible Wounds, and Byte Block manage to rise above the mediocrity but this is a rough listen.
7Fear Factory

A welcome step-up from the disappointment of The Industrialist, this is a much needed shot in the arm. But despite cuts like Anodized, Genexus, Regenerate and the triumphant closer Expiration Date, this is a middling album when you compare it to the rest.
6Fear Factory
Soul of a New Machine

Before Fear Factory were an industrial metal juggernaut, they were a pretty good Napalm Death cover band. All jokes aside, this album is underrated and hits hard despite entirely lacking the band’s signature sound.
5Fear Factory

This album is overrated. Way too many boring songs like Dog Day Sunrise and Body Hammer as well as decent songs that overstay their welcome by straying unnecessarily into the 6+ minute range. There’s some moments of genius on tracks like Demanufacture, Replica, Hunter/Killer, and Pisschrist (when it finally gets going), but overall the songwriting is loose and could use trim. Very important album in the genre and totally listenable but it’s far from perfection.
4Fear Factory

Probably one of the most criminally underrated metal albums I’ve ever listened to. This got slammed for all the wrong reasons, and going back to read some of the write-ups about it around its release, the blind bias and backwards criticisms are appalling. Moment Of Impact is one of the most pulverizing tracks in the bands entire discography, and most of this album completely rips in spite of some dodgy production choices, time constraints and creatively-draining internal conflicts within the band.
3Fear Factory

A truly great comeback album that was much needed. If there’s one flaw this album has, it's that it pretty much dials up the heaviness to 11 and doesn’t let up for most of its running time (with the exception of the break-out closer Final Exit) and so some of those subtle melodic moments that I love about the band get a bit lost, leaving this feeling a bit monochrome. But it’s hard to argue with tracks like Fear Campaign, Oxidizer, and Designing The Enemy as they bludgeon you into a euphoric state of mechanical head-banging.
2Fear Factory

With the only possible blemishes on this record being some suspect nu-metal elements on the single Edgecrusher aside, this is a perfect, timeless record. Everything that Demanufacture did, this does better; It’s bigger, more ambitious, more dynamic, more thoughtful, and more eloquent in its message. Every single track on this is 11/10, especially Descent, Resurrection, Smasher/Devourer and Freedom Of Fire.
1Fear Factory

Yes, the best Fear Factory album doesn’t even include Dino. This album was my introduction to the band and holds a special place in my heart, therefore I’ve listened to this about a billion times and it still holds up. This has everything I love about Fear Factory in spades, and the balance between unrelenting heaviness and melodic introspection has never been more perfect; Tracks like Slave Labor, Bonescraper, and Act Of God are as raw and searing as the band ever gets, while songs like Human Shields and Bite The Hand organically progress the band's softer and less obvious tendancies with an elegant and mature hand. Meanwhile songs like Corporate Cloning and Drones do a better job straddling both extremes of the band than anything on any album before or since. An unsung genre masterpiece.
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