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romantic frustrations/inspired by wine(s)

'07-'17 reppin. only real raw g shit allowed. filthee recs wanted.

[trap/drill] charisma as embodied by a white street-rapper -- cross da track norf norf nyeaaaahhhhhh
2chief keef
thot breaker

[drill/pop rap/alt r&b/the future] still makes my heart flutter like a butterfly; daintily affected by perhaps one too many bottles of wine... nevertheless after another
3bladee x yung lean
gotham city

you're a joker, i'm the joker
should i listen to the devil or the angel on my shoulder?
4death scenes
女性死体集 vhs

[hnw/poverty] i can't even tell if this squalour is rumbling or screeching or clanging or collapsing anymore
5bizarre uproar

[pe] i don't think my ears are perpetually ringing but every sound is meaning(ful/less)
uterovaginal insertion of extirpated anomalies

7suicide silence
the cleansing

[dxc] the systematic genocide of a race in the name of progress -- a standardisation of living so poor that money will dictate and engender our violence
06-07 excretions

[gorenoise] my chest feels hollow (but that's probably just the white ox)

[pe] dissatisfaction
sacrificial septic tank tomb

[gorenoise/black metal] we comin live from the gutta

[hnw] and as we hold this so close to our chests, we must reflect upon, or at least acknowledge, the claustrate way of our being. to place the bag around the head is to embrace it, and to tie it is to embrace finality.
12 fecal vomit
no. 5

[noise] believe me, the best cure for your bulimia is one nice long christmas shopping... don't you feel already how this comme de garcon edp enlightens your spirit and eases your pain?
13begging for incest
awaiting the fist

[slam/dxc] we do not fear for others as we fear for ourselves when contemplating their absence.
14christian mirande
museum piece

[field recordings] it's hard to believe that such poignancy can be found in the musical eavesdropping of a museum piece. taking the girl to the art gallery this weekend!
15thy art is murder
infinite death

[dxc] a fairly accurate representation of the modern bogan mindset
16chelsea grin
chelsea grin

[dxc] i won't lie i do miss my "scene-days" girl. she was fun.
17snuff (fin)

[pe] another nameless victim and another cold case (of beer)
18lucio capece, julia eckhardt, christian kesten....
wedding ceremony

[lowercase] this actually does flirt with altogether more punctual UPPERCASE-isms but somehow they still sit at the foot of the steps

[dxc/gucci prison] come save me from my gucci prison
20hong chulki
amplified wc

[eai] (feat. [ ])
liberal cunt

[pe] i have been offended before but never has the offense become so addictive
22waka flocka flame

[trap] machiavellian indeed
23anne guthrie
perhaps a favorable organic moment

[free improv] i want anne guthrie to busk for me outside my house
24hong chulki, jin sangtae and kevin parks

[eai] a degradant compulsion; white ox, breathe in, hold, breathe out, repack
25shift (pe)

[pe] hellacopters
26 soulja boy
zan with that lean

[bop] my cup ain't darker than my piss nigga i swear
27hate audition
aggression principle

[pe] passable new age no-coast pe becomes harmfully effectual when it so ardently tries to out-snuff snuff
28rest in gore
culinary buffet of hacked innards

[slam] in which humour becomes a strange kind of resonant; a vibration against the skull ever-so-numbing
and we all seek numbness in the end

[=] because we all need to smile sometimes =]
30farrah abraham
my teenage dream ended

[pop] because we all need to let it out too
severe disconnect

[pe] because i can't help but to see myself as the piece of trash i am when i stare in the mirror
32 lil durk
no love

[drill/contemporary r&b] 20 drinks and 10 baccy bongs down i feel like i'm fucking finally understanding durk
got me all up in my feelings
33hans-peter schulz
fremde zeit addendum 4

[lowercase//modern classical] and this that knockout blow before death do me part
transcendental evisceration of necrogenetic beasts

[slam] i honestly loathe how predictable i've become
35chief keef
bang pt. 2

[drill] but enough about that
we ain't done turnin up bitch
36toshimaru nakamura / ken ikeda / tomoyoshi date
green heights

[onkyo] acc nvm this got me bawling like i'm trying to only sink threes
the wobble of sine waves against my cavernous skull acts as a more-than-serviceable chaser for the toy piano
37black thread
meadowlark (premonition)

[drone] i'm back on antidepressants
fluoxetine so i'm turnin up for my sad/dead homies
38 myocardial infarction
revitalisation of the perniciousness

[slam] ok fuck yeah this a diversion but i've got no love on loop right now and this hook is fucking hitting me so hard
i need more drinks
39hannah diamond

[bbgum bass] i don't even fuck with much pc music these days (r.i.p. glory dayz) but there's something about this
it misses beats like my heart does
its arrythmia is arresting
almost attuned
40intestinal disgorge
let them in

[goregrind//sound collage] disorientation can be so blissfully frightening sometimes
beauty in chaos
41 rich gang

[trap//pop rap] this the anthem for my high school parties
42roro perrot
ultra shit folk

[ultra shit folk] check the review #bump
43chief keef
back from the dead 2

[drill] this is more alien than 99% of the dm that goes for that space-themed ish
genuinely boggling but oh-so-hard in the whip
44soda plains

