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04.02.14 Username Problem

Username Problem

man so I logged into this website after I was reminded that it existed. and I said to myself, "self, what's up with all these losers with the usernames? might as well be losernames." anyways here's some shitty usernames and some better ones that I thought of.

oh boy oh boy this kid inspired me to start this project of mine. it seems my legume-loving pal here doesn't know what kind of shit is scary. just taking a food you like to eat and throwing "satanic" in front of it is fuckin' lazy. what are you, a metal band. jesus. I recommended he immediately change his name to CicadaDong but apparently he didn't like that one. So I came up with another one. NasalFriction. Can you even imagine something scarier than nasal friction? you're sitting in english class and you can just feel a big ol booger in there. and nobodys lookn at you so you just discreetly stick a finger up ya nostril and all of a sudden BAM nasal friction. your finger is stuck in your nose and y can't get it out. if that ain't scary then I don't knwo what is.

on the topic of noses we have this asshole. hoo boy It took some work to fix this one up. I felt like xzibit or whoever on pimp my ride, fuckin putting televisions in his name and shit. and then it hit me. I'll just put a fuckin' tv in his name. PhTVlegm. perfect. 5/5 best name. you're cruising down the block making posts with a name like phTVlegm and everyone knows you're famous cause a rapper fixed your car.

actually this is a good username just wanted to make sure y'all were still awake. everyone and their dumbass brother knows that the key to making agood username is to use four words, because the computer can't guess that shit. the computer can guess your password easy, but what fuckin' space age technology is capable of guessing somehting like "spookynewghostfriend?" you answer me that and damn son you're the next steve wozniak.

oops buddy looks like you put your name in there. well fear not, because even though the hackers have gotten yr social security number and are probably stealing your bank account as we speak, it's okay because I have a solution. new name. how about geologyfan1996? that one sounds right up your alley

at first I thought this was a shitty name but then I realized it's robert backwards which is perfect because he seems like a backwards kind a kid. back when i was in middle school i knew this kid named Josh. but see, josh was backwards. He'd always run up to people with his dick hangin out of his shorts and then he'd talk to you like a normal person, but as soon as you look down there you see it, big ol dick in your face. there are a lot more losernames on this website but I don't have the time to fix em all. gonna go listen to some insect warfare or something now, peace
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