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Top 25 Snoop Dogg Songs (actually with effort)

Figured I'd make a top 25 songs from Snoop Dogg because he's my favorite rapper and is overlooked/ too hated on this site. Enjoi. Also dont h8, I know some of these descriptions are lolbad. Also also, list is unranked except for 1
1Snoop Dogg
Tha Blue Carpet Treatment


A perfect song. If you have Nate Dogg on the hook and bridge, and a bouncy, nostalgia filled beat, you know you've got a gem on your hands. Fredwreck really does kill it with the production on this song with lots of little elements here and there that really make it shine, whether it be bells, synths, or keys ir all comes together perfectly. This song has always stayed in my top 10 ever and probably will always. It's too damn good.

2Snoop Dogg
Tha Doggfather

Up Jump Tha Boogie

The chorus is sort of a sampling of Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" and is a real funky track.

3Snoop Dogg
Tha Doggfather

Snoop Bounce

Again, another Charlie Wilson feature and, as the title suggests, is a real bouncy track. The chorus just sticks in you head with "AIN'T NO FUNK AS FUNKY AS DOGGYSTYYYYLLLLEEEE. THAT'S RIGHT, RIGHT"

4Snoop Dogg
Tha Doggfather


Before I owned this album, I saw a comment on the album on YouTube that said "Blueberry is the only song that matters from this album." That's really stuck with me and I always think of it when I listen to the album, because it confuses me when there's songs similar to the ones on Doggystyle on here. It is a very dark song with a dope Dogg Pound feature.

5Snoop Dogg

Gin & Juice

Its no wonder this song was so popular (and still is). It really is a laid back song and all the bars are performed so perfectly and his flow is smooth as butter. The laid back mix is also quality too and I really can't decide which I like more.

6Snoop Dogg
What's My Name?

Who Am I? (What's My Name) Extended Club Mix

The extended club mix features a very different beat not dissimilar to the California Love Remix from All Eyez On Me. This version honestly has one of the best moments of his discog where the outro of the original is replaced with Jewell and Tony Green belting out "SNOOP DOGGY DOGG IS WHO HE ISSS. GOTTA GET INTO YOUUU." The song is mostly the same but has the outro of the original after this section and really ties it all up. For the rest of the song its mostly a synthesized voice singing and the DOGG sample.

7Snoop Dogg

Ain't No Fun (If The Homies Can't Have None)

A classic 213 song that sounds like the prelude to 2Pac's All About U. This song really is a true g-funk feel with a very bumpy and synthed out beat. It's criticized for bad lyrics, but who doesn't love some misogyny/sexual themes every now and then?

8Snoop Dogg
Tha Blue Carpet Treatment

Think About It

I really can't think of a better first track to a Snoop album and its even on his best so its even better. Snoop raps with alliteration on this as well. Apparently this song is about how his sons didn't say he was their favorite rapper (lol). This is honestly his best track lyrically and the beat is very nostalgic

9Snoop Dogg
Tha Blue Carpet Treatment

Candy (Drippin' Like Water)

This hyphy posse cut with none other than E-40 really does get you hyphy. Other than '40, its got MC Eiht, Goldie Loc and Tha Dogg Pound. Everyone kills it and really firs the track, except maybe Goldie Loc. Rick Rock really did a good job with the production and made a perfect party song

10Snoop Dogg
Tha Blue Carpet Treatment (Tha Mixtape)

Real One

Its a shame this wasn't put on the actual album but still is a really good song. It is a very true post-90's West Coast banger. On here Snoop just pays homage to all his peers and explains how they're "Real Ones." Every time I hear this song I never want to take it off and just play it again when it ends.

11Snoop Dogg
Tha Blue Carpet Treatment (Tha Mixtape)


You may know this song from OutKast's soundtrack "IdleWild." This version though, only has Lil Wayne and Snoop on it and has a spoken word outro from Andre 3000 (this might be in the original, I'm not sure). Lil Wayne really kills this song and is one of my favorite verses of all time from anyone. It really makes me want to just check everything he did around the time. The beat itself has a real ominous feel and the chorus, I think is Andre 3K, but I'm probably wrong.

