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03.05.14 Top 20 Cult Of Luna Tracks

Top 25 Isis Tracks

ISIS is a tough list to create. This certainly won't please reveryone, because their stuff ranges so far depending ron the album. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the rMosquito Control and Red Sea EPs though, so I'll have rto do without.

"IN FICTION" --- Perhaps their most popular track, and rightfully so. The build-up is so well-paced and so gradual, that you don't even see the first four minutes go by. Not to mention the sheer atmosphere bleeding from the instruments. But that bass line quickly signals a change of pace, the vocals kick in, the song audibly tries to contain itself... and what an massive sequence that follows.
In the Absence of Truth

"NOT IN RIVERS BUT IN DROPS" --- While the build-up is just on par with the rest of their stuff, the group absolutely kills it in the latter five minutes, making it the most iconic ISIS moment recorded. Harris is a beast on drums here, stealing the show on multiple occasions.
Melvins / Isis

"THE PLIABLE FOE" --- It might have sentimental value as the last song recorded by the band before their break-up, but it doubles as a very well- thought out addition to the Melvins split. The real fun begins four minutes in, when the teasing ends and the main build-up begins. The atmosphere is incredible past this point and the twin guitars absolutely blow my mind. Every damn time.

"BACKLIT" --- Everything is just so powerful on this track. Even the transition in the middle can't contain its intensity, and slowly begins to release again... damn good end as well.

"THE OTHER" --- Starts off quite gently with a nice groove, but then proceeds to spit in your face with this "bait and switch". The second half of this track is where it excels though, with its crushing riff repeating masterfully into a build-up.

"SO DID WE" --- The album doesn't even get the chance to start, and the guitars are blaring. But only for thirty seconds. Then a beautiful atmosphere sets in, overshadowed by bouts of intensity. The constant shifting makes for a great intro to this album.

"COLLAPSE AND CRUSH" --- Some good old drone starts this one off, before slowly coming out of it in one piece. Despite the name of the track, it seems to be rebuilding itself, gaining more definition until the epic conclusion.

"CELESTIAL (THE TOWER)" --- It's such a strange track in retrospect, with the scratching and the deep bass pulses, but then the giant guitar emerges halfway into the second minute, becoming way more prominent over the next two minutes and deliver that pounding riff. Then the more familiar ISIS comes out to lead us out into the next track. It's just so raw.

"THE BEGINNING AND THE END" --- The start is catchy, but it in no way hints at what's ahead. The pummelling guitars and vocals subside to deliver some lengthy soundscape, but only a few minutes later, they return to aid the song to come to a fitting close.

"WEIGHT" --- This track has, and always will be the post- metal posterboy. It's just one epic 10-minute-long build-up and climax, with a gentle guitar, soft drumming, and female vocals. But to think this was done so incredibly well over ten years ago is astounding.

"HYM" --- Gallagher's guitar work is absolutely fantastic in this one, taking us on a massive distortion ride. Turner's vocals at the mid- section are just bloodcurdling.
Wavering Radiant

"HAND OF THE HOST" --- Probably one of their most mature compositions, which continues the album's wonderfully haunting atmosphere. The first half is just beautiful thanks to the echoing guitar and Turner's longing vocals; the transition to the second half foreshadows a much more confident and heavy end.

"GRINNING MOUTHS" --- A very nice end to one of the band's best albums. It takes a little while to properly get it started, but the wait pays off once the guitar and bass kick in. The final three minutes are a knock-out.
Wavering Radiant

"THRESHOLD OF TRANSFORMATION" --- The transition in the first minute gives me chills every time. They continue to push you until about the sixth minute, where you somehow get the impression that you're listening to a different song altogether. Still unsure if that's a positive thing though.

"CARRY" --- This track is another slow build-up, with the lead coming in three minutes in to introduce the "oceanic" feel. But the track really shines after this, where a mix of Harris' and female backing vocals lead us through the thick. Quite atmospheric. And of course, a fitting conclusion follows afterwards.
Wavering Radiant

"20 MINUTES / 40 YEARS" --- A very doomy start to this track segues into Harris' calming voice, while the guitar occasionally weeps in the distance. But as always, tension begins to grow, and both Gallagher and Meyer push us toward the anthemic yell at the end.
Wavering Radiant

"HALL OF THE DEAD" --- This is by far their most interesting opener. The eerie keyboards, the clean guitars, and the end tops it all off very well.

"GENTLE TIME" --- Meyer takes the lead here and has that Deftones feel in his voice, which is crazy awesome and (unfortunately) isn't seen in later albums. But the second half of the track is absolutely gold.

"FALSE LIGHT" --- The main riff is just plain cool. They build on it a few minutes in, and it just gets cooler from there on.
In the Absence of Truth

"OVER ROOT AND THORN" --- Starts off brutally slow, but eventually shifts into higher gears, showcasing Turner's flexible vocals. Quite the pleasant song as a whole.
Melvins / Isis

"WAY THROUGH WOVEN BRANCHES" --- Dat bass. The track itself has an optimistic feel to it, even though it's clear there's a lot of darkness. The ending half is pretty cool, and the end is even cooler.
Wavering Radiant

"GHOST KEY" --- This one goes from being quite relaxed and accessible, to alternating between bouts of intensity and control. I've said it often in this list, but the two guitars work very well together for creating the soundscape.
In the Absence of Truth

"DULCINEA" --- The drums are catchy here, and the guitar seems to follow it rather than the other way around. The first half is pretty much the main plus here.
In the Absence of Truth

"HOLY TEARS" --- This one can get played out quickly. It's redeeming quality is it's final stretch though, which is pretty heavy and controlled.

"WILLS DISSOLVE" --- This track tries to follow the same theme as the preceding track, In Fiction, but lacks the atmosphere and the consistency. Luckily, the beginning holds up on its own and the ending is pretty nice.
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