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Favorite Songs By Artist

My favorites are probably not your favorites and plenty of these are random choices. Whatever... don't get your panties in a knot.
1Alice in Chains

"Brother" Now I almost chose "Swing on This", but then I realized that "Brother" was the only song that got me so emotional that I shed tears. I love the music and the emotion and everything about this song. Sure AiC's heavy hitters are amazing too, but for me this song tops it all.
2The Beatles
Magical Mystery Tour

"I Am the Walrus" To me The Beatles are at their best when they get psychedelic and this song is the king of all of that. 3 songs in 1 and random as hell. "Tomorrow Never Knows" is the only song that even comes close.
3Big Black

"Sleep!" This was the first Big Black song I've ever heard (although I heard "Steelworker" the same day.) and after explore every song they ever had, this one still takes the cake with its catchy bass and gritty vocals.
4Black Sabbath

"Thill of it All" Random choice, I know. I haven't yet heard Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, but out of their first 4 albums and their 6th, this one puts me in the best mood when it comes up on shuffle on my Ipod. Plus the pickup is sweet.
5Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band
Safe as Milk

"Sure 'Nuff 'n Yes I Do", I've only heard his first 3 albums and Bongo Fury, and this has to be my favorite out of those. PJ Harvey thought it was good enough to open one of her albums with the same lines as this song, that's one hell of a compliment!
6Creedence Clearwater Revival
Cosmo's Factory

"Run Through the Jungle" I love songs that paint pictures. This one does exactly and would work on so many different album soundtracks, I swear. Listen to it and you'll understand.
7David Bowie
Station to Station

"Station" Now I've heard everything from his debut-Station to Station (except Diamond Dogs...I'll get to it soon enough) and this 10 minute long epic is just, crazy, and somewhat experimental. Can't wait till I hear Low haha.
8Dinosaur Jr.

"Pond Song" Now I've heard everything from their debut-Without a Sound, and this song is just so perfect. The drums are so bouncy and J's voice is neat in it (yeah I used the word neat...I know.)
9The Doors
Waiting for the Sun

"Love Street" Now I haven't heard LA Woman, so that could change my mind, but out of their first 5 albums, this song is certainty the one that gets caught in my head the most and the meaning behind it is pretty cool and poetic.
10Faith No More
Angel Dust

"Land of Sunshine" This is one of the few songs that cheers me up when I'm sad. It's loud and crazy, but the lyrics are so positive. The bass and drums are sick too and the guitar? Don't get me started!
11 Frank Zappa

"For the Young Sophisticate" I know a good 30 Zappa songs could possibly make my favorites of all time and this song is a random AS HELL choice. With that said, it's interesting how Zappa could make such a heart-felt song and still fit satire into it. The guitar and bass are yet again great."Suicide Chump", "Inca Roads", "Wonderful Wino" and so many others deserve honorable mentions.
Live Through This

"Plump" This one is especially random since its one of their most forgotten. With that said It's honestly my favorite by far though I haven't been listening to Hole for a while now... I should give them a revisit.
13How to Destroy Angels
Welcome Oblivion

"Too Late, All Gone" Now this album as a whole was underwhelming, but this song is still catchy as hell and Trent provides cool as hell backups.
14Jane's Addiction
Nothing's Shocking

"Idiots Rule" My favorite for this band changes a lot, but overall this one has been at my #1 the most soooooooooooooooooo
15The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Axis: Bold as Love

"Castles Made of Sand" This song has an awesome intro and awesome instruments, but what really gets me is the lyrics. They're cool, but depressing.
16John Lennon
Mind Games

"Tight A$" Because getting past the censors was never so cool. "Tight ass" get it? But serious this song is just one of his catchiest y'know?
The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum

"Off the Wagon" As a whole, I prefer Hungry for Stink, but this song is just so god damn catchy I mean serious. It's about
18Led Zeppelin

"For Your Life" Slow, sexy, sensual vocals, catchy riff. Why isn't this a more popular song again? And this is Led Zeppelin so we know the drums are awesome.
Psalm 69

"Scare Crow" It's slow moving, droning, and basically the type of song I wouldn't even be expected to like, but for some reason that I don't even know, it's my favorite. I just feel like listening to it way more than their other songs... go figure.
20Mr. Bungle

"The Air-Conditioned Nightmare" Crazt vocals, crazy guitar and drums, crazy everything. From my favorite album ever. Where's my rainbow? GENRE HOPPING GALORE.
21Nine Inch Nails
Year Zero

"The Warning" Another random choice I know, but the guitar is pretty cool in the song and the pre-apocalyptic lyrics are pretty haunting. "so much potential or so we used to say"
In Utero

"Very Ape" this one is just for the music, the lyrics are a bit repetitive, but the guitar line is wonderful.
23Pink Floyd

"Pigs (Three Different Ones)" Animals is clearly their best album and my personal favorite is Pigs because their description is so reminiscent of Animal Farm, also the guitar is awesome so yeah.

