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1000 ratings/loose fav albums list

1 album per band, descriptions get shit and messy because i got bored. Was gonna do 101 fav records but got bored. will probs do a proper list sometime in the future
The Severing

Crydebris were a band comprised of members who would later form rinoa and some other uk weird core bands and they were tight, really fast technical mathy stuff with atmospheric flourishes and a lot “ambient” bits
62Jacobi Wichita
Bonez Malone

Jacobi Wichita were a post hardcore band that existed in the past and no longer exist.
61United Nations
United Nations

Thought id put this here seeming as they call out the below for being dumbasses, and it’s a brilliant mix of grind and screamo and all sorta stuff. General Figment of the USS Imagination is also a tippity top songname. Also great vox on this
The Shape of Punk to Come

Oh wow look we mixed post hardcore with a bunch of genres and ideas aren’t we groundbreaking and taking punk to new levels ooooh fuck.
Nati da Altri Padri

A lot of people prefer Raeins full lengths to this but honestly this ep is one of their best as it flows ridiculously well, isn’t as chaotic as other stuff by them as its more controlled or something fuck I don’t know its just good.

Rorschach are one of the granddaddies of core who don’t get much love around here these days which is a shame seeming as Converge basically aped the vocal style and riffs and the members later went on to form two other sick core bands (Deadguy and KIG).
This Is the Second Death

Harlots are a metalcore band that Wacknizzle set me onto, which is actually true for a lot of the core I like so shout out for Wack for knowing his stuff. Really technical and heavy but with atmospheric, ambient and experimental flourishes these guys were really something special. Nearest band to them I would say is maybe something like Amia Venera Landscape but they still don’t really compare.
56At the Drive-In
Relationship of Command

I think ROC was the second album I got on vinyl, take to the skies being the first. One Armed Scissor got me into these guys then I just fell in love with this album and listened to it all the time, sorta over listened to it in truth. Probably due to give it another spin soon. Got me into post hardcore along with dgd and hot cross.
55Five Minute Ride
The World Needs Convincing...

Five minute ride was the post hardcore band signed to rise records that Kurt travis of allb and dgd fame was in in his early years. Really emotionally charged and angular post hardcore with an emo vein like so much stuff from that era.
54Pig Destroyer

Pig destroyer were the first grind band I got into so they hold a place in my heart. Don’t jam them so much anymore but the lyrics on this are still some of my fav ever.
53Wow, Owls!
Pick Your Patterns

Wow, Owls! Have sorta been forgotten over a lot of other skramz bands which is a shame, even tho they were never really skramz more like just very screamo-ey post hardcore. A lot of lyrics to scream at the top of your lungs, great riffs and energy and stripped down approach.
Orchestra Of Wolves

Gallows got me into a lot more barebones sorta punk stuff, shame they went so downhill when Frank left.
51The Smiths
Hatful of Hollow

Went through a massive smiths phase in my teens that I look back on pretty fondly. Consisted of me looking pretty miserable as I moped around the school feeling sorry for myself and thinking about how much morriseys lyrics connected to me. Fucking generic ass teenager I was. Still love them of course.
50Arctic Monkeys
Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

Another band whose debut was their best, not that the follow ups were bad or anything. Witty and observant with some killer danceable riffs. Also one of the first cds I ever bought I think
49Elliott Smith

Havent really dug into Elliot’s discography except for this record which needs to change as I love this. Not much to say about it, you all know this probs

RIP Tom, I got into Architects pretty late in the game but its always been their early stuff thats impressed more. I like the extremely technical yet spare aspect they often take here, as well as the interesting song structures that sorta disappeared as the bands career went on. The vox are also more interesting here imo although I do love Sam on Ruin and hollow crown.
47Suis La Lune

Beautiful screamo with twinkly sorta aspects and sad sad vox and intricate pretty guitars oh my
They're Only Chasing Safety

Dunno why I love this album so much but I just find it ridiculously catchy and gooood sounding even if it is a bit Christian for my liking
45Rolo Tomassi

