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Classic Dubstep Ranked

Classic dubstep tracks or dubstep tracks in the classic style ranked. One track per artist.
Doors Of Perception / Leaves

"datA - Doors Of Perception" --- --- Peaceful melodies with percussion and low-end that's on-point, Doors Of Perception is one of those tracks that keeps you interested and your head nodding from start to finish despite the actual content of the track being quite laid -back which makes for an awesomely captivating atmospheric track.
Spliff Dub (Remixes)

"Zomby - Spliff Dub (Sukh Knight Remix)" --- --- I'm counting this one as a Sukh Knight track. While never departing from the echoing vocal sample that defines the original, Sukh Knight beefs the track up by adding one of the most powerful uses of dubstep's classic wobble. Catchy and moving from start to finish, the track is perfect for when you want the walls to shake.
Beg To Differ

"Plastician - Japan" --- --- This track would be absolutely nothing without its killer sample, and for that a part of me wants to dislike it. But wow, what a sample.

"Pinch - Qawwali" --- --- Ahh, this track is just nice. It's almost completely stripped down to just a light percussion and smoothly rolling bassline, but Qawwali uses simple charming melodies that enter and exit the song to fill it out and keep it interesting. It never tries to be more than it needs to be, and it just fucking WORKS because of that.

"Emalkay - When I Look At You" --- --- Fell in love with this one when I first heard it, still one of my absolute favorite tracks on the more wobbly side of things. Most producers seem to have either gone all the way to the deep and minimal side or all the way to the wobbly brostep side, but stuff like this that lands somewhere in the middle has the potential to be some of the best, shame it gets ignored pretty often.

"D1 - Degrees" --- --- Relentless trademark LFO wobbles in the bassline and infectious staccato string melodies over the top, Degrees is the perfect example of the way the dynamics of a dubstep track can rope you in with two very different aspects of its sound and your brain fights over which one it wants to focus on while being heavily attached to both.
Dem A Talk (TMSV Dubstep Refix)

"Mavado - Dem A Talk (TMSV Dubstep Refix)" --- --- Somehow TMSV takes the vocal track of a catchy dancehall track and layers it over an upbeat dubstep framework to create something that's monstrously aggressive and still manages to get into your head the way the original track did.
Diary Of An Afro Warrior

"Benga - Zero M2" --- --- I find Diary Of An Afro Warrior to be one of dubstep's absolute best full-lengths, and although Benga's well-known as one of the genre's most important figures, I still think it's underrated. The way he's able to combine such tranquil melodies like he does here with the powerful rolling basslines is unparalleled, and he has such a perfect amount of his trademark filth placed throughout (as seen halfway through Zero M2).
Dry Cry

"Coki - Dry Cry" --- --- Despite being an absolute legend as one half of Digital Mystikz, I'm usually underwhelmed by Coki's work in comparison to the other half, Mala. Especially recently, Coki has decided to go for a style that I find no appeal in. That being said, when Coki is on point he is one of the best, and I usually find him to shine brightest when he's working with reggae stylings. It's no surprise that his best release in years is a track that was finally released after being a dubplate since his classic days in 2007. With a perfectly meshed reggae vocal sample and backing instrumentation all on top of a monstrous swelling bassline, Dry Cry is the finest display of Coki's full potential.
Fallen (Vex'd Remix)

"Distance - Fallen (Vex'd Remix)" --- --- 2 birds with one stone here, as both Distance and Vex'd have a handful of classics under their belts, but they were at their peak when they came together for this one. The original is great but Vex'd turned it into a way more dynamic piece. A great track overall, though it's the vocals that really make it unique.
Babylon Timewarp (Root Dedication Mix) / Dally

"Hijak - Dally" --- --- He's completely overshadowed by his younger bro Skream, and he doesn't put out much music, but pretty much everything Hijak has made has been gold. The way the bassline dances around and carries the main melody reminds me a bit of his brother's classic "Dutch Flowerz", but the reggae stylings of the other tracks' elements give this one an edge for me.
14Joker and Ginz
Purple City / Re-Up

