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young thug ranked

it's baffling how hard thugger has fallen off in recent times. it's quite a shame too, given how hard guwop and birdman worked laying the foundations; setting the scene for a less complacent thug to become the next trap king. alas, he has sold his soul to the post-drakeian pop-rap phenom, and like so many others, has become little more than a soulless vehicle for record label think-tank ideas.
16young thug
beautiful thugger girls

a poor attempt at reappropriating the guitar music pandering -isms of lil peep and gbc (probably as a reaction to their almost viral success), replete with a vocal performance so flat (it honestly sounds like any other post-2015 trap-rap imitation) that you'd think you were listening to sahbabii b-sides. it's emblematic of his demise; a continuation of the shedding of character that has taken place post-barter 6, now to the point that he is hardly even a shadow of the rapper that made 1017 thug and black portland such hood-classics.
15young thug

probably the biggest misstep in thug's career (so far as it was the final nail in his coffin, and the effective creative misdirect that led to his current destitution); his idiosyncrasies and otherwise defining weirdness replaced by festival rap tropes. ultimately, jeffery feels a calculated and repeatedly revised project; thugger almost entirely removed from the creative process, instead performing a role for his management team. the end result is a tape painfully predictable: opening with the poppy lead-single wyclef jean, then trudging through a bunch of lowkey "hard" tracks (floyd mayweather, guwop) alongside a few wannabe-chart toppers (riri, swizz beats), finally ending on the other big single. not so much a disappointment as an indictment; a eulogy for a once promising rapper now dead.
14young thug
slime season 3

the beginning of the big decline. it's actually quite odd, because there are moments that recall the thug of old, but for one reason or another, everything seems half-baked -- the wavy autotuned hook of memo the only real takeaway. there's the typically dumb(founding) thugger one liners and banging production, but there's a yawning gulf where thugger's typically elevatory vocal acrobatics are normally found. the beginning of the end.
13young thug
slime season

has its moments (no way, quarterback, rarri, best friend, again, that's all), but suffers from the typical mixtape syndrome (overlong, too monotonous). there's inklings of that dilution of his sound, with some of the hooks comparably phoned in as those on his more recent tapes, but the high points show thugger at close to his best -- abstruse, nonsensical, yet endlessly melodic. a warning sign.
12young thug
i'm up

between this and slime season 2, it seemed there was still life in thug's career. hercules marks a return to the weirdness of old, and fuck cancer is by far and away thug's best attempt at pop rap. it's needless to say that there's a few duds (thug's always been good for a few), and a few out-of-place features (young butta, his sister [although it is quite cute that he did feature her]), but all-in-all, i'm up stood, and still stands as a strong follow-up to slime season 2, despite being quite inconsistent.
11young thug
1017 thug 3: the finale

a bunch of recycled tracks bring this down some, otherwise this is prime golden-era thug; at times mindblowingly stupid, yet forever fun and forever catchy.
10young thug
i came from nothing 3

there are still a few wayne-isms (as there were during the earliest parts of his career), but i came from nothing 3 saw thug finally growing into the artist he would later become (and even later on flee from). the features tend to be pretty hit-and-miss (as is to be expected when you're featuring a bunch of bricksquad no-names), but thug still manages to make 73-minutes fly by. on another note, he probably should've worked out more before trynna flex his six-pack on the cover lol.
9gucci mane and young thug
young thugga mane la flare

a bit inconsistent, but guwop acts as a beautiful foil for thug; reigning in some of the more outrageous ideas and allowing thug to really wander with his vocal acrobatics. part of me wishes there were some more features, especially when the sparse features on here are so effective, but nonetheless young thugga mane la flare is a nice, concise tape. OMG BRO.
8young thug
i came from nothing

although sounding a bit of a wayne copycat at this point, early thug is as fun as trap rap comes. so while i came from nothing isn't a young thug tape per se, it's a fucking top-tier party-rap album. as with some of thug's other mixtapes, it suffers from being overlong, and a lot of the features are fucking average, but for the most part thug is able to carry the tape.
7young thug
barter 6

putting barter 6 this high seems a touch disingenuous, as it marks thug's first bona fide attempt at breaking into the mainstream, and the first iteration of him diluting certain aspects of his sound. unlike his later projects though, barter 6 shines so far as it is 1) coherent, and 2) a near-perfect dissection of the two halves of thug's career. it showcases his weird side (with that, can't tell) as well as his poppier, accessible side (check, numbers), meanwhile never letting one dominate the other. it's a project that showcases a beautiful sense of balance, and from the woozy, intoxicating beats to the surprisingly worthwhile features (hell, even birdman goes in), barter 6 effectively shows thug at close to his best.
6young thug
1017 thug 2

although hardly a patch on its predecessor (which realistically makes sense seeing as it's made up of leftovers from that era), 1017 thug 2 showcases thug at his wild and wacky best; fucking around with incomprehensible flows and uncanny voice-modulations. it's a lot more digestible than the first 1017 tape (thanks, in due part, to both the much-improved mastering job and its shorter run-time), but it lacks the same level of unremitting reward as a byproduct. a better entry point, but a lesser achievement.
5young thug
i came from nothing 2
4young thug
slime season 2
3young thug and bloody jay
black portland
2rich gang
tha tour pt. 1
1young thug
1017 thug
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