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Danielito19's Top 25

https://rateyourmusic.com/list/danielito19/top_25_albums__8_21_14_/ our competitor who we hate has a link to a more complete version of this. Basically I just reached 1000 ratings and I wanted to commemorate the occasion with a top 25 list. Here are my top 25 albums as of right this second.
Watching From A Distance

Take a second to look at the album artwork for Watching From A Distance. Gloomy grays outline an angel trudging up a slope, but the angel's wings appear disproportionately heavy. The figure on the cover is an angelic Sisyphus. No matter what the angel does, its efforts are unrecognized and useless. That atmosphere is portrayed perfectly by Warning. Take the title track. Bleak chords ring out with slow drumming as Patrick Walker channels early Black Sabbath-era Osbourne. Walker's delivery of lyrics really make the record, though. Listen to how he wails "then I remember that I know you love me, I know you do." The desolation in his voice is palpable. Musically, Watching drags a little (I'm fairly certain all the songs are in the same key, and that doesn't help), but the fantastic vocal performance makes up for it.
24Carissa's wierd
Songs About Leaving

Songs About Leaving is a terribly sad album. I first listened to it the day before I left for college (in August '13) because of the title. Carissa's Wierd's slowcore masterpiece was fitting not only because I was leaving for school, but because I had been through a painful breakup a month earlier that I still wasn't over. I'd had a rough year that far anyways; I lost a full-tuition scholarship I thought I had, had a nervous breakdown, and got into the most toxic relationship I'd ever been in. Of course, I didn't realize how unhealthy a pairing it was for far too long. "Ignorant Piece of Shit" helped me look back on the relationship. The lines "Maybe I'll be bad for you/ Maybe you're too good for me" were exactly how being with her felt. The breakup process took almost as long as the relationship lasted in the first place - my first few months of college were overshadowed by that relationship. After being seduced back into her arms and subsequently cheating on her, "Sofisticated Fuck Princess Please Leave Me Alone," with its pleas of "Take a long look inside/ cause right now I'm leaving you" resonated with me. And I would be remiss if I failed to mention "The Piano Song." With only four lines of lyrics, "The Piano Song" still manages to be one of the most haunting pieces of music ever composed. Now that I'm no longer going through all that shit, Songs About Leaving is difficult to listen to - I have no pent up emotion to be released in a cathartic blast. It's still a damn fine record, one that exudes melancholy with absolute precision.
23Fear Before
The Always Open Mouth

Post-Hardcore, Post-Thrice
22Pig Destroyer

faux grindcore lol
21 Dangers
Messy, Isn't It

$5 this doesn't show up

German crust troupe Alpinist have released a sludgy landmark with 2009's minus.mensch. Just listen to the fantastically named riff maelstrom that is "Nighttime Poet Daytime Dead" for Tragedy-esque guitars, Cursed-like production, and Napalm Death song structure. Nearly all the tracks are charmingly named and have nonstop hooky riffs and grimy bass typical of neocrust. The sludge elements add to the crushing atmosphere of the album and lend it an identity separate from its influences, as demonstrated by slower tracks like "Rost." All in all, Alpinist have crafted an impressive record, a true crust punk landmark.
Consuming Impulse

Without any water you won't last/ Die in the desert, death comes fast
Worship and Tribute
The Moon is a Dead World
16Danny Brown
15Self Defense Family
Try Me

I suppose we must be living in the future. Self Defense Family is more widely known for their tumblr than their music. The post-punk collective from New York is fronted by snide, apathetic, and uber-rational tumblr personality and vocalist (after hearing him, you'll refuse to call him a singer) Patrick Kindlon. Kindlon is legitimately tone- deaf - he's said before "When I?m singing, I REALLY think I?m nailing whatever it is I?m trying to hit. It?s only on playback do I hear how far off I was." This leads to a very interesting vocal style; Kindlon alternates between tired mumbles, hoarse old man shouts, and singing devoid of any real notes.
14The Flaming Lips
The Soft Bulletin
13Godspeed You! Black Emperor
F#A# (Infinity)

The ethereal singing at 8:23 is the only true vocalization performed by Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Some argue "Moya Sings Baby-O" off Lift Yr. Skinny Fists, but the fact of the matter is that "Moya Sings Baby-O" is a goddam field recording. It just happens to be a field recording of a member of the band singing.
End Hits

