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My 10 Favorite Metal Bands

My taste in music, especially metal is very diverse. I only put 10 on here though cause I don't wanna make a long ass list. (All of my favorites are on my page) It's always hard for me to pick, but here's a list of my 10 favorite metal bands. Yes it's filled with metalcore so there's gonna be a lot of haters but I don't care cause I just did this for fun.
1Killswitch Engage

Where do I begin... oh I know how about where my love for metal did with KsE. From the time I herad some of Alive or Just Breathing my life was never the same. I'm only 19 so in 2002 I was only in elementary school. People thought I was a demon child, but those are the ones who don't understand the beauty of metalcore or any metal genre for that matter. I know that's a young age, but I had been around rock and metal music from a young age due to family. Killswitch basically defined my music taste since I got my jumpstart there so I'm a big metalcore fan. However, what made me fall in love with them was when As Daylight Dies came out. I will never forget the first time I heard and saw the video for The Arms of Sorrow. Such a beautiful song executed with perfect emotion and precision. That was the first metal album I listened to start to finish, and I couldn't have been more pleased. There's many reasons why I love these guys, actually too many to list. But besides Adam D's excellent producing, raping of the guitar, and colorful personality on stage, my favorite aspect of the band lies in Howard Jones. I know you vets are gonna kick my ass for that, but don't get me wrong Jesse is an excellent frontman and I'd rather have no one else replace Howard. But, Howard in my mind will always be the best frontman in metal due to his versatility, ability to perform live, and his songwriting. I heard in an interview that he wrote My Curse in 20 minutes. One of the biggest metal songs to hit mainstream, hell it was on guitar hero, and this guy wrote it in 20 minutes?! There's no limit to his vocals sing, scream, growl, whatever, and he'll match near studio quality while on the mic live. Now that's talent. Say what you want, but these guys will always my favorite and I'll always have eternal gratitude for them opening a door to a whole new world for me.
2Lamb of God

"Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man"... has to deal with the wrath of LOG. Is there any denying the greatness of this band? The answer is a big fat NOOOOOOO! From humble beginings with a not so humble name, to huge world tour stages with bands such as Metallica, Lamb of God has become one of the biggest names in metal today. They have done a good job throughout their career of establishing themsleves as a mature band with an excellent sound. Mainly why I love them is how I can listen to any song off any LOG record and love it. Hopefully these guys, or at least their legacy, will be around by the time I have kids so they can hear the greatness of the one and only Lamb of God.
3Misery Signals

Awe can't even describe what I felt from a first listen of "Malice and the Magnum Heart". My first thought was "Wait, this is a debut album?!?!" Yes this band is that good folks. It's no wonder that album is regarded as one of the best metalcore releases EVER. Misery Signals effortless ability to blend melody, aggresion, and emotion into one great big cohesive bond is what makes them a favorite of mine. Many bands go too far in either the way of agression or melody, but these guys manage to stay in the middle of the tracks. Now, a few new lin-up changes have got me anxious and wondering how they will sound. Guess we'll have to wait and see, but either way this band will always stay in my favorites due to their previous efforts.
4Bullet For My Valentine

The UK has been known in the past decades for its awesome rock bands (Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest to name a few). As the new millenium begins to roll around, the Welsh quartet known as BFMV come along. Those same influences can be heard in their music, and that's why I love them. From a young age I listened to many classic rock and metal bands especially from the 80's. Many people have criticized Bullet for leaning toward a more mainstream sound such as in Fever, but I still love em regardless. I will admit their older stuff Scream and especially the poison are better, but Bullet will always be a favorite of mine due to the revival of those classic sounds that can be heard in some of their music.
5As I Lay Dying

My nose has never been the same since my first AILD concert. A stray elbow came in and blindsided me, but I didn't mind. Yes they were that good. I went home with a blood soaked t-shirt, ringing ears, and couldn't be happier. Tim, along with the rest of the band has really shown improvement and growth, especially in songwriting. The first song I ever heard by them was Confined. There's something about that song that still makes me get up and headbang regardless of if I'm in public or not. Funny story about that: My senior year we had one of those gay flash mobs in the hallway as our "prank". I told everyone we can throw together a better dance than that. I planned to grab a boombox with An Ocean Between Us and start a massive mosh pit upstairs. Too bad the principals stopped me before I could do it :/ If a band is worth getting expelled over, then they're definitely good enough to be in the list is what I say.
6War of Ages

"My existence, is overtaking me"... Not really, it's just not worth anything without War of Ages. I heard them for the first time through Pandora. I had no idea that they were a Christian band at first, or that Christian metal even existed. Maybe this is a good thing though, because my best friend is a hardcore Christian, and these guys are one of the only bands he will jam with me to. I wrote my first comment/review over their new album Retuen To Life. WOA never ceases to amaze me. From "Point Zero" to above the heavens these guys have rose. Listening to them not only makes me wanna snap my neck in half, but even possibly get closer to God.
7The Acacia Strain

I'm not really sure what to classify these guys. Like most I'm tempted to say deathcore, but I won't to avoid Vincent Bennett finding me and "doing something really bad" like he once said in an interview. By his lyrics, Vinny is definitely not someone you wanna piss off. That center of nihilism and aggression, surrounded by some pretty epic chords and heavy drumming, yet still controllable enough to make some pretty damn good music is what seperates them from daycare kids who have no idea what the hell they're doing (cough cough) Emmure. Being able to understand what is being said unlike their mentioned rival is one of the many reasons they are able to succeed again and again. TAS is able to avoid repition most of the time even while having the same basic ideas for most of their songs. When I feel like throwing both fingers in the air and screaming fuck the world, a copy of Wormwood works wonders on my emotions and my room that becomes trashed halfway through. XD
8In Flames

Gothenburg, Sweden. Not just a badass sounding city, but also the birth place of the bands credited with creating melodic death metal. These guys, In Flames, being one of them. The very diverse sound they possess is rivaled by very few. From the ambient electronic sounds of Soundtrack To Your Escape, to heavy albums such as Come Clarity, In Flames always seems to come through with a solid record. Despite not having any members from the original album Lunar Strain, Sounds of a Playground Fading was personally one of my favorite records. The loss of Jesper Strombald as the main songwriter seems to not even to phase them. Let's hope that this trend will continue as the boys from Gothenburg continue on their path.
9Five Finger Death Punch

"I'm a red-blooded roughneck son of a bitch"... That sense of raw, hardcore, in your face patriotism is exactly what I love about the boys of 5FDP. They don't hold back with what's on their mind (hints to 100 Ways To Hate). This "way of the fist" is a very powerful one that has led them into the hearts of many metal fans such as myself and even, suprisingly, mainstream radio. Hopefully Five Finger can manage to stayon top of their game like they showed on American Capitalist and can continue on their ride to the top.

Upon seeing a picture of the band, one of my friends mocked them until I slipped a copy of Iowa into his car's system. All he had to say was "Holy shit!" Let's just say he never doubted my musical tastes again. Slipknot is unique in many ways aside from the elaborate masks. That sort of rap metal that was prominent in mainstream music by bands such as Korn was imbraced by underground metal in the form of Slipknot when they first came along. Now, they focus on more of a straight rock sound, and that seems to work well too. I don't really know why or how to explain why I love these guys so much I just do.
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