Rolo Tomassi have sucked live every time ive seen them which is a shame. Cosmology is probably their best record, spazzy techy metalcore jazz shit with great vocals.
Busy Signal At The Suicide Hotline

Some more metalcore, bit more emoish with some spoken vocals and melodic downtime, but still goes hard at points.
Liberate Te Ex Inferis

Pretty hellish metalcore from the 90s backed up by samples from event horizon that work really well.
42Altar of Plagues
Teethed Glory and Injury

Black metal is a genre I know very little about but this blew away the first time I heard it and still blows me away to this day, really harsh and cold atmosphere on this that is pretty stark sounding at points with good use of electronics to keep things fresh as well as some curdling vocals.
41HORSE the band
Desperate Living

The Earth tour documentary is one of the single greatest things ever recorded and gives a lot of insight into this bands fucked up group dynamic and touring. Don’t really listen to them much anymore but Desperate living is way more solid than most electronic core is.
40Hot Cross

Cryonics excels in its complexity as it still sounds weirdly grounded and not over the top diddly widdly like a lot of “mathy” bands do. Also the vocal approach is great so much interplay
39Bear vs. Shark
Right Now You're in the Best of Hands

Glad to hear that these guys have reunited recently, really solid post hardcore band that have a strong indie vein running through their music. Both albums are brilliant but their debut beats the follow up due to its sort of endearing nature.
38Bloc Party
Silent Alarm

I miss when I used to care about Bloc party, which was basically when A Weekend in the city came out, everything after that being sorta eh. Still, this remains as tight and astute as ever, the lyrics still hit me in places and the drumming and guitarwork is superbly tight.
37Genghis Tron
Board Up the House

Cybergrind is a dumb fucking word but it is weirdly appropriate even if this is barely grind but I can see why ppl use it. Love the synth tone on this and the whole aesthetic is pretty cool
36Algernon Cadwallader
Some Kind Of Cadwallader

Algernon Cadwallader just make me happy tbh, really pleasant and joyful emo that is sorta quirky and stupid but hey just don’t take it too seriously.

Knut really did anything other than this worth checking in my eyes which I know some ppl here will disagree with but this is undeniably their crowning achievement. Absolutely monolithic sludgy and chaotic core than really sounds like nothing else. Killer vocals too.
34Kiss It Goodbye

Basically deadguy but with a chunkier sound and just as pissed of vocals and lyrcis. IVE GOT A SERMON TO GIVE
33Joshua Fit For Battle
To Bring Our Own End

Joshua fit for battle don’t really get repped as much as all the other scream bands around at the same time as them which is sad because they were to me at least super unique. Skramz with a pretty heavy and dark edge, approaches metal at some points. This is me getting stronger is perf
Worship and Tribute

Get your shit together daryl and just give us a new album already for fuck sake. Anyway yeah don’t really jam this anymore but it still has a special place in my heart seeming as every track is pretty perf and daryls vocals are sweet and the music goes from chill to heavy a lot.
Fixation on a Coworker

Which leads me onto these guys, who Dillinger were basically aping on calc infinity. Really piercing and sharp guitarwork on this with some acerbic vocals and generally pissed off lyrics. Ooh eer fiery.
30The Dillinger Escape Plan
Calculating Infinity

Not very excited for these guys upcoming swansong as the tracks they’ve already released have seemed sorta lacklustre. Still, im seeing them live in January for the first time ever which will be sick, just hoping they play a lot of stuff off this and Miss Machine.
29Loma Prieta
Last City

Never really payed much attention to Loma Prieta outside of this album, mainly because nothing else they’ve ever done has managed to capture the intensity this did. Guitarwork is stellar as are the screams and the closer is phenomenally crushing.
28Death Grips
The Money Store

Got into these guys through exmilitary a few years ago but only checked this out like half a year ago and was blown away by the production and style. Just really dig the whole aesthetic. This and bottomless pit are pretty much equal to me.
27Dance Gavin Dance
Downtown Battle Mountain II