"Joker and Ginz - Purple City" --- --- As part of the "purple" style that Joker has been at the helm of for years, Purple City is both the peak and the paradigm of the sound.
Out Of Reach

"V.I.V.E.K - Out Of Reach" --- --- It gives off same cold and mechanical power that his later Asteroids EP does, but I think the sound was absolutely mastered here. More dynamic and less repetitive - some of the evil, industrial sounds that crawl in and out of your speakers with this one are downright scary. Meditative bassweight at its finest.
Emotional Response

"DFRNT - Faster Daddy" --- --- It creates a perfect juxtaposition with reverb-laden piano melodies that just hang in the air over a relentlessly thumping 4 on the floor beat, but the power behind the track really just can't be explained properly without hearing it.
Babylon: Volume 1

"Rusko - Cockney Thug" --- --- It may have been the start of something that eventually led to everything that's wrong with dubstep today, but that's no fault of its own. The peak of dubstep in its most purely entertaining form.
10Dark Tantrums
Unborn / Storm

"Dark Tantrums - Unborn" --- --- I don't want to spoil anything for you, but in addition to containing some masterful melodies, the dynamics in this track are what make it.

"Clubroot - Scars" --- --- Even after III-MMXII, Scars remains my favorite Clubroot track. The track is stellar in every aspect, but it's the absolutely celestial string sampling that sounds like it's right on the verge of collapsing that steals the show. The YT link isn't the full track unfortunately (the label-runner threatened legal action when I had a version of this uploaded, so it's the best you'll get).
Jungle Infiltrator

"Loefah - Indian Dub" --- --- One of the genre- defining producers during dubstep's early rise in popularity, Loefah has a handful of tracks that would've fit well on here. Indian Dub wins out over the rest for being a relentlessly heavy take on the style long before other people were making tracks that hit near this hard, and the whole thing retains the atmospherics that make him great. Hard to believe this was made in 2004. Sorry about the quality on the Youtube link, only one I could find.
Rumours And Revolutions

"Zomby - Rumours & Revolutions" --- --- With such a large and diverse catalogue of tracks both released and unreleased, it feels wrong to pick just one track to define Zomby, especially considering that with his later work he's carved out a style that's all his own. But even when looking at his classic old-school dubstep, his work towers above most. With one of the most irresistibly driving basslines ever, "Rumours" forces you to move more than just about any other dubstep track.

"Mala - Changes" --- --- A lot of competition for what Mala tune would make it in this list. In the end, gotta give it to Changes for the captivating vocal sample manipulation, beautiful use of negative space, tribal percussion, and sparsely used emotional instrumentation. Everything I hope for when listening to a Mala track.
5Kode9 and the Spaceape

"Kode9 - 9 Samurai" --- --- Fucking unique track here. It's dark as all hell, has a sick vocal sample, and the most perfectly sinister use of horns ever. On paper it shouldn't be as good as it is, but the atmosphere Kode9 creates here is unbeatable.
Midnight Request Line / I

"Skream - Midnight Request Line" --- --- Skream doesn't produce anything worth half a shit these days, but damn there are some gems in his catalogue. This is not only his best but also his most influential and for good reason - in 2005 it was way ahead of its time. Something about the way the snare
3Darkstar [UK]
Round Ours

"Darkstar - Round Ours" --- --- I shared this track with some guy on a forum somewhere and he told me it made him cry. Let's be real here for a second, that guy was a pussy. But it is one of the saddest, moodiest tracks and I'm always amazed by the impact the track can get considering how simple it is.
2Digital Mystikz
Haunted/Anti War Dub

"Digital Mystikz - Anti-War Dub" --- --- Weighty and rhythmically cool as hell, but most importantly one of the most emotional pieces of dubstep ever. The best thing to come out of the DMZ clan, and that's saying a lot.

"Burial - Kindred" --- --- Maybe quite different from the "classic style" that some of the other tracks here have, but it's the absolute pinnacle of all the defining aspects of dubstep. Blending powerful low-end, the dark moody aesthetic, off-kilter shuffling percussion and displaying Burial's trademark sample mastery in a way that's too powerful to simply be described with words, Kindred is the best thing that has come out of the genre.
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