[uk bass] i have a strange affinity for this shit
it makes me feel happy and giddy and degraded all at the same time
thotties thoinks & joints

46 chief keef

[drill] pour drank on her caaaarpeeet
the haters they talk shiiiiiit
got your ho free from an auuuctiooooon
most wanted

[djent//dxc] i guess scene me will never die
just rewaiting on that revival
48 phyllomedusa
the pink belly

[hnw//gorenoise] the end of gorenoise
49black kray
thug angel

[cloud rap] codeine tears in my phantasm
50thaiboy digital
lord of the jewels

[drain] thaiboy the immortal dg associate
weon't dance in this bitch
zac, xan and champagne
rain check

[drill] rippsquadd = best prod for bladee
52 bladee and thaiboy digital
2 the starz

[drain] a rigorous proof displaying how ahead of time thaiboy goon is
purulent sublimity

[pe] it's not hard to see why we condemn domestic violence
54grovestreet and organ tapes
to find where ur tru image pictured lies...

[dreams] i'll pair you with all of the same, girl
i'll trust you with all of my pain, girl
you'll see me cry you'll see my shame, girl
okay, i'll, die you'll be my angel
55 vomir
split w/ trou

[hnw] monolith (expanded forms)
56devouring humanity
devouring humanity

[slam] words don't really do this justice
57 playboi carti

[trap] what?
58bala club
bala comp, vol. 1

[uk bass//mechaton] don't look at me
59 chxpo
cookin yams

[drill] sauteed yams
60hsia yu and yan jun
7 poems and some tinnitus

[eai] self-explanatory eai-isms and barely-decipherable poetry; vaguely sexual
61black leather jesus
paid in rough trade

[harsh noise] hypersexuality
62 [unknown artist]
session #1

[hnw] faceless
63 malibu
forever is a long time when you've lost your way

[uk bass//alt r&b] heartless
64sachiko m and eddie prevost

[onkyo] endless
65bastard of majesty sin
bastard of majesty sin

[raw bm] ildjarn-worship
66lil aaron
gloing pain$

[pop punk//trap] yeah fuck you too
67uli k

[cloud//drill//bala] actually no i take that back i love you quite a lot actually
i just don't know how to show it
68bladee and thaiboy digital

[drain] i love your skin
life of a glo boy

[drill] you love my swag
run & hide

[drill//new age] and these bitches owe me
eating what you're fed

[gorenoise//hnw] sometimes i have trouble eating food that looks disgusting
i always get there but the indigestion somehow finds a way to kick in preemptively on those odd occasions
look at yourself

[dxc//gucci prison] frankie is a broken man
look at his eye-bags for fuck's sake
the man strugglin to sleep at night
chantage au gaz

[hnw] then again i haven't slept well in fucking forever
meat roll

[drill//the future] this'll make more sense in 2020

[hnw] this'll make less sense in 2020
76 kyotg

[drill//pop rap] need more women in drill (s/o molly brazy and cuban doll)
77adamn killa
i am adamn

[drill//cloud] need more adamn in drill
post apocalyptic human annihilation

[slam] eyehateu
79 vomir
black bag ii

[hnw] ydontucallmeanymore
80yung bambi

[drill] i been drinking too much to see you
81 taylor deupree

[ambient//glitch] i'm trynna change that though
82organ tapes
unfinished / lil deth

[uk bass//alt r&b] i do actually care, i'm just a bit of a mess atm
lux payllettes

[sound collage] scratching grooves into third-hand vinyls
84rusted shut
hot sex

[noise rock] the pinnacle of noise rawk
85 mattin and taku unami
distributing vulnerability to the affective classes

[lowercase//sadness] the pinnacle of emotion
the echo and the light

[emo-revival//pop punk//math rock] yeah i listen to emo and stuff sometimes
somethin' 'bout kreay

[kreaaay] and fuck yeah kreay
88 regis
adolescence: the complete recordings 1994-2011

[industrial techno] locked myself in a warehouse and rediscovered emptiness
obsessed with bondage and sadomasochism now
89kilgore trout
split w/ false flag

[skramz//noise] unbrid(l)ed
90anal bag

[gorenoise] ain't nothin deep about me
91aine o'dwyer

[church music//field recordings] i just long to listen to the world pass me by
92francisco meirino

[field recordings] and watch as time slowly draws me to my conclusion
93rss b0ys

[industrial techno//breaks] a misplaced treasure
94michael pisaro
continuum unbound

[field recordings] a treasure lost, but later unearthed; weathered by time
95 justin bieber
what do you mean?

[pop//contemporary r&b] manufacture me
96 taku unami and jarrod fowler
species pluralis iv

[field recordings//lowercase] i can hardly hear anything
97diamond black hearted boy
father, protect me

[sound collage//post-industrial] oh wait now i kinda remember
99jed speare
sound works 1982-1987

[archival//sound collage//eternal] there's something in this crackle and pop that makes me just want to live a little bit longer

[uk bass//oh fuck] wait a second
i know how you frown

[onyko] kylie minoise crying over the decks as her fourth marriage falls apart
life leads us to the bottle again
we sip for strength
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