I got obsessed with this album when it came out and it basically got me into loads of the newer post hardcore out there, a lot of which I no longer care for although this still does loads for me. Basically like how they did really poppy instrumentation on this but still with the more aggressive post hardcore moments without it being all sugary like they are with tillian now.
26Down I Go

So happy when these guys reformed to make “You’re Lucky god, that I cannot reach you” as it ended up being probably my fav record of the year. However Gods is their crowning achievement, a 4 track ep with each track focusing on a different Greek myth. The lyrics are tongue in cheek funny and the sound is heavy groovy post hardcore with fun vibes.
25Q and Not U
No Kill No Beep Beep

Sach showed me this band and I couldn’t be any more grateful, one of the funnest post hardcore acts to come out of the Washington scene, on par with the dismemberment plans quirky angularness.
24Secret Band
Secret Band EP (Remastered)

We need more stuff from these guys seeming as they really shine at the weird heavy post hardcore stuff when theres no clean singer form dgd weighing them down. This gets weirdly trippy at points, used to get high to it a lot.
23Portraits Of Past
Cypress Dust Witch

Another skramz classic, really cold and empty sounding due to the archaic guitars. Pretty intricate chaotic stuff.
22Johnny Truant
In the Library of Horrific Events

Easily the best “melodic” metalcore record out there, although thats because these guys mixed the melodic sound of their contemporaries with a bit more technicality and dissonance to create something way more well-rounded than anything else in the scene.
21Crystal Castles
Crystal Castles

And following Baths its these guys for electronic stuff. I really like the chiptune influnces here and Alices vocals are fun if grating sometimes. Air War and Magic Spells are mad nostalgic for me.

Baths is probably my second favourite electronic musician after AT, with this album being his crowning achievement. Some of the most delightfully breezy and melancholic music out there.
19Elle Milano
Acres Of Dead Space Cadets

Elle Milano have sort of been forgotten which in unsurprising considering the biggest thing they ever achieved was opening for Bloc Party once and the bassist going on to join Does It Offend You, Yeah?. Still “Acres of dead space cadets” is my own personal slice of uk indie rock perfection with its grounded yet fun lyrics about current uk life and observations “He'll tell you what night life is like, a block of flats, A chav on a bike, a psycho with an ice pick, a pint and a fight” and pretty solid songwriting.
18American Football
American Football

Babys first emo album basically, although only the closer really still gets plays these days. Trumpets are cool I guess.
17Aphex Twin
Richard D. James Album

Aphex Twin’s “Come To Daddy” track was my first sort of direct introduction to weird electronic music and it stuck with me a lot, but it was Richard D James album that really struck me out of his whole discography. The beats seem so robotic and cold and yet this whole album bristles with warmth and emotion, I find the whole thing very affecting especially Fingerbib and Girl/Boy song.
16Bring Me the Horizon
Suicide Season

Another album that got me into heavier stuff, don’t really dig it as much these days and should probs bump down the 5 rating. The closer is still phenomenal to me as is the drumming across the whole album and sykes vocals improved a lot here. The Comedown is still a core banger.
15Enter Shikari
Take to the Skies

Not much to say about this other than it’s the album that sorta “got me into music” when I was 12 so it has a special place in my mind. I find the synth really nostalgic these days, especially the hazy interludes and the simpler production and lack of wanky politics. Rou’s vocals are fucking shit tho, the demo versions on The Zone are weirdly better than a lot of the tracks here.
14Late of the Pier
Fantasy Black Channel

Really sad that the drummer for this band passed away last year, I was always hoping for them to get back together and put out more stuff but sadly that may never be the case, also seemed like a really talented and nice guy. Anyway this album is really fun, some ridiculous lyrics and general vibe that is basically what klaxons and other shitty bands were trying to do but failed miserably.