12Snoop Dogg

Eyez Closed

This song... this song right here sounds like a leftover MBDTF track honestly, with production from Kanye himself. It has a very nostalgic beat with a rock feel not too different from Gorgeous. With an excellent verse from Kanye and an excellent hook from John Legend this song is really just awesome. Kanye's verse is really quite emotional.

13Snoop Dogg

So Many Pros

I really love Snoop's singing and it really shines on this album. Pharrell kills it with the production on every song. This song like many on this album, features Charlie Wilson. It has three main parts that come up ont he album three times as if it's all one big chorus. This is also the second song to have Pharrell, Snoop, Charlie, and Justin Timberlake. A group that Snoop has thought of as "the rat pack."

14Snoop Dogg

I Knew That

A more laid back track from Bush and has one of Snoop's best hooks to date. I don't really pay attention to the lyrics when I listen to this song so I can't say what its about....just listen to it, its awesome.

15Snoop Dogg

Peaches N Cream

I'm pretty sure this is the only song that has Snoop rapping on Bush and its one of the shining moments on the album. He sounds energized and like he actually gives a shit and its awesome. It really is one of his best verses in terms of style.

16Snoop Dogg
Welcome To Tha Chuuch: Da Album

Just The Way You Like It

Ahh, the Nine Inch Dix. A short lived group that made few songs and were only on R&G, Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, and the Welcome To Tha Chuuch series. This song has a dope beat that sounds like Dr. Dre himself produced it, he didn't though. It's got a great g-funk sort of beat. This song features no rapping from Snoop, but rather the first song with all singing from him. It's also got a really nice "Get On The Floor" sample, originally by Michael Jackson.

17Snoop Dogg
R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta) - The Masterpiece

Drop It Like It's Hot

A banger in all sense of the word. Maybe a generic pick, but it really is an amazing track. It's got crystal clear production from The Neptunes and has got a dope feature from Pharrell as well

18Snoop Dogg
R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta) - The Masterpiece

Ups & Downs

"Another Nine Inch Dix classic" as Snoop proclaims in the beginning and it really is. This really just an uplifting song with the chorus. Its also got Barry Gibb singing in the background the whole time. How could you not love it?

19Snoop Dogg
R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta) - The Masterpiece

Let's Get Blown

Always been one of my fav songs from him, even when I didn't like R&G. Its got Pharrell on the chorus and on the beat. This song really is just relaxing. That's what it is. Just really tropical I guess and enchanting. Idk im getting some writers block now.

20Snoop Dogg
R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta) - The Masterpiece

Promise I

Latonya Givens. An incredibly gifted singer. Never heard of her? Makes sense, Snoop liked to find unknown people to put on his projects around 2003-2005 and she's one of many. This song is really owned by Latonya and the Ohio Players. This chorus is just tooo goood.

The Marshall Mathers LP

Bitch Please II

The song that got me into Snoop and really did change my life. Even after going through his whole discog, this still is one of the best Snoop moments. This song, as the title suggests, is the sequel to Snoop's song Bitch Please from No Limit Top Dogg and really improves upon it. Even after growing out of MMLP for the most part, this still is an incredible song that I can always come back to.

22Dr. Dre
The Chronic

Nuthin' But A "G" Thang

Another fairly generic pick, but can you blame me? It's a super laid back and relaxed song that is needed after the angry "The Day The Niggaz Took Over" on The Chronic. It really is a fantastic duet with Dre that will go down as one of the best rap songs ever (as if it hasn't already)

23Snoop Dogg
No Limit Top Dogg

Down 4 My N's

A classic No Limit Soldier track that either makes you angry or intimidated. Featuring great verses from C-Murder and Magic and a great beat from Beats By The Pound (go figure).

24Snoop Dogg
No Limit Top Dogg

Don't Tell

This is what should've been the closer to No Limit Top Dogg as irs got a real relaxed feel and classic g-funk vibe. It's another classic 213 song with production from DJ Quik. It's already a great song, but its also samples Ain't No Fun with Nate Dogg reprising the first lines of the chorus.

25Snoop Dogg
Tha Doggfather


The opening track to Snoop's sophomore effort is a perfect introduction to hoe the album feels. Its not like Doggystyle but is more relaxed and minimal. It also has the first of many appearances of Charlie Wilson in Snoop's discog

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