"Rock Music" Since Bossanova is my favorite Pixies album this isn't too shocking I hope. It's my favorite Pixies guitar line as well as my favorite Pixies "screamy" song. Overall It just ends up as my favorite.
25PJ Harvey
To Bring You My Love

"C'mon Billy" NOW THIS this is a random as hell choice. I love PJ and have heard her first 6 albums so to pick the emotional, acoustic, girly song longing for her child to have his father back home is random, but that's what's so special about PJ. Her distress is so perfect.
Automatic for the People

"The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite" Take this one lightly since I've only heard 4 of their albums (Document-AftP) It's catchy, quick, and contains some cool as hell lyrics. Best song on AftP for sure, though "Drive" is probably #2.

"I Might Be Wrong" To me, the falsetto vocals, slidey guitar, and the clicky drums say so much about what's great with Radiohead. It's so transy and I love it. One of the best songs ever.
28Rage Against the Machine
Evil Empire

"Vietnow" Honorable mention to "Maria" since its a close 2nd. This song is vulgar and crazy. Morello outdoes himself on it too. Fear is your only god? Who would have thought?
29Red Hot Chili Peppers
Blood Sugar Sex Magik

"Mellowship Slinky in B Major" So many damn references in 1 song, such a catchy gutiar and bass. "Falling into Grace" is a close second. I love all of their stuff from their debut-By the Way (after By the Way I kind of hate them... but yeah) This song is the cream of the crop IN MY OPINION.
30The Smashing Pumpkins
Siamese Dream

"Geek USA" Now all of their 90s stuff is amazing, but this song's guitar, drums, and climactic outro just prove that they're all talented as hell. Siamese Dream is one of the best albums ever and this song and the almost as brilliant "Mayonaise" really show it. Too bad their 2000s stuff is worthless crap.
Down on the Upside

"An Unkind" No this song is a random choice, but I think its placement on the album does it so much justice. As the final crazy song on the album it shines are the fastest paced. The scream towards the end of it is just breath taking too.
32Stevie Wonder

"Jesus Children of America" I'm an atheist and I love to sing these religious as hell lyrics. Any artist that can do that to me, must be great. The emotion and harmonizing are so great!
33Stone Temple Pilots

"Meatplow" I've only heard their first 3 albums (but who cares about their later stuff anyway?) and this song's guitar takes the cake. The lyrics remind me of a panic a bit. Just awesome.
34System of a Down
System of a Down

"CUBErt" I saw someone dissing this song decently and it made me really sad. To me this song is so random and obviously a filler, but hey sometimes fillers yield great results and this is proof. "Prison Song" and "Suite-Pee" get honorable mentions since they almost made it.
35Talking Heads
Fear of Music

"Cities" A song with cool keyboards that's fast paced about finding a city to live in. Quirky, paranoid, and overall David Byrne at his best.
36Temple of the Dog
Temple of the Dog

"All Night Thing" This song is another great listen when I'm sad. Another emotional painted picture with catchy drums... you've heard it all by now am I getting repetitive?
Chocolate and Cheese

"Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?" I've heard only all of their 90s stuff except The Pod, but even then I can tell this is one of the great songs over written EVER. "Big Jilm" "I Gots a Weasel", and "Ocean Man" are so other amazing ones. Ween, like Zappa is diverse as hell so it was hard to choose a favorite.
38The White Stripes
De Stijl

"Apple Blossom" I like the piano a lot. Plus De Stijl is totally their best album. This is perfect is you like simple songs, which on occasion is nice.
The Yes Album

"Starship Trooper" I've heard all of their albums up to Going for the One and this is by far my favorite. 9 minutes of proggy amazingness. The middle acoustic part is sweet as hell and the bass and drums of course are sweet. I say Yes to this song! ...
40 Your Favorite Band
Your Favorite Album

I'm open to suggestions if you could recommend any albums or artists based on my taste and this list.
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