Will always have a soft spot for these guys seeming as along with Enter Shikari they helped me get into “heavy” music eg anything with screaming in it. This stands out over the rest of their stuff due to its rawer production and the guitarwork being the most twiddly diddly. The I just like how it’s a lot simpler then the rest of their stuff, I think it really benefits by having no bells or whistles. The vox is also the best on this
Hell Songs

If you like spazz you cant do much better than this, ridiculous at points tbh with a drunk leering elvis shouting over everything. Often gets a bit disorientating
11The Dismemberment Plan
Emergency & I

Goddamn nerdy hipsters with their offbeat bleep bloop noises and introspective lyrics about depression and modern life.
10The Fall of Troy
The Fall of Troy

Why this band decided to come back I don’t know as ok sorta sucked and both this and doppelganger were decent enough, this edging doppelganger out slightly for its rawer and sloppier execution which I way prefer, even if doppelganger did have all the cool chill bits. But hey man Last March of the Ents is pretty epic I mean who doesn’t love lotr?
9Cutting Pink With Knives

Mixing grind and pop sounds really fucking dumb and it is but somehow these guys sorta pull it off by not taking themselves too seriously and having lyrics about friendship and science and incorporating some fun samples and having really catchy synth
Functioning on Impatience

Oh walrus man ingram how I love you with your deep and throaty roars and all these techy riffs and chugs yet still very grounded in core and never wanky. Grooves too
7Funeral Diner
The Underdark

Another emo classic that is apparently a d&d concept album according to a recent interview although I suspect that could be utter bullshit. Anyway this is really dark as the name would imply and often ends up sorta swirling about miserably in mind with all the screaming about the end and having blood on hands and what not. Also “It is good that we never met” is one of the best songs of all time , if not the best skramz track
6City of Caterpillar
City of Caterpillar

This was a pretty important record to me back when I was a depressed hormonal teenager so I don’t really connect with it as much as I used to. Still, the atmosphere they invoke is pretty miserable and affecting regardless of your mental state, and the mix of post rock structures with emo is done nicely for once. Some of the best build ups in the game.
The Moon Is a Dead World

Don’t really have much to say about this either, if you are not already familiar with it id be pretty surprised. The drumming is pretty cool I guess and “all I cared about was my cds and my weed” makes me laugh.spacey vibes
We Are the Romans

Same as above really, the riffs are dope and the fact theres a track on this basically calling out the guys who would later be in fall out boy for being pseudo political asshats is pretty funny, perhaps the greatest vocals in core too next to Bannon too. Crushing bro. Also really like the strange gritty atmosphere invoked on this.
Jane Doe

Just gonna continue to get the obvious sputcore choices out the way, yeah Jane doe rules and the raptor vocals are amazing and this is phenomenal bla b a nothing special to say here really except that yeah Converge helped me get into heavier music and at first I thought they sucked but like many of us it took some getting used to before it clicked
2Fear Before
The Always Open Mouth

Post-hardcore was my favourite genre for a long time but once this album came into my life everything else always sorta seemed redundant. I still sometimes hear things in this that I haven’t noticed before, as like the previous choice its very textured and nuanced. Their subsequent effort clearly didn’t have as much tweaking put into it and suffers for it, but this remains perfect in its execution. The introduction of electronic influences might be the greatest decision this band ever made, as this record ended up a sort of dystopian scorched earth fuckfest. The vocal interplay is fantastic, the lyrics are pretty dark and all the instrumentation is tippity top.
Leaves Turn Inside You

Unwound have been my favourite band for just over a year now and this album is the reason why. Even though their earlier, post-hardcore leaning records fall in line with my general taste more Leaves Turn Inside You stands out due to how much they pushed themselves on this record. The two years or so it took them to create this certainly payed off as this record is so incredibly nuanced and textured every second of it has imprinted itself in my mind. It’s a perfect mix of a bunch of ideas they were playing around with prior to this record, mixing post punk and shoegaze and indie rock and math rock and whatever the fuck you really want to call it. Trospers lyrics are brilliantly cryptic and the guitar work is mesmerizingly fluid, easily my favourite record of all time.
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