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Q&a About The Afterlife!

okay so i am going to take ur questions and i will fill them into the album descriptions and this will be the definite q&A for all the internet! =D (ive been a ghost for like 82 years so im a pretty good authority and i can always ask my ghost pals if i dont know the answer)

Zakalwe "Seeing as you've passed on over to the other side spooky are the Devil and God actually raging or just laughing at us all?" they both have a bunch of paperwork to do most of the time they are just kinda sitting there. satan is always doing paperwork theres only one set of oven mitts down in hell so if any of the minions do the paperwork their claws and/or firehands will totally destroy the files and if satan gives those oven mitts away he aint never gonna get them back so yeah its a hard knock life down in hell
Time Heals All

emester "how do ghosts take a poo?" i dunno lol i dont think we do but i daydream a lot so i mean i could doing that like right now and i wouldnt know i guess well not right now but sometime :/
38Burnt By The Sun
Heart Of Darkness

menawati "do Hindus get re-incarnated as vegetables ?" vegetables cant talk so i dont know about their previous life, (even Jesus doesnt know but he wont admit it)
Magnitudes Of Order

Sharktooth "Do ghosts listen to Death?" everything but TSOP, terrible record.

Gmemberkills "what does the afterlife smell like? " Curry, if you don't like curry i would suggest not dying. Or being hindu, but i mean you might get reincarnated as a curry-fruit.

Trebor17 "Do people that died virgins get laughed at in the afterlife/do they get a chance to lose their afterlife virginity?" okay so i went on bing and looked up 'virginity' and i mean im not too familiar with this 'sex' concept cuz the schools over here are all private (i died 4700 in debt so i cant get in) but im guessing that they dont get laughed at (i have no idea) but they definitely can lose it cuz i mean you lose lots of things here. Especially in hell, you lose your phone ALL the time and then you lose your fingers and toes and liver and stuff on a regular basis so yeah nothing is safe.
1000 Hurts

silentstar "does romeo meet juliet?" i think they have tea sometimes but they are bourgeois and im like pretty low on the socio-deathonomic scale so i dont really know anything about their relationship. but yeah they have definitely met.

Frippertronics "how did you become a spookynewghostfriend, and who were you before you became a ghost?" My name was Greg i worked on a farm it was ill. But then i got ill which wasnt what you would call sick. Anyways, youre given a new name and new family and new everything in afterlife so spooky is my surname which is why im both spooky and friendly, Im of a friendly personality but spooky is my name so yeah. As far as "newghostfriend" i wasn't qualified for anything else. I wanted to be a gate watcher for heaven but you need references and you gotta take a security course so yeah......
32Chelsea Wolfe
Pain Is Beauty

climactic "how have you maintained your friendliness after being dead for so long?" It's my job. Starting to like it since i joined sput tbh but the first 80 years were just people trying to mooch off me which was kinda annoying. "oh hey spooky can i borrow some sugar" yeah i paid this entire weeks earnings for that sugar and i know you arent gonna give it back but hey ill lose my job if i dont give it to you so here you go! *smh*
The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide

Bmdrummer "Why do you get to come down to Earth to talk to us? Or are you typing from wherever you are?" If ethopia has computers im pretty sure the afterlife does cmon lmao. And i dunno you can buy flights to heaven and hell and earth and whatnot after you get sorted. Right now im on earth but im on business with GhostPeace (some very negative poltergeists with alcoholism need to be relocated) so once that contract runs out i might go chill in hell.

Titatnslayer "What kinda of music do you have in heaven, and what kind of music do you have in hell?" Lol theres a thing called ipods i dunno if you heard about them they were invented after this thing called the "walkman" and before that people used a nifty device called a "gramophone". Whatever music people feel like hearing, duh.
White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity

Orest Or Else "have u met revolverghost John Wayne or any other spooky celebrities up there?" im lower class so i have to avert my eyes around the upper classes but i caught a breadcrumb that fell out of Chris Farley's mouth once, i have it framed on my mantle :]
28The Jesus And Mary Chain

Yaknips "are all ghosts as friendly as you?" Do all people humans listen to as much death-screamo as you do?
27The White Mice

Slimdaddy "Do you know who the members of Ghost B.C. are?" Who?
The Maggot

My best friend IRL Mark. "have you visited thugz mansion?" Ye bruv i try and keep in touch with my boy Big L (you might have heard of him he runs that joint) and whenever it floats by i drop in. U no they went from Egypt to Satan HQ in like 12 hours? the horsepower on that mansion is outta dis world i sware.
13 Chambers

elcrawfodor "What awesome super groups have been formed by the spirits of dead musicians?" Yeah hendrix,kobain and Chris Farley (Chris Farley is like the coolest guy in hell) tried to make a deathcore group but none of them were talented enough. Played like two shows and quit. Aside from that nobody really plays music, we just listen to living people do shit. I mean, once youre dead you dont really have to impress anyone so music is kinda out. Yo-yos are really popular, noone gives a fuck about yo-yos until you have one in your hands you know? Those things are timeless.
Penis Envy

Wafflez "What are some misconceptions about ghosts?" i dunno lol (actually)
23Caladan Brood
Echoes Of Battle

beartato "If you die in the afterlife, do you die in real life?" Yeah youre fucked if you die in the afterlife. Like i mean youre dead. Dead-dead. As in not living. theres an afterlife to the afterlife but its like going from a 5 star hotel (life) to a 4 star hotel (death) to a 3 star hotel (death death) and past that point you might want to bring youre own bedsheets bcuz if you stay in a hotel theres a good chance you might get lice. Kinda pointless but a lot of hipsters take the death-death route, idk why.
Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill

elcrawfodor (again) "Also what is God's favorite Death album and why is it TSoP?" God likes TSOP bcuz he has no taste, any reasonable person knows that TSOP has Chuck's worst vocals, repetitive wankery and no death metal. Ugh,
21Nacho Picasso and Avatar Darko

Scottpilgrim "What's the right religion?" All of them. Whatever you pick is gonna be your deal in the afterlife. dunno why people fight about it when they are alive its not a big deal lol. Just don't be an atheist and it's good.
20Kat Dahlia
Shades Of Gray

BigMeanie "Are you the worst user in the afterlife as well?" >afterlife >Music website > user *smh* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaqcNEeIUu8&feature=youtu.be
19PS I Love You
Meet Me At The Muster Station

Rowan2515 "Okay, does everyone in the afterlife get to haunt as a ghost on Earth or only some people?" Remove the A and haunting becomes hunting. They are quite similar, you need a license and proper equipment and whatnot. Being on earth is one thing, but haunting earth is something totally different. Anyone can go to earth like i said you just buy a plane ticket but Haunting is something completely else. Kinda like safaris we have guides who will take responsibility for haunting and you can follow around and watch their shenanigans first hand but for most people there is a bunch of red tape to navigate, theres better shit to do. Like yo-yos.
18Rudimentary Peni
17The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Strung Out In Heaven
16Totem Skin
Totem Skin
Against Perfection
14Brutal Truth
Need To Control
13Red Sparowes
The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein...
12Horn Of The Rhino
Weight Of Coronation
11Wye Oak
World Downfall
9 Phon?noir
The Objects Don't Need Us
8No Trend
Too Many Humans
7Meat Puppets
Forbidden Places
The White Birch
Have Landed
3Maya Jane Coles
Fabric 75
1Pete Namlook and Tetsu Inoue
Shades of Orion 2
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