Committed to Excellence
11Brutal Truth
Need to Control

best grindcore album
10Modern Life Is War

The rent is due Tuesday, but you get paid alternating Wednesdays and the paycheck you copped last week is already gone. If you made more than $10 an hour you might have a chance, but you work at a warehouse loading boxes all day. A no-skill blue collar job. You're lucky you're above minimum wage. You haven't been to college, your parents didn't have the money and the student loans were too daunting. You're beginning to think you'll never go back to school. The most frustrating part is you had no choice in the matter. You didn't choose to be born in Marshalltown, Iowa, to a factory worker and his wife. You didn't choose the schools that told you you were dumb without ever offering to help you. And in the end, you didn't choose to work at the warehouse. That was chosen for you when you were born. And now you have no options. You're finding it more difficult to relate to your peers every day. You told yourself you'd get out of here someday. But you were 16 then. Now that you're 23 you're trapped. It seems as though your entire life has been wasted. So what the fuck are you going to do, kid?
9Off Minor
Some Blood

Off Minor's blend of math rock, jazz, and screamo culminated in their best and unfortunately final album Some Blood. The entire CD is only 22 minutes long, but then so were their previous two. "Practice Absence" acts as the closer of Off Minor's career, and with both Steve Roche and Jamie Behar violently screaming "At the end! Of all things!" repeatedly, it's hard to imagine a better ending to a band.
8Have a Nice Life

Jacques-Louis David painted arguably his most famous work, La Mort de Marat, or The Death of Marat during the French Revolution in 1793. La Mort de Marat has been heralded as a truly beautiful yet stark and disturbing masterpiece. It is, of course, presumptuous to use David's work as an album cover. An artist makes a statement with an album cover, and the statement La Mort encapsulates so fully is about eighteenth century French politics. The connection is likely some obscure historical analogy concocted by Dan Barret and detailed in the physical release of Deathconsciousness. From cursory internet surfing I have gathered that Deathconsciousness follows Antiochus, a church figure who probably dies over the course of the album. forming a tenuous connection between the martyrdom of Marat in Le Mort and Dan Barret's post-??? bedroom shoegaze.
7Pepe Deluxe
Queen of the Wave

Queen of the Wave is the best produced album I have ever heard. There are so many ideas here it can be difficult to pick anything out without listening to this album over and over again, but play this over some high-end speakers or headphones and the production value will reveal itself nearly immediately. Spend a little time reading about the record will yield awareness of all of the trivia surrounding the goddam thing (1). The CD release summarizes the story told over the course of the album on the back cover, and notes the source material, A Dweller on Two Planets and An Earth Dweller's Return, sequel to the former - both quite lofty material. A glance to the right reveals the two men behind Pepe Deluxé: P. Malmstrom, "An explorer of worlds both known and unknown," and J. Spectrum, "Baron of Sealand." Locations recorded include Texas, Brisbane, and Helsinki (2). Possibly the most fascinating tidbit is the delay Queen suffered: the world's largest instrument, The Great Stalacpipe Organ was being renovated, and the first ever original composition for the cave organ ("In The Cave") couldn't be recorded for two years (3). So we've established that this record is a lore junkie's dream come true. How is the music? A look at the album credits shows Malmstrom listed for an endless list of eclectic instruments including harpsichord, maracas, and music box. This album has so many layers of instruments and remains crystal clear the whole way through. Every moment of every song, there's a drum fill, or a guitar lick, or a solo on a previously unintroduced instrument. Pepe Deluxé's ultimate strength, however, is in writing an incredible breakdown. Nearly every song has a crazy, tangential, and stunningly composed breakdown - the surf guitar solos in "The Storm," the operatic bridge of "Go Supersonic," or the restrained swirly keyboards in "Grave Prophecy" - all of them take the song in an unexpected direction just when you think a song has explored all the territory it can. As a whole, Queen of the Wave is one of the most impressive records ever recorded.
Jane Doe

see: top soundoff of this album "abridged jane doe lol"
5Circle Takes The Square
As The Roots Undo

oh god my sputnik is showing
The Argument

how do you even pronounce fugazi? or ian mackaye? or god forbid guy piccioto?
Leaves Turn Inside You

my review: http://www.sputnikmusic.com/review/54225/Unwound-Leaves-Turn- Inside-You/
2Bomb the Music Industry!

bomb squad represent
The Illusion of Safety

I've been listening to this record for eight years, and at this point there's nothing new about The Illusion of Safety. I know the sequencing of every note, every word, every drum hit. This album has been with me through every important event in my life. Even though I am no longer religious (and find the concept abhorrent) the lyrics here are so beautiful that the occasional anti-evolutionist track ("A Subtle Dagger") is not only excusable, but welcome. In these eight years, I've grown out of plenty of music, but this has remained as gripping and immediate as the first time I ever